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Lowes / bad service, awful contractors

1 Severn, MD, United States Review updated:

My husband and I went to the local Lowes to see about ordering a new front door. The guy we talked to was very professional with us and helped us pick out something nice. Keep in mind that we had mentioned to him that this was our first time buying a door. So we get the door ordered and he tells us that since its a custom one that it will take 2 weeks before its in. Okay no problem. So the 2 weeks goes and no call. My husband decides to call the following monday to see whats going on. The lady he spoke with told him that it should be there sometime that week. So we waited. Again no calls for the rest of that week. Again Monday came and he called again. This time a guy who worked in Doors/Windows department answered saying that the door had gotten there the previous Wednesday, well thanks for the call! So he tells him that the installer should be calling us within the next 48 hours. A couple days later we're getting ready for bed and it's a little after 10pm. We don't answer and there's no message left. The following day the same person calls at 9:30 so we decide to answer, guess who? The door installer! Yeah so I talk to him and the soonest that he can get the door installed isn't for another 3 weeks. Yeah! We were definitely pissed! But what can you do? So we waited that 3 weeks and the day before its suppose to be installed we get a call from one of the Lowes people saying that basically the installer had come in to check out the door and saw that there was a big dent on one side of it. We had to reorder it. Thankfully my husband is good at dealing with confrontation because I'm not. He called the corporate office and explained what had happened. The guy there told him that he would take 40% off the door cost and refund that back to us. (Or something along those lines) My husband is good at negotiating.

So again we wait another 2 weeks and the door comes in. We schedule to have it installed. So the day of installation the door installer shows up along with a lady that we had been dealing with at the Lowes, she was a sales manager. As soon as i saw her I knew something was wrong. They came walking up to my door smiling, I was nervous because my husband wasn't there. So it turns out that the door again had some issues. They had me look at the door which the installer brought along with to show me. Turns out the frame of the door had a bow in it. Meaning another reorder! haha

Deja Vu! So we order it again and again they refund us some money back. The 2 weeks go by and they both show up again on the install date. Thank god, nothing was wrong with the door this time. :) So it gets installed and looked great. The only real issue this time was the fact that we were never told by anyone, that they wouldn't be able to put our storm door back on! Yeah! So now we have the new front door but no storm door. So again we went back to Lowes, a different one this time! haha Just to compare. We're still waiting on that one.

In the end the front door originally cost somewhere around $1600, by the time we got it, we had only paid a little over $400! haha Yeah so I guess we won in the end but it was a long process.
Most of the people we dealt with at Lowes were very professional and friendly. A couple of people decided it better to lie to the store manager then to tell the truth about phone calls. Like we had been told multiple times that we would get a phone call back but never got one. So those people, one guy in particular that we dealt with a lot was the worst of all, Kevin! He lied straight to our face basically, my husband was talking to the store manager on the phone trying to explain about the lack of phone calls and in the background we could hear Kevin telling him that he didn't know what we were talking about, that he had indeed called us back. What a lier!

Lastly when we went to the other Lowes to order the storm door, I ran into Kevin. He tried to do the polite hello chit chat which I was certainly not interested in having. Turns out he was at the other Lowes because he was training to be an assistant store manager. How sad! Hopefully we don't have any issues with the storm door. My fingers aren't crossed though.

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  • Jo
      14th of Feb, 2011
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    because a door is dented or damaged does not mean its lowe's fault. that would be the shipper' special orders can come as far as canada to florida on somethings' and waiting can driving anyone crazy' but however keep in mind lowes is 100% on customer service vs home depot walmart ace, etc. problems like these happen with any company and for lowes as a great company as they are gave you a great deal! 400 bucks for a 1600 $ door? and your still complainting? get over yourself'...only in america!!! p.s. i deal with customers like this on a weekly basis', there doing nothing but sucking lowes dry to save a few bucks.

  • Br
      25th of Jul, 2014
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    Yesterday a Lowes Contractor (Summit) came to my home in Oklahoma City. They worked for a few hours in my home. I have 2 dogs

    bark but don't bite the workers were around them while in the house. So just after the contractor leaves I leave and who my home

    gets broken into. They seemed to know where to find the stolen items in the home. HMMMMM wonder how that is!! Oh wait the shady

    contractor that Lowes sent to do the work. Most people that kick in doors on homes don't do it with 2 barking dogs inside without

    if they are going to get bitten. So thank you Lowes because of you several guns are on the streets of Oklahoma City and lots of

    personal property that my deceased father had given me just before his death!

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