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So my husband and i went to rent a center, only because we had bought my fathers house and had it fully...

awful experience

I rented a playstation 3 from Rent a center. IT was for 63 weeks at like 33.00 a week or so. I lost my job at...


my brother had recently been released from state prison, so when he came out he stayed with my mother in law...

negative alert

Stupid me... Yeah... After shopping around online for a box spring and mattress, I found I could buy a brand new one from rent-a-center fairly cheap and on a 90 day same as cash... So why not? I paid the first payment, then the second one by mail (Got a call from them the day it was due to ask me when I was coming in even though I had already mailed it two days earlier. So I paid the third and final payment in person, dropping off a check...

So ok, I have my new bed, it's paid for right? Wrong!!! Two weeks go by and I get a call from who else, rent-a-center... And i'm told they don't take checks. You see, they still never deposited my check. Well, it pissed me off, especially calling me at work, when, I had specifically told them never to call me at work when I signed the paperwork. It's against' the law after you inform them of that. So yeah, I procrastinated and thought about if I should even go in to take them cash. But then, oh yeah, the calls started, once a day, twice... At home and at work as well. The more they called the more I began standing on principal and determined not to give in. After all, they had my check, I paid them!! And I had paid them 5 days before it was due... So it wasn't my problem they now didn't want to accept a check. Right? If they would have deposited it or presented it for payment at my bank... That would have been different, but they never did. Now, three weeks go by from march 1st to march 27th, and hey, several phone calls to work, me calling them and now yelling at them not to call me at work, and guess what, in walk not one but two of their salespeople, check in hand, demanding, I cash it right there and then. Yeah, I am suppose to hand them cash... Yeah right!!! They toss the check at me... I escort them outside and inform them it is against the law to harass a person at their place of work to collect a debt, and that I have already called my attorney... So they now leave... Threatening to talk to their own attorney. Now, mind you, I have paid two of three payments, on time and early, and paid the third payment 5 days early, but they won't accept my check and didn't notify me of that until two weeks after giving it to them. Now they leave and yeah, leave me with the check, dated all the way back march 1st, never having been presented to my bank at all!!! So what to do? I'm going to get a cashiers check, state on it that it is the replacement check for a refused check and send it by registered mail to rent-a-center along with filing a complaint with the better business bureau and well, yeah, writing out the story online for all to see. By the way... All of these concerns a simple small check in the amount of $116.22. Go figure. But it is the principle of the matter... Isn't it? Somebody should tell rent-a-center that maybe why they are having problems is that they don't understand that some people have two and three jobs and can't just drop everything to make a second trip from morton to peoria just to hand them cash back instead of them simply depositing the check in the first place! You know... Crap happens in life, and sometimes, checks are bad... I get that, but when a business doesn't even bother to make a deposit... Why stay in business..., because I gave them a good check and I never had given them a bad one. Or is this business simply only taking in cash and may not even have a bank account so they can dodge taxes? Interesting question isn't it... Oh by the way, that new box spring and mattress I bought from them... No way it was new! So yeah... Stupid me... So does anyone want any of these bed bugs?

  • So
    someguy Apr 15, 2009

    If the matress actually had bed bugs you would have returned it the first day...as a matter of priciple... lol...funny post...you did have it right though...stupid YOU.

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I was renting several items from a different rent to own for over a year, and only had 2 payments left to make and they were mine! Then without notice rent a centre bought them out, I did not know about it until I went to make a payment and the store was closed down, I called the stores old number and was routed to rent a centre. I told them that I only had the 2 payments left and would like to make my payment.

The next morning they were knocking on my door and basically forced their way in and took all my stuff! When I asked what was going on, I was told that I could come in and re-rent it with a new contract. So I went in and they wanted to start charging me from square 1, as if I had not made 1 payment to the other company! I showed them every receipt I had from the other store, they said the other store did not keep accurate records and therefore they could not verify that I actually had purchased the stuff from them.

Come on now! Do you have to be a detective to figure out all the clues? receipts, I WAS in possession of the items until you genius's stole it all!

So, I reported it to the local police and rent a centre told them I was late making my payment, so the repossessed it.

The only thing I could do was to take them to court, but I chickened out after the harassing phone calls.

  • An
    angie32905 Apr 05, 2009

    Change your screen name to Ihidfromrentacenter lol I'm sure Rentacenter got to be #1 in the Rent to Own industry by picking everyone up right before they paid off.

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My husband and I were evacuated out of New Orleans 10 days after Hurricane Katrina "dropped in" on us. In...

47 calls about sales?

