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manufacturers defect of couch

After 10 months of lite use of our couches the leather began to show the lining beneath the leather near the...

mattress and bed frame are four inches apart!

On March 6th, 2011, we purchased from Easy Life Furniture a dining room set (table and 8 chairs), Monroe king...

All of Easy Life's Beds

bad service, poor quality

Buyer beware, fraudulant company called easy life! Sold us couch from company out of business knowing it was defective and bad design so they didnt get stuck with it!!

We purchased a couch from this store in may 2009, by july the recliners did not work and the cusions on the hide a bed part became to uncomfortable to sit on. They came out and replaced the reclining mechanism, which is way to thin, and to address the uncomfortable part of the sleeper couch they stuffed more cusioning in that just made it worse. With three months the recliners were broken again and the couch never was comfortable to sit on. When we called again we were told that we are ruining the cusions by letting people sleep on the couch, wrong, no one ever slept on our couch, then they stated we were putting uneven pressure on the recliners to bend them and that we obvouisly did not know how to use them. Well I had a sectional that had recliners from sears for over 12 years and they never had to be replaced, ever!! And at that time I had kids, friends of kids, people crashing at me house and always a houseful. The couch we bought from easy life is 1 1/2 years old, completely broken and uncomfortable and in a house of older (late 40's), very active and never home, couple with no children left at home. Now they refuse to fix or even speak to us... We do not sit around the house, I am a musician and business owner who is very busy and we own a hourse ranch that keeps us out doors all day.. The couch literally still looks brand new but is the worse purchase I have ever made. When we bought the couch they pushed and extended warranty on us that they sold as covering defects. Well when we called in they said only materail defects like stainage. That is not what we were sold... Stay away from this company, they sold us a defective couch from a company that they knew had gone out of business just so they didnt eat the cost of it. They knew it was bad design and defective in the areas we complained about and they knew that they could not get thier money back from the manufacturer so they sold it to us as a top brand couch with quality workmanship and a great warranty... Shame on us for beleiving them... Stay away, do not buy from them because if you do you will hate it.. Then they will share with you the same poor customer service they have shared with me then tell you there is nothing they can do to help after they give you the runa around for a year...

defective merchandise non-refundable

I ordered the "Cosmo" bedroom set which included dresser/mirror, nightstand, and bedframe that came to a...

defective mattress

I purchased a set of Mattresses from Easy Life in January of 2010 for 1, 086.00. After sleeping on the mattresses for about a week my husband and I noticed that the mattress was getting a large lump across the center of it. Concerned with the problem I called Easy Life in Ontario where I purchased the mattresses. I explained the situation to them and they were very rude and told me that I had to take it up with the manufacture not them. I told them that this was ridiculous because the mattresses were not even two weeks old. After about two weeks of arguing with the store manager and the district manager, they sent a technician over to view the problem, which took over a week. The technician concluded that the mattresses were defective, and a few days later I received a letter explaining that I would receive a new mattress with in a few weeks. It took them a month before they delivered the mattress, which was just ridiculous; I was forced to sleep on my coach for that time. Then about a week later once again the bump appeared again, and once again I had to go through the whole processes again, very unprofessional. They determined that they were defective once again. This time I opted for my money back and they have refused, they told me that I could get store credit for the mattress only and not the box spring, so that I could buy the new model in the store. So if I get store credit I will be stuck with a useless box spring. I would not recommend anyone to shop at easy life furniture because they are the worst at handling complaints against their merchandise.

  • 24
    240ups Aug 24, 2010

    It sounds like a perfectly normal amount of time in addressing these issues from any retailer of Mattresses and I have worked for a few. It is not an instant gratification process from "ANY" retailer you purchase from, because your warranty is not with the retailer it is with the manufactuer. Let's say it again for the ###ed! Manufacturer Limited Warranty! you deal with the time table of the manufacturer and the inspection company's schedule that they hire to service inspections! Not the retailer. they didn't make it, They don't inspect it! DUHH! You did say that it was eventually serviced so there you go. Obligation fulfilled. i can't imagine that your choice to sleep on the couch really was manifest from the bump you complain about which was eventually addresed by the manufactuerer per your warranty. But it sure makes you sound more put out! Don't it NOW! Oh' Princess will someone please remove the pea from your pea brain rather than the pea under your mattress!

