Rent a Center / refrigerator

United States

I have an issue with rent a center for a minute about a refriigerator the employee lied to me wen I got the fridge said it was only scratched but wen I got it it was dented badly on both sides I call the associate told him he was no help at all wen I ask him why he lied he act like he did not care so I call higher this guy was a bit better but im very sick so for met to go to store to do another lease is wrong they lied they shud be the one to fix the situation I shud not have to go anywhere I did nothing wrong so since then my daughter has call ed rent a center numerous time to let them know I was in hospital with a heart attack that they cud get the fridge wen I g ot out that I dont want it cas u all really dont care most people cas of wat thier employee has done wud have taken off payments to accomadate the person cas of how employee lied so we recive a phone call today the associate called my daughter told him I was in hospital she was gonna tell him to come get the fridge wen I got out but he was very ignorant and hung up b4 she said anything u all need to teach these people how to treat cutomers especially wen ur assoiciates lies to them its not fair I have to pay this much for a fridge wen its used and dammage if I wanted a used one I wud have got one for 3 hundred dollars with a warrenty thanku

Dec 17, 2015

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