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McDonaldscharging for condiments

We frequently visit this McDonalds and came in this evening for a meal. We placed our order and paid with a credit card. When our order was ready we asked for dipping sauce and were dismayed to find that this McDonalds is now charging $0.11 cents per container for your dipping sauce. This is outrages! What next, are you going to start charging $0.11 cents for a little packet of ketchup or maybe $0.11 cents for a lid or a straw? You are the first and only fast food restaurant I know of that charges for condiments! All I wanted was a couple of containers, in the past I would ask for sauce and your employees would give me several when I only needed one. Instead of penalizing your customers why don’t you train your employees to be more conservative when handing them out.

I can not tell you how upsetting and appalling this is to me and I will be voicing my opinion to everyone who will listen! This will include FaceBook postings to all my friends and discussions around the “free” coffee maker at work on Monday! I also plan to contact the other fast food restaurants in the area and encourage them to advertise that their condiments are still free!

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    • Ri
      Richard Finkelstein May 06, 2007
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      Hey Folks. Just to alert you all who have ever wondered why you only get half a container of french fries with your means these days: McDonalds has as it's official policy "fluff don't stuff" which is short for...

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    • Bo
      Bob Nov 22, 2007

      we where walking past ur resteraunt and we saw 2 rats running around ur car park, this is so discusting annd put me off my food, iam never goin 2 buy anything from your take away resteraunt again!

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    • Bi
      bigsmellyman Mar 12, 2008
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      I never get a half container of fries at McDonald's because I never eat that ### thy call food.

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    • Av
      avmathi Jan 23, 2009

      Okay, calm down. It's 11 cents. This is how sauce policy goes - if someone orders nuggets or selects, they are entitled to sauces. After all that's what the sauces are for (not for fries). A four piece and a six piece get one sauce. A ten piece gets two, and a twenty piece is technically only supposed to get three but I think that's stupid and give four. A three piece select gets one, a five piece gets two, and a ten piece gets three (assuming they choose a select sauce which has bigger containers.) I understand why you're upset about the whole credit card thing - they should have asked you if you would be wanting any sauce and then rang it in with your food. The reason they charge for sauces is because of the people that throw a hissy fit about wanting 13 sweet and sour sauces for their 2 McChickens. If I am remembering a sauce packet costs like 5 cents, but you have to think that for every one packet that is charged for there is always someone that gives out three or four because they don't want to be verbally assualted by the customer. Or the sauces that are dropped on the floor - McDonald's is a business and they are merely trying to recover some loss.
      And by the way - in Spain, you ARE charged for ketchup packets. Point of this - you do not need 20 packets of sauce for your small fry or one McChicken. They are for nuggets and selects only.
      Please do not bite the heads off of employees who are merely trying to do their jobs.

      3 Votes
    • Th
      the pebble Mar 24, 2009

      I was just charged 25 cent for extra tarter sauce on my fish sandwich. I ordered 6 chicken sandwiches without lettuce and 4 cheeseburgers with nothing on them but they didn't give me credit for this. I understand about going over board with asking for an unusual amount of condiments but come on. This has really rubbed me wrong.

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    • Ha
      Hates Bigsmellyman Mar 30, 2009

      Bigsmellyman... go ### yourself.

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    • Di
      disgusted Apr 10, 2009

      I, too, was appalled when I was told to pay 16 cents for ONE honey mustard when I ordered my nuggets. One sauce comes with the nuggets but I was told by the STUPID cashier that I had to pay for it. I left without paying and told them to keep the nuggets and I was so outraged I sent a complaint to the corporate office.

      1 Votes
    • I am outraged by having to pay for wi fi there...geez i spend thousands there a yr and when I am travelin and stop to get a bite I shold be able to access the inet for free for directions on mapquest..

      0 Votes
    • john7777 Apr 12, 2009

      This is outrageous...LETS TIP SOMETHING OVER!!!

      2 Votes
    • Gr
      Grow up Apr 12, 2009

      This is pathetic...just don't eat there if you're going to whine about it. It's eleven damn cents and they have every right to make you pay for extras. Maybe, just maybe, you should eat somewhere else and shed a few pounds...especially you Mr. I spend thousands a year there and want free wi-fi. People make me sick, you'd think the employee personally raped each of you by the way you cry over petty change.