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damaged ottoman

I purchased a sofa and ottoman combination from the Ontario Easy Life store from their sales person, Jan, on...

customer service - warning! mislead

I thought I would contact your office first to see if I can resolve an issue. On Saturday March 6th I came into the Easy Life Furniture in Cerritos. I was interested in financing a sofa set using the no credit check financing. I had a few sofa sets I was interested in and I submitted an application to see how much credit I can be approved for if possible. I told the salesperson I wanted to know what the monthly payment arrangements would be for a $1299 sofa set and he was not very clear, and estimating to me that it would be approx. $49. Which did not seem at all accurate to me. I gave him $370 cash and was told he would submit the paperwork on Monday morning. I asked if I changed my mind would get my money back and he advised I would get it back right away (evidentially not true) <br />
<br />
On Monday after noon I called the store and spoke with the salesperson and advised him I wanted to cancel my application since I decided to go elsewhere. Mind you he called me earlier that day to come in and submit some bank info in which the finance company was requesting. I did not submit therefore my application was never processed. The salesperson told me to go ahead and come in to get my money refunded. I drove in 5’oclock traffic from Santa Ana to Cerritos only to find out I was not getting my money back the same day! I was told that since I paid cash that I would be refunded via check and it would take 8 to 10 day to process from corporate. I was quite livid at this time since I wasted my time and gas going down there only to be denied getting my money back. I was told that if I had paid using a debit card I would have been refunded quicker but since it was cash it would take longer, this makes absolutely no sense!!! After researching on the internet and the reading the many complaints, there has been many other customers who have used a debit card and checks as well and were told the same thing. <br />
<br />
I was truly dissatisfied with my service and can’t believe I’m ripped off of $370 out of my pocket for almost 2 weeks. I was totally mislead and lied to.

  • Mo
    monifranco13 Feb 28, 2011

    i agree the same thing happen to me they took $1795.00 they took my money, when i cancel they said come in and do ur cancellation then you'll receive ur money. I went in to oxnard, ca store and they told me that they would send it in a check then they never explain to me about a 20% restocking fee... they freaken took me 4 my money...this sucks i will never make business with then or advise another person to deal w/ easy life furniture ...mother of 7 kids ...

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customer service

I bought a floor model sofa and chase on 7/21/09. The only reason we took the floor model was that they were no longer going to carry this item. After inspection at the show room we noted on the sales receipt that few mars on the surfaces. When delivered the delivery men set up the pieces and had my daughter sign for it. They never gave a copy of the deliver reciept to her. After the left she was arranging the pillows and noticed a hole in the leather. When I got home she showed it to me. The next day I went back to the store and explained the situation to Larry the store manager including the fact that no paperwork was left after the delivery. For two weeks I tried to get some satisfaction from him and he finally told me since nothing was noted on the delivery slip the company was not going to do anything about the situation. Since it is now friday night I can not contact the corporate office but beleive me come Monday I will. If nesscessary I will be in front of the store to tell every customer about their business practices.

  • An
    andbran Aug 07, 2009

    you could probably go to the hardware store and get a leather repair kit. you did buy the floor models which im sure were sold as is

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defective furniture

I must say that I am extremely displeased by the way my husband and I have been treated by your company. We purchased a new sofa and cocktail ottoman on July 6, 2009. We had the items treated, therefore we picked them up on Wednesday July 8, 2009. Once we got them home, the ottoman is lopsided (one of the legs is shorter than the rest) and the chaise part of the sofa had stitching coming out, not to mention the corner of the chaise (the leather part) is scratched.

My husband called on Thursday July 9th and spoke to a customer service agent, mind you he had to call 2 days in a row because no one ever returned his call the first time, and the agent stated they would replace both pieces and have them delivered.

