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Reviews and Complaints

Mcdonald's Shawnessyrude management

I went to this McDonald's to grab a bite for
Dinner for me and the familly,
I ordered a dbl big Mac meal for myself, I only received a single bigmac
When I took it back I herd the manager tell the burger maker just to add
Patties, I told him I wanted a new burger made and patties added as it sat
There and got cold. I was then told by the manager I had no right to get a fresh
Burger. I was told to take what was remade or nothing at all.
After I told him I'd just take my money back he told me to take the burger or nothing else. I asked for a number to make a complaint and he told me there was no such number with a smile on his face. Jokes on you Bud.
The assistant manager gave me a number.
I'd recomend staying away from this restaurant just for the sole fact that that scrawny burger boy manager will screw you over BEWARE

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    • Jo
      JohnDeer May 02, 2013

      This place is absolutly amazing the people here are so polite, the place was so clean, and the food as always tasted unbelievable. I haveakready told my friends about this and cant waitto go again.

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    The complaint has been investigated and
    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
    McDonaldshealth issue/customer service

    First, and foremost id like to say i have never in my life subjected a complaint towards a Mcdonalds resteraunt.
    On December 23 of 2008 at 740 pm myself and my boyfriend were out looking forlast minute christmas gifts at Mcleod Trail walmart, and deceided to grab something to eat.
    Before we get any further, as a former Mcdonalds employee I know what the standerds of Mcdonalds are.And lets just say the Health inspecter would have a hayday!
    So we order and get our food which should have been alot faster but i guess thats what happens if the person who is serving you has their friends in line in front of you.
    So as i get my food i look around and are apalled by the floors and tables so being considerate(and by the way their were customers with children under the age of 2 and their seats and tables as well were a disgrace!)
    I ask for the tables to be washed so i didnt have to eat what the person before me had eatin as well.
    The clerk washed his hands so i thought he was going to help me out..but instead he whent onto the next order..as orderd by the manager on duty who ignored me as well.
    So i go up to ask if they were going to wipe down our table but before i got a chance to the clerk HANDED ANOTHER CUSTOMER the cloth to pass to me so I CAN WASH THE TABLE MYSELF. I AM DISGRACED that is unsanatary as well as awful customer service.
    Needless to say i will be thinking twice before stepping foot in one of your locations again.Especially that one.
    Nicole Nielsen
    Calgary AB

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      McDonaldsunsanitary & terrible service

      Every time i have visited Mcdonalds in WestHills Calgary Alberta, when i have gone in to order, the employees who make the burgers or sandwiches don't use gloves at all...kind of gross and very unsanitary altogether. I have actually seen an employee wipe his nose and continue to prepare what looked like a double cheese burger...im glad it wasn't mine...

      i thought maybe i caught them on a down day but every time I have visited I have yet to see them use gloves or wash their hands. Recently what did it for me...We ordered two Big Macs without Thousand sauce with Mayo, Cheese Burger, Large Coke, Large Fries, and Chicken...we didn't get any sauce for chicken or ketchup for fries, but if we would have got our fries ketchup would have been good! We didn't get a receipt so i didn't know who to call but since we were going to a family B-Day party I thought i would take care of it in the morning. Went to the Mcdonalds to resolve problem...it was actually about 12:00 so there was about 4-5 cars in front of me, i approached order mic and was in the middle of talking with employee and he cut my complaint off before I could even explain issue, didn't ask me questions just said come inside...i reiterated to him "your going to make me wait to get through this line and park and come in and explain my issue", "Am i less important than customers behind me" I haven't received fries i paid for for about 14 hr now technically...i wasn't happy so i said get your manager, pulled up to window and she didn't care about what happened she wanted me out of her drive thru scolded me on not calling in last night and then refused altogether about my fries i paid for and never received. I called corporate right there in drive thru to complain about this service im experiencing. Now there where 3-4 cars behind me she is yelling at me to move...im thinking first come first serve... and i want corporate to know right now...Nobody should be treated like that ever and im going to make sure of it. mNow im at the point where i dont want those fries and Im not coming to Mcdonalds again.

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        • Ch
          Chiki Li Jun 17, 2009

          "Every time" you go...WTF, why did you ever return after first experience?

          Are you some kind of masochist?

          Vote with your feet

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        • Ap
          April (: Aug 29, 2010

          Yeah i'm sorry but you didn't deserve to be treated special, first of all learn how to deal with stuff professionaly next time. And second, who the hell tries to prove a point through a drive through line?!?!? are you kidding me!? Maybe if you didn't eat so much Mcdonalds you would have gotten your lazy butt out of the car like a man and went inside to confront them. So next time you try to prove a point, make sure you don't sound like an idiot with everything you did. K Bye(:

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        • Cs
          Cselestyna May 13, 2011

          i have worked in many McDonalds. none of them use gloves, it isn't mandatory, and going through the drive through to log a complaint is just stupid. the drive through is not for complaints, anyone would do the same and tell you to come in and talk to the mananger themselves. the people on the mic are not there to listen to you rant. use your head.

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