      -1 Votes
    • Grow up probley works there!!! Hahaha fat 6'0 tall and 155 is a real big fatass for a chick! Grow up you are under compliants board... not ### board!and i am a chick not a mr... incompetent ###!

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    • Le
      leelaa May 17, 2009

      I ordered a total of 45 Nuggets and a couple other items yesterday. I asked for 2 Honey mustards (not like I asked for a case) I was told to go to the back of the line and order them for .53 cents each. I had not even left the counter w/ my food yet. Why is each McDonalds diffrent in price for condiments and shouldn't the price be included like 1 packet per 5 nuggets or something similar to that no matter what the sauce type is !!!Condiments used to be free I remember them doing this with sweet and sour sauce, ranch (not the salad packets but, the small plastic containers) and a couple others what will be next will be the ketchup and salt. I told them to cancel my order and went to Burger King. I think people should boycot!!! They lost a 30 dollar order over something so silly!!!

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    • Ro
      Roofus May 23, 2009

      Ok, heres the skinny. They charge for sauce. Get over it. Its McDonalds, not a 5 star steak house. If you want world class service, go elsewhere. If you want something fast and cheap, you're in the right place. And about the free WiFi because you "Spends thousands" there. Give me a break. They charge for WiFi because it is a convenience. You're not entitled to it. Everybody has to pay. Or because you "spend thousands" there shoudl they have your picture plastered behind every cash register at every location around the country just so they all know "Hey, this lady pays our bills, give her whatever she wants for free!" No! Thats not the way the world works. Theres plenty of places that i shop and am loyal to. I don't expect anything extra from them. I spend my money there because they do or have something that i want and i enjoy the service. If you dont like it, go elsewhere. Once again, a sense of entitlement. Pay the damn 11 cents, 54 cents, or whatever it is or go somewhere else if thats that bad for you.

      2 Votes
    • Le
      LeeLaa May 24, 2009

      It doesn't seem to click w/ certain people that this is a complaint board. Wow!!!?

      I'm not saying that I'm not willing to pay for the sauce, I'm saying the price should be included w/ the chicken nuggets even if it's 2 bucks for chicken nuggets instead of 1 dollar and that I should not be sent to the back of the line when I havn't even left the counter yet. I personally do not enjoy McDonalds but, all the kids I take w/ me do (No there not all mine) and I do things for the kids not for myself. Explain to a hungary 3, 4, or 5 yr old that because the McDonalds teenage girl pushed the total button before we were finished telling her what all we needed we have to get the food we just ordered get inline again and wait durring the lunch rush yet again because she refused to get our complete order and your fries will be cold when we set down to eat.

      Doesn't have to be a 5 star steak hose to offer condiment here are some that so offer condiments. IHOP, village Inn. black eyed pea, Burger king, Little Caesars, Taco Bell, Lotta Burger, Frizbies, Movie theaters that cell hot dogs offer relish, subway, Mom and Pop diners, and many others.

      It isn't just the condiment issues that I have had. There have been many issues and I've just had it. Once I was in the drive thru after the lobby was closed in a 4 door long bed dualy w/ a trailer and I ordered fries, an iced coffee and a chicken sandwich. The girl did not hear the small fries and this McDonalds and light up menu board was not working so I did not see she didn't add the fries and coffee and chicken sandwich adds up to be a bit of $ so I didn't notice the price total was not as much as it should have been. (she didn't repeat my order and it was not the type of items I typically order nor do I memorize the prices plus the drive thru never has the full menu) The girl at the window didn't give me the fries after I paid so I waited and waited finally had to knock on the window because, she was on her cell phone I asked about my fries and she said she didn't charge me for fries so I asked her to please charge me and she told me I'd have to go thru the drive thur again . I told her there was nobody inline behind me she said it didn't matter I'd have to go thru the drive thru (the girl was working both windows) So I don't get what the big deal was about taking my order at that window. I asked to speak to the manager and she said there wasn't one in (I find that really hard to beleive)that's when she asked me to leave and not return. I remained polite the entire time unlike the girl who got snotty about everything, was chewing bubble gum, and on her cell phone.

