ATG Stores Complaints & Reviews / Guarantee

Jan 16, 2017

I bought a dinnerware set from this site Atgstores and when I received my order I opened the box and everything seemed fine. My fault that I did not check everything more carefully, otherwise I would notice that one of the pates had a huge crack. One month later I decided to use the set...

ATGStores / hard to deal with

Oct 04, 2016

I made an order and bought something from ATGStores website. I placed my order and paid for it. I received a payment confirmation and two days later they finally sent me a tracking number. Shipping was taking too long so I went online to track my order and saw that there was nothing there...

ATG Stores / Order not received after notification it had been shipped

Aug 16, 2016

Terrible. I placed the order on 7/31/16. They charged my credit card in full on 8/1/2016. I received an email on 8/4/16 saying the item had been shipped. On 8/7/16, I clicked the tracking number link in that email to see what day my furniture was scheduled to arrive. The link took me to...

ATG Stores / Poor customer service

Jun 21, 2013

Ordered over $800 in light fixtures. Needed to return one $70 fixture that was too big. Refused return of UNOPENED ITEM because it was 9 HOURS after their "30 day no hassle" guarantee period. Item was delivered 5/20/13 and return was attempted at 9:00 am on 6/21/13. Untruthful advertising -Theireolicy is "NO RETURNS AFTER 30 DAYS - NO MATTER WHAT." / This has been the worst online shopping experience I have ever had

Jan 28, 2013

This has been the worst online shopping experience I have ever had. I have never placed an order with ATG before & I will not ever again. My order was placed on Jan. 3 - I called and spoke with a rep to make sure the product was available & was told there were four in stock and to go ahead...

ATG Stores / Fraud


I purchase a desk from ATG stores. I paid my money to them through PayPal thank goodness. Nothing they said on their website was correct. They said "hassle free returns". They said the item would be delivered to the floor it would be assembled on. Fed Ex, the shipper they chose won't even... / Never buy from this website


I bought 2 bookcases made by Ameriwood. The shelves bent within 2 weeks of assembling them and putting books on them. I contacted ATG. All ATG will do is to offer new shelves which are the same as the one bents. They would not refund unless I repack and pay for the shipping. Per ATG, there... / Despite getting unsubscribe confirmation, I continue to get emails from them


Ordered $3, 000 bedroom set. Showed up in terrible condition. We called and got permission to return. The manufacturer is and was on the the No restocking fee list. After three weeks and three phone calls inquiring about our refund no answer. Week 4 we get a return call saying we would get...

ATG / Scam


Runaway! Negative stars if I could! Ordered $3, 000 bedroom set. Showed up in terrible condition. We called and got permission to return. The manufacturer is and was on the the No restocking fee list. After three weeks and three phone calls inquiring about our refund no answer. Week 4... / Buyer beware, don't buy from them


There seems to be a common theme throughout all of the reviews, the item arrives damaged and then they just leave a trail of very unahppy customer with damaged goods over and over again. After 2 months I am still awaiting for the item to arrive in one piece, I ordered a light with gla...

ATG Stores / Borderline Fruad


I too have had the same experience with ATG Stores as many of the people here. There is no other way with words to describe this experience other than feeling as if one is in the "Twilight Zone". Every phone call I have attempted has left more questions than answers for me. This company...

ATG Stores / No refund - can't find return order!


WARNING. DO NOT purchase from ATG. It is not a reputable company. I ordered furniture pulls from them and when they arrived, I realized the items were not the correct size that I needed. I returned the items and followed up for my refund when I heard nothing for a couple of weeks. They... / PayPal should suspend doing business with them


BEWARE! Horrible company, horrible customer customer service. PayPal should suspend doing business with them. Still waiting after 2 months for my refund...which by the way was significantly less than the money spent because of the "restocking fees" they cleverly hide when you order. / This is the worst company I have ever done business with


This is the worst company I have ever done business with. Ordered $670 worth of cabinet handles from them. The company could never give me a tracking number or any idea of when I would receive it. The merchandise arrived late, two weeks after I ordered it. The handles weren't right...

ATG Stores / Scammers, Theives, Rude


Item color was misrepresented online. Before placing initial order, called ATG Stores and specifically asked about return policies. After placing order, never received an invoice. One month AFTER order, they emailed that item was BACK ORDERED. Two weeks later, they emailed shipping... / This company doesn't give a cr*p about its customers and needs to be shut down


Well I took the route of e-mailing Taryn W. BEFORE I decided to post on this website to give atgstores the benefit of the doubt. Since it's been a week and she hasn't e-mailed me back I guess it's time to go here. I echo the stories of everyone here. This company is AWFUL and...



Ordered a table from the website that was received with a damaged finish. The styrofoam wrapping was imprinted on the table finish, as though it wasn't given time to dry before sending it out the door. I called customer service and was told that I would receive emailed return shipping...

ATG Stores / Broken Furniture and Broken Company


I bought an office set Samuel Lawrence furniture from Allied Trade Group (ATG) stores in May of this year. I received several shipments over a three-month period. Out of four shipments, two turned out to have damaged furniture. That is 50% damaged on furniture delivered to my house...

Allied Trade Group / Aweful CSR Manager


Not only does ATG rip off their customers they do it to their employees as well. The customer service manager is the wife to the owner of the company. jennifer rubens ([protected]@alliedtradegroup). This is the most evil vindictive crude witch I have ever met in my entire life. She picked...

