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McDonalds / Caspers Company / restrooms closed & v. p. belittling people

1 Tampa,Fl4908 West Nassau Street, FL, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 813-287-2231

I have had two major problems with caspers mcdonalds, 1st one being about two weeks ago when I went to the mcdonalds on bush blvd in tampa fla, I went to use the rest rooms and was told by the manger that they were closed, how can a major restaurant close its restrooms and stay open this would seem to be a volation of health and saffty as you can not go to the bathroom or wash your hands, I was not offered antoher solution and left to go elsewhere. Today may 19, 2009 I went to another caspers mcdonalds in valrico fla, I went through drive through and ordered when I got to the window I told them I have to pay half cash and half on my debit card as I only had so much money in my acct, they said they couldent do that so I ask for a manger as was told by him it couldent be done, this is a major restaurant I would have thought that a manager would be smart enough, to split the order in two and take two payments but no I was turned away with out my food or mcdonalds gettting any of my money, I called caspers and tryed to get someone to return my calls after 3 or 4 calls I told them I need to speak with some one as I was very dispointed in the way caspers runs its restanurants and handles its health and saffty and how it people treat there customers, I was put on the phone with the vice pres. Bob conigliaro"spelling might be wrong" his title is frendly marketing manager his remark to me was "what do you want me to do makr your car payment for you"... I cant believe the the vice president of caspers would say such a thing!!! He did offer me two lunch vouchers and I said at this point I dont want them and he said we are done with you and hung up!!! So I called caspers headquarters back up and told the person answering the phone ithink her name was carla and told her I dident think the smart # coment that her. V. P. Of caspers made to me was right!!! She said you dont have to talk to me like that, I didnt say any thing wrong, I dident cuss her all I was saying was that her v. P. Bob conigliaro had made smart # remarks to me, I was put on hold and told if I called back to make complaints I would have a reverse trace put on my phone and I would be arrested for harrasement... Can you beleave that mcdonalds v. P would say these kind of things, I think they can keep there two meals that they were going to give me for my problems at there restaurants, if you had also had problems with caspers mcdonalds please let others know like I am doing as they make millions of dollers off of people like you and me, thank you eric

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  • Bi
      20th of May, 2009
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    Are you a nurse who makes 80K/yr too?

  • Er
      22nd of May, 2009
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    No I am a disabled person who makes $600.00 a month and an tired of Big Companys with poor service And the way they treat The little People like Crap and they think they can get away with doing it, Even through Its the little people like me and You That Eat at McDonalds Daily and Pay those People that Make 80 k to 500k + a Year, you would think they would treat us Better ? and look in to health and Safty issues ... and not just offer you one free happy meal...

  • Pu
      8th of Dec, 2010
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    I have McDonald's stock. I still admire the company after working for the chain for about three years almost twenty years ago. I always wonder how it is that when you request "fresh" or "hot" fries, you have to wait. Sometime for the full three minutes that I think they are still cooked for. I think I know the anwer, but it would be interesting to hear what youse guys have to say.


  • Ca
      17th of Jan, 2011
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    Dear Sir,

    I am a manager at a Caspers Company Mcdonalds and I just wanted to address a few things with you.

    First off, being unable to split a bill into half card and half cash has nothing to do with intelligence. Our machines, which are official Mcdonald's operation systems, will not allow split payments on our end. There is nothing we can do to fix this. If you needed to pay separately you should have said so before ordering so that we could have prevented you the annoyance of taking time to order and driving through. Next time might I suggest you dividing your order into two separate orders to pay with cash and card.

    Secondly, for the many, many years I've worked at Caspers and have known Bob, he has been nothing more than the polite sort. Every day he goes out of his way to pacify customer complaints. He sends out Be Our Guest Cards and sends out people to investigate claims of unfair treatment. I find it hard to believe that he would be so rude to you. But then again, anything can happen given the right circumstances.

    I find it funny that when something happens to a person, that person's mind will build up the event and depict the person who slighted them as a villain far more than they should. It's human nature. Everyone is guilty of it.

    People also assume that everyone who works at a fast food restaurant is an idiot. It's usually the first insult we hear. "Are you stupid?" I assure you not all of us are stupid. I hold a double Bachelors in Business and I can guarantee that I have more education than most who come through. I'm not the only one. We are not beneath you because we work at a fast food restaurant, just like you aren't beneath anyone else for holding a different position in the work force.

    As for the rest room issue, I can see the problem in that and it should be looked into.

    I think you need to ask yourself what you did to receive the response that you did. Did you approach the situation with a level head? Did you raise your voice when you weren't getting your way, or did you talk over the issue like an adult?

    How would you like it if someone drove up to your window and became militant with you over something you had no control over such as split bill ability?

    Think about that before you call someone stupid. What complaints do you get at your place of business that are out of your control?

    - A Caspers Company Manager

  • Ma
      8th of Feb, 2011
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    I as well use to work as a manager for Caspers. They pay thier management well over normal fast food restraunts as due to they expect their managers to always go above and beyond. I also know Bob I worked with him as an asst manager when he was a store manager and he taught me alot about customer service so I know that customers are always right is his Motto and I have never seen him do anything but go out of his way to make sure the customer is happy. He was so good at it that they made him in charge of public relations where he has worked for years giving donations and working with many charities as well as working with the Ronald McDonald house. I am sure he was unable to please you since there was nothing that could be done about the system they use and nothing was going to make you happy. As far as the restroom if you would have called the office and reported that they would have contacted the supervisor and called him to go to that store to see what was going on IMMEDIATLY as that was not tolerarated 10 years ago so I am sure its not tolerated now. Caspers is so dedicated to sanitation that the crew must stop and wash their hands every 30 minutes when the crew uses the restrooms they must wash their hands in the bathroom for show (so a customer does not see an employee leave the restroom without washing their hands) however when they return they are not allowed to go past the wash area and return to thier station until they wash their hands for 60 seconds and then sanitize and yes a timer is used. I know that Caspers is dedicated to sanitation and customer service and will do whatever it takes to make sure they do their best to satisfy the customer however even though they do try to acheive 100% customer satisfaction not everyone is going to be satisfied since they cannot do some things like change their payment system or cook breakfast at lunchtime and vice versa however they will do what they can. The reason I don't work there anymore is due to I had two heart attacks and couldn't keep up with the demands and responsibilities of the job. However I worked side by side with Bob as well as Robby Adams (Son in Law and owner of some of the stores) and they are dedicated to their customers and employees. If I had the energy I would still be working for them.