I came home the other day and listened to 3 messages from rentacenter about a party they were having for their best customers. The messages were left within 2 hours of each other. Is rentacenter desperate? I checked the history of calls from rentacenter about a sale they were having and it is up to 47. 47 messages in the past two months! I shouldve known they were going to be a problem when I went into a store and a fat dude wearing a silk/polyester shirt n tie(i mention that cause fat people shouldnt wear that, seriously) and he spoke like he was too fat and lazy to speak clearly. He attacked me with his scratchy throated obesity immediately as I walked through the door. Told him I was just looking at prices, looking around and then BAM! He starts into the benefits of rentacenter. I told him again "I'm just looking, will let you know if I need any help!" He would not stop. So I just walked away from him and he kept following me. OMG! And then he finally went away. Began talking to another dude and he said that annoying dude was the regional manager. He agreed that he was fat and said, "He should attack the gym as much as he attacks customers and a mcdonalds big mac." I was going to rent a washer n dryer but his disregard for my personal space while shopping turned me off of rentacenter.
I started to fill out an application when I was trying to get him to shut up but left it undone. They must have taken my information like vultures as the calls have not stopped. I told them at least 20 times to stop calling me and yet it wont stop. I'm one of their best customers? I NEVER RENTED ANYTHING EVER! Is that place desperate?

Every week it seems I get 3 0r 4 calls about a sale they are having. I actually talked to a employee once and asked him what was the sale price on a WII game system? $700! I told him to lose my number and stop calling me! I went to Aarons and they were great. Gave me time to look around and only recieved a courtesy call after getting washer and a dryer for a cheaper price. Fat guy at rentacenter said they do a price match but I wonder why dont they just lower their prices?

  • Ko
    konradsen Mar 01, 2009

    this site will help u check it out http;//plrwholesaler.com/download/clk.php?pid=2&a=52261

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the insurance policy needs to be changed

Okay well unfortunately my 42inch plasma T.V was stolen among other things. But there is no forced entry or broken windows to show damage to my apt. Basically R.A.C. called it a mysterious disappearance.

I've been a victim of crime I'm a single woman living on my own. And I'm not covered by the Rent a Center Insurance according to there policy I must show proof of damage to my apartment for the stolen TV. on my police report. Which I don't have.

So now I'm forced to continue paying for a TV. That I no longer have until paid in full. So what was the point of paying insurance if it doesn't cover all aspects of theft, the TV was stolen I placed a police report of all that has been stolen but primarily concerned about the TV because it was the only thing in my house not paid in full.

I'm glad I wasn't at home when this occurred and that I'm physically ok. But, I'm not money wise and emotionally ok. It's ugly when you get home from a hard day at work and realized you have just been robbed. Everything I worked hard for was taken that quick.

I don't know I'm upset...

  • Ryan Hunter Oct 11, 2017

    It’s your responsibility to properly secure your home from intruders and if you had there would have to be forced entry somewhere. Perhaps blame yourself for your lack of security for your possessions you worked hard for. It’s a fair policy in my opinion

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  • Ra
    Ramiro Oct 20, 2017

    Always find the point of forced entry, and take pictures of the damaged area, make a online police report of the break in and what was stolen, if the police are not looking for that item and there is no report or pictures showing the theft then technically it did not happen and no one can be charged with anything. Trust me there is always some window broken, pry marks on door, lock broken that is considered evidence of a break in, the pics and the report cannot be denied, however, if they are falsified then you can be charged with a making a false report, which I have yet to see anyone get charged with. If it has been pawned at least RAC will get the TV back.

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  • An
    Angelnacole88 Aug 04, 2018

    They keep threatening us with small claims court and warrants even though we have been trying to pay them!

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un-lawfull entry

I want to let everyone know how bad rent a center did me and my famliy on this day of Febuary 25 2009. I wa...

fraud and cheating

Do not rent from this place they are the biggest scam artists around. I rented a washer, dryer and dishwasher from Rent All Super Center. The guys name I dealt with was Darren. I was supposed to be purchasing brand new items from them, instead I got used broken appliances. When I called them to get the items repaired they refused to send someone out so I had to get someone else to repair them and pay for the repairs out of my own pocket. When I called them to tell them that I was not paying brand new prices for used and broken down items they played dirty with me and called me a [censored]ing B**tch (among other things) and told me that I was obligated to pay for the stuff at brand new prices. The payments themselves were $200.00 for 24 months. The manager (Ron) whom I have talked with at length many times is now saying that we have never talked and he doesn't have a clue who I am. Today the company called me and told me that they were coming to get the old appliances and replace them with new as per Rons' and my agreement we had via the phone. They came and took away the old appliances and said that they would be back with the new ones and were just waiting for the second truck to come. Ron backed out of the verbal agreement we had and is now denying that he had made any such arrangement with me. So now i have no dryer or dishwasher. I held back the washer and told them that to just be on the safe side, I would keep the washer until the new items came. You guessed it, they never did come back. During my service agreement, they called all my references and harassed them and according to the company they called my deceased grandmother and talked with her as well. How is that possible unless they can talk to the dead as well?!

