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Rent-A-Center reviews & complaints

Rent-A-Center complaints 394

Rent-A-Center - Manager complaint/products complaint

Service from both managers in Billings, mt locations very poor I have a bed that has no frame which Stephanie has not replaced in months after she says she would so I slowed my payments till it wa...

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Dec 31, 2021

Rent-A-Center - Employee

You have a employee by the name of Eddie Hughes he works at the Nashville Arkansas Rent-A-Center when he is at work and he is driving to work truck Rent-A-Center truck he texts and drives and talks and drives on his phone awesome he will send out text messages to his friends we are on our way to your house so don't answer the door if you don't want your stuff repoed and these people or way overdue and it's pick up time served no payment accepted on these items but yet he constantly tells them not to answer the door and he's your employee is not his job is to collect not warn people not to answer the door I have proof I have pictures of the conversations of him Towing his friends not to answer the door they're on their way or that he's driving and he's at work and blah blah blah blah texting

Rent-A-Center - unauthorized credit card charges / unethical behavior

On 12/4/ 2021 case# 1795861 & 1795702
I called to make a payment for my computer ($34). The manger Chris explained that my couch was not due until 12/11. That he would make a payment(computer) on my behalf if I signed up for auto pay. I agreed. The automatic text never came. Chris the manager asks for me to call him back in 5 - 6 minutes. I called back and Mike answered. I explained to Mike that I was working with Chris. Then Mike placed me on hold for over 3 minutes. I hung up so I could continue working. Then I received a call back from a worker on duty who I believed to be Mike. I explained that Chris offered to pay my week if I signed for autopay. Staff said they tried to send same text. I never received any text. He stated that he would take the payment for the computer, and I just need to walk in to get the week free. I said OK and gave permission to take the payment.
The next morning my account was negative $210.00. 3 bills of $35.00 for my credit cards and 3 $35.00 fees for each bill. After checking my transactions, I could see that I was charged $222.00 from rent a center. The store was closed, and I could not do nothing about it except take other money to keep my account from going further into the red. Placing $210 to cover $105 bills that left me short on my car bill.
Talking to manager Chris I explained to him what happen. He told me that my account was confusing because my wife has an account. My wife does not have an account. He tried to cover it up and stated that he thought I was paying the couch and my wife was paying the computer. He went on to maker it a point that nothing was going to happen because they do not have a corporate and do not have to follow the same rules. Offered me $30 + dollars back.
Prior to this my account has been messed up and some how not all my money has gone on to my account. I reported the problem I was having with the constant calls and voicemails for my bill. Even though my bill was not late or behind. I also get alerts for my bill sent by text.
This makes things at this store and staff operating unethical and the payment was unauthorized. This seems like an ongoing thing. At this point I would like to go through someone other than the people in this store. Who operates fairly and will cover my fees and settle on a different payment method? Possibly to a different branch. I will not lose my furniture and feel that I am being targeted by staff. Mike is the member who I complained about for calling. New manager has changed his story 4 to 5 times to make himself right instead of finding a solution.
William Wallace

Desired outcome: Different branch to make payments/ reimbursement / or forgive the bill so we can cut ties


Rent-A-Center - Dryer

On December 3rd 2021 my dryer stopped blowing heat. I contacted Dillion at rent a center clinton hwy knoxvill tn location. He advised me that he would contact Whirlpool and get a technician scheduled...

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Rent-A-Center - Employee

An employee came to my house while it's dark me my house and six month old were sleeping heard the door crash open and my spouse an employee was in altercation he did not state who he was until after...

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Rent-A-Center - Delivery

Due to covid they simply dump stuff at door and leave that is BS. I am a single woman no friends no family and they expect me to load it I to my house on my own. I work with public, there is no mask...

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Rent-A-Center - Refrigerator

At first I thought thank God I got a refrigerator I loved it but it's only been 1 month and my fridge went completely out on day B4 thanksgivin. I called rent a center 2 days B4 it went out with no response so I called corporate 4 days go by and finally I received a call from the store just for them not to show up 4 a appt I took off work 4.wjat am I to do it's been a week still no fridgeratr I have no way to even keep my Igroceries please help with this horrible service

Desired outcome: New fridge and a discount for all the inconvinence

Nov 26, 2021

Rent-A-Center - Refrigerator

I'm renting a refrigerator from the Ramsey store in Fayetteville NC but the doors won't shut unless you shut them and the store promise me someone would come out here to Service it and no response back from there and they also gave me a week free but still have to make 3 payments from the 20th of this month so what do about that situation. I'm getting phone calls and texts but they agreed to get it fixed and give me the free week.

