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Complaints & Reviews

Goof Proof Protection Plan

16851 I purchased my bedroom set in 2016 with the Goof Proof Protection Plan. I filed a claim 2 days ago, one of the handles just broke off one day and there is no way to fix it...

my sofa peeling

My name is Jose Morales, for approximately 18 months I have been going back and 4th with Guardian insurance to no avail they have not answer my claim I have sent pictures at least three times I have send my invoices at least three times I also emailed Bob Furniture at the main email site no one has he even acknowledge my request I am very disappointed that after 18 months I haven't had no answer from Bob's Furniture my sofas are peeling off on the sides they look horrible and they are treated very well by us we barely sit on them and they're just peeling off can someone please contact me as soon as possible at [protected]

my sofa peeling
my sofa peeling
my sofa peeling

defective mattress

We purchased a mattress set & bed frame from Bob's in July 2019. Before buying the mattress, we asked the online-chat specialist if our queen mattress would fit the queen bed frame they sold -- She told us 'It should fit all our Queen Mattresses' -- This was a blatant lie. There were 10 inch gaps all over the frame and after 2 months, the bed frame broke. Shortly after my wife and I experienced chronic neck and back pains and it all pointed to Bob's poorly made furniture.

They sent a 'technician' to inspect the mattress and the second he sat down, he said it was defective.

Bob's Furniture pushed us to get a new mattress from them which we declined given how their service is horrible and their overseas mattress are faulty and cause personal injuries.

Customer support is horrible. They told us that their delivery team would come and pick up the defective mattress but nobody did. Delivery team lied and said that we were not home. Sucks for them because our building is under video surveillance and somehow, just somehow, Bob's is still hiring people who don't do their job.

THE SECOND time they said they would come, they were caught on video just taking a photo of our building door and running away from it. Customer support people we called are beyond useless. We are being medically treated for the issues Bob's furniture caused and 3 weeks later, their delivery team is still not coming by, but continuously lying that nobody is home. Crooks and liars. Do not spend a cent here.

At the moment, we have two recorded videos and two recorded voicemails (Jasmin was the supervisor -- if that's even her real name) showcasing just how terrible Bob's and their delivery people are.

recliner sofa and love seat

The sofa and loveseat we purchased from Bobs Furniture store. We sent the pictures for claim for peeling of the bonded leather. They approved it. We told them that can we use it later since we were having some other things going on? The customer service of the insurance said, "Sure, you can use it on the later date when you are ready". We decided to call them after some time. We were told that the 30 days has passed and we didn't use the credit so we cannot get the credit back. We called and told them multiple times that we never used the credit and we were told that we can use the credit later. The credit is still in our account so why not give us now when we want to use it. We spoke to insurance supervisor and manager and nobody listened and told us we cannot use the credit anymore. This is ridiculous that we never use the credit and we can use it anymore. The bonded leather was Bobs Furniture manufacturer's defect because leather was peeling off and Bob Furniture was aware of the issue.


Terrible Customer service! Purchased a sleeper sofa with white glove service. Initially, my preference was to have it delivered from 12:30 - 3:30 PM. They changed my window of delivery which was fine. I rescheduled my day to be home by 9:10 for a 9:30 - 12:30 Delivery window. The truck showed up at my home at 8:40 am, my daughter was home and had no idea what it was for. They put the L-Shaped Sofa Sleeper wrapped in plastic in the hallway which is where we come in and out of the house. I called and said this is unacceptable, I ordered white glove service to have it set up and carried into my room. I was home in time for my scheduled appointment. I called to complain and asked them to come back and set it up or I was going to return it. When I called at 9:00 AM the customer service rep said she will look into it and I should get a response about when they are coming back. At 2:30 I called back because I didn't receive an email or a call and spoke to another customer service rep. She said she was trying to get a crew out to assemble everything for me and put it in the appropriate room. They told me that they cannot get any one back until next Wednesday for a pickup. I'm in shock, I guess Bob's is too big to care about customers and proper service. The lack of communication is terrible. I have bought several times from Bob's and I would never go through this experience again.

bob's furniture

Bob's Furniture delivered a recliner with a factory defect. They refuse to make an even exchange. I complained to the BBB. They agreed to send me a new recliner. On the BBB...