Today the delivery guys showed up and were going to replace the ottoman but refused to replace the chaise because their warehouse manager told them not to since my husband didn't tell them about the scratch on the corner of the chaise. I asked to speak with their manager and the manager refused to speak with me and stated I had to call the sales person. When I phoned the store, I spoke with Sal first, he then put me on hold and Racheal Medina came on the line and was very rude with me insisting I let the delivery drivers go because they had more deliveries to do. I wanted to get everything resolved prior to them leaving so they would not have to come back.

Racheal was not helpful whatsoever and I am beyond frustrated, I no longer wish to keep this furniture any more and I want my money back. She stated I would have to take the furniture back myself and there would be a 20% charge.

That is ridiculous...The furniture is factory defective.

My husband called the store and they told him the only reason they would not switch the furniture is because we never paid a delivery fee, and they were sorry but the girl who set that up was wrong to do so...

I called to speak with the owner (since the manager won't be in till THURSDAY) and the receptionist told me, "the owner doesn't deal with customers, or do customer service and I would have to speak with Tess Viall" who of course...isn't in today.

I left a message on the voice mail of customer service an hour and a half ago, but do you think I've received a call back? (I'm sure there is some sort of company policy that they have 4 hours to return a call)

Someone needs to get in contact with me ASAP, I didn't pay good money for bad customer service nor defective furniture...

  • Le
    Lemore Aizenman Oct 24, 2009

    I am going through a similar situation with this store. Their furniture is coming apart after less than a year and they are refusing to replace or repair the items. My entire bedroom set is literally bubbling and coming unglued. Their supervisor even hung up on me. I am going to file a small claims case against them. They are out of control!

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incompetent staff

How simple is it to order a sectional and coffee table??? Upon the first delivery we noticed a chip in the wood of our coffee table and was told we can keep it while the replacement was being ordered. The sectional looked fine, so we thought. The next week the friendly delivery men arrived with what we expected to be the replacement coffee table. Instead it was another sectional! Confused, we declined the second sectional and turned the delivery men away. After they left we called customer service (Debbie) and asked why we didn't receive the coffee table and was told that the reason why a second sectional was being delivered was because the FIRST one wasn't scotchguarded (which we paid extra for)!! The lack of communication blew us away! NOT ONCE DID ANYBODY EVER MENTION THAT THE FIRST SECTIONAL WAS NOT SCOTCHGUARDED!!! IF THEY DID WE WOULD HAVE ACCEPTED THE SECOND DELIVERY! Of course if someone is expecting a coffee table, but another couch shows up without explanation, that couch would be turned away. At least another week passed and the THIRD delivery of what was supposed to be the coffee table and newly scotchguarded sectional turned into yet another DISASTER! For one thing, the delivery men did NOT have the coffee table. That was enough to piss us off again! We called Debbie while the delivery men were there and she asked to speak to the drivers directly to ask if they really didn't have the coffee table, as if we would lie to her! We thought we were going to at least have our new sectional delivered that day as well, but it had a huge scratch on the side so we did not accept it. Aren't these things supposed to be examined for defects BEFORE delivery?!?! So now on to the FOURTH delivery... needless to say the incompetence of the staff struck again! We FINALLY ended up with our replacement coffee table, but the delivery men only had ONE section of our THREE piece sectional!!! We are at our wits end with these people. I mean, how hard is it to put in a order for the correct items to be delivered?!?!?! How HARD is it to COMMUNICATE with customers?!?!?! If Debbie would have told us that the first couch was not scotchguarded in the first place, we would have accepted the "surprise" second delivery. Sadly to say our horrific "adventure" with Easy Life, Oxnard is not over. We had to give Debbie a call AGAIN to ask why the hell would ONE piece of a sectional be delivered rather than the complete set. She, like always, never has a good answer.


complaint about the complaints

I have to say I've read all these complaints about Easy Life Furniture and I have to say it sounds like...