    Mary N

  • Ha
      2nd of May, 2011
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    You're an idiot. If you didn't notice that your money was being taken out, you don't deserve the cash. Might I suggest you be more aware next time?

  • Ha
      2nd of May, 2011
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    Sorry. I have no idea who typed that.

  • Ke
      16th of Mar, 2012
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    Just had the worse service possible at the McDonalds in Tampa at Bearss and Florida. Got to the window to pay for 2 McDoubles, 2 medium fries, got waited on super fast taking the order and money when I reached the 2nds window at 11:15 PM. Then the problem started, it took 15 minutes to get the order and when we did, even though we ordered fresh fries, they were stone cold, not warm, not even close, cold. I could have understood if they were packed, they weren't. They had me pull up for the two cars behind mine. By the temperature of the bag, I knew someone fixed it and someone else forgot to bring it out. No receipt either at the time I paid or in the bag. Someone needs to go straighten those people out, they are super disorganized on this shift.

    Kerry Dunn

  • De
      16th of Jun, 2012
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    I went to the McDonald's in Brandon on Hwy 60 (502 W. Brandon Blvd.) and ordered two 20 piece chicken mcnuggets, when I got home I only had half the order. By that time I had already changed my clothes and was getting ready to sit down to eat. I called the manager and told him I was very pissed and I did not want to waste my gas that day to go back to get the other half of the order. He said come back and I will make worth it. I went back through the drive thru, but some young boy tried to give me the other half and I told him no that the manager was going to take care of it. Well, I guess someone else took care of it so I drove all the was back just to get the other half of the order when I could have done that on another day. I WAS REALLY PISSED! Gas is expensive! I do not have time and money to go back and forth for there mistakes. Also while I was waiting in the drive thru someone in front of me was giving there food back also. I think someone needs to have a meeting with them!!! I live in Brandon, Florida and my phone number is 813-661-4917. and my email is Thank you

  • Ed
      25th of Jul, 2012
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    My son-in- law was without notice let go by Casper's. This was several weeks ago and his final check is being withheld without explanation. I'm told there was no severance offered. After living in Tampa for 32 years, this is not the reputation I recall.
    Who in their HR Department should my daughter and Son-in-Law contact to resolve this matter?
    Thanks for your prompt response.
    Ed McCloskey
    PO Box 274
    Scaly Mtn., NC 28775
    Re: Virgil Brownlee

  • Sh
      19th of Jan, 2013
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    Hello, I am a customer that loves to eat at McDonald's 3 times a day and 7 days a week, But i had a problem today with a white male that only sits in McDonald's just to use the Wifi. Everyday he sits at the table next to the women's restroom and doesn't buy anything that we as me and my boyfriend know of. But on this particular day my boyfriend and i were buying our normal 3 breakfast sandwiches, We happen to sit where this white male normally sits at when he's there. But when he got there he complain about us sitting in his spot when we were there first. As we were just about ready to leave he chased us out the restaurant and started yelling at us and using fowl language and told us that he would get the manger to trespass us if we didn't give up his seat. He also told us that the manger of McDonald's trespass us from there already but no one not even the manger told us that at all. But as we were leaving he told us that he would have to carve his name at this particular table. And i told him that would be vandalism. And also he threaten to call the police on us. And when i complain to the manger named mike there he said " this guy told us the complete opposite, and there's nothing we can do" McDonald's is my favorite restaurant and i don't want to get trespass for any reason at all, I rather eat there and buy there then any other restaurants. The address to this particular restaurant is Tyrone Blvd and 22nd Avenue North Saint Peters burg Florida. Thank you for taking the time to read my complaint and God bless to all and have a nice day.

  • Zi
      21st of Mar, 2015
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    the caspers mcdonalds on n. florida ave tampa is the worste mcdonalds i have come accross, my family & i ordered chicken nuggets before & found hair in the chicken but we have also dealt with plent of harrassment from staff here at the mcdonalds as well as seen other customers being treated badly & harrassed by the staff & managers here but yet they let people that are on drugs come in here & be loud & ask everyone in here for money but the customers that do nothing wrong & are quite get treated bad. i just walked in mcdonalds again this evening to get a drink & get on laptop to talk to my mother & father back home on ther side of the country & one the staff members came up to me & informed me customers only alowed a half hour in here. i told her i just got here & she proseeded to let me know only customers that make purchases can come in here & that i not made a purchase that i supposedly braught in a outside cup to fill so i would have to leave when i had purchased the drink

  • Ne
      6th of Nov, 2015
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    thats ok, I won an r. v. on a raffle from the ronald mcdonald house in pensacola. after paying all the taxes on the 35, 000. I gave the tampa bay ronald mcdonald's house, a 35, 000 dollar r.v., and they didn't want to fool with marketing it, so the sold it for 2000.00, basicaly had it towed off! you couldn't put tires on it for that!! the tires were new!! I wonder if the owner of the mcdonald there in tamps, was the one that bought? hmmmmmm

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