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We went into the Hillsborough NJ Lowes to buy a John Deere tractor.

Their salesman was the worst that we ever encountered.

He couldn't, or wouldn't, answer our questions. I asked him the same question 3 times. Instead of answering my question, he rambled on about their warranty (when I was asking what a repair service charge would be w/o a warranty.) These tractors cost $2, 000 and forget about getting your questions answered.

Another customer asked our salesman whether he could buy a new tractor instead of one off the floor. Unfortunately, our salesman couldn't answer that question either.

We all left without purchasing anything.

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  • Je
      Apr 19, 2007
    Lowe's Home Improvement - poor service!
    United States

    I was in this store buying a whole new kitchen. Cabinets, counter tops, sink, and all the things you need for a brand new kitchen. Well some of the cabinets were at the top of the shelves and needed the forklift to get them. The employee in the kitchen dept knew this but just walked away. The forklift was right in the kitchen cabinet dept and let us wait for than 30 minutes while he was putting in light bulbs in the lights in that dept. Finally the employee walked over to us and I asked her what was more important the light bulbs or me the customer buying all new cabinets. Well finally the guy came over there after another 10 minute wait. I can't believe that your employee's are so uncaring to their customers. This store is right around the corner from my home and always want to do business there but it seems the help or non help you get in that store is getting worst. You are looking for something and ask an employee and the only response you get quote" thats not my dept and walks away". Unbelievable the way that store is run.

    Then I called the manager this morning to talk to him about this and the girl was very rude and told he he wasn't there and didn't know when he would be there. I asked for his name and that was not given to me without asking over and over. What is wrong with this store. I have just bought all new stove, ref, and dishwasher about 8 months ago plus now a whole new kitchen and get this type of treatment. Not acceptable to me at all. I'm not sure if this email will help but something has to be done in this store. I was told by one of the employee's awhile ago that this manager David is only out for profit not the customer. That was rewarding to hear. So please take this complaint serious because I won't go to Home Depot but they are looking better every time I go into the Mt Dora Lowes.

    Thank you.

    Lowes Home Improvement 18795 U S Hwy 441, Mt Dora, Florida 32757.

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  • Ky
      Sep 01, 2007

    We have spent about 800+ dollars in the last 2 weeks redoing our bathroom. We bought a full tub shower walls unit. Before we even got home we thought it might be too big to get through the doors. So when we got home we measured and waaalaaa it was too big. We took it back right away. Then the guys that were unloading it were rude saying it was cracked on the top... which then we would have had to bring it back anyways... i am going some where else to finish the bathroom and hope i never have to return to that store.

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  •   Sep 28, 2007
    Lowe's Home Improvement - I have not received any satisfaction from lowes
    United States

    We purchased high end carpeting from Lowes on August 2nd, 2017. The first time it was delivered, it could not be installed because of a delamination issue on the back. The second time it was delivered and installed. We realized there was two different shades of carpeting on one piece. We were very upset and demanded something be done. Another shipment just arrived this past Saturday, September 22nd. We did not have it installed because it had the same problem. The carpet company is Royalty Mills. I have not received any satisfaction from Lowes or the carpet company on this issue. We are ready to seek legal advice.

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  •   May 16, 2008
    Lowe's Home Improvement - missing installer
    Lowe's Home Improvement
    United States

    I have lived a nightmare. It all started when my original contractor made a mistake with my shower stall. He installed the shower base and last, he "tried" to install the shower doors, they were too big.

    I lost $400 (could not return the stall, as the base was already installed) so I proceeded to order custom made doors at Lowes (cost $850). Lowes told me I should get them in 2 weeks, never happened.

    When they finally called me after numerous follow up calls, and 21 days later, it took 7 days to schedule with the installer.

    When the installer arrived with the doors, he discovered the hardware was missing, so he left. I was furious, I called Lowes which they sent someone to hand deliver the missing hardware but the installer was long gone.

    When I called the installer myself, he told me he could not come back until the following week...???? The doors are in the bathroom along with the hardware, yet the installer proceeded to put me at the bottom of his list. After begging him to do sooner, he agreed to come back in 2 days. Never happened. Never returned my calls, has not returned Lowes managers Lowes tells me they will do the best they can with another installer, but can't guarantee me the exact day. I'm at their mercy.

    I called their 1-800 number to complain and guess what? They transferred me back to the store.

    This shower stall has costs me over $1000, and over a month later, I still don't have any doors...I am sick to my stomach with this as I have out of town visitors coming in 2 days, I will never shop at Lowes again or recommend to anyone.

    If they promise you anything, please ask them to put it in writing and sign it.

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  • St
      Oct 16, 2008

    there customer service sucks! my story is too long to tell trust me home depot is alot better altough not by much!

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  • Bi
      Mar 21, 2011
    Lowe's Home Improvement - lowe's home improvement has failed me repeatedly — five times to be exact
    United States

    Lowe's Home Improvement has failed me repeatedly—five times to be exact That's how often I sat in my house looking for their delivery truck to unload a refrigerator and a stove so that my contractor could start on my kitchen.

    Five times they failed to show—three times I had to take off work.

    The problem, in my opinion, is incompetence and an outdated tracking system. When I tried to contact the managers-in-charge (as I was directed to), the kicker is they don't have voice mail, nor do they have direct line.

    Lowe's Corporate seems to allow accountability to slip because no one person is effectively able to track an order and no one person is able to be reached easily. My order (after one month of waiting) was passed from person to person.

    Never deal with Lowe's. It cost me over $1, 000 in lost times and contractor fees.

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  • Al
      Oct 03, 2012

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  • Pa
      Jun 11, 2015

    Ordered flooring in may 2017 was told would be installed next week just recieved a call wont be till july now, its already paid for so all i can say is i for one will not buy anything else at any lowes in the future.

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