I totally do not recommend leasing or renting from this establishment as they have tricks and deceptive ways up there sleeves. I have filed a complaint with BBB and Consumers Bureau. If you have had or are having any bad dealings with them contact Consumers Bureau at [protected] and the BBB at [protected] right away and file a complaint. The washer I am not returning until I receive $960.00 plus the cost of the repairs which is another $300.00

Again, save yourself and the hassle and go to another company who knows how to treat and keep a customer, because they sure don't.

  • Be
    beebop Feb 28, 2010

    i agree Rent all is a huge scam they sold me a "NEW" laptop that started giving us problems. we calleed them and they told me they would fix it, no worries right. we got it back from them and all of our 3 month old babies pictures were deleted from the hospital and the first few months at home. priceless pictures gone as well as everything else we saved on the computer. A couple more weeks go by and the computer completly dies. we call them again and they tell me that i now have to pay for the service to have it fixed .$25.00 i saidno way because of what they did last time erasing everything. so i called dell service and gave them the service code on the bottom and then dell told me that the computer was already a year old and that it was on its third harddrive. so long story short rent all super center sold me a used broken computer which they told me was new, erased priceless baby pictures, and were super rude and disrespectful to me and my refrences rent all can ### off and should be put out of business NEVER EVER BUY ANY PRODUCTS FROM THESE PEOPLE RENT ALL SUPER CENTER IS A SCAM.!

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unauthorized charges

Recently lost job and filed a claim with RAC Benefits Plus to be told I did not quailfy. But according to the...

fraud and scam

While working at Rent A Center in Beaver Falls i had witnessed many things. Employees stealing from each...

harrassment & awful treatment

I rented a used washer & dryer from rent a center. I had them for about 6 months, and then I rented a tv. About 3 months into having the tv and washer and dryer, I was 3 days late on a payment. Even though I spoke to the person over my account and advised when I would pay, I got 12 phone calls the same day from the store I rented from. The following due date, I was called on the due date, in, as they put it, a courtesy reminder call, 16 times. When I spoke with them, I advised that I would be in the following business day, and was still called 8 times that next morning. I decided to let the washer & dryer go back, since I found a cheaper pair for cash. I called to speak to the person over my account, and instead the person that answered the phone spoke with me about my account. I had made previous arrangements to have the W & D picked up, but this new person proceeded to call me ignorant and a dead beat. Said I wouldn't have any problems if I learned to pay my bills on time. I explained that I had already spoken to my account manager, and the rudeness I've experienced with this store is why I was trying to sever my ties with RAC. He told me, it was my fault, I was receiving rude treatment, becuase I wasn't holding up my end of the bargain. I asked for a manager, he said he was the manager. I later learned he was not. Needless to say, they have their items back, and I will never deal with them again, and am advising others not to as well.

  • 3s
    3Storms Aug 10, 2009

    I too have endured harassment from them. They have even called before the due date and often call on the morning of the due date before the damn store is even open. Plus they call at work, and if that fails, they'll call your boss to demand answers as to where you are.

    To make it worst, they routinely amend their contracts to add months to keep on paying for stuff already paid for. Last year, the TV and computer wqere to be paid off July of this year, then towards the end they change it to October of this year. In July they informed us that the stuff won't be paid off until next spring. We've already paid this stuff off, but the contract we have does not have a date to pay it off, and all we have is the word of the local RAC manager, who keeps changing the terms. Plus every time we get close to paying this stuff off, they get more threatening to pick everything up, no doubt so they can re-sell this stuff already paid for in order to get additional profit.

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fraud and cheating

So I call Rent a center and inform them that I would like to get a laptop for school Because I cant afford...

bad service

As a current employee, i think I can help on your phone call problem. We are required to call, its called an FRC (Friendly Reminder Call) some people don't mind, some do. If you wish not to get called all you say is I don't want and FRC if you do, I wont pay til Monday. That will work, they want you in there on saturday. But if they respect that wish, you need to hold up your end of the deal and be there when you are due. If you end up not coming in on saturday, and they call you the following saturday, thats because you put yourself on the chronic deliquent list. Just like you, we have a job, and we have daily goals. The phone is one of our strongest tools. Do you think we want to knock on your door? Do you think we want to take your stuff? Communication is a key factor in Rent-To-Own. Don't be scared if we call. If we call answer it, say I'll be in on this time, and the calls stop. Just keep up your end of the deal and both parties are happy. I hope I've helped.

