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big screen t. v

hi my name is april riley and im a first time renter at rent a center and im already unhappy.first off i would like to start off by saying im renting a t.v for my husband and the t.v is wrost then trash when we turn the t.v on it takes up to 3hours to turn on and if we turn it off you can forget about it coming back on.and when i told the store manager he made it seem as if i am surpose to except that no way will i ever please touch base with me soon thanks mrs.riley!

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    Adri Dec 12, 2008

    April I am very sorry to inform you that they may never repair the problem with your TV. I have recently finished paying off the TV that I got from them. We got the TV brand new and in good working order, then in May (5/23/08) of this year the light that the TV's lamp was about to go turned on. I called Zenith which is the TV's manufacturer, they informed me that it needs to be changed. So I called my local Rent A Center told them what was going on and they took the TV to get serviced. After they had the TV for about a month my husband goes into the store and sees the TV on Display on with the caution light still on. He asks them whats going on and they tell him it has been repaired, I once again call Zenith to see if this sounds right. They tell me no if the TV bulb was changed then the timer for it needs to be rest other wise the TV will not work. Then another month goes by and we still have not gotten our TV back. We end up getting the number for the District Manager and a few days after leaving him a message of what has been going on we get our TV back. Everything works ok with the exeption that the TV makes this buzzing sound when it turns on. One day the TV does not turn on for me (11/20/08). I call Rent A Center and tell the new manager that they have what is going on, he tells me that because we have finished paying off the TV they will no longer repair it. I tell him that the TV was repaired a few months ago and should not have an issue, he agrees to take the TV. We wait about a week then call to see what is going on he tells us that the repair people have come and taken the TV and are waiting on a part. Another week passes he says that the part just arrived and we should have our TV back in a couple of days. I call the day we had agreed that they would deliver the TV and the manager gives me the run around, I am getting a little frustrated by this time and end up talking to another employee who tells me that the TV is working and we should have it in a few days. The day comes that they are returning the TV and the same driver that took the TV comes to drop it off the first thing out of his mouth is "are you not going to get it repaired?" I call the manager and ask what is going on why did this guy say this he tells me that because I have finished paying it off he will no longer repair it, and then he says that the Technician told him the bulb is about to go, I tell him how is that if that is what supposedly got fixed in May. After a heated discussion I hang up on him and tell the guy to just put my TV back in its place. The TV turns on ok with just the buzzing sound and that is it, so I am ok. Now TODAY 12/12/08 only a week after getting it back from repair a second time the TV does not turn on again for me and I call the manager and he tells me because I was rude to him and hanged up on him he will not speak to me. Explain to me how a TV that supposedly has gotten repaired twice now for the same thing is still not working. The moral of my story is this I am sorry to tell you that even if you do take the TV to them for them to repair it there is no way that they will actually fix it. They may give you a temp fix so that you will finish paying off the TV and then it will no longer work and they will not fix it for you after it has been paid off unless keep paying for the Warrantee. They are crooks in my opinion. If you have not paid to much into the TV I would just return it and take as a loss.

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  • So
    someguy Jan 18, 2009

    You need to contact the store and inform them of the situation. They will schedule a time to come and pick up the TV and send it to the service department. They will also give you a loaner TV while yours is being fixed. (The payments that you make will continue to go to your original TV) When it comes back from the service department they will call you and schedule a time to bring it back out to you and pick up the loaner.( Keep it mind it may take a couple weeks until you get your original TV back. Its all based off of wether or not the service department has the particular part in stock or not.) You can also get into a program called Benefits Plus, it will give you added protection plus an extended year warranty for a year to the date after it has been paid off for about $3 a week. Hope this helps.

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the rent a center in medina n.y. is the worst business i ever dealt with. one manager tells us one thing and the other has no idea.we were promised a price match on an xbox 360 for 199 n now they say 597. they have harrased us threatened us and call our house a million times a day. i would never recommend anybodyu do business with them. they lie, cheat, and rob people and have the nerve to keep going. if any place goes out of business with the way the economy is, i hope they do. they deserve it.

