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Rent-A-Center Complaints & Reviews

Rent-A-Center / defective product

James P. Jones on Sep 16, 2017
I am presently renting a Dell Desk Top Inspiron. It crashes every 28 min. I spoke to a store representative, in regards to exchanging the Dell, for the online model ( MSi 27" Gaming Desktop Computer.) I was told it had to be ordered, which was fine by me, at that time, This is week One!...

Rent-A-Center / bunk bed

Nikita Michelle Holsey on Sep 16, 2017
Hello im Nikita I have a bunk bed for my son and The bed was poorly put together I have been calling and talking to store manager Rick said he will give me a full size bed he has not did so now when I call he is never there this is really sad to me because I pay my account early so they...

Rent-A-Center / Dishonest employees

Chantrey Nelly Griffin on Sep 14, 2017
I went to the store located on Lyons Ave in Newark NJ on a Monday. The application was completed and a payment for two weeks was made and a delivery date of Wednesday was given. The store claimed they reached out to me on Tuesday, because they didn't know how to utilize the verification...

Rent-A-Center / poor customer service from store manager

chadgignac on Sep 5, 2017
My name is Chad; I work for a credit reporting agency and I called into your store location in Rent-A-Center 2066 N Center Ave Ste #G Somerset, PA 15501 and was treated EXTREMELY rude by a gentleman who claimed he was the store manager. He was very rude accusing me of being a "smartass"...

Rent-A-Center / furniture infested with bed bugs

Kulani on Aug 23, 2017
I rented furniture from the Anchorage location in Feb which was infested with Bed bugs and till this day has not been cleared from my home sedgewick has not properly cleared my home Of the infestation, refunded me money for my rental, I get harassing calls from your store for a payment, and...

Rent-A-Center / customer service

Cat09 on Aug 21, 2017
These are some of the most ignorant, unimportant people I have encountered that actually have jobs and so call help run a business . If you are late even once, they will numb your phones ringer. They are calling 40 times a day and then have the nerve to get an attitude with you as if you...

Rent-A-Center / cell phone and air conditioner

Carrie420 on Aug 19, 2017
Rent a center in webster ma. 01570 5089492290..today I tried to get help with my account and I got the worst service in the world. Wow I must say these employees need to be FIRED. I was told from the lady manager that she will not accept payment on my cell phone unless I paid full balance...

Rent-A-Center / harassment

Mrs.Granados828 on Aug 19, 2017
My name is Heather Granados. I and my husband David Granados rented a washer/dryer & bed from your North Platte, Nebraska store a little over a month ago. We received the bed after waiting 5 hours of being repeatedly told the gentleman that was delivering our bed was on his way 3 different...

Rent-A-Center / customer service for a new client

Chris Hurte on Aug 18, 2017
I am not even a customer but it tempted become a customer yesterday which was August 17th I attempted to use the website to fill out the application now in each attempt there were multiple tries to get it correct I attempted four times and each time as I said there was a subset of trying...

Rent-A-Center / dm.. dustin hall

Whiteboy on Aug 16, 2017
I work for Rent a Center and the new DM is making it impossible for us to work for this company, I believe he is prejudice n I'm white but he is, I have been in his presence when he used the N word and he said Frank use it to and I was sicken to my stomach. He's trying to get rid of all...

Rent-A-Center / customer service

Kristi grubb on Aug 12, 2017
My sisters boyfriend works at rent a center in manchester Ky snd I went in the store to rent some furniture . I filled out my application and while I was doing so your employees laughed at me, asked me personal questions about my hair which has all come out due to an illness, and the three...

Rent-A-Center / bad time

OG96! on Aug 12, 2017
Unfortunately, as a customer I would like to inform you about what is going on at rent a center in my town. First of all I have noticed alot of funny smells such as beer and alchohol. Well I needed a dryer cheap one and the man took me to the backroom to look at a dryer but I walked out...

Rent-A-Center / furniture

Bfountain on Aug 10, 2017
Yes I made a payment for my product and it seems to not of posted on the account yet and also they seem stalking and watching everything I do and I don't feel comfortable about it I told the associate that I made a payment so I'm just waiting to see what's going on and won't find out if it...

Rent-A-Center / merchandise

J.burnette on Aug 7, 2017
"First Time" doing business with your company and after I finish paying everything off You can guarantee it will be the last. I came into your store Friday 8/4/17 to purchase furniture, was told I would have to wait until Monday 8/7/17 to receive merchandise. My scheduled delivery time wa...

Rent-A-Center / behavior

lisamoss on Aug 7, 2017
8/7/2017. I just buried my father today. I am in Birmingham Alabama. I know I am late on my payment which is only $50 on a laptop. We tried to pay this before we left but they said that we owe over $300. I am heading back to Peoria first thing in the morning. I had my neighbor that i...

Rent-A-Center / unethical behavior; poor customer service

Kenol Pierre on Aug 3, 2017
Hi, my name is Kenol Pierre and I would like to provide information on a complaint I would like to mention at a Rent -a-Center store located at 864 Pennsylvania Ave Brooklyn NY 11207. I came in on Friday July 30, 2017 to apply for a chaise sofa and I was greeted and spoke to the Cashier...

Rent-A-Center / my accounts!

Benjamin stinson on Jul 24, 2017
I have been with rent a center for past 9 years never been late on any payments. Have paid off 4 or 5 accounts and have 4 more active. I sometimes need a week to spare and always promise to pay and always have paid that and late fees due. This past week i my wife had spoke to manager and...

Rent-A-Center / rental on a proposed refrigerator

jett.paralegal on Jul 20, 2017
On 7/20/2017 went to Rent-a-Center in Alvin, Tx. off of Hwy 35 to rent a refrigerator for a couple of weeks because ours went out.. the sign on the refrigerator stated either $17.99 a week or $71.99 per month nothing else... after completion of the application for reference checks, the...

Rent-A-Center / payment issue

Brenda0707 on Jul 17, 2017
I pay my account when due all the time at times I'm Day or so late but always pay it. I know the staff have job to do but they haven't been the nicest to me when calling. I've been with you awhile a pay something off and continue do the same and I have honor having help Derek in past on...

Rent-A-Center / service

My contract was pasted on to them with out me knowing because I fell behind due to me becoming disable having strokes and seizures. When finding out that they had my account I was waiting to be approved for disability and my wife was struggling with all the bills. They did not want to deal...

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