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Rent A Center — harassment from them

My husband has some items through rent a center in Lafollette Tn. He was late on a payment due to the fact I...

La Follette

Rent-A-Center — service

I rented two TVs from here. My payment was due November 25th. Bruce someone who works for you guys called my...

Rent-A-Center — computer

Back in October 2017 I sent my computer back due to a green line appear on my screen. They had it about 2...

Rent-A-Center — bunk beds and mattresses

I bought a used bunk bed from rent-a - center in Asheboro NC . I was told by the manager Ryan that the bed...

Rent-A-Centerliving room sofa

On Tuesday nov 21 i got a call from rent a center i said im getting more sick so please come pickup your further the man jose with a bad. Customers service .he stated by 9pm they will come they neaver came to my house.On Friday next person called me.i told him they didn't pickup your further so by Tuesday theu said it would be pickup now they want me yo pay for the things that they should have picked up i told him i would talk to my husband about it my husband said let them pick it up I'll buy you one .I pay 50.dollar per week for the sofa .please make sure they come on Tuesday to get your sofa back.
Thank you I love your store but i can't deal with people like that man .i got a copy of the recoding i pressed *57 to record you can ask cablevison for the record it will be under my name Isabella fairley at [protected] ill very ill in and out of hospital on ssa deability i can't be barther with to craziness of people i have 10hrs of nursing services7days a week
I'am doen nomore just come pickup your further
Thank you so much

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    Rent-A-Center — tv and king size bed frame/, and harassment over late payment call work number everyday

    I been a customer of rent - a - center since January of 2016. My first complaint is they are charging me full...

    Rent-A-Centerhandmade mirror, dresser draw damages n missing item on dresser draw

    Gm I started as a new Customer for the rent a center in Greensboro NC since last month n I purchase 2 bedrooms sets. My 4 piece bedroom set didn't come with all my pieces. Rent a center still wants me to pay for everything n all my pieces aren't here. Rent a center aspect me to pay for the whole set. I'm refuse too. Now rent a center is calling non stop for a payment. Can someone help me please... Location for renter a center is in zip code 27406.

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      Rent-A-Center — employee

      My wife went into the rent a center in Carlsbad NM located at 217 N Canal on 11/08/2017 with hope of finding...

      Rent-A-Center — harassment from manager

      156 eagles glenn plaza, ste 200 East stroudsburg, pa, 18301 [protected] Jennifer the store manager i...

      Rent-A-Center — service

      I have been a customer with rent a center for almost a year. I had a laptop and a bed with supposedly new...

      Rent-A-Center — unpaid wages

      I was an employee for rent a center. I worked my full 2 weeks and I am expecting a paycheck. I relocated to...

      Rent-A-Center — rent a center

      Rent a center has been calling me back to back Using fake voices when I do answer. I work nights every day...


      I have been a customer for 17 years with them, never hsd a problem till a few months ago, i fell behind in payment n told them to come puck it up. They came abd refused to take it back because they say it has bed bugs. Scared my granddaughter i was in the hospital they call the phone 19 times a day, all i want them to do is pick it up.i cant afford

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        • Po
          pobarjenkins Nov 01, 2017
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer

          Unfortunately they would be risking exposing themselves and other customers to bedbugs if they picked up your sectional. That can be very costly and could destroy the belongings of others. While they certainly shouldn't be calling you nineteen times a day, I understand why they can't pick up your furniture.

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        Rent-A-Center — an associate

        I called rac store in Amsterdam ny route 30.i called to pay off my account I asked for a certain person which...

        Rent-A-Centercustomer service

        I'm extremely insulted by the attitude of a store associate named Anna at your Greenville store on Laurens Rd. I came in to see about using my in store credit to make a purchase, and she was very rude. She didn't try to look my file up at all, and when asked if I could use my credit to buy something outright all she could tell me was that I couldn't, and refused to explain to me how using my $3400 in credit works. I have been a customer of your wonderful Asheville store for almost 3 years, and never had a problem with them being rude. If your Woodruff Rd. Store is as rude, I'll be taking my business to Aarons. Please do something about this absolutely rude woman.

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          Rent-A-Centercustomer service/rental condition

          We have 2 beds from rent a center in Whitter, Ca. It's on Norwalk Blvd. Anyways, I'm usuay on time with my payments. The past few times have been a bit tight because my husbands hours have been cut. I have asked them not to call me at work and they do. When they say they are going to note something on my account they never do, they're supposed to get me a new boxspring because the one that got delivered is disgusting. It's very dirty. I did miss this weeks payment but because I'm not in the state right now. I had to fly out on emergency family business, my grandmother is in the hospital and she probably isn't going to make it. When explaining this to the woman she talked as if she didn't belive me. And I told her I would be back next week and I could pay it then. She had the audacity to ask me for my payment. And I quote "You can't just make the payment over the phone? " I'm dealing with a family emergency and you're still asking me for money?. She also argues with you when you are on the phone. It's very unprofessional. They also call you periodically throughout the day. Usually I'm at work and I don't appreciate being called that often, when I already know I need to pay them. I would appreciate if something could be done.

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            Rent-A-Center — my couch

            My couch I have had over 3 months still no has came to take it bc I informed them that it had bed bugs in it...

            Rent-A-Centerthe customer service and yalls furniture

            I always pay no matter if it’s late fees or what butvtoday was the last straw they sent a gentleman to my house in s van to pick up money not furniture bc I have a couch and 2 7 piece bed room suite the man in van called his boss I believe and I told him I have $100 now and I would bring the rest to them before they closed at 6 pm bc I had to go to bank bc I had just gotten out of hospital they must have thought I was lieing but have never missed a payment reguardless if I paid a late fee it got paid but he followed me 30 mins to bank which I didn’t feel comfortable to go to bc I was being followed by the man in s rent s center van with my two youngest kids with me from what I’m told this is harrastment and illegal so I’m not sure what y’all goin to do bout it but I will not rent nothing else from y’all again and y’all can come get this crappy furniture I have from y’all bc it’s not worth $1700 for each suit !!! I will b contacting head quarters and my lawyer if no action is taken !!

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              Rent-A-Centerrental pay off

              I called and spoke to an associate at the local store (Defiance OH) and wanted to make my final payment. The gentleman last week informed me it was $93.87 however the gentleman today told me it was $115.98. I asked him to pull the record of conversation and listen to the gentleman tell me that the amount I was paying was the final amount. I won’t pay a penny more. I asked to speak to his manager and he informed me he was the manager. I asked for the number to his DM. He informed me he owned the store. After calling me stupid/dumb/retarded and a “waste of his time” he hung up on me when I informed him I would not be paying the amount listed and only paying the amount quoted last time. (I keep a running tab of conversations and payments made as well as what the next payment would be). So I called and spoke to the 1-800 legal department. I will be filing a suit for harassment and anything else I can get my hands on simply to show this jerk that’s not how you treat customers.

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                Rent-A-Centermy smart tv

                The day the centralia il office delivered my tv the tv was not working right to the point I couldnt watch it someone came to try to fix it and he said he cant fix it and that he would send somebody else out to try to fix it 2 weeks went by and still nobody showed up now they are threatening me with court and legal actions im sorry im not paying for a tv that I havent been able to watch because it doesnt work I have told then more then 5 times or probably more but it has been worst customer service I have ever had

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