  • Un
    unrealbabe Oct 20, 2009

    i strongly agree with you i have rent a desktop computer from rent a center so they told me the computer total cost is $1, 247 so they said that within the 90th days. However if i past the 90th days and dont finish paying for the computer it will go up by $200-$300 while i already paid $400 into the computer. so ok i decided that i will finish pay off for it which they charge me $40.71 per week so i will call and pay over the phone cause with my job i dont have time to go in and make a payment as time goes by i am making payment and everytime i ask what is my balance its like they give me the same figure everytime. so i ask to speak to the manager so i did then he was try to explain to me how it works cause i was paying every week and out of the $40.71 only $16.00 will go towards the computer which is ridiculous so i still continue paying mean time i already made 30weeks times $40.71 which it come up to $1300 already and they still telling i am still owing 48 wks which that will be $31200 hilarious someone please help me tell me what to do contact me at [email protected] i am in the ny area of queens

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rude & accused of being a free loader

We have been with rac for over 7 years. We have paid off thousands of dollars of merchandise... 57" screen...

giving you the runaround when you have a problem with getting something fixed when you rent to own

I called Saturday Novemeber 15 to let rac know that my 52" t.v. had a message stating that my projection lamp was nearing end of life & to replace it.I was told the delivery people would come around on Monday November 17.They never showed.They called & said they were running late & would come by on Tuesday November 18.Again, they called & said the drivers were stuck in Red Deer & they'd come by Wednesday November 19.It's now Thursday November 20 & I'm still waiting!!!I called & was told they're short staffed but will come by sometime this evening!!Why is it they're so quick to call you when you're late making a payment but when you need something serviced, they put you on the back burner!!I have dealt with rac since they were known as Direct Rentals before they were bought out by rac!!I will NEVER rent anything again from rac & will let my friends know of the problems I have unfortunately encountered with them!!!

telephone calls

Ive been a customer at rent a center for seven yrs, the majority of my house is filled with their merch, at...

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unsolicited phone calls

We are being harassed by rent a center. They keep calling our home at least 5 to 6 times a day but from different numbers back to back. The same day our first bill was do they called us early that morning. When rent a center delivered my bed room set they didn't even put it together. no bed rails.

I was a week behind on my payment and i asked if i could pay on the second of October and i was told no. I was threaten, by rent a center saying that they were going to come with the police department.

  • Ke
    Kevin Oct 14, 2008

    Okay, first and foremost, on the day that you are due, they are not supposed to be calling before 10 am. Secondly, you state that your bedroom set didn't come with bedrails? The majority of bedroom sets will not come with bedrails unless you specifically ask for them. As for the payment that was a week late, if you are a week late, after they have been trying to contact you all week, they're going to be a lot less willing to work with you, mainly because you have not returned any of the 12(minimum) calls to your home and cell, and any messages they may have left with your references. At 7 days past due, it's either pay today or return.

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unauthorized billing

I am so made at rac because i am missing money that i paid on my account and they keep telling me a different balance that is higher and that is not right even though i have three kids and trying to make a honest living with rac stealing your money as you make payments and thats not right. Also i had the granite city driver Robby do a road rage on me in collinsville on october 2nd 2008 about 10;30am about total my truck and i think that was bogus which i kind wish it would have happened then that means they would have to cover that for sure.

  • Ve
    veronica. Mar 07, 2010

    Please if you're going to post something for other people to read, make it possible for other people to understand what it is you're actually saying. I got nothing out of that paragraph except a jumbled up run-on unstructured sentence and it was absolutely no use for me to read it.

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  • Ki
    kimbra1991 Mar 09, 2010

    I've also had problems with them. Me and my husband just got married 6 months ago so we had nothing and we decided to rent some things from RAC so our apartment was not completely empty. When we first got everything the guy said wecould make payments weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, we chose monthly because that worked best for us. Well, a week goes by and they call and said we needed to make a payment before 7 pm, we had told them that the guy said we could pay monthly and they said we had to pay bi-weekly for the first month then we could start paying monthly, so we paid them and set up pur account where our payment was due on the 15th, then a week later they are calling for another payment. So we had enough with this issue and talked to the manager and obviously they are not going to do anything so we gave up and started paying every week.

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terrible experience

I rented a washer and dryer and today I took a $25.00 money order and $4.63 in cash, to pay a late fee on the washer and dryer since I was a couple days late. Romone at the Leano St. Elyria, Ohio 44035, He refused the payment and brought the money and was trying to leave it on the side walk at the store that I had left to pay the bill. I owe CashEvantage and they said since I owe CashEdvantage that they can refuse payment for the washer and dryer. It is two separate businesses. How can they do this?

  • Fe
    Fernie Sep 29, 2008

    I agree completely with you about rent a center's shady business practices. It seems that not only do they not care...but try and screw you over even more if they can do it. I am currently renting a TV and a washer and dryer. They call me all the time even though I'm not late on my payments...but they claim that I am. They're tacking on late pay penalties and have even gone as so far as to call me at home and tell my wife one thing and then tell me something completely different which has caused arguments and stress. They've lied about how much I was going to pay. They've lied about my contract agreements. They have deliberately tried to cause arguments between me and my wife. And so far even the management hasn't even tried to contact me about the situation at all.