We purchased a set of Leather Sofa and love seat from Easylife Furniture Northridge store in late 2007 for...

poor quality furniture

We bought furniture from easylife furniture. The dining room table looked very nice until my wife cleaned it.
After she put pledge on it she wiped off most of the finish
Had it for one week. Called store, gave me corporate cust
Service, they told me we used the wrong stuff on it.
So they could not fix we could not return. We have used pledge for many years, never a problem. Did some checking
And found out the fine asian hardwood theytold us was rubber tree wood, soft and useless. Did more checking on the leather we were going to but sofa and love seat, do yourselves a favor and research bi cast leather. Against the law to sell as leather in europe and new zealand. Sales rep told us this was better than top grain cause it has a thin layer of polyurathane on it. Then why is it priced pretty much the same??? Beware!!!
Will never buy there again... T. K.

  • Ki
    Kiwi105 Aug 23, 2009

    At first my husband and I thought that Easy Life Furniture was giving us a great deal on our bedroom set. Then, about a couple weeks after we purchased the set, we saw an ad in the newspaper for the same exact bedroom furniture on sale for $200 cheaper at a competing store. In our contract with Easy Life there was a paragraph stating that they would price match any merchandise we bought - if we found a cheaper price at a competing store within 30 days of our purchase. So, we immediately took the ad with us back to Easy Life and asked for our refund. The store manager insisted upon checking to make sure that it was indeed the same set for the advertised price. In the meantime, we went to the other store to verify the price ourselves, and it was in fact the very same set for $200 less. We waited... and waited... and waited for a call back from Easy Life's manager. Finally we called her - and after a few attempts at tracking her down, she told us to come into the store to receive our money back. The manager ended up trying to swindle us out of $100 by saying that their set wasn't the same combo pack. But when we wouldn't back down she just grabbed my husband's credit card and swiped it - handed us a receipt - and didn't say anything else. (she was obviously angry that she couldn't cheat us out of the $100 - very sneaky) Once we got home from the store we immediately checked our credit card statement online and noticed that we were DEBITED $200 instead of being CREDITED!!! So, my husband called the manager. (After waiting on hold for about 10 - 15 minutes - he finally hung up and called back again) He finally got the manager on the phone and very kindly explained the situation and asked if she could credit us the $400 over the phone. She was extremely rude and said that we would have to come back into the store to get the credit. No apologies, only a curt attitude... and then she had the nerve to tell us to come in later because the store was very busy at the moment!!! In short - HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! If they don't want to price match - then they shouldn't put it in their contracts. I would NEVER buy any furniture from Easy Life again for as long as I live! All they have done is treat me rudely - make charges on my credit card that I DID NOT authorize - and force me to spend my time and gas money traveling back and forth to their store just to make sure that I am not cheated by their shady manager. WARNING: DO NOT BUY FURNITURE AT EASY LIFE in NORTHRIDGE, CALIFORNIA!!!

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delivery of furniture

I purchased a couch and love seat at Easy Life Furniture last Sunday, and was promised delivery for today, 2/7/09. When my furniture hadn't arrived by early afternoon and I hadn't received a phone call, I called the Easy Life store and was told that my salesman had put down my address as a city 30 miles from me. Apparently they wrote down the wrong home phone number also (they said it was missing a digit) so when they called instead of calling the 2nd work number I provided, they just didn't bother to call at all. At 1:30 p.m. I am told by them that they couldn't possibly find time to drive another 30 miles to deliver the furniture today, and that they would deliver my furniture on the following Thursday. The only problem with that is I put the couch and love seat that I am replacing outside yesterday to facilitate the move, and it has been pouring rain since yesterday and my old couch and love seat is cloth. I am having a birthday party for my daughter tonight, and I have no living room furniture, except for the tables. I then asked the store manager Christine for my money back, and she told me since I paid by check it would take two weeks. The check has already cleared my bank, and with the internet being what it is, that would have been easy to prove. I would just suggest anyone beware of a purchase from them. They have several hours to correct their mistake, but refused to do anything but make me wait until next weekend, or wait for a check for 10 to 14 working days.

