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Reviews and Complaints

Rent-A-Centerlg uhd a1 thin q 65” renting

Starting renting this TV in June of 2019 from RAC, was told on day of first payment that my payments would be every two weeks. The following Saturday RAC shows up at my house and says they need a payment. First off who does something like that walks into someone's garage knocking on the door? Second off the payments were supposed to be every two weeks. I went ahead and paid them because I did not know what else to do. The following Saturday I got a rude phone call from Joseph at RAC wanting payment again; I explained to him what I thought I agreed to and he said know that they never changed it to two weeks. So did I just make this up? Called them last weekend and told them to come pick up there tv; Luis the female manager was like why and I told her everything that had transpired to make me want to send the tv back and she said I'm sorry please keep it and we can make the proper arrangements. After speaking with my husband we decided we still didn't want to deal with these people that were harassing us anymore. So I called her back and said come and get it. Luis told me that someone would pick it up and no one ever showed. They called me all week this past week while we were on vacation every day from mon-fri. I told them yesterday come pick it up sat, well they wanted it to be on there time and I said no. You pick this tv up on my time at my convenience or don't bother coming by. They were told to call me on there way. At about 5 in the evening I here this loud bang about 9 times. It was to guys from rent a center banging on my front door. They never called they were standing a stool just banging. This is ridiculous, never have I experienced such rude people in my life. This company and its employees clearly have no self regard for the public. I will not ever use RAC again or even recommend them to anyone. In fact I will be letting everyone I know to stay away from the Longview store especially, because they were nothing but pure rude trash. May even consider a lawyer at this point. Thanks for the read.

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    JaNae Norris Aug 17, 2019

    Today I experience an awful and illegal situation with Rent a Center. First off I been a customer with them since 2011, done paid more than need to for whole furniture, entertainment and TVs from them. I talked to the Manager Pam last week and paid off my couch, I also am paying on a TV. I was some weeks behind but after discussing with manager she told me that I had to pay $50 which would be due today. I left the house to make a errands run which I left my 13, 12 and 11 yr old home. I get a call from my oldest stating that a guy from Rent a Center came in the house telling him that a payment needs to made. How dare he enter my home with minors talking to a child about Payments and proceeded to dismount the TV. I told my son to put the guy on the phone and asked him to leave because he had no right to enter the home with minors and he proceeded to say that he is taking the TV. I told him again to leave the house because its illegal and trust passing and I'm calling the Police. He left and I called the Bolingbrook rent a center and asked for the manager. She said she immediately told him to leave because at that point she knew he was wrong. I said I just talked to you last week and you told me my 50 payment was due on today, how is it that you sending somebody out to my house to pick up the TV and secondly him entering the home with no adults present and questioning a minor about payments. This was wrong on so many levels, my kids even though they was not suppose to open the door for nobody even if they did as rent a center policy and being the adult in the situation he was not supposed to enter the home. Now my kids are terrified, upset and sad that they did open the door and something bad could have happened to them. I WILL NEVER NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM EVER AGAIN OR EVEN REFER ANY ONE TO THEM AGAIN. I will be returning the TV because dealing with this situation has made me so ANGER and DISAPPOINTED in their policy and rules of payments and my agreement. I will be taken legal actions as this was definitely illegal and against their policy and agreement.

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