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Me Feb 7, 2019 Review updated:

I order a gallon tea and a medium fries to be fresh and hot. To be cooked fresh.
I get to the window and pay and the order says half a gallon so i said i will deal with it already paid after repeating my order 3 times to make sure it would be correct.
After waiting in line forever I finally get to pick up window and my fries are cold. Definitely not what I ask for. So I pull up and go in and stand at the counter a few minutes until someone finally realize I am stand there. 2 girls finally walk over and one says oh you didn't get your happy meal, with a happy meal and small fry in her hand. I said no I didn't get my fresh hot medium fry i ask for at the the speaker. She said oh take this one I said I order a medium not a small. The other girl said she had a medium and she said take this anyways and I will drop her some more. Which all I wanted was one medium hot fries which is all I could eat.
So as I stand there waiting on my hot fries the 4 girls are back in the front window talking as orders for the front counter is sitting in the chute to be bagged and handing to front counter. The girl making food for front counter walked up and looked at the order screen and said no one is doing their job, they are just standing around talking and finally a manager walks out of office which was 2 managers back in office the whole time and one on the phone the whole time. The short white hair older lady finally walks up to front drive thru window and tells the girls they need to stop talking and do something.
As I'm still waiting on my fries to cook they are finally done and had to ask the girl to get them before having to wait on another batch to cook. I know it's been a few years I have ran a McDonald's that did almost 4 million dollars a year but everyone in drive thru had to have a headset on including the manager. Not just the two girls in back window taking money and orders. If everyone had a headset on in drive thru maybe my fries would had been dropped when I order them and would had been hot and fresh when got to window.

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  • Be
      7th of Feb, 2019

    Are you seriously calling grown women girls when your spelling and grammar is that of a ten year old child's? Seriously if you are old enough to drive you are old enough to post a few paragraphs without so many errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation.

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  • Mi
      7th of Feb, 2019

    @BEnchboy But you don't know they were grown women. My friend's daughter works at mcDonald's and she is 15. I would hardly call her a grown woman.

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  • Mr
      9th of Feb, 2019

    @Mike EV What do you call her?

    Something Percy I bet.

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  • Mr
      9th of Feb, 2019

    @Mrs Bean *pervy!

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