McDonalds On Skyway In Chicago / worms in coffee cup

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We are looking for someone to help us with the incident at the McDonalds Skyway restaurant.

On Saturday, April 11, 2009 my husband and I were traveling to Michigan to visit parents for Easter. Stopped at McDonalds on the Skyway for something to eat and coffee. We stopped there for convenience and knowing that the McDonalds name has a good reputation - we would have no problems.

Driving along my husband swallows something in his coffee and hands to me to look at. There were two worms in the inch or so of coffee left. Pictures attached.

Calls to Corporate and Franchisee have been to no avail. A complete run around. Corporate refers calls to Franchisee and he has a younger girl call that tells us she is not admitting to putting any worms in our coffee. We never implied that - we would only hope that the employees did not spend all day putting worms in coffee cups. My husband and I are middle aged professionals; he has been with major hotels as GM for 30 years and now management with Boys and Girls Club, I am in marketing and training with a non profit. We know the importance of customer service and am appalled number one that this happened and number two that nobody responds or cares.

We do not know what the worms are - could be tape worms. Husband went to doctor and doctor gave him s mptoms to look for. We cannot afford to have the worms tested.

We did not want anything from McDonalds and at that time was just trying to let them know about the worms so the issue could be recitified before anyone else was affected. This is not acceptable by any means and should not happen to anyone. McDonalds Corp tells us they are not responsible it is the franchisee. Franchisee does not call. They even told us the Regional would call, that never happened either. How do we get t heir attention that this is not a game. I think we speak for many other people that have been mistreated.

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  • We
      Apr 16, 2009

    You won't get an apology because then, it would make it look like they admitted fault in the incident. If for whatever reason it ended up in court later, that letter would make them unable to claim they didnt have anything to do with it, and you are just a crank who slipped them into it later.

    Also, you kept saying "we" like you were an injured party -- You mention your husband went to the doctor, not yourself. This set up a red flag with them that they have a busybody attaching themselves to the incident and taking control. They have no reason to talk with *you* at all.

    i hope whoever reads this thinks about worms in their coffee before they get their next order from mcdonalds, that place is gross

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  • Mo
      Apr 20, 2009

    Ok I see your pictures, but honetly, HOW would the worms have come out of the coffee? Most chains us a pump machine for their coffees. I think either you or your husband either PUT the worms in the coffee OR they fell in the cup. I don't buy your story, and that's why they aren't taking you serious. I agree with the above poster, WHY are you attaching yourself like you were hurt?

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  • Lo
      Apr 22, 2009

    Your comment about the worms coming out of the coffee machine ensures us that you are not very savy in the restaurant business. Any normal person knows that worms WOULD not come out of the coffee machine. It is not our business how they got there; that is the problem of the franchisee and McDonalds. We were travelling from WI to MI and highly doubt we were carrying worms with us in our luggage. We were not hurt; it is a matter of courtesty and professionalism in the franchisee handling complaints, In a service oriented business that is what you do. They are not taking us seriously as they are non professional owners. That is what I am taking seriously to get out to the public and I will not stop until it is done. What goes around comes around.

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  • Mo
      Apr 23, 2009

    You made it seem as though the worms came out of the coffee machine. That's why I said the whole thing about the coffee pumps. And if you clearly know they DIDN'T come out of their machines, HOW can you blame them for worms BEING in YOUR cup? It's not their fault that worms are in your coffee. You don't know if you had worms with you or not. Did you check your bags, hair, clothes to be SURE you didn't carry any worms? I doubt it. So you can't say that the worms didn't come from you. There are no other logical solutions since we all know worms can't come out of coffee machine. And since you KNOW this, that means either they fell in your cup OR someone put them there.

    There are some very unprofessional people who run businesses. I know this, but at the same time, anyone can see that this was deliberate. To be honest, I think that someone is out for some money. That is a health hazard, and I think that if you were really serious about it, you would have had the worms sent off to be tested. That way they can tell IF indeed the did come from the coffee at McDonald's.

    And FYI, I actually AM very well versed in terms of the restuarant business. :)

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  •   Aug 08, 2010

    trying to get some free money... wow... you guys are very "Professional"

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