McDonald's Rhona or Rhonno2 mcchicken sandwiches

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My name is Judy .on November [protected]@ 2:30 I redeemed 2 Mcchicken sandwiches on 8191 Alderbridge Way, Richmond, BC V6X 3A9 n brought back home for my sons .the manager s name is Rhonno or Rhonna .I came back to talk to her on Nov 23 about the sandwichs both that the buns were burn INSIDE n the 2 chicken patties were DARK BROWN n DRY . My sons just had 1 bite n threw it away .he said it is too hard to SWALLOW .I thought that they would believe what i told them, just 2 sandwichs i don't have to lie it is not worth it to lie as the same time I couln't find the receipt in side the bag so that I could call them right away to let them know . they forgot to give me the receipt .I didn'take the picture of burness n dryness of the food because I thought they would believe on me .I was so disspointed about what the Rhona or Rhono said to me .she gave me the look n attitude that by saying what if I ate the sandwichs, if no receit no picture then she couln't help me I already told her that I couln't find the receipt in side the bag .as I know that all Mcdonal often forgot to give the customer receitp, it happened on me so many times before .she really insulted me with the look n the attitude that she gave me .I kept thinking of the attitude that Rhona or Rhonno gave me it made me couln't sleep . because I honestly told her that what I told her was the truth . she really hurt my feeling over the only 2 sandwichs . I think because I redeemed the sanwichs with the Monopoly stickers for free that is why they didn't care for for the customer SERVICE n the food QUALITY n SATISFACTION . I now learnt a lesson next time I will take a picture of food n show it to them even I DIDN'T RECEIVE THE RECEIPT . the most upset thing was she just wakled away from me n led me wait in front of the window for awhile until I asked the girl to help me to call her to come out again to talk to me .I would like to ask whom that may concern to help to solve this issue to let me know .I don't care about food compensation but my DIGNITY for telling the manager the truth n the end she gave me that kind of rude by walking away while taking to me .I am afraid that this will damage your store image if there is manager like her to work in that store . I hope to hear back from whom that may help out to solve this problem Thank you n much appreciated!

Nov 24, 2018
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  • Ic
      Nov 24, 2018

    If they believed everyone and just gave away free food they would be out of business. Try using something called common sense. You need to learn that when someone is done talking to you that you should shut up. By continuing on talking it is you who is the rude one.

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