So I purchased furniture beginning of November and was told everything would be delivered sat December 21st here we are received the couches but the recliners won't be here until...

motorized power lift recliner

I purchased this recliner march 17, 2017 and got the goof proof plus for $69.99. A month and a half ago the recliner broke down. It didn't recline, etc. It doesn't work at all. I...

Bob's Discount — no refunds allowed

Unlike other big-box stores like Amazon, Walmart, and Target, Bob's Discount Furniture does NOT offer refunds or exchanges. Make no mistake, Bob's is a billion-dollar...

power recliner

16851 Hi, this is not a bashing post but maybe this will save someone else from purchasing furniture insurance... (long post)... We bought a power recliner from bob's furniture...

sofa and loveseat

16851 Hello My name is Althea Haygood. I have been purchasing items from your store in Wilkes-Barre, PA. However, I been trying my best to solve my issues with your company. I have a...

worst customer service... terrible company

I ordered a dining room set a month and a half ago which still hasn't arrived. They have scheduled delivery on four different occasions, two time of which I took off work...

leather sofa recliner

Purchased a leather sofa recliner January of 2017. Within a couple months color started flaking off leather. Luckily the manufacturer warranty covered the issue+. Now 2019 same issue with discoloration. No more manufacturer warranty so I thought my addition warranty (Goof Proof) would cover. It did not. There is no reason a leather sofa that is only two years old and barely used should have this problem. Definitely poor quality furniture and poor customer service/warranty. I do not recommend buying anything from Bob's Discount Furniture.

leather sofa recliner

delivery of products and customer support

I ordered three items from Bobs discount furniture and when I received the call with time of delivery I called customer service to try to get a later time for that date. I was told to reschedule for the next day which I did and then I was told they could not deliver on the day she had just offered me. Tried to go back to my original date and they said there was no guarantee of delivery. Asked to speak to a supervisor and was given the same story that they couldn't give me a guarantee my order would come that day. Very poor customer service. Canceled my order . Do not purchase items here! Supervisor was named Tafira J. If she were my employee I would fire her. She would not transfer me to a higher supervisor.

couch with recliners on both ends

We saved for a long time and spent a fortune on a couch. We went into the store knowing exactly what we wanted, because our in-laws have the same one. We went to the store and paid cash. The salesman was courteous and helpful. The delivery was dont when we were told to expect it. The delivery men we also courteous, and respectful. The product, however, was inferior. We were told it had a lifetime guarantee. Within a year, the upper portion, where my husband's head lays peeled like a grape and looks terrible. We called several times and left detailed messages and no one calls us back. Shameful.

credit check

I was perusing the Bob's store. The salesman asked me a few questions and then asked me for I.D. to look into financing. I asked if it was a hard or soft inquiry and he said it...

delivery and customer service

Good evening,

I am really disgusted with the customer service with bobs customer care. I have never been treated as if my concerns do not matter.

I was supposed to get a delivery from Bobs on 10/15/19 for a sectional but they delivered the wrong piece to my home so I asked them to send it back. I took off of work for this and I was really upset. I called customer case and advised of the situation. They informed me the sectional was labeled wrong which was their error. We rescheduled for 10/18/19 and I again took off of work.

When the sectional arrived they literally delivered the same pieces from a few days prior. I was beyond livid since this was my second time taking off of work. I called customer care back and explained the situation yet again. I was advised it was again labeled wrong which is not my problem aa they should be expecting the piece before placing it on the truck. I then told them I would not take off of work again and needed it for the following day, a Saturday 10/19/18 and they stated they would put me as an add on. It had been a few hours since I had heard from them to confirm my new delivery time for Saturday so I called them back and was advised the add on was denied. Beyond livid again because I keep being inconvenienced when this is not a problem I made. Customer care is not helpful at all and just follows the same script. I hung up and decided to call the local store where I purchased the furniture. Keep in mind I did call them earlier that day as well and spoke with a manager who said she would look into the issue, no call back from her.