  • Ga
    Garry Jan 15, 2009

    If you don't like rent a center dont go there. I rented I was a fool it sounded good but like most of you I didnt care about what the woman at the counter was saying i just wanted my new tv, then after i got it and paid for a while and realized i missed my 90 day price i sent it back, but then one of the account managers pointed something out to me when he came to get my tv, Rent a center tells in writing how much your paying and what you get If i would have went to Best buy and bought the same tv and ust made the minimum payment, , I would have paid more then the full rent a center contract and I wouldnt have gotten the great service, yes they call me when I'm late and to remind me the payments due..yeah its annoying..but bottom line is pay your *** bill, or call and let them know upfront why you can't pay, they have rules too and my friend was forced to return her washer..but she was 3 weeks behind and hadnt been paying ontime..but was told when she gotback on her feet that they would apply all the money she paid on another washer. I dont think Rent a center is for everyone but for those who are smart enuff to recognize what they do they can help you.. key is you have to be smart enough.

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  • An
    angie32905 Apr 05, 2009

    Finally, someone with some common sense. Rentacenter offers a service to a lot of us who can't or refuse to use credit cards. They offer the best quality, best customer service AND if something breaks they fix it for FREE. You have to realize what you're paying for. Visa has never come to my home and fixed anything before. lol

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  • Un
    Unknown Port Charlotte Sep 15, 2009


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  • Ke
    Keanu Oct 15, 2010

    In February of '10 I went to RentaCenter for a queen size bed, at the time I was about 9 1/2 months and really couldn't sleep on the floor being that my brother had my bed in use at his home. I told them I needed a bed and I didn't want to pay alot for a bed...they made me wait 3 or 4 days before I got my bed which I had to leave work to recieve so I didnt look at it. It was the worst bed ever and it took 7 mnths and about 8 different ppl to rectify the situation. It is now Sept 30th and I just got a decent bed yesterday...

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used items

we rented a washer/dryer set about a week ago. it was a used set, unfortunately it was infested with cockroaches and we did not realize it for a week. we noticed some bugs here and there and we finally decided that the washer and dryer is where they were coming from. we took them apart and it was gross. of course it was after hours, and we tried to get ahold of somebody, maybe a corporate office or something. no luck. i did not want to leave their nasty crap in my house not one minute longer, so we took it outside. we are going to call in the morning and demand they come get it and refund our money. good luck with that i guess.

  • So
    someguy Jan 18, 2009

    Unfortuanately I have had to deal with this problem before on the opposite side as a Rent A Center store manager. Trust me it is just a frustrating for a store manager as it is for you. 1. We lose a customer through most times no fault of our own 2. We have to pay for the mistake (which i wont complain about as we should pay for the damages)
    Rest assured that it was not done on purpose and I offer the following suggestions to assist you in getting this taken care of:

    What you need to do is contact the store manager of the store from which you rented the items. He or she can have an exterminator come to your home and take care of the problem at no charge to you. The store manager can refund the money that you paid. If he or she is uncoperative with you then call the 800 number that all RAC stores are required to post behind their counter. Then the District Manager will contact you, but please try the store manager route first.

    As a Rent A Center Store Manager, I apologize for this unfortunate, extremely inconvienencing and embaressing event. I hope you are able to get this fixed. If you have an problems feel free to email me and I will do my best in helping you resolve the situation.

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  • Ke
    kevin williams Dec 23, 2009

    Rent furnituer from Fox run in Bear delaware it fell apart in two weeks contacted the store manager refused to do anything about it so i asked for distrit manger i was told to get number on my on

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fraudulent activity

Rent-a-center has long been known as a consumer rip-off. All across the country the rent to own industry has been in hot water. Firstly, they over charge consumers for inferior goods that have been damage, infested with roaches, and other problems. They charge four times the amount for equipment and furniture than it is worth!! I am writing this report because I was let go at the same time as several other individual's in our market. I was let go because my shirt was not tucked into my pants. Another individual was demoted from store manager to customer account rep. The last one was let go for insubordination without any previous reports or warnings. We were all let go in a two day time span with leads me to think there were discriminating practices going on behind the scenes. I worked for them for 10 months, after only six I was promoted to assistant manager. Working long days usually 12 hours days and only received two sicks days. If you called out you were in danger of losing your job, and if you did call out then you had to come in on your day off. It was a hellish existence to work 55 plus hours a week, and only come home with a 400 dollar check! There turn over rate is sad at 60%. You are held to meet daily standards which require you to risk your life by going into the worst neighborhoods asking customers for cash or their equipment. If you do not get your customers to pay there bills on time then you are written up, after three write ups you are fired!!! It is almost impossible to make someone pay a bill in this economy! You are made to harass your customers by calling them three to four times a day every day! I am in the process of talking to rent-a-center's human resources to come to a conclusion. This is to anyone thinking of working with rent-a-center or doing business with rent-a-center please understand what you are getting yourself into.

