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WorldStores Complaints & Reviews

WorldStores / quality and customer service and collection

Mar 25, 2018

I was unfortunate to order 3 wardrobes from this company. They arrive in awful conditions. One side of packaging was opened and the goods were in terrible conditions. Nobody with a bit of decency would deliver goods in this condition. I contacted them and arranged a refund and collection. They...

WorldStores / shoddy workmanship

Mar 07, 2018

Ordered 2 sets of drawers at world stores at £159 each. At that price they should have been a good set of drawers instead I got scratched drawers on the outside, bottom panel broken then looked inside and instead of runners they had scrap wood for runners. How do companies get away with thi...

WorldStores / collection of faulty item.

Nov 13, 2017

Received delivery of item (Olivia Metal Day bed) on 13 October. When I came to assemble it found items missing. Checked order (No WS1386108) which states I can return item within 28 days of delivery. Contacted World Stores on 1st Nov and was told that they would arrange for collection of...

WorldStores / wrong item delivered/no reply to emails or calls.

Oct 30, 2017

Sofa delivered two weeks ago after an 8 week wait. No problems with the delivery guys, they were great. However, on unpacking the sofa it became apparent that they had sent the wrong footstool and middle cushion, black leather instead of dark grey fabric. The original label said black...

WorldStores / dylan jumbo corner sofa

Oct 27, 2017

1 star is generous. I spent 5 1 hour calls to them, due to being on hold for at least 50 minutes each time as they delivered half of a corner sofa in the wrong colour. They gave 1 date to collect and re-deliver then told me the day before they couldn't do it so I selected another date. At...

WorldStores / sofa and sofa bed order

Oct 23, 2017

The worst "customer service " experience ever anyway. Feeling almost too exhausted to write this. I've never left full reviews like this in the past but no one deserves the pain of dealing with this company and the company certainly doesn't deserve any customers. We ordered 2 sofas on Aug...

World Stores / service

Oct 04, 2017

I ordered 2 tub chairs on the 29/9/2017. added cost for next day delivery and waited in all day not delivered. have tried to contact on tel 4 tomes now disconnected at their end once and other times on phone for 20 mins no answer. I want to know when I will receive my chairs (if out of...

WorldStores / customer services

Sep 15, 2017

I have phoned the worldwide services number 7 times since 8/9/2017 as awaiting a bed ordered from kiddicare for next day delivery last week. I have had 4 different people tell me information on my order and 3 different people be rude and tell me they can't help me until I tell them abit...

WorldStores / wardrobe delivery failure twice

Sep 10, 2017

Hello, Me and my wife moved house recently and purchased a next day delivery 4 door wardrobe, this was to be delivered the next day 22/8/2017 with on line retailer world stores. Unfirtunatley it never arrived we made contact via email to Gillian and she claimed that the courier was turned...

WorldStores / waste of time

Sep 07, 2017

I purchased an item one month ago and the website showed its in stock. Everything went well, they charged me for the item and for a 2-day delivery. Nothing had arrived. Instead of my parcel, I got an email stating that my item was out of stock at the time of my order, so it was impossible...

WorldStores / failed delivery of shed and failed contact

Aug 14, 2017

I ordered a shed six weeks ago now, delivery time was estimated 2-3 weeks. I have had several autoresponses and a response telling me that the delivery dept would be getting in touch with me directly. 'Directly' - what does that even mean? It certainly doesn't seem to mean much after...

WorldStores / wardrobe and chest of drawers

Jul 26, 2017

I ordered these items at the end of May 2017 yet only received them a week ago. On receiving these items they have been opened and repackaged prior to me receiving them and they are damaged on the corners. I have tried contacting you on numerous occasions via the telephone number provided...

WorldStores / ordered bedroom furniture one item hasn't arrived the others are damaged.

Jul 12, 2017

I ordered a six draw chest of draws which was to be delivered on the 8th July, It didn't turn up.Kept hanging on the phone for over 2 hours listening to the same horrible taped music and being told all agents were talking to other customers.This has happened every time I have phoned.The...