As I called them back I spkoke with a different manager since the previous was already gone for the day. He said he wouldn't be able to add me on for Saturday since the truck was already set for deliveries. I told him I refused to take another day off of work for this nonsense and I needed an early delivery so I can go into work late. I also did not want to wait until the following weekend since I was having a house warming that Saturday hence the sectional needed. He explained they have a breakfast with bobs option which consists of a 6:30 am to 9:30 am time frame so I said okay I can do that and go into work late. Then the request is denied.

I call customer care because I am not fully understanding. I go through the whole spiel again and they tell me they can put in another early morning request. I wait 24 hours and again request was denied. I call back and ask to speak with a manager. Manager Jason comes on the line and after telling him the same story he tells me he can send another request, I inform him that that's no longer going to work for me because it keeps getting denied so what is my other option. He has the nerve to say we can refund your money back and cancel your delivery. I was like how sad and unprofessional is that, you would rather refund my money back then actually shower some real customer service. In addition, he stated I am not allowed to speak with dispatch or a delivery manager because that is not their protocol. I then hung up on him. I have never experienced such unprofessionalism in my life. I am a paying customer and no one ever made an attempt to go above and beyond to help or assist me so my delivery can actually be successful.

I have also worked at a furniture store and at some point the delivery manager will step in and try to help to get the paying customers furniture delivered so it's possible. How am I inconvenienced but can't get any type of accommodation.

I am currently still waiting on help. Please fix your customer care department. There script is terrible and everyone should reevaluate what customer service really means.

  • DeAndre Washington Oct 22, 2019

    Hi Kristine! Please contact Bob's Discount Furniture customer care directly. A friendly agent will be able to resolve your issue in no time! Thanks!

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  • Da
    Danny. H Nov 25, 2019

    Please!! Your direct customer care is worst than dealing with the stores. Your company has the worst customer service I've ever dealt with and I take the train every day. As I at least appreciate you don't pretend to care about your customers after you get their money.

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They told me and txt me that delivery thursday and around 2pm that will be in 30 min, i took a day off for that, been home and waited, nobody ever came, my neighboor told me that...

dining room set not delivered

I purchased two rooms of furniture. They had ample delivery time because I extended it. They came today with living room and dining room chairs only. NO TABLE. THEY DON'T HAVE A...

twin size mattress and protector

16851 I recieved the delivery for twin size matress and protector last tuesday. Friday I found a bed bug. I payed it no mind since it was dead. Just thinking nothing about it. Me and my...

delivery of bedroom furniture

9/24/19, I purchased a whole bedroom set, extra night stand, mattress boxspring, coffee table, breakfast bar and bar stools on 9/7/2019. They told me everything in stock, they came an delivered on 9/13/19, when they came they only had matress, boxspring, 1 night stand, and dresser with mirror, breakfast bar and bar stools, they came back later and brought the coffee table(didnt realize was on truck), they never even mentioned to my husband that there was stuff missing and on backorder. When I got home from work i realized, then i called bobs and was told the rest was on back order and would be delivered 9/24/19 and headboard and foot board was on back order until 10/6/19 and would be delivered 10/8/19 then on 9/24 they called me said they couldn't get there backed up from another delivery and would be there 5-8pm same night, then at 2pm received phone call coming then, i said which i already told them couldn't be there before 5pm they said had to reschedule until friday 09/27, then on Thursday i never received anything saying they were coming 9/27, so i called and customer service said no delivery scheduled person delivering never called them to schedule it and that all our stuff now was on back order until 10/26, which means they brought it all back to ware house and it was all given to another customer because on 9/24 they had it on the truck and this was there fault they couldn't get to our house, we didn't refuse the delivery. we need this stuff to be delivered as soon as possible, and customer service told me they can only see whats on their screen and can't do anything to help us out but schedule it for 10/26 and i am still not sure everything will be delivered that day as headboard and footboard aren't even due in your warehouse until that day. She put a note that we want to be compensated for all of this. We paid alot of money on 9/7 cash for everything, we just moved into a house and purchased alot and expensive furniture and trusted that everything would be delivered when we need it. I would very much appreciate a call back to my cell [protected] or my office [protected](I don't have customer number, should be able to look up by my cell phone number). We just don't find it acceptable to treat customers this way and not have any solutions!

professionalism, delivery, promising that is not followed through with

I technically wouldn't even give them a one star so my first experience was about 2 years ago when I purchased a sofa set I received that set 9 weeks after purchase when I wa...