  • So
    someguy Jan 17, 2009

    I have to disagree with you. Rent A Center is not a rip off .Yes, you will pay alot more for the merchandise we sell if you pay it for the whole term of the contract (which is usually a year and six months to two years for a brand new whatever you want) but if you consider the fact that if you put the same item on a credit card and made the minimum monthly payment every month you will spend a considerably larger amount of money! ( ALSO, Rent A Center will service everything that you get for free while you are paying on it AND will give you a loaner on that item until we can get it fixed for you AND you can get an extended year warranty after you have paid off your item for only $3 a week or about $156 for that whole year! Keeping in mind to replace a Tv's lamps it cost well over $600 at your local TV repair shop)

    As a hiring manager for Rent A Center I try to let everyone know the disadvantages as well as the many benefits of working at Rent A Center BEFORE they are hired as so there are no surprises. If I had to guess there were some severe performance issues in that store for so many people to have lost their job or to have been demoted or worse. fired.

    I really feel for you because the experience that you had is not that of your typical Rent A Center store and was probably all due to the poor management given by your former store manager, which in turn was because he or she just was not ready to run a store yet. While yes there are some things in this business that just cant be avoided, this job is not a "family friendly" type of job. You do work long hours, starting out as an entry level employee you work minimum and maximum of 48 hrs a week. No more, no less ( Which makes for a good pay check, about $28, 000 a year depending on your area) For an entry level job, I belive that is pretty good pay considering some of our other retail brothers and sisters work twice as many hours in your local mall and make half as much money. You also get two weeks of paid vacation after your first year of employment as well as great health benefits and retirement. As you move up in the company, which can be fairly quickly due to our high turnover which we are working on changing, you could make up to $40, 000 a year and not even be a store manager yet. (Of course this is due to the fact a store will only have 4 to 6 employee on average including the store manager)

    As far as hitting your daily standards it really isnt that difficult or unattainable. With proper training (which you probably didn't recieve and if I had to guess it was due to staff shortages and poor management), getting to know your customers and establishing a relationship with them it becomes quite easy. In fact I rarely ever had to go to those neighborhoods or anywhere for that matter to knock on their door for money and when I did it wasn't for the money and the customers on my route knew that...its all about being just and fair. If you are, they may argue a little when you show up at their house but they know you are right and as long as you treated them with respect, they will have do the same. ( Not to count the very few _______ out there that will do whatever they want regardless of how you treat them...those poeple you just deal with and move on) If you were calling your customers 3 to 4 times a day you were doing something wrong...

    If there is anyone looking for a challange and a great career I encourage you to apply at rentacenter.com. Click on the employment link or even better, put on a shirt and tie and go to a store and talk to the store manager!

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  • La
    Larissa Jan 24, 2009

    You said "( ALSO, Rent A Center will service everything that you get for free while you are paying on it AND will give you a loaner on that item until we can get it fixed for you AND you can get an extended year warranty after you have paid off your item for only $3 a week or about $156 for that whole year! Keeping in mind to replace a Tv's lamps it cost well over $600 at your local TV repair shop)"
    Ya your so right they fix it and give you a loaner - They had my Big Screen TV in the shop 2 times in less than a year and a half. After the 2 second time I stressed I was not happy about it and was really worried about if the TV was really worth the $6, 000.00 I was paying for it. This was to the Store Manager and he told me that is why I had the Insurance and besides as long as he Worked for Rent a Center he would be sure the TV was all right. But not 2 weeks later he was moved to another store and my TV has not been paid off even 4 months and is not working right and I have been informed that I'm out of luck becaue I am no longer a customer of Rent a Center because I am not renting anything from them! Just Slap a long time Customer in the FACE!

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  • So
    someguy Jan 25, 2009

    I understand your frustration 100% Larissa. I guess the "catch" on the insurance is that you must continue paying the $3/week for the year after which the item was paid off. Something that for some reason people forget or employees forget to tell/remind their customers of. (On a side note: After 30 days of non-payment the coverage automatically drops itself.) I will say it is difficult to track customers who only have Benefits Plus and no current account. There is no screen that pops up on the day it expires to alert employees that a customers coverage is about to expire, and the customer usually no longer comes into the store after their items are paid off so that persons account is rarely reviewed. Once the items are paid off and the customer no longer has Benefits Plus there really isn’t a lot that can be done

    However, what I do recommend is this:
    I would ask the store manager if there was anyway that he or she would be willing to help you out. I.e. The manager could send the TV to the service department (as a non-inventory item) for an estimate to see how much it would cost to fix it and you could go from there……these are things I have done in the past:
    If it cost less than $100…most of the time I fixed it at my expense
    If it cost over $100 I tried to split the difference as much as I could with the customer

    Now granted I only did this with great customers (One of which you are claiming to be) and if I, in anyway, messed up in the situation.

    I hope this suggestion helps you and all works out for you

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  • Re
    rentmycenter Dec 02, 2012

    The turn over rate is skyrackin um still employed My market they dont promote from within hire mGR from outside...My market says there cleanin up fired one mgr that had over 10 years in company an not for theft...