  • Ma
    mary Mar 30, 2009

    Beware - I researched this forum BEFORE buying from EASY LIFE FURNITURE after hearing from various friends and family that they possesses a far less than reputable track record. All complaints here on this forum are also the same --- poor quality, miserable customer service.

    PLEASE NOTE - I researched this forum and found VERY FEW POSITIVE COMMENTS. Interestingly, they came mostly from one man. He has taken the time to post glowingly positive reviews towards the company and insulting, rude reviews of the individuals who have warned others with their very appropriate complaints.

    This thoroughly satisfied individual is so pleased with the company that he has disputed complaints here 11 times, only about EASY LIFE FURNITURE, since February of 2017 until today, March 30th 2017. Busy, busy, busy...

    HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE to any thinking person...wouldn’t ya think?

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  • Da
    Danielle May 10, 2009

    I ordered my son's first big boy bed from Easy Life Furniture (Kids) in Brea six weeks before we were moving in to our new home. I paid in full and was quoted four to six weeks until the bed would be ready for us to pick it up in Buena Park.

    As the six week mark approached, I called to find out status (as I had not heard a word from them). I was told there was no new information and to call back if I had not heard anything after the six week mark.

    I waited until the seven week mark, and I called the store for status. I told the girl that answered what I was calling about, and she immediately forwarded me to a man without explaining why or that she would be doing that.

    This man then informed me that the company that makes the bed I ordered SEVEN weeks before was in a labor dispute with the LA school district. They would not be making beds for several more months. He had the nerve to say to me "oh you are the last one on my list to call and I was just about to do that." Yeah...

    So, basically the store took my money in full, never said anything to me the first time I called (and they had to have known about this) and never contacted me to let me know I would never be getting a bed.

    Now, I have to drive back to get my money refunded to me. I am without a bed for my son. I painted his room to match the blue bed I ordered (and I can not find a cute blue bed elsewhere with the same hue). Ordering any other bed from another store will be another month.

    I didn't even get a "sorry"...

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  • Ju
    Just-the-Facts Mar 26, 2011

    Sounds like he works for Easy Life. Companies often have employees post false comments about how great their company happens to be.

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  • Am
    Amy Nov 23, 2011

    We purchased a couch from Easy Life Furniture ( The buying experience was pleasant enough, but when it came time for them to deliver the couch, we had a horrific experience with them.

    Firstly, they tried to jam the couch into the elevator and when it didn't fit they became angry and tried to force me to sign a waiver of liability so if they damaged the couch, I was liable for it.

    After I refused to do this, they became even more belligerent. I refused delivery of the couch, since they would only bring it up to my apartment if I accepted liability for it. They called me back a few minutes later to come downstairs because they had left their dolly inside our apartment building behind a locked door.

    I came down immediately to give them access to the dolly to find that they had pounded in our door to the point that the lock was bent and it was impossible to open the door from either side!

    When I confronted them about this, they began calling me names and using slurs at me and picked up the couch and practically ran out of my apartment complex. When I asked the delivery man his name, he of course, didn't give it to me.

    I was in tears at this point and trying to explain to my apartment management people that these men had damaged the door. The delivery guy came back to take of picture of the door and continued to be belligerent - yelling and calling me names.

    It was a horrible experience. I am a woman and was alone at the time of delivery. They were trying to railroad me into signing papers I didn't have to, and when I didn't they began being intimidating and mean.

    I will never do business with these people again and I encourage anybody else who is considering it to GET OUT while you still can. They are not an ethical company. Do not give them your money!

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  • Tp
    tp91324 Jul 18, 2013

    My wife and I bought a complete living room set at the Northridge store. The Salesman said buy the warranty and it covers everything. I bought a Broyhill sofa and two springs popped out of the bottom of the sofa the springs broke. I called Guardian the insurer and they said they only warranty the microfiber. That is fraud every time I have called Elizabeth she is always in small claims court. I wonder why. The California State Attorney General's Office should be notified for Easy Life permits their commissioned salespeople to lie about the warranty. If you want to buy quality furniture buy from Ashley all American made and their warranty does cover everything.