WorldStores / Julian bowen versailles daybed with underbed

Mar 06, 2017

Do not order anything from this company. Even though dunelm have taken over, the customer service and response you receive is absolutely disgraceful. My daughters day bed was 75% damaged when we put it up. Yes they would replace the bed of course, but this means having to take another day...

WorldStores / A dog cushion bought on sale

Feb 23, 2017

Ordered items during christmas sale and at the time the items were showing "in stock". The order was not delivered and instead I was told to wait a month because the items were actually not in stock. I agreed, however having checked on the website it transpired that the item was in stock...

WorldStores / Please do not buy from this terrible website

Jan 20, 2017

Please do not buy from this terrible website, they cancelled my order with no reason and they still have my money!! Several days after I made my order I was contacted by WorldStores and told that my order was cancelled because they were not able to deliver. I asked what was the actual...

WorldStores / Goods not received

Jan 12, 2017

I placed an order for 8 chairs that were reduced to £12.50 from about £80 they charged my credit card and after 2 weeks they had still not arrived. When I asked them what happened to my order they said the line had been discontinued so the will not honour it. I then went online and the...

WorldStores / Don't believe WorldStores!

Jan 06, 2017

Their site looks good but it's actually a scam and they don't deliver anything! We ordered a table from WorldStores and they said it'll be here within 5 days and when it did not show up we contacted WorldStores about our order. Their rep said they need few extra days because they had a...

WorldStores / Disgraceful shoddy goods, poor service

Dec 15, 2016

Website looks great, I ordered items, 4. A small pan, 2 wooden Christmas lanterns and a wall decoration. It said 2-3 weeks so that's fine I think. Oh no, 1 wrong item delivered, 1 item broken but useable and 1 item that a 2 year old could have made better. Nails sticking out, uneven so wax...

Shedsworld / Never received my shed

Nov 24, 2016

I have ordered a shed from this website and they promised I'll get it within one week. One week passed and nothing arrived so I contacted ShedsWorld support service and their rep said that they had some problems with the delivery and asked me to give them one extra week...

WorldStores / Stay away from this site!

Nov 16, 2016

We have purchased a mattress from and received it in a timely manner. I noticed that there was something wrong with the mattress and after a closer look I found out that it was incorrect! They sent us incorrect size mattress and it was also way cheaper that the one we...

WorldStores / Doors

Nov 14, 2016

Doors and door furniture ordered 20/10/16. Delivery promised for 25/10/16. Card payment of £359.92 cleared 24/10/16. Confirmation received for delivery 24/10/16. Joiner booked and retainer paid for 26/10/16. 26/10/16 door furniture arrives in two separate deliveries. No doors. Phoned to...

WorldStores / Faulty mattress

Oct 31, 2016

Don't go anywhere near Worldstores - unless you want to worst customer service experience of your life - they are appalling in every way. I purchased an Ortho foam mattress in December '16 which collapsed within 6 months although the person sleeping on it weighs 65kg. I asked for a refund...

WorldStores / False promises and no stock

Oct 19, 2016

I ordered and paid for on 6/10/16 an in stock, with advertised delivery date for 11/10/6, a coffee table which had no tracking info until the delivery date, that stated it was awaiting shipping, so I waited all day for nothing. I tried calling and got you are number 13 in the queue for the...

WorldStores / Chest of drawers

Oct 12, 2016

Failure to deal with complaint. Having ordered at 9.29am on Thursday I eagerly anticipated my new chest of drawers on Friday. It didn't arrive. Ok I thought, it's the weekend now so it possibly won't arrive until Monday. Annoyingly the link from the email for tracking the order didn't...

World Stores / No product received

Sep 07, 2016

Is there anyone at Worldstores I can speak to? No delivery on the date as promised, no email communication and after being 15th in the queue on hold, eventually I got through, and was told to hold the line by an operator and guess what, was back to being 8th in the queue. The on-line...

WorldStores / Extremely poor customer service, false information and no product delivered after being order four months ago

Sep 05, 2016

I ordered a bed from Worldstores on the 6th May 2016. I was aware that there was a lead time of 10 - 14 weeks so I expected it to be delivered by the 12th August at the latest. I was informed via email on the 6th July that there would be a possible delay and I was given a 10% refund a...

