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Reviews and Complaints

Rent A Centercustomer service

I went into this location on 5-July-2012 to inquire about options to purchase a bed for my grandparents. My grandparents have been sleeping in the same bed for well over 30 years and I felt it was time for a change. I entered the store to be approached by representative Jason or Justin a white male and he looked like he had dipping tobacco in his mouth very unprofessional. He was very understanding and he listened to my concerns and every question I asked he answered it. He explained to me how it works with a cash purchase and told me it would be a lot cheaper and I was all for it because I do not do payment plans. He advised me the total purchase for the bed would be 380.00 (CASH) this included the bed and mattresses now in the real world the bed includes frame, head, and foot board. In this case this bed did not include a foot board that was fine to me my grandmother is very sick she is on dialysis due to kidney failure, cancer survivor, and she legally blind. My grandfather is diabetic with his own list of health issues. I only wanted a better bed for them to sleep on. The representative told me the bed would be delivered the next day but he did not tell me the bed did not include a headboard. To my surprise because I NEVER knew a headboard was not included. I contacted rent a center to speak to John Prichard the store manager of store#460. He was extremely rude and unfriendly. He told me that a headboard goes with the dresser and nightstand hmmm very weird I just purchased a bed for my daughter and it came with a headboard and foot board and I purchased a mattress. WOW is that weird or what. I did not go into this store asking for payment plan and there is nothing wrong with a payment plan but my circumstances are different. I was able to purchase with no payment plan. Mr. Prichard was undetermined to help me and he hung the phone up in my face to make it worse. I called back and his reply was I thought you were finished talking. I told him I need corporate information and I will get a lawyer if I need one. He is suppose to be a business man and taking care of the customer should have been his first priority and that was not his priority. He does not care about his customers and he should be fired. His attitude is the reason I am filing a formal compliant.