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  • So
    someguy Jan 18, 2009

    If they are calling you about late payments it is because your payments are LATE. You may not think that they are but obviously they are if you are getting calls. and of course they are tacking of late fees because your account is late and of course they are going to call you because your payment is late and the amounts are going to change if you don't pay your payment the amount will continue to get larger. How can you lie about something that is on paper? Nobody is changing your due dates in the computer. 1 because they cant 2. why would they pay your payment for you?
    My advice to you: Pay your bill or return the merchandise!

    Its annoying when people complain about rent a center because they cant make their payments on time. That is one thing that I really cant help you with. Give me a legitimate problem and I will be glad to help you!

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scam and cheating

I have bought things w/RAC before w/no problems. I went to the one in Medford, OR where I was living. Bought a TV, stereo and printer. I went in with a week left on my 90 days on the stereo to pay it off in cash, they told me I had missed it by 4 days even though I had the original receipt and contract with the managers signature on it saying otherwise. It took them 3 months to get me the printer and charged me during that time for printer. I got pissed over the stereo and told them to come pick it all up. I had been a good paying customer always. When I told them to pick it up, they begged me to keep the products. I told them *** no, I was going to their competition across town. I told them if they didn't come get it I was going to come drop it in the middle of their store. They picked it up finally and now they keep sending me these stupid coupons for what I had paid on the products towards a new product but only if I take a contract and more than 90 days. I have advised them repeatedly to quit sending me their crap because I'm tired of finding it in my mailbox and me having to put it in my garbage can. I WILL not go back to them EVER! I'd much rather go to Aarons who at least reports when you make timely payments to your credit report AND if you have to move where you can't take the products with you, they transfer ALL the money that you paid into it to the new store for the same product. Screw RAC!

  • Cy
    Cynthia Arruza Jan 10, 2009

    I have been harassed by the Rent A Center and now at my job.Is there a way you can stop them .

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  • So
    someguy Jan 18, 2009

    What you need to do is talk to the store manager. If you requested that they not call your workplace then that request is required to be respected. If they still call your workplace then call the 800 number. The district manager will handle it from there.

    Just make sure that you make your payments on time and if you find that you can't make it in on the day that it is due. Call the store before it goes past due. ( Keep in mind that if you consistently do not pay on time, they are likely just to close your account and pick up the merchandise and not do business with you.)

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  • Re
    realmanplus Feb 14, 2009

    Renter center is a scam and fraud, they have been investigated by tv new magazines an found to be crooks that is not to be trusted or do busniness with at all.
    The goverments should and I hope that they do close them down for good.

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  • So
    someguy Mar 04, 2009

    That will never happen "realmanplus." RAC is in a group of rent to own companys that have a huge amount of lobbying power. However, what I could see happening is lawmakers changing some of the ways these companies do business in regards to the cash prices and lease agreements...

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violation fdcp; fraudulent actions

I have been an ongoing customer since 1999, whenever I've purchased an item I've always asked for a...


I have been a customer with rent a center for 3 1/2 years and have a fridge paid off and the whole time we had it, we had to send it in for service 5 or six times. the store did nothing to rectify this and we still had to send it back more. This last time that we sent it back it came back from head to toe with mold in both the freezer and refrigarator section. It took us three hours to clean and all our food was unthawed by then. we are now calling aarons which will cut our payments in half and hopefully will not send us a health hazard back to our home. just say no to rent a center.

  • Fe
    felicia quire Sep 11, 2008

    I have spent thousands of dollars at rent a center. The last time i rented from them i have some financial issues and requested they pick up the mechendise. No one came for several weeks. They even scedualed appointments with me and came hours early or late. Therefor I missed them. Now that i am stable again I wanted to get only a tv and they wont even rent me one pice of mechendise. So much for costomer appreitation. So much for all the money i have put in. If i had a rental store i deffinatly would look at the amount of time and money they had spent with me before i turned them away.

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  • Di
    Diana Walo Jul 18, 2012

    To all these people that complain about the service and product that you get from Rent a Center..I have been dealing with them for over 20 years, its all in how you deal with them. There are a lot of people that rent things and then move without telling them, or just don't pay the payments, so when you wonder why they go postal about the money, this is why..I have never had a problem, if you pay the few dollars more each payment for the service contract, then you get a loaner when you send yours in for service, if you don't ask about a loaner, they aren't going to offer one. Simple as that..Learn to ask for what you want. Most credit cards or debit cards charge a business a service charge to process the fees through their banks, hence the new 1.50 convienence fee for paying over the phone.. I'm not saying that there aren't some bad stores out there, but, I have used stores from Texas to Maine and on to Massachusetts with no problems, its all in how you deal with them and how you treat them...When they deliver furniture to me, I always have popsicles at the ready for the workers for when they are finished, it is hard work carrying heavy furniture up my granite stairs..appreciate them and they will go above and beyond for you, simple as that...they work hard for people that don't think about them and how many people they deliver to or how badly they are treated each day..moving furniture and installing appliances for you.

