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I ordered a large ice coffee with cream only - no liquid sugar or any sugar. This black employee brought me the large ice coffee filled to about 1-1/2 from top of plastic container. I asked her to please add more coffee (in other words fill it up at least) and what she did was add more ice while laughing as she handed it to me. I must say the rudeness and disrespect has travelled over into the business world. This McDonalds is not the only McDonalds that offer rudeness and very poor service in the Jackson area. I find that the McDonalds on Beasley in Jackson is even worse. I have been taking my coffee (no sugar) this way for at least 40 years and I'm not about to start taking it any other way. I'm from Chicago, who just recently moved to Madison, MS. I had not problems there ordering what I want, but coming to the Jackson area is another thing. The employees will argue with you when you order ice coffee with cream only and they add the liquid favor. The employee will tell you "that's the way we make" or "nobody told me you wanted this way." I know the customers can be very difficult at times, but this does not give the employee the right to tell you want was given to them. My understanding is to tell the customer, "I'm sorry, we will make it right" - end of story.

Beasley McDonalds is the worse (Just off of I-55). The employees are rude, argumentative and best of all they roll their eyes a lot. When you check your order before leaving the window and finding that its the wrong order - the employee will roll their eyes and say "its what you order." So this leads me to "no receipt" which you don't get, because its not working. The lines are long, especially around noon. There is a long line - the majority of the time it takes up to 30 minutes to get a meal. Fast Food, it not.

Hwy 51 in Ridgeland is not as bad, but its getting there. In Chicago there were problems that you can live with. But here in Mississippi is another story. I generally just order ice coffee while taking my husband to dialysis. I am a retired Chicago Police Officer and if I serviced the public like the employees at McDonalds, I would be called on the carpet because of the Complaint Registered Numbers (CR#s) acquired by the citizens I serviced. After this incident this morning, I will seek other avenues and establishments to get what I want. I would go to Dunkin Donut, but its only one in the Jackson area and its to far to travel on a daily basis.

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      Jun 15, 2012

    Why did you feel the need to mention the rude worker was black. And maybe that they are only supposed to fill it up to a certain amount. Quit being racist and get off your high horse.

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