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employee morale

not only does easylife not care about the customers, they do not care about their employees. i have worked for the company for a period of time, and have experienced there non committal to there customers.the sales staff has a monthly quota to achieve, if we do not achieve that quota three times
we are fired, no matter how long we have been there.recently we have experienced slumping sales
totals do to the recession were in, but corporate tells us everything is great, so they hire more sales employees for each store, plus cutting back our hours, and expect us to achieve our totals.
i have personally seen very experienced and knowledgeable sales people who have worked for the
company many years get fired recently for not achieving there totals.they do not care about us,
so why should they care about you.when you buy anything from us, please read the sales agreement word for word because there are alot of new inexperienced sales peoples with us now
who do not know much about this business.


still working for company, but lookinkg for another job...

  • Robert Jacobs Feb 18, 2009

    I've definitely worked for some companies that don't treat their employees well, but I no longer work there- taken a few steps up since then. when I bought from Easylife it seemed like their employees were happy... they were pretty helpful considering I had no idea what I wanted yet.

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beware of hidden non returnable policy

We went to the store on 11/28/08 to buy 2 bed frames and 1 bunky board (kid 's furniture). The saleman...

bedroom furniture

We bought a bedroom set from easylife and it was such horrible workmenship they replaced it 3 times each set getting worse then the first one...They offered for us the showroom set we didn't except. We asked for a refund of our money and they said that they don't do refunds that we would have to pick out another set. I in 30 years of shopping for furniture have never had not one single complaint about the quality, it arrived in perfect condition as expected when you buy new furniture. I will never buy from easy life again the stress of the whole ordeal was enough in it self dealing with their customer service manager and others. We're stuck with a new bedroom set that I'm gonna have to put in a guest room because I can't stand to look at it. Easylife sells garbage, don't buy from this company if your looking for good quality furniture.

  • Robert Jacobs Feb 18, 2009

    I recently bought a bed for my granddaughter, the Chantilly bed, and she loves it. I was worried about how it would hold up with how much she likes to jump on beds ( this is about when I start singing the Monkeys jumping on the bed, one fell off- song) but it's held up really well. I think we got it about a year ago? I'm thinking about buying a new couch and oversized ottoman from them soon..

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  • 24
    240ups Aug 24, 2010

    Taking a company to court is easier than you think. No refunds is [censor] if you are not saticefied and want your money back ask for it through the legal system. you can get it and for your trouble for wasting your time the company get's a public record of the legal loss and forced refund for anyone to see plus your legal costs to boot. they bet on you not going that route because we are afraid of the uknown and a percieved hassle. don't be afraid to force a clean break from anyone with legal action. your money back should be your right to pursue!

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poor product; poor follow-up

We purchased furniture in August of last year. Several months later we noticed a tear that starts at the seam. I went to the Cerritos store directly in May, a few weeks before Memorial Day, and I spoke to someone who told me that a representative would have to come to our house to inspect the sofa. A few days later someone from the Cerritos store called to make an appointment, but I was not home to take the call. They were given my cell phone number so that they could better reach me, but I never received a call. I called the Cerritos store on July 29th and was told to contact customer service at [protected]; I left a message and nobody returned my call. I called the Cerritos store on July 31st and a message was taken on my behalf; he never returned my call. I called again on August 7th and an appointment was scheduled for August 11th between 2 and 6pm. There was no call and no show on August 11th. I called the store again on August 12th and was told that she was going to make some calls and that she would call me back. Again, no call. I called the store, AGAIN, on August 13th and spoke to someone who said that she had to make some phone calls to schedule another appointment. She called me and told me that I was going to be speaking to and working with someone directly to schedule an appointment. An appointment was scheduled for August 18th. She did come to look at the sofa and a statement was made and signed; we have yet to hear from anyone from Easylife.