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mgr. emry grayson

I rented a refridgerator, paid a payment, the next time I paid for one month, this time when it was due, I...

never again

Look the last time I rented from Rent a centre I had paid off all but $200 on a computer I was purchasing from your company. I had been making payments for over a year. When your employees stopped by my house because I was 2 days late on my payment they had an altercation with my ex-husband who was not even supposed to be on my property. Whereas your company called me and told me they were taking my property...the computer which was nearly paid off, and that as long as I was with my husband I could never rent from them again. Well, I tried to explain I wasn't with him, which they already knew, and that he was not supposed to be on my property, I even had the money including late fee to catch up payment. So I guess I am out the over $1, 000 I spent thinking I was buying my property from an honest company. I feel like I was stolen from and will never use Rent-A-Center again.

  • Le
    leftfield101010 Jul 18, 2008

    The lesson here, do not lease to own. Save your money, buy it when you have enough, and don't blame anyone but yourself for the situation. Take a little responsibility, for pete's sake.

    Besides, if you buy it outright with cash, you don't pay the interest you accrue through RAC or Aarons.

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  • Ki
    Kim9324 Sep 11, 2008

    Was the "altercation" actually your ex trying to fight off the jerks from RAC? If so, I guess you have to give the guy a little credit hahaha. RAC flunkies are ###.

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  • Ki
    Kim9324 Sep 11, 2008

    Oh, and by the way, RAC is not an "honest" company like you said. Companies like them prey on people who have had trouble in life and exploit them to the hilt. You'll pay $2000 for a computer you could have bought outright for $500.

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  • Al
    ali Feb 17, 2009

    this just happened to me In Prospect heights illinois...i had 2 rent a center employees try and brake into my house while i was home with my 5 year old son...They were beating on the door and telling me to open up, like they were the freaking police or something...they would not go away and told me that they were like loan sharks and that they would be back to my house if i didn't pay. I called the police and filed a report with them because it scared me to death. The police said it was illegal for them to do this and harrass me like this. They actually tried to use a credit card to brake into my house . I could see them through the peak hole. I was terrified. It was like a scene from the godfather. The police did go and tell them to leave me alone. DO NOT EVER GO TO RENT-A-CAENTER
    I went to the one in Niles Illinois. they are unproffesional and take part in illegal opperations
    Prospect Heights IL

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  • Ma
    maddie grl Apr 27, 2012

    I have rented some furniture from the Niles store as well. It was the same situation with me except my kids were home alone when the tried to break in my house for $17. I also called the police and filed a report! I also have 6 complaints into corporate about the stores practices! I pay monthly and always pay more then I should to bring the balance done, but the recent compliant was I decided that since I was dealing with idiots I would just pay online! Ha they still call looking for money even though corporate and my receipt say otherwise! I am currently up to date w my payment and the Niles store still calls saying I owe them. I believe they are doing shady business and stealing money! When I'm done with paying off my furniture I am suing them for harassment! !!


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rude manager

The manager at Rent A Center was very rude. When I finish paying for an item I rent something else. I paid over $2000 for a stereo and then I paid over $1200 for a computer.

Recently I purchased another stereo system and a living room set. I pay every week, sometimes I am late but I pay the late fees.

The manager at the store located at 777 SW Capital Circle told me if I was late again he would pick up his merchandise.

I asked him his name he only told me James, when I asked for his last name he wouldn't give it to me.

  • Th
    the truth 09 Jul 10, 2009

    if you keep on being late then yes they have the right to pick it up read your agreement dont think they because sdont they skim over it with you and just tell how much you have to pay every week. like you miss three pmnts in a row they will try to pick it up but half the time they really dont mean because it is their job to tell you that my best advice try and pay over the phone little contact can go a big way with them

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  • Un
    Unknown Port Charlotte Sep 15, 2009

    you should have 30 days to make payments not this 7 day ### and on the 8th day they knock on your door to harass your family and demand money for a measly 20 dollar a week rental agreement ...Note to Rent-A-Dick employees... when you walk to the rac truck open the door and start the engine let it idle to warm... put it in drive and come over to my house you wasted problably 5 or 6 dollars in gas sooooooooooo... that 5 dollar late charge per item per week...is bogus the 5 bucks is so the rent a dick employees... could come to your house harrass your family so they look in the mirror at the end of their shift so they feel tough...Rac employees are not tough...not cool...not well paid...not good looking...not well dressed ...they work for the company so they get paid to legally harass people and pretend to be tough ...Right Nick...Right Allen...Right Gregg...Jason sorry Orlando was too much for you...I guess your way too big of a business man to be successful