      There have been a LOT more bad experiences...
      neadless to say I will be dissapointing the children and telling them NO McDonalds. Were not the type who eats out a lot but, when we do I have a bunch of kids w/ me and it is a very large order and I like to do what I can for them I honestly think they like to play because it can't be the food, when they occassionally order a salad. I know the next suggestion is the park but, that only works in late May untill late August because, we live where its quiet cold.

      1 Votes
    • Ja
      james2 Jul 22, 2009

      i say lets get together and protest mcdonalds. secondly...i will not be going there that much anymore. besides...they are not health conscious anyways and to be honest with you...its just pure greed...all greed.

      don't go there anymore.

      referring to the mcdonalds at:
      vermont & wilshire 90010,
      los angeles, ca

      0 Votes
    • Ca
      calyus Oct 03, 2009

      One night while me and my girlfriend are on our way home; She has a sudden craving (She's Pregnant). So we stop at McDonald's and instead of just getting her craving we decided to order Dinner. So we place our Order

      2 McDouble's No Mustard, Extra Onion
      1 6 Piece Nugget w/ Sweet and Sour Sauce
      1 Large Fry
      1 Large Sweet Tea

      1 #1 Big Mac Meal
      With Large Cherry Coke

      Totaling roughly 12$

      First of all, I've been ticked off at McDonald's since the one day out of the blue they started asking for money for extra sweet and sour sauce.. However, most don't ask. So it's hit or miss. This time we pulled up to the window, I asked for an Extra Sweet and Sour Sauce for my McNuggets and Mayonnaise for my girlfriends Sandwhich. I'm then told well they only charged me for one and it would be .30 cents for another.. Well I just paid with my Debit Card, and I don't have change.. I rarely carry money at all on me.. So I told them, never mind I didn't have the change. We got our bag of food, and after being requested to pay for condiments, I surely checked the bag as I'm sure everyone else does to make sure the order is correct. Did I even get the one I had been "charged" for? No. So I wait for them to come back to the window, and tell them.. Can I get the one I'm supposed to get then.. Basically being called a liar.. She says.. "I know I put one in there" with a smug attitude and reluctantly gives me 1 Sauce, and 2 Mayo packages.

      It's one thing to force someone to pay for a condiment packet, (Which is what I feel completes my meal) but then coming back with an attitude when you didn't do your job is a completely different story.. McDonald's is no longer, "Made the way you like it".. It's "Made the way we can make money"

      I'm only lucky I'm not actually allergic to mustard, because I've bit down on far to many where they don't bother to do the order right. It's either 1. Mexicans who don't understand English, or Teenagers with no work Ethic running this global conglomerate.. Worse thing is, no one will stop going there because it's quick food.

      For the price of a single meal; you could feed a family of 2-4.. Can of Tuna, Box of Tuna Helper, even get fancy and add a can of Corn.. It's like 4 bucks. IF THAT.

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    • Ni
      nicholas248 Dec 21, 2009

      ur such an idiot!! its not $4 to cook that tuna and then wash the dishes and use ur time to make it!! if u want sauce u pay for it, like u do everywhere else!! YOU ARE A SCAB

      0 Votes
    • Ni
      ninasparx1017 May 01, 2010
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      first of all people. its not the charge that some are pissed about. its the fact that for i dunno 12 years i've been going to mcdonalds off and on and everytime, EVERYTIME, i go there i ask for hot mustard sauce or honey mustard sauce. and EVERYTIME, they have just given it to me, even if i'm NOT ordering nuggets. Then today out of the blue its 32 cents a packet. they can go screw themselves. yes its ONLY 32 CENTS we get that, but its not about the money, its about the f'ing princepal. EVERYONE these days is out to make a buck in one way or another, hell i just got charged 4 friggin dollars because i ordered take out that i PICKED UP at a pizza place on a visa gift card, cause apparently they charge a 20% mandatory tip fee. WHAT IS THAT ABOUT!?!? i picked it up because I DIDNT WANT TO HAVE TO PAY THE TIP!!! its all about money to EVERYONE. how can we weasel more money out of these saps that are willing to pay 7 dollars for a hamburger and fries?????? Its all ridiculous. Dont judge people who are pissed off about this. this isn't something that has been in place for a long time, and NO ONE decided to let the public know, so screw mcdonalds!