I was disappointed with the individual who came to inspect the sofa. I expected someone in uniform and driving a company vehicle. Instead, she came in civilian attire and vehicle-VERY unprofessional! It is also quite clear that efforts to resolve this situation is very poor on the behalf of Easylife. All of the individuals I spoke to have been pleasant, but the follow-up has been extremely poor.

  • Lt
    LTSAI Oct 02, 2008


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  • Br
    Brian Dec 02, 2008

    Why should I even post a complaint, I mind as well copy and paste your complaint I had the same problem.

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  • Robert Jacobs Feb 18, 2009

    Wow...I had a completely opposite experience, thankfully. An Easylife rep went out of their way to call me after my purchase and make sure I had a delivery date scheduled that would work for me. I was pretty surprised to get their call- told them I had already set up a time and day and thanked them.

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  • Ju
    Julia Nazario Sep 14, 2009

    I purchased the Monte Carlo Sectional (my customer number is 8187443652) on 5/15/09. My Sectional was delivered on 6/13/09. In the process of getting the sofa part of the sectional inside my apartment the back side of the sofa was damaged. The Customer Service person was very apologetic and scheduled another delivery date (7/10/09) to exchange the sofa. I was very happy with my purchase, until I started to notice that when I sat on the sofa, the cushions were sinking more than the Chase part of it. The material on the cushions has become very saggy; I can pick up excess material with my hands. I've had the exchange for only two months. The inside cushions nor the material shouldn't be looking nor feeling this worned out. I don't have any small children, I live alone!!! The cushions are sinking and I feel like I sink all the way down when I sit on them!!! I find this very disturbing, since the cushion on the chase side feels very firm and the material feels nice and smooth. The Chase looks new, and the Sofa looks like I had it over a year!!! Please give me a response to this problem.

    Thank you for your attention.

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  • 24
    240ups Aug 24, 2010

    Oh Please, "I expected a person in uniform and in a company Car!?? "
    What do you think your living in the 1950's!???

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poor quality & horrendous service

The saying, "you get what you pay for" is indeed the case with this company. They have the worst customer service, far worse than any cable company. And their product, well there's a reason why their prices are low...they sell defective and poor quality items.

We purchased a leather sectional from the Glendale, CA store this hear. A little over a month later all the seams in one section separated...and no we are not heavy people, no we don't perferm gymnastics on the sofa. So we called and long story short they replaced the one section. Not 2 months after this the other part of the sectional developed cracks on the seat. This section isn't under a window, not even near indirect light. We called and they came out took a picture and we were told her supervisor would get back to us sometime in the coming week. Well no one did. After trying to track down someone for 6 WEEKs, I finally got in touch with someone at the store who told me our request for a replacement section was denied because we used non-hazardous(their product states to keep away from children, and we have 2, so I used organic leather wipes) organic cleaners.

I used the same organic cleaner on both sections of the sofa, the one they had to replace a month in and the original. So I guess I'll wait for the replaced section to start cracking...I'm not scrubbing it w/ comet, short of that any respectable leather cleaner should be fine. But of course, they know they sell defective products so they jumped on the "organic cleaner" wagon and used it as an EXCUSE not to replcace a DEFECTIVE sectional.

The moral of this story folks; Don't tell the truth! I should have lied and then they'd have to replace their defective product.

Save yourself the angst. DON"T WASTE your MONEY at EASYLIFE Furniture. Save a few dollars more and instead SHOP at THOMASVILLE during their sales. At least there they stand behind their product and actually prove customer service. I speak from experience.

EASYLIFE gives you a HARD TIME and NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. For lack of a better word, EASYLIFE BITES!

  • Lt
    LTSAI Sep 30, 2008


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  • Robert Jacobs Feb 18, 2009

    I just told someone else this but my experiences was almost the polar opposite...They called me to make sure I had a delivery date set up and were really very nice. My granddaughter has had her bed for a year now and even with her rambunctiousness hasn't done any damage to it.

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very poor customer service

We bought our dining set from Easylife Ontario branch and we were surprised with the irritating cosmetic...