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This location is horrible when ever i've gone to this 24/7 drive - thru fast food location 50% of the time the drive - thru either has a car blocking the drive - thru or when we go to order food we get there and an employee stutters the words "sorry uuhh ourr ddrive thru is cclosed uuhhh wwe are I mean the system is ssshutt down and we aren't serving food right now, well wwwe can't and aren't able to serve you." what!!! Get your story straight before you even try to pull something like that, come on guys. And when I do get food it is cold stale and almost smells. Believe me it's not a good smell it almost makes you loose your appetite fries are cold and you might as well have bums working there you know at this point I would rather be served by a bum. You ask why go there then? Well it's our neighborhood mcdonalds it wasn't always this horrible I want to give them a chance I don't know maybe this time it'll be good. I love the food why do I have to be told to go somewhere else because they can't get their employees and food quality inline it's mcdonalds aren't they supposed to want to keep their customers and keep a good reputation last I thought it was a business. On top of all of this i've never called back or gone back to complain this was the last straw. I don't want them to spit in my food for saying its not good enough! I just want to be able to go to mcdonalds again but i've really got a mental block with the food now because of the bad environment and feeling I have against mcdonalds now it sucks!!!

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  • Ye
      Apr 06, 2009

    If you want to be served by a bum then go find one to serve you. Maybe the employee had a speech impediment, you sound like an ### for making fun of that.

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