      -1 Votes
    • Je
      Jenn in AZ May 27, 2010

      I ordered a southern style chicken sandwich, and asked for extra pickles; they said I would have to pay for extra, and I said ok. When I got my order, they put ONE extra pickle slice on the sandwich! What a rip off. They offer expensive gut bombs!!!

      -1 Votes
    • Vi
      vickysawyer Jun 18, 2010

      I work at McDonalds in the UK and we HAVE to charge for sauces. I'm just trying to follow my job instructions everyday and I always get harassed by some [censored] who thinks that I am being greedy which results in me having to get a manager to explain that I'm not a liar. Believe it or not, boxes of sauces cost the company about £25 which adds up to around 5p per sauce. We use about a box of each sauce everyday. Losing £100 a day on sauces is ridiculous! Bearing in mind that maintenance of machinery needs to be kept up since each part of the store costs about £20, 000. It's justifiable that some things need to be charged for. In the UK we charge 7p for extra sauces.

      Before someone comments on the fact that I work at McDonalds...I only work there because I have to pay to survive through university because the government doesn't support me and McDonalds is the only job that offers complete flexibility.

      1 Votes
    • Ne
      new.born.mcd.hater Aug 21, 2010
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      how about .68 for sweet, n, sour... this bjtch fjcked up my order, I said its k, ill use my card again to pay for extra fries that you didn't charge me for cuz you do [censor]ed, and I did. but 12 min later when my 1(!) angus delux sandwich, 2 fries and a drink was handed to me, I asked for one sweet n sour, cuz that's all I need for my fries, she said its sixty fjuckin eight cents! still pollite, I tried to explain that I dont have coins, don't want to use my card for something so little plus I already did it twice cuz of her, she turned around to another customer and ignored me. wtf seriously, I got no problem paying for extra souse, not at all. but this was wrong anyway you look at it. fjuck you mcdon, and fjuck all your nazi employes. hope that bjtch chokes on my sweet n sour sause.

      -1 Votes
    • Xs
      xsara123 Sep 16, 2010

      Fast food is already cheap, charging 11 cents for sauce outrageous? maybe you should reflect on yourself.. cause you're just plain stingy. Mcdonalds is a buisness. what do you expect?

      1 Votes
    • LilMissCrewMember Dec 13, 2010

      Respectfully, you must remember that the store does not get the condiments for free either. 11 cents really isn't asking that much, is it? Here is a link that you can follow for some tips on getting your food quicker from a McDonald's as well.


      0 Votes
    • Ja
      Janie Doe Brown Jan 04, 2011

      MCDS got me tonight. I was charged15 cents to add extra tartar sauce to my Filet-O-Fish. There was no mention of this charge at the drive through window. Certainly nothing on the menu board. Now - I didn't ask for a pack, all I did was ask that the extra sauce be added. Add to that the 37 cent tax and the cost of the 3.16 sandwich became closer to a $4.00 sandwich. I still can't believe it. The store was # 18044 on Plank Road in Fredericksburg, VA

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    • Dr
      Drake UK Jan 16, 2011

      OK, so McD won't do me the favour of a free squirt of ketchup, I'm not clearing their table for them when I've finished.

      0 Votes
    • Ra
      Rayraytyaryar Jan 27, 2011

      for Drake Uk.. its alright we get a whole bunch of slobs that don't clean their table anyways. For everyone else that has a valid complaint and can act like a grown up about it. I completly understand. I work at McDonalds and a lot of the time I don't charge for extra sauces even though I know I should. However sometimes I do, for example a lady came in and asked me for 16 Honey Mustard sauces because her kids like it for their lunch. (SHE DID NOT ORDER ANYTHING) and I said okay, I'll give you 6 (mind you shes not suppose to get anything for free) for free and the rest you'll have to pay for. I got a complaint to my manager about how rude and greedy I was. And that Mcdonalds is run by a bunch of "fat [censored]s" who are out to kill the country, one heart attack at a time. Excuse me, but your arguing over sauces. When they started charging me for plastic bags at the grocery store I did not put one over the cashiers head and tie it. Instead I said hmm... Okay I guess it makes sense when you rationalize it in your head. All I'm asking for is that no one takes their anger out on the employees, we don't make the policies, we just follow them.