I requested 2 services at Bob's to tidy up or arm of my couch on the right side because I have insurance (which doesn't cost me a cheap ) or the first one to drop the seam the guy came and did a [censored] service, drop the same day he got it and second request was the same complaint as the first and the right arm dropped and the face came and only got a seam equal to one of his leg and said he was not going to get it or the arm dropped because I had not used the second service and he could I called and told her what had happened and the girl said that by the rules of bob's they would not send anyone else because the work had already been done, so that means not to help me as a client she still called me a liar . bad work and service I buy nothing else in this store


goof proof protection

We purchased the Goof Proof 5 year Plus coverage since we figured we have pets and children so it was worth the extra money. We were very wrong! the seams on my loveseat started to unravel and come apart (manufacturer defect) also our recliner bent ( accident) and they will not cover either. They gave every excuse as to why this and that is not covered. They will always have a reason why you do not qualify. It was a waste of money to get the Goof Proof coverage and a waste of money to buy their furniture that the seams come apart. If they had helped us and honored thier protection plan then we would have done much more business with them. Now we will be going somewhere else and making sure everyone we know is aware not to use them.

anticipation euro top mattress

The Anticipation Euro Top is the worst mattress I've ever used which I purchased in March 2018. I can't sleep at night due to heat and now forced to spend $100 - $30 for...

mattress is lumpy

We bought our Bob's foam mattress 3 years ago from the Fairfax, Va store. We started having lumps in bed several months ago and called 3 times to the Wilmington Delaware store to get someone to come out to look at the bed. They set up 3 appoint. and never showed up. I am very angry over the 3 missed appointments and nothing done to solve the issue. We are still under warranty.

Furniture inconvenience

i putrchased quite a few pieces of furniture from your southington store
it turned out to be a nightmare it resulted in swaping the bed set we wanted for
something that was ok but not prefered during this whole ordeal your customer care
rep said so sorry for the inconvenience and promissed financial compensation
when everything was done i guess that was done so we didnt just cancel the whole deal because now they are saying they found no problems with the deliveries and there is no proof that they promissed that which clearly they are lying because the sales man Quincy from the store i purchased was also told that and so was his manager janet i am very surprised by the lack of customer satisfaction and lies on your part
my acct is under this number [protected]