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awful service

These are the worst people you can deal with. My son rented a TV from them, against my better judgement. Being a college student and having to buy books for the coming semester, he called them to explain that he would need to put-off this week's payment until next week. They refused, telling him that they would come and get the TV unless he paid that day. The next night, they arrived at my door, and when they were told that my son was not at home, they continued to ring the bell and BANG on the door for the next 15 minutes!!! This morning they called one of my son's references and told them that someone had been disrespectful to them on the phone, and that now they don't want the money. I don't know whether to fight this, 'cause my son has put hundreds of dollars into this, or call them myself and tell them to take the TV. STEER CLEAR OF THESE PEOPLE. Their tactics are horrendous, and their loanshark, gangster - like mannerisms should be legally banned.

  • So
    someguy Jan 17, 2009

    In my experience I have seen this before...

    Your son was probably more than a week late when he finally called the store ( of course this was done most likely after several days or even weeks of his account manager trying to contact him) and because this account managers whole job is based off of people paying their bill on time, or at least contacting him or her if they can not pay BEFORE the account is past due, there was probably some anger or even "retaliation" involved by what I am guessing to be an inexperienced account manager.

    Rent A Center will most always "work with a customer" IF:
    1. The customer contacted the store BEFORE their payment was due to let them know there was going to be a problem.
    2. The customers payment history is good (you can't let your account go past due every week, bi-week or month and expect someone to "work with you")
    3. The amount of time being requested is not in excess of one week.

    Paying on time is extremely important in this business. There really are no "grace days" and the amount of time the store usually lets someone go past due without picking up the merchandise is one week. If your finances are not going to allow you to pay for it in that time period the best thing to do would be to return the merchandise. (The contract that you signed allows for this and will also re-instate you when you get back on your feet and you will be able to continue to pay off the merchandise right where you left off, it also restarts your 90 Day Same As Cash Price which is another benefit for you, try getting a car company to do that for you...)

    When you get back on your feet, go back to the same store and get the Tv back.( If it will be less than a month before you can afford to get it back the store will, most times, hold the merchandise you were paying on for you so you get the same exact item back) While yes, it is inconvienient for you for the time you are without the TV, it is much better than the alternative of not paying anything or not contacting the store and then they pick up the merchandise and don't do business with you again.

    While I agree with you that our tactics of retreving our merchandise when someone goes significanlty past due can sometimes be...excessive to say the least. It can always be avoided by following those three simple steps that I gave you. Our goal is always to retain customers as it is how we get paid, and we will never refuse to help someone out when they go through a rough time, as long as those three "rules" are followed.

    As I myself am a store manager with Rent A Center I apologize for the experience you had with us. Thank you for posting this complaint as it will help me improve the way that my store will explain our agreements to future customers so no one else has to go through what you have.

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terrible experience

This complaintsboard is in regards to an account I opened on 9/05/'06 at a RENT-A-Center in Waterville, ME.
The merchandise in question is an XBox 360 which was stolen from my truck sometime between the evening of 9/08/'06 and the afternoon of 9/09/'06.

When I discovered that the XBox was missing I immediately called the police and an officer called me back so I could make a report. He told me he would do it over the phone since I had noticed no obvious damage to my truck.

I told him that I believed that someone may have used a device to unlock my driver's side door because there were some scratches and the power window was no longer working properly. He took all of my information and told me he would write up the report which I could later pick up at the Kennebec County Sheriff's Office or send for it in the mail.After I made the report to the police, I immediately contacted RENT-A-CENTER and reported the theft to a manager named Dan.

I asked Dan if I would still be liable for the merchandise. He asked if I had purchased the Optional Liability Waiver Provision and I told him I did. I also told him that I had reported it to the police and would be receiving a police report shortly.

Dan in turn told me not to worry about it that because I had purchased the Liability Waiver I would not be held liable, and that their insurance would cover it. He asked me to bring in the police report when I received it, which I did a few days later.

Since that time, I have received numerous letters and phone calls from Dan as well as an employee named Scott. Dan explained to me on one such occasion that since their insurance had only covered a portion of the cost of the merchandise, that I was to be held responsible for the balance of $344.79 + Tax. I told him that if I had that amount of money I never would have rented from RENT-A-CENTER in the first place, but would have paid cash for an XBox at Walmart.

Second, I told him that I do not owe any amount because by his own admission and as is stated in the Optional Liability Waiver Provision, I cannot be held liable. The 'loss' of this merchandise was not intentional, willful or wanton, nor was it 'lost' through misconduct. It was stolen. But still the phone calls persisted, with Scott leaving messages on my voicemail telling me that I am in default of my contract because I have not made a payment or returned the merchandise!