      0 Votes
    • Ye
      Yes. Yes I did Mar 11, 2011

      I cant believe people are talking about sauce policy's at mc Donald's. We have way more important things to worry about then this crap. pay the .11 cents and live life. i'll tell you one thing if you owned a restaurant and your costs go up you would be doing the same damn thing. every time i go to mc donald's there is always a customer yelling at the poor employees and they have to take that stuff from all of you. it makes me laugh because when that same rude customer comes back and asks for something like extra sauce and the employee says "that will be .11 cents" i laugh so hard i almost pee pay back is a b_ _ _ _ _. I don't mind paying the extra .11 cents but what i do mind is the government spending my hard earned money on stuff thats un necessary. Or even when gas prices go from 2.30 to 4.20 thats what we should be getting mad about. you people make me sick. I know some of you don't care about paying it and thats good this world needs more people like you!!!

      0 Votes
    • Jh
      jhuffine Mar 27, 2011

      McDonalds is a business that is merely trying to make up money that it has lost in the past by giving out free condiments and customers taking advantage of those policies. Is it fair that some have to pay that didn't take advantage? NO! But unfortunately, there is no way to tell which customer is a loyal customer and which one is out just to stock up their arsenal at home. To make it completely fair, McDonalds has to charge for sauces above and beyond what is needed for what is in that particular order. That's just their policy and that is what we are supposed to do. Do I like to have to tell someone I need 10 more cents for an extra BBQ sauce? NO...but I have to. Do I give them out without charging sometimes? You bet your [censor] I do! There will be people that give you grief over it...and those people I will just give one to so that I don't have to deal with the stress the rest of the evening of that person throwing a fit over 10 cents. Many people are more than happy to pay extra for sauces...and normally have their change ready when they ask for it. They understand that McDonalds is not a NON-PROFIT organization. There are several restaurants out there that will give you as many packets of crap as you want free of charge. And believe it or not, you are not required to stop at mcdonalds. You have the freedom to go anywhere you please. If you don't like what you're getting, why continue to come? Let me just say this. If you go to Olive Garden, or a Red Lobster, or Applebees...you get chraged for your extra stuff. Why should fast food be any different?

      1 Votes
    • Jh
      jhuffine Mar 27, 2011





      0 Votes
    • De
      denhau Aug 04, 2012

      The McDonald's in Turtle Lake, WI just started charging for condiments. 25 cents extra for a packet of mayo or ketchup. I'd never heard of that before. Any other restaurant has that stuff sitting on the table. McDonald's is just using a new method to gouge their customers.

      0 Votes
    • Da
      DaSauceman Jun 19, 2015

      Mcdonalds Is Being Stingy With Da Sauce. My Friends Call Me Da Sauce Man But I Can't Be The Sauce Man If They Don't Give Me A Lot Of Sauce!

      0 Votes
    • Ge
      gene34e Jun 23, 2015
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      well get this.. i went through my locale mcdonalds. in the drive thru and ordered a hamburger and i asked what came on it. after telling me what came with it. i simply asked for only mayo pickles and mustard. and asked for extra pickles. then to my surprise as she rang the order up. i saw on the screen that she had charged me .20 cents for mayo. i said wait a sec. did you just charge me 20 cent to add mayo to my burger?. she said yes. i said no take it off im not paying to put mayo on my burger.. how stupid is that. i spoke with mang. found out the owner has the option to charge. so i called the corporate line. and got no further they will not give numbers to higher ups.. and they say any locale owner has the right to place their own charges. this is ridiculous. and someone should do something about this. and i think i should start the process. so whose with me. if you can help please contact me [protected]@yahoo.com im seeking a lawer about this. if you have any info. please let me know. or if you want to stand up with me on this please let me know also. PS i know condiments in the drive through are free. but mcdonalds doesn't have regular mayo in the drive thru. its all lite mayo. and i do not like the taste of light mayo.

      0 Votes


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