customer service

Purchased a queen size mattress, box spring, headboard and footboard from the Manchester stores outlet for my son, who was moving from Connecticut to Worcester, MA on 7/31/19.
We picked up the items on 8/1/19 (as they don't deliver items purchased from the outlet part of the store) and brought them to my house in Connecticut. My son was renting a uhaul truck on 8/2/19 in Connecticut to move his things from my house to his new place in Worcester, MA.
After moving his things up there (which included the items I mentioned we had purchased on 7/31 from the outlet) he was not planning on returning to his new home in Worcester, MA until 8/4/19 to put the bed frame together and whatever else he needed to set up. When he started to put the bed frame together, he realized that he was given two headboards and no footboard.
I called the Manchester, CT Bob's Store on 8/5/19 to inform them what had happened. I was immediately told by the sales associate that she didn't think there was anything they could do because anything purchased from the outlet was an "All Sales are Final" purchase. It wasn't until I told her that I was not accepting that answer because he was not able to put the frame together without the footboard and all I wanted to do was exchange one of the headboards for the footboard that we had purchased.
After being put on hold she was able to confirm that I could make the exchange. My next question was since now that the whole set was in Worcester, MA could I do the exchange at the Bob's Discount Furniture in Worcester, MA to avoid the obvious travel and time and gas expense. I was told that the exchange had to be done in the Manchester store due to inventory reasons.
Not really understanding that especially in this day and age with computer systems being they way they are and how the inventory should be able to be changed from store to store via the computer.
After hanging up with the Manchester store, I called the Worcester store and ended up speaking to someone in the outlet section and proceeded to tell them my story. After some time they did inform me that they had the footboard I needed and that I could do the exchange there, however, they would need to call the Manchester store to get the original paperwork sent to them.
Just as I was leaving for Worcester, MA to proceed with the exchange, I was contacted on my cell phone by the Manchester store saying that the Worcester store called them to say I had inquired about doing the exchange in Worcester. The first thing I was asked was why I needed to do the exchange there? I explained that I think it's rather obvious that since the headboard was on Worcester, MA and you have a store in Worcester that has the footboard I needed that it only made sence to do the exchange there. I also mentioned the obvious of wasted time and gas expense.
I was immediately told by the Manchester store that I could not do the exchange in Worcester (even though they had the footboard there) because, once again, it was an inventory issue.
LONG story short - I had to spend my day going from Connecticut, up to Worcester, back to Connecticut to go back to Worcester.
When I reached the Manchester store, the worker helping me with the exchange said he knew exactly what had happened and said the salesperson labeled the two headboards instead of the footboard and that she had already been spoken to.
This does not satisfy or justify allowing a customer to have to go through what I had to go through due to their mislabeling. I was also told at one time that it was our responsibility to make sure the items where right before driving off!! Nevermind the workers that put together the order!
I will NEVER do business with the Manchester Bob's Discount Furniture store again, which is sort of a shame since we have purchased furniture in the past and have been satisfied for the most part.
It is clear that they DO NOT put their customers first. No matter if an item is purchased in the regular part of the store or the outlet, money is money and that does not seem to be their feeling. As large as a company they are and I'm pretty sure it's because of their customers, they are not appreciative of it!

teal 4 piece living room set

In March & April of 2019 I purchased a four piece living room set with a three piece table set, and area rug to ho with it. It's now August 9th, 2019 and the stuffing inside of my...

dining room table

I recently bought a dining room table from bobs discount furniture. After the table for less than 4 months I'm already having issues with it. There are several rings on the table where the finish is coming off. I sent them a correspondent to which they replied it wasn't a manufacturer defect and that they would not fix or replace the item. I guess they should put in their advertisement here's your new table just don't put anything on it. Needless to say I'm extremely disappointed their products and service and I doubt I will be buying anymore furniture from them.

dining room table
dining room table
dining room table


ORDER: [protected] Shopped in-store and purchased a sofa with pullout bed and 2 rugs (same color, different sizes). When delivered on Saturday, one of the rugs was the wrong color...

credit card authorization process for an online order

I was attempting to make a $2, 040 purchase on 7/29/19 on Bob's website. When I submitted the order, the response was that the card declined. My credit card company texted me to verify that the purchase was a legitimate charge which I immediately responded yes and they said to resubmit the order. The order never went through.
I called American Express to find out what was going on and they said that Bob's had submitted so many authorization attempts in two minutes they could not even count them, but that there were 72 approved authorizations on my American Express account from Bob's totaling $146, 880.00!!! And the order never completed because Bob's said the credit card was declined. I have spent three hours on the phone with Bob's and American Express to try to get this issue resolved as I cannot use my credit card anywhere because of the high balance. I talked to Bob's Customer Service dept and their Web Support team and no one seems to understand. They said that without an order number, they can't do anything. The end result is that my American Express card cannot be used anywhere until the erroneous authorizations "fall off" when there is no subsequent matching charge which should be around August 9th! Isn't there any one at Bob's that understands the credit card process? Obviously there is a glitch somewhere in Bob's online ordering process and I am the one suffering for it. Bob's clearly does not care. They claim they have submitted two faxed requests to their Accounting department to call me but I have not heard from anyone. I need these 72 erroneous authorizations to be removed by Bob's which they absolutely have the ability to do.

virgo sectional

The sales people were wonderful and convinced my boyfriend and I to use their delivery service- guaranteed us it would be stress free. But the only thing it did was ADD STRESS...