I do not understand any of this and have spoken with my lawyer about the matter. He has reviewed the Rental Purchase Agreement and the Optional Liability Waiver Provision and has concluded that, as Dan had originally told me, I am not liable.

I called Dan at RENT-A-CENTER with this information and he told me that RENT-A-CENTER would be pursuing this in small claims court.

  • So
    someguy Jan 17, 2009

    Unfortuanantly the reason why it was not covered is because in the police report it probably did not say "forced entry" which is what the Liabilty Waiver will cover. If you look in your contract it will say those exact words...also you were at fault because the merchandise was not in your home, but in your vehicle. The liability waiver will only cover it if it was stolen through forced entry into the residence that is listed on the rental agreement.

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  • El
    Elly Feb 28, 2009

    I began renting to own a computer from rent-a-center in jonesville michigan. about four months before my pc was paid off, it started messing up so I took it in. They said they have a place they have to send them to get fixed and I could pick it up wednesday. There was no offer of a loaner while mine was being repaired. When I picked up my computer wednesday I found that they hadn't fixed it but just put it back to it's original and deleted all my files. I took it back in, and back in, and back in, all the while a loaner was never offered. The only thing they ever did was reset it back to it's original status and I continued getting the dreaded blue screen of death and my graphics card continued messing up.

    For four months, I was without my computer but I couldn't be late on any payments. They continued to charge me. Well, I paid my computer off finally and it was sent in one last time to be 'fixed'. I got the pc back and now there are drivers missing and I can't even get on the internet. My boyfriend called them and they said that it was pretty much my problem now since it was paid off. What a ripoff! I am very dissatisfied with the way they handled this and the fact that my pc isn't fixed. I've paid almost 8000.00 dollars for a computer that doesn't work.

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not a bad company

Ok, after reading all of these complaints, let me the one that actually thinks outside the box give my perspective about rent-a-center. my name is t.j., and i've been working for rent-a-center for a year now. i hear everyone complain about harrasing phone calls. now first off, it is not harrasment, we under the rights of the agreement can call you when you are past due. but, if you the consumer is constanly ignoring our phone calls, coming in the store with the improper payment all the time, you are the sleezbag not us. i deal with many great customers everyday, but yes we do always take chances on people that are ignorant to the world. these people (aka) the majority of people that complain about rent-a-center are the most heartless people you will ever meet. they use excuses of deathes in the family, to sickness of the family, to putting the blame of being past due on us the rent-a-center employees just to get a few extra days to pay off there bill. there are instances that i go to run by these peoples houses and the kids answer the doors but mysteriously the parents aren't home, or this one just happened to me yesterday i knocked on someone's door that was over a month past due, and they had a baby crying in the beginning and a little kid about to answer the door, but out of nowhere the baby stopped crying and i heard the parents whisper to there kid to shut the [censored] up or ill smack you just because they are a coward and wont give up there merchandise that has been unpaid for, for over a month. but, like i said rent-a-center isn't always in fault like these people make it sound like, it is a tough business to be in, you deal with some of the biggest low lifes that just sit home and don't have a job and complain about how the whole world is against them and write negative things on the se boards. thank you for ur time, tj

  • Ka
    Karen Jan 10, 2009

    TJ, I am glad you have a job...but I'm sorry the tactics used at RAC are heartless, and ARE HARRASSMENT!!! I understand that some people don't pay, but when your paying customers hit a bump in the road, you can afford to "work with them." That's not what has happened to my son, who was only late on one payment, asked to be able to catch it up on his next paydate, and was refused, threatened that they would pick up the merchandise, and don't want his money. People should not be threatened by any creditor, no matter who it is, and harrassment is illegal.

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  • Al
    ali Feb 17, 2009

    I agree with karen here...rent-a -center is crazy...i pay my bill ontime and i just had 2 thugs try n brake into my house while i was home...i would have shot him like i told him through the door...my husband is deployed to iraq and i wasn't about to open up for some loony that was beating on the door and tellin me that he was coming in weather i liked it or not...needless to say i called the police and they went to the store in Niles ill and reemed them out...it is illegal what you people do...i dont care if they are lowlifes and cant aford to pay or not...there are some lines that just should not be crossed...that guy is lucky he didnt get 2 to the chest...one of these days one of you people will try and beat down the wrong door

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  • Ma
    martymouse Jun 02, 2009

    ok, well. you have contracted with a company and agreed to pay a certain amount every month. you don't pay, they shouldn't be harrassing you at home. why doesn't rent-a-center just show up with a truck and take the merchandise, like the repo man who comes and takes your car if you don't pay? people won't open the door? i can see both sides of this story. if you agree to pay, you have to pay. if you're a month late on your credit card payment, they will be calling you. even if you agree to pay your phone bill and then don't, they are going to shut it off. i can imagine that there are some people who rent to own and really can't afford it. unfortunately, that's the rent to owns fault - they agreed to give you something without checking anything but that you have a job the day you walk in. but you would think a company this big would have some other means of either collecting their money or their stuff without showing up at someone's door and threatening them or their family. still, are we hearing the whole story from the people who are complaining? not that i'm saying you are not telling the truth - i have never rented from any company so i don't have first hand experience. but i was looking and that's how i ended up here. before i considered renting from them, i think i might want some references from them. how likely do you think that i would get actual customers? my opinion - if someone can scam you and skirt the law, or even break it, they will. you have to be very careful.