Atg Stores / Lighting Universe / Allied Trade Group / Terrible Products & Service


Do not buy from ATG Stores dba Lighting Universe. Product ordered arrived late, damaged, and defective. Multiple calls to customer service were ineffective. Promised replacement, never came. Promised replacement parts (that I told them would not resolve the manufacuring defect). Asked to...

ATG Stores (Allied Trade Group) Home Furniture Showroom / Terrible issue resolution, damaged products, credit never issued


I ordered a desk /office furniture set on 4/15/2011 and when the items were finally delivered months later, the desk was damaged. This was clearly due to the way the desk was packaged (with the desktop surface facing down without any foam or padding, so it was damaged and the carton wa...

ATG Stores / Awful, AWFUL! Should have done my research!


Below is what I'd submitted on Paypal today to get my damn money back! Why I didn't research them ahead of time, I'll never know. Live and learn, I guess...Looks like my story is just like all of the others. And really--I must be pissed b/c I have far too much to do to take...

ATG Stores / Clearly A Scam


I don't even know how to begin to express my disgust with this company. I didn't think it was possible for a company to be so deceitful, sketchy, and downright dishonest, but believe me, ATG stores has sunk to the lowest of low depths. If I could give negative stars as a rating...

ATG Stores/JVJ Hardware Crystal knob / Doesn't honor promotional discount


ATG Stores/JVJ Hardware Crystal knobAfter ordering a product from ATG Stores, I received a slip of paper with the product. It stated that I would receive a 5% discount on my next order. When I submitted the next order with the coupon code for the discount, I got the order, but no discount. When I calles customer service... / Do not buy from ATG stores or you will regret it


WARNING: DO NOT BUY FROM ATG STORES OR YOU WILL REGRET IT! I purchased a TV stand from ATG Stores. It showed up broken and was so poorly made I couldn't believe it. It was made like a piece of cheap IKEA furniture and had ripples in the finish. You had to put it together and some of...

ATG Stores / Avoid ATG Stores and their affliates!


Absolutely an awful establishment. I recommend to use one of the many other stores available which provide at least decent service. When I placed an order with them online, my order confirmation at the time was fine, but they ended up doubling the order (no I did not click send twice... / Stay away from these unprofessional people


After waiting 2 weeks for my patio table to ship and countless calls to ATG, I cancelled my order when they said the table would be sent out on Monday not today even though when I called the manufacturer they said it was ready to ship waiting for ATG to be picked up by their carrier!! Just... / You will never see your order of your money


Placed an order for a light and the money was immediately removed from my account. 8 days later my order status was still "order placed." went on live chat with first "scott" then "jen" and no response. called the toll free number and after 20 minutes was told that the item i ordered wa... / They don't care about their customers


DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM. I ordered a bed in Dec. for almost 2K, it came damaged to me on Jan. 5th. I was told a replacement was being ordered. It is now March 4th and I am being told too bad so sad. They will not do anything to compensate me. My headboard has a giant crack in it (not from...

ATG Stores / Big Hassel Returns


This is my first time ordering from this online company and I wouldn't advise anyone order anything from them. Very different exchange and returns handling than most online companies. I wanted to exchange the window boxes I ordered for different size window boxes and their advertised...

ATG Stores / Not Honoring Stated Policy


I phoned ATG Stores to take advantage of their 110% Price Match Guarantee on some cabinet knobs. The item (Schaub knob is not listed as being a vendor whose price they cannot match). After being hung-up by one person after he told me there's no way they could match the

ATG Stores / Misleading Advertising


This company is extremely frustrating to deal with and quite frankly walk a fine line between fraud and misleading information. I placed a large lighting order in Sept 2017, all items I ordered had estimated ship dates within a month - great...then I started getting emails saying delayed...



What an aweful company to do business with... It took a month and a half to recieve merchandise. Then the merchandise was received damaged! so when I called to exchange I found out they were offering the product $50 less than what I paid. When I asked for the cheaper price for all the...

Allied Trade Group / Horrible Experience - Lack of Delivery Committment


ATG website had an Estimated delivery date of 11/16. On 11/15 there was a new estimated ship date of 12/03. I contacted shipper and they informed me that ATG would have to authorize an earlier ship date. I contacted ATG and Scott informed me there was nothing he could do. I asked to speak to... / They don't read their own support page or didn't write it.


I ordered two mirrors from ATG Stores aka Bassett Mirror Company back in August 2017. It's now May 25, 2017. Both mirrors came damaged but things like that happen so no big deal. Luckily the shipping company caught the damage before they sent it to my house so the shipping company...

Atg Allied Trade Group / Return Policy


The return policy of this company is the worst I have ever encountered. I purchased celing light and when they arrived the specification indicated they could not be used with insulation. No where on the website did it indicate this. When I called to return them, I find that there is a...

ATG stores (Allied Trade Group) / Terrible company


ATG stores (Allied Trade Group)I bought 2 sets of barstools. Three of the four arrived with defects. I wanted to return them. I thought it would be as simple as them sending me an RGA with prepaid shipping. I did receive an email saying I would be receiving call tags from either them or the manufacturer (Boraam...

Allied Trade Group / Horrible service- non-delivery of product


Horrible company. Stay far away. They have several Internet brands- including so be careful. I ordered a bunk bed set andtwo and a half months later I still don't have all of the parts. I've called two dozen times and of the 5 times that I've been...

Allied Trade Group / Beware

This is hands down the worst internet vendor out there. Allied Trade Group runs,,, and several other "middleman" websites that take their profits from fronting manufacturers. All have the same rip-off style...