customer service / repair technician

I am beyond frustrated with the costumer service and the in-service repair provided through the opps insurance I purchased with my furniture. I continue to get the run-around from Bob's costumer service as appointments are made for repair to be done and technicians fail to show up and then blame the costumer. I have made now five attempts to have a bed I bought just months ago in March from Bob's fixed as the slates and the rail have cracked. Now I am hearing from costumer service that the problem is in the manufacturing of the bed and a swap of the frame needs to be done. This is the fifth time I have made an appointment with them for their technicans to be a no-show. There is no respect for the costumer's time or schedule. I have asked to speak to a supervisor twice and I have yet to recieve a phone call after being told that they would contact me shortly to go over what has happened. There is no reason for the frame of a bed that is less than five months old to break in the manner that it did and it is absolutely inexcusable for Bob's technicians to continue to not fulfill service requests. They have not provided me with any sort of compensation for the time wasted in waiting for them to fix this issue. They have not reached out to me to talk with me about what is going on or provided any solution for how to move forward with a gaurentee that this will not happen again. If I could rate them a zero, that is exactly what I would have given them.


I have owned this couch for two years and it is completely falling apart... we only purchased this "leather" because the sales associate in Woodbridge in New Jersey told us it does not peel. It started peeling within the first year, we felt lied to. We would like to purchase again but however I don't think a couch should last only a year or two. At 1, 500 wasted. I've had couches last 20 years. I have taken photos of the "leather that doesn't peel" you claim to have.


sofa set and ottoman

These couches I barely purchased a month ago And there's no support on the hand resets feeling of straight wood no cotton or stuffing enough to feel comfortable at all. Also an...

two couches

Today a Tech came out to service a loveseat and sofa the repair was to replace spring and replace pilliows on both couches first he came in without the pillows and never repair...

purchased bob o pedic bed

After my old bobs discount furniture bed was defective i was given a credit to purchase a new bed for $1300. The new bed was purchased for $899 with the credit and i also bought some bobs pillows, still i had a credit of $-333.48.
This is where the problem starts no matter how many calls i make to bobs customer service they say yes you will receive this credit but i never got this credit. I have called at least 8 times with the same answer from bobs.
Now the credit has mysteriously disappeared, my only alternative is to file with the better business bureau or go to small claims court.
Very frustrating customer service, their receipt system is very confusing.

7 piece sofa set over $3000...

I bought one of the expensive sofa set from bob furniture with insurance warranty... I open a case.. Claim#7164673 with goof proof protection becuase I had accidental damage... I was told if there any type of damage including cuts or accidental damage they will come in and replace the whole furniture... That was lie... Forget about replacing they just denied the case stating this could been preventable... There is a lot cuts on your sofa... Does goof proof company have common sense... Thats why people buy accdential coverage... If everything is preventable then there would be no world wars... Goof proof is scam and fraud... I wish some one in america or attorney general go after this company so they unable to run business in this country... A lot of american people like me does not think twice before buying warranty becuase they think they covered... But its scammmmmmmmmmmm... Wake up goof proof I will see you in court...

  • Rh
    Rhonda J. Aug 07, 2019

    Same issue they harrassed me in store to get goof proof and when I call for service all I get is an appt set with reminders and text mag's but no techs come and when following up I get the run around. I am currently pursuing this as a legal matter.

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unethical behavior

Customer called stated that he went to warehouse and first called because they called him on 06/27/2019 and stated that his furniture is ready and he has a truck and wanted to pick up himself, so they said it will be ready between 12p.m.-8p.m. on 06/28/2019 today, so customer went up there at 1p.m. on 06/28/2019 and the lady that works there the manager her name is Miss Valentine, she did not have anyone to help her put the furniture on Mr RICHARD DOLEY customer master 7688591 and standard order # [protected] and store # Store#228 LIVONIA, MI, and Mr Richard Doley was upset about that because that was a curiosity to put the furniture on the truck and she wasn't rude about it but it rubbed him the wrong way, because him being a paying customer he said we should be able to accommodate him by at least helping him put the furniture on the truck. Sincerely,
Mr Richard Doley 06/28/2019, [protected] phone number