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  • Ro
    RoRo Aug 12, 2009

    Wow. Fist let me say to '' TJ ''.. I agree with most of what you say here however, you kinda got beside yourself when you went from 'TJ' a spokes person for Rent a center to TJ the Rent a center jerk, all in 1 sentence. I '' WAS '' a rent a center customer LONG before it was rent a center, more than 19 years. I can truely say, I never had real problems however, at least 1 time a month I could walk in to make a payment on a friday and low and behold, saturday morning, rent a center was at me door, looking for the payment I JUST made the day before. Now, when the store became rent a center, it started to get very RUDE managers the NEVER lasted more than a year. Along with RUDE managers came RUDE Sales & Delivery people. in 2003, my home was robbed and most of my rent a center stuff, gone. I went to take a police report in and the manager said as he LOL'd, '' another customer claiming to be robbed.! That was the straw that broke THIS camel's back..! I made them come pick up the remaining merchandise and told them to kiss my big ###.! shortly after that, that SAME manager was on the news for Armed Robbery.! WTF..!? Now, I havent forgot about the folks on here that crying cause RAC bangs on their doors, '''''''''''''' PAY YOUR DAMN BILL..!!! '''''''''' WHEN YOU SIGNED THE PAPERS, IF YOU CAN READ, ON THAT AGGREEMENT IS A DETIALED '' WHAT IF YOU DONT PAY.'' IF YOU ARE SITTING AT HOME AND ON THE CALLER ID IS RAC, TALK TO THEM AND TELL THEM WHAT DAY YOU WILL PAY IF NOT, OPEN THE DURN DOOR AND GIVE THEM THE STUFF YOU CANT AFFORD TO PAY FOR... HOW THE HELL ARE YOUR AFFRAID OF RAC PEOPLE.!? LOL, WTH..!? OH, and TJ, b4 you comment back lemme say, again I agree with ya, just didnt understand your bipolar episode. LOL..!

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  • screwRAC Jul 22, 2010

    ok, i havent missed a payment and have never gotten phone calls. But RAC DID send me mattresses infested with bed bugs and now my home is infested. My kids are tired of looking as if they had a non-stop case of chicken pox and my husband has the bites EVERYWHERE. Im still waitin for them to take the damn mattresses away from my home but they havent even done that. This was my first and last time dealing with RAC. And RAC has denied to compensate us and for paying for an exterminator. They won't do anything because supposedly its OUR fault. I have a bed in my daughter's room that is very old and it is freaking spotless. the only ones infested at the time were the mattresses from RAC. So no, I'm not heartless and neither is my family. The RAC is heartless for not caring that my family is bein feasted upon nightly.

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  • Ti
    tialou22 Jul 19, 2011

    i just got home and found 5 "sorry we missed you" tags all over the front of my house...even on my flag pole! thats not harrassment???

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  • Le
    Leelaj Aug 03, 2011

    What about when you first rent a product with people at Rent a center and you and the sales person agree on a contract to lease to buy then about 8 monts of paying on your merchandise you find out that the people that were working in the store just suddenly aren't there any more and then a new batch of sales people you know nothing about and start telling you that you have to start an early purchase option and you have two in a half months left to pay your merchandise off and now you hear you have to start new payments all over again. I was told last month that all i had was $340.00 left to pay on my merchandse and then today i was told that the amount of my merchandise went up to $380. 00 and that they couldn't tell me what the balance of the merchandise would be because i need to give them a payment and then they could tell me. I have been paying on this laptop since Nove, 2010 and now these crooks tell me that i should have gotten on the early purhase option which i was on and they never told me that my 90 days was up and now they want to charge me more for this item, and then had the nerve to call me and tell me that my payment is late. I pay$100.00 faithfully every 3rd of the month and now they don't have any reference of my payments in the system. I f i had to go through all of this ### i could have bought myself a new laptop. I thought i was helping myself out and doing the right thing, but i see im not. I have waisted time and money and they won't get another cent from me, i am taking this laptop back and if they can't give me an amount of what is left to pay on this laptop then i will call the BBB and the FCC and file compalints . Times are hard and i thought they would have understood that. I dont have money to keep waisting on something that i can't buy. I will get my money back!! Karma is a ###.

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