Shedsworld / Terrible service

Jul 28, 2016

These guys are terrible, they really don't care about their customers! I have ordered a shed for my father and several days ago he finally received it. ShedsWorld customer service rep promised they'll help my father with it. But in reality the delivery guy just dropped it near the...

WorldStores / Multiple deliveries not made, lies and deceit

Jul 25, 2016

The delivery did not arrive on Saturday (again)despite receiving notification on Friday at 17.10 it had been despatched. I was promised delivery on Saturday and told a call would be made 1 hr before delivery. Not only did the delivery not arrive but Worldstores did not even have the common...

WorldStores / Scammer company!!!

Jun 16, 2016

I can't say anything good about WorldStores and I had a really stressful experience with these guys. First of all I decided to order from this website because they claimed they had a next day delivery which seemed like a great deal. My order did not arrive and I contacted these guys to...

Shedsworld / Did not receive order

Jun 09, 2016

Placed an order with ShedsWorld and they promised the next day delivery, but my order did not show up. Waited patiently for several days and decided to ask them about my order but they did not reply. They took my money and scammed me! Too bad I did not read the reviews, I was shocked when...

WorldStores / Sofa not being delivered and multitude of failed promises and lies

May 24, 2016

I have never had an experience with any company as bad as this company, how they stay in business is beyond my comprehension. Failed deliveries, broken promises, no updates, no resetting of expectations, no proactive contact, no escalation process. All this is then compounded by agents how...

WorldStores / Bed & Mattress

Mar 29, 2016

I bought a bed and mattress on the World Stores website, deliberately picking products that were in stock and could be delivered in 2-3 working days. I thought it was strange that I didn’t get a confirmation email but didn’t think too much into it. Two days later I still heard nothing from...

Worldstores Uk / Not Delivered and they don't care.

Mar 01, 2016

I am 37 weeks pregnant. I ordered a new mattress from these and it was arranged for delivery today 01-03-2016. we were told between 7am and 8pm. This morning we got up at 6.30 and stripped the bed and had the old mattress removed, ready for the new one to go straight on the bed, this wa...

WorldStores / Mattress

Jan 26, 2016

i purchased a mattress on line from world stores on the 29th dec 2015 they took payment more or less straight away. i have had to regularly chase this. to then be told by customer services that the product has sold out and they are waiting on a new delivery. i then chased again for a...

WorldStores / Late delivery, not prior warning not possible to make contact with the company

Jan 26, 2016

Made the order on the 7/11/2105 for a day bed and two mattresses so that our nieces can come and stay. 6-8Weeks we had received one mattress having waited in all day from work. The remaining mattress and bed have not been delivered. Received a call about 2 hours ago from a delivery man at...

WorldStores / Card was charged twice

Dec 10, 2015

ON November 22nd 2016 i placed an order (Order ref: WS0291421) for a bunk bed and two mattresses and dinning table with 4 chairs. The next day my card had 2 pending payments of the same amount ( total order amount). I immediately contacted the customer services team to refund me as soon a...

WorldStores / Recieved moulded 2 panel bi-folding door of wrong width, not fit for purpose.

Nov 24, 2015

I ordered two doors for my mother from Worldstores on the 29th October this year. The first, a glazed wood panelled door, arrived two weeks after the date and was the correct fit. The second, a moulded 2 panel bi-folding door, arrived only last friday. When I opened the packaging, it...

World Stores / Corona high end king size bed

Nov 19, 2015

Bought this bed 2 yrs ago thinking i wouldn't have to buy another one for a long time how wrong was i. bought with a full bedroom set comprising of 2 Triple wardrobes. 2 bed side cabinets. 1 dressing table. 1 4 draw chest it wasn't cheap. the beds head board has cracked right...

WorldStores / Internal Door

Sep 22, 2015

I ordered a door to be delivered within a week. On the delivery date I got a text, but it didn't arrive. I have contacted the customer service desk twice and they have contacted the delivery company. The order is now over 11 days late and they are unable to locate where the item i...