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Bob's Discount Furniture Complaints & Reviews

Bob's Discount Furniture / delivery/customer service

Lori Galligan on May 9, 2017
DATE: 5/9/17 CUSTOMER : Duane Galligan As a Bob'S customer for the last 15 years I am so disappointed in what it has become! From the quality of the furniture, to the delivery, to the customer care, nothing is what it used to be. The latest incident occurred today. I ordered bedroom...

My Bobs / Lied about warranties

Sandra and Merissa on May 4, 2017
Bought a dinning room set from My Bobs in Parsippany N.J. Was told that there are 2 diffident warranties, we bought the goof proof one and the one that comes with the purchase of the furniture. After having the dinning room table for almost 3 years, the stain and laquer started to come off...

Bob's Discount Furniture / Product/service

Michele D-A on Apr 27, 2017
Less than a yr ago I purchased a set. I had to call for service immediately because of a manufacturer's defect. When it was repaired, I had to call again because it was done half ###. The second Tech fixed one problem, leaving another. I had to call customer service again. 3 calls in...

Bob's Discount Furniture / Delivery

Chubbyfowl on Apr 20, 2017
I purchased a couch and 2 chairs. They delivered within a week, awesome. My 19 year old was home when delivered. Upon arriving home, I noticed the arm was pulled away from one if the chairs. I immediately called customer service, told them i wanted both chairs replaced. They were quite...

Bob's Discount Furniture / leather recliner

Linda011 on Apr 12, 2017
My husband and I purchased a new leather recliner furniture set on September 30, 2016. My husband was sitting on the recliner and his keys that were hooked to his pants caught on the recliner near the left side of where your leg would raise and caused a tear. At that time I noticed how...

Bob's Discount Furniture / Leather reclining sofa

LinMatt on Apr 10, 2017
I purchased my sofa 2 1/2 yrs ago. I bought leather because I wanted something good. The center section of the sofa is peeling. I bought the goof proof plan because I was told I would be covered for materials and workmanship. I called to put in a claim and was told it's not covered because it'...

Bob's Discount Furniture Llc / Swivel recliner rocking chair

Nlewis2005 on Mar 17, 2017
I purchased a swivel recliner for my father for a Christmas gift in December 2014...well a few weeks ago he went to stand up and hears a cracking sound coming from underneath. I called Bobs and informed them of the problem and to let them know I also purchased a warranty for the chair. And...

Bob's Discount Furniture / Bob's furniture - entire organization is horrible

Lorie F. on Mar 13, 2017
I just had to cancel a $900 order because the website inverted my phone number. No one at my local store would help me. The receptionist, Kristen, was rude and left me on hold for 20 minutes until a colleague accidentally picked up the line. The store manager, Jeff, hung up on me. He...

Bob's Discount Furniture Llc / Bedroom

Cashmoney on Feb 17, 2017
Hello yes my name is Edith Chavis. I purchase. A. Bedroom on 2/10/2017 at Bomb's furniture. On 4825 Golfroad when I purchase the furniture. it. Was the floor sample in perfect. Condition. The. Salesperson. Told me that they didn't. Deliver. Floor. Samplis so I told them fine so they will...

Bob's Discount Furniture / No replacement for broken drawers

Natalie45 on Feb 14, 2017
My mother was in the hospital and had broken drawers she had called a service technician for one drawer. At the time in 2013 we had a service tech who was called to review the situation. He came in looked at the work and nothing was done. He could not repair it. We called in 2015 no one...

Bobs Furniture / Furniture

rdasilva on Feb 12, 2017
. my name is Ronildo Da Silva back in October 2016 we bought a table which we did not get delivered 2 and 1/2 months later and when we received our delivery the top of the table came damaged we requested an exchange when we the delivery came for the second time the top was damaged again we...

Bob's Discount Furniture / Customer service - no record call reporting damaged/defective furniture!!

Lisa68 on Jan 14, 2017
On Dec 21 2016 I received my furniture. I was told I had 3 days to inspect it. I immediately noticed damage and defects in some of the furniture. I called the same day and spoke to a young customer service rep. She told me that I could make a "reselection" and gave me the exact amount of...

Bob's Discount Furniture / Jennings power loveseat

BummedbyBobs on Jan 4, 2017
Purchased October 2015...did not get the Goof Proof warranty...this is a fabric loveseat which has been fine. Now - 2 months past the warranty date the seam came apart on one of the cushions and this is in a seat no one usually sits in. I hesitated even buying furniture from here but some...

Bob's Discount Furniture Store / Catnapper recliner

Humpback on Dec 30, 2016
I bought this recliner and it was delivered Nov 22, 2016 My husband got a different one and they did talk us into getting the Goof Proof Plus so our total was over 1500.00 . We went down to the store to make sure they delivered me the right one cause the recliner sit different so while we...

Bob's Discount Furniture / Cancellation

Nick St. on Dec 19, 2016
i placed an order that was delivered on November 30th. There was one piece in my order that i needed to cancel as i no longer needed it, and was told it was no problem, the rest of the order delivered without an issue. since then every 5 days i get a text or call attempting to schedule a...

Bob's Furniture / Sofa/loveseat

mark r k on Dec 9, 2016
we bought a leather sofa/loveseat from bob's. in less than three years the leather was peeling off and bubbling. we took cushions back to the store, where we were ushered out as fast as possible. when we tried to call we were given a lengthy runaround that was obviously designed to get u...

Bobs Furniture / Delivery team

Lisa3380 on Dec 6, 2016
I purchase 3 pieces of furniture with 2 delivery dates 12/6 12/17. Today the delivery team showed up with the wrong color marble, at the store the clerk was able to see it was the delivery team error. Ok people make mistakes and now my new delivery date is 12/24 for all furniture. Why is a...

Bob Furniture - Goof Proof Plus Scam / Goof proof plus warranty scam

Jaycop on Nov 5, 2016
If any one is buying a furniture in Bob Furniture store, the Sales representative will offer the Goof Proof Plus warranty claiming that for any kind of damage the furniture you are buying will be replaced without any question with in 5 years. Well this is big scam to get money from you...

Bob's Discount Furniture / A very unprofessional behavior of an employee at bob's customer service counter friday 11/4/16

G hinds on Nov 4, 2016
I am a Manager from a residential facility which serves individuals with disability within three boroughs. My facility in Brooklyn and the facilities within the other boroughs, consistently purchase furniture from Bobs throughout the year. Therefore I customarily make purchases from Bob...

Bobs Furniture Southington T / Sleeper sofa falling apart

Lauriereilly59 on Oct 16, 2016
About a year ago I went to Bobs Southington and purchased a new sleeper sofa with aND a chair with ottoman I am not sure what their name was but it's a 92 inch couch so I spent more than I planned. The material is brown fabric. I livery alone and rarely have company. I am not an overweight...

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