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poor experience

We rented a used sectional from RAC, 1st time ever doing business there. We were close to the end of our agreement when we got a week behind and we were told if we didn’t get our payment in by the next day, they would send the sheriff to my house and use a pop lock and come in and get there merchandise. Then in the mean time we were calling countless times to get our payment to them and they refused. Listen, we paid probably 3x what the furniture was worth and they refused our payment, I say they abandoned their obligation. I tried and tried, they said someone would be getting a hold of us and hung up on me; REAL professional RAC.

fraudulent actions

I've been with my girlfriend 10 years now and some times we've rented things from Rent a Center...

money stolen

Like everyone else I also have a complaint with our dear friends at rent a center! 1st I should mentioned I...

rip off

Rent way which I believe to have been bought out by rent a centre adds hidden charges don’t deliver new merchandise; I paid for new and got used. they also say they have lifetime re instatement you can pick up where you left off if you need to return you rental at any time I HAVE BEEN WAITING ON A COMPUTER that I paid on for over a year and they say they have been looking for me a good one. Do they mean one that doesn’t have roaches crawling out of it like the refrigerator I had to return? Or are they just hoping ill go away? Which I will but not before I tell everyone that I know about their sales tactics. oh by the way when I returned the computer I was because my husband died and I need a couple of months to get things straight and they never gave me back my comp all they gave was excuses that was 1 year ago. So where is the money I already paid? Gone that’s where, they have no intentions on making it right.

  • To
    Tommy Jun 15, 2008

    The Lifetime Reinstatement Policy is true and in full effect. The only problem I see you having is the fact that when Rent-A-Center gets a return like that, the money you paid on the computer puts it in a specific class of computer. So let's say you rented a computer for 3 weeks for $34.99 a week and the base price was $1000. After taxes it goes up to, let's say and even $40 a week. 3 weeks at $40 is $120. and $1000 after having $120 paid off is $880. In order to put your lifetime reinstatement in effect, they would have to find a computer that has $880 left with the same specs on the computer as the one you rented before. It does take time. Also, how was your payment history on your prior rental? If it's bad, then give up now. They won't play games.

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new mother harrassed by rac

I really hate to give this company even the single star. The business tactics of this particular store are HORRENDOUS!!! I have bought $2000+ worth of merchandise from this company, and toward the end, we were bullied, threatened, and harassed by employees of this store. I explained to the store manager (Jesse) that I would be starting a new job and I wouldn't get paid for a month. I tried to keep my account current, but eventually, my account did lapse by 15 days.

In that 15 day lapse, I was left numerous messages that were very threatening. A man named Larry called saying he was going to be serving a certified letter with option to catch up or release the merchandise. Two days later. a guy came to my house, banged on my door, yelled through my window, and told my husband to come "see him outside." I NEVER received the letter Larry said he sent. I had every intention of responding to the letter with a payment. When I called to make my catch up payment, Larry hung up in my face 3 times, before finally taking my payment. After my payment was made, the guy outside still stood at my door another five minutes. I had to call them back and tell them to make him leave.

I understand I was late with my payment, in this economy, it could happen to anyone. I had been with this store for over a year and paid of a couple thousand dollars worth of merchandise successfully, but when it came down to the final $200, I was treated with extreme disrespect.

I have never known a business to take it's collection methods to the point of threatening a woman at home with her newborn, yelling through windows of her home, and harassing her for a delinquent $75 payment. I wasn't even 30 days late. $75 apparently was enough to go "Scarface" on me.

Any other business would have, at the very least, waited for the response of the letter before pursuing further action. Obviously, the word of management team is useless. I'm not even going to mention how the scene created by the Rent-A-Center thug affected my neighbors! He woke my neighbors and scared my neighbor's little boy with the yelling. Rent-A-Center did their own advertising of their business with those methods.

I would NEVER EVER in this lifetime, ever go to this store for ANYTHING ever again! The staff is unprofessional to say the least. They employ thugs and encourage harassment. My sympathies to anyone else that does business with them. My advice, if you want to do business with Rent-A-Center, go to another store, or look up Rent-To-Own.

FYI-Buyer Beware


scam and rip off!

I got a laptop and digital camera from Rent A Center. About 3-4 months after renting the items... the item...

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