Rent-A-Center - I rented a furniture set was told it was for 28 week but I’m being charged for 30

Deborah moser is my name . I rent from you for past 20 years. I rented a sofa set that was for 28 bi weekly payments. I had just paid off and had $100 to put to a new set. I did that but my tracker says I owe 30 weeks not 28. The team member at the store was no help . I don't understand how I was told 28 weeks and being charged 30 . I would appreciate your help

Desired outcome: I would like this to be corrected to the 28 weeks and not 30


Rent-A-Center - Illegal trash disposals

The rent a center is in spokane and people are illegally dumping items like boxes and carpets at the rent a center by their dumpsters when this happens the rent a center employees drag it to my home...then I drag it back to their dumpsters.. I went in and talked to the manager who told me it's my responsibility to dump it because it's not the property of rent a center it's because when I drag it back to rent a center they see it but she says shes to tired to look at the camera facing the dimpsters to see who originally dumped the now every time someone illegally dumps trash by the dumpster it becomes my job to haul it to the trash wasnt mine in the first place and. I know when people dump stuff at rent a center cause I live beside it .. i should not be responsible to take trash to the dump that's illegally dumped at rent a center . Its not mine in the first place ..the employees went as far as dragging the carpet to my front porch and left it there.. I am. Not responsible for trash being dumped at rent a center they have cameras that they can look at and see who originally dumped the items on their property but they just assume it's me and put it on my property right on my porch

Desired outcome: None

Rent-A-Center - Approved then denied paid item off

I want to know why I get approved and then I get denied with no explanation then I come back after I spend thousands of dollars with these people I went up and paid an Xbox off the last $400 cash...

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Rent-A-Center - Service issues with manager lewis

Hello, I would like to lodge a formal complaint against the manager, Lewis at the RentaCenter located in Stillwater, OK regarding his customer service, verbal abuse and lack of knowledge during our...

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Rent-A-Center - Unable to reach ANYONE in customer service

I have been trying for months—yes MONTHS— to get in contact with a representative for help setting up my online account. My local store has a completely different agreement number for my items than I have, however neither of them work when trying to set up my online account. So that means I have yet to be able to link my agreement number and I basically have no access to my online account that was never fully set up. Obviously the local store is as helpless as I am so I have been forced to stay on hold for HOURS in hopes of reaching someone at the call center. Here lies my biggest problem. I don't believe anyone works there. The line has randomly hung up on me multiple times, the "press # for a callback" does not respond whatsoever and I never ever received a callback the multiple times the line reverts to the "press 1 to confirm your number and an agent will reach out when they're available" prompt. This is infuriating considering that my autopay was set up just for me to get my items and yet nobody can even help me setup an online account so I can see with my own eyes exactly how much money is left on my items, or make extra payments if I wanted to. 0/5 stars.


Rent-A-Center - Unauthorized payments

I'm pretty pissed off that you allow your employees to run cards without authorization! I called the store they said they would refund my money since they had no approval to run my card! Should I just press charges against the individual? What the hell do I have to do get this corrected? I guess they think it's okay to just illegally run cards without authorization? Like wtf?! Have this corrected now

Rent-A-Center - 50% pay off

for 3 months now i've been trying to pay off furniture because of going in for neck and spine surgery wasn't getting anywhere with Bend Oregon store so i called corporate on 8/2 /21 and 8/4/21 both oeople i spoke with said yes i was able to do 50% off buy out at that time owed is 341.52 witch meant 171.76 to pay off both representatives said but manger is want to stick me with some out ragous amount been with rac for over 25 yrs store burned me on tv keep charging me when it was turned in now after this i will no longer do business with rac again and will tell friends about my last 2 experiences dont need this just before major surgury thank you for your time Edward Sammut [protected] [protected]

Desired outcome: i feel like saying screw it and let you take me to court

Rent-A-Center - Employee stealing

Mike the store manager from Altoona store by Walmart have a gaming monitor to an employee that is on rent by a customer that didn't take it with the rest of the computer. That is stealing and they...

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Rent-A-Center - 2 piece couch set

In July 2021 before my payment was due, I told the renta center in Tooele. Utah that I no longer wanted the 2 piece couch set because the one recliner doesn't recline and the price for the couch wa...

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Rent-A-Center - Living room furniture and a desk and chair

I have been a customer of rent a center since May 2020, they were fine in the store when I was signing the contract, the contract was for a washer and dryer, upon delivery, the manager's husband...

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Rent-A-Center - Charging me weekly rental when the item was picked up by rent a center 17 weeks ago they owe me $490.28

This complaint is about Rent a Center. I used the Elizabeth St, New Brunswick, NJ 08901 location for this rental, but that center has closed and the telephone number has been disconnected. I rented...

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Rent-A-Center - Unethical behavior

My name is Kiara I ordered from rent a center starting in February of this year when I ordered they didn't take an ID or even ask for any information they just took my card number and that's it when...

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