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Lowe's Home Improvement / lowe's credit card offers

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I applied for a Lowe's Consumer Credit Card and was approved. My husband and I were interested in purchasing a new smooth surface cooktop and wanted to take advantage of the 12 month no interest financing. After I purchased the cooktop on my consumer credit card I received the first statement and they had charged interest to my card. My husband and I were very irritated with this. We had the money to purchase the cooktop out right but wanted to have the card for future improvements to our recently purchased home.

I paid the balance in full within the first month and canceled the card. The credit card rep asked why we would cancel the card so quickly, and after I informed her that I was charged interest incorrectly she made no effort to rectify the situation. I now have a Home Depot card and have used it for MANY home repairs with NO INTEREST.

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  • Ka
      20th of Aug, 2009
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    I am a manager for lowe's... And if you would have brought your statement into the store explaining what had happened they would have called the credit department and fixed it. It only takes about 5-10 mins. Sorry this happened to you.

  • Kb
      16th of Jun, 2011
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    you are correct they did this to me also.
    Bought a new washer and dryer and was told at the check out it would be interest free because it was over 299.oo
    Now we get a bill for 142.00
    The lowes store in Gainesville, Ga the manager told me there was nothing they could do. SORRY.
    Great customer service i would say.
    At my company we would have waved this to keep a customer happy.
    I see Lowes is a big company that does not care about ther customers.

  • Ih
      16th of Jun, 2011
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    Lowes credit cards are a joke. I made my payments on time - never late - even paid more then the minimum payment due almost every time.

    When I got into a pinch and couldnt pay they offered me this what I thought was an awsome deal. They explained it would lower my payments for six months and I wouldnt be charged any interest for those six months.

    After those six months I got a notice saying I would have to pay the interest plus the rest of what the minimum payment would of otherwise been for those six months in one lump sum. When I explained I couldnt and that I was told there would be no interest of penalties they didnt seem to care. So I told them I wouldnt pay if they wanted to treat me like that and I havent.

  • Om
      29th of Jun, 2011
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    All promotions offered by any company have a minimum payment required BY LAW. If people would read their statements and the terms of their credit cards they would know this. You are stating that you will not pay because of the way you are being treated? That is illegal. You made a purchase, if you cannot pay for it then you should not have entered into this contract to begin with.
    You were offered 6 months Deferred Interest. If you had paid in full within 6 months you would not have been charged any interest. That is what you agreed to. You did not hold up your end of the is that Lowe's fault?

    As far as the original poster goes, there could have been a reason your sale was not placed on deferred interest. In most cases it is because the customer took advantage of an offer of 10% off OR deferred interest for 12 months. They do not go together. You most likely took the discount at the register, which automatically disqualifies that sale from the 12 month promo. This is clearly stated on all signs for promotions.

    If you CHOOSE not to pay for what you purchased that is your perrogative, but it is THEFT. You have the appliance or whatever it is in your posession. If you refuse to pay for it just because you don't like how someone talked to you you are a thief.

  • Na
      3rd of Jan, 2014
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    The Lowes credit service is using deceptive practices! Im contacting the better business bureau regarding the fact that they negate to give you a monthly summery on all your purchases . By doing that it leaves the consumer in the dark about what they purchased and also an account of the dollar amounts . By grouping the non interest account with the regular purchase amounts you cant figure out what your individual balances are. Every other credit card company gives you a monthly purchase account. Your unable to screen if your cards been tampered with if you cant see the activity. They are scamming many elderly people and women. Woman are the largest consumer group using Lowes. They need to be accountable to these practices! Please join to sue the company!

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