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I purchased a waterheater at a semi local lowes today like many others I thought the price was worth the trip. After returning home and removing the old water heater I unboxed the new one to find that the top was partially smashed in. I imediatly called the store where I recieved a run around & was told by neil that he would call me back in 10 minutes, 30 minutes later a different manager calls to say at that point there was nothing they could do but that neil would be in touch, several hours later I was finally contacted just to be told that I either was to use the damaged water heater or drive the 35 minutes back to the store where they might exchange it, but was told there would be no comp for my wasted time or gas even though it was damaged by there associates when unloading the truck. I informed neil that if this was how lowes did bussiness that they could kiss my bussiness goodbye. He acted as if he couldn't care less.

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      May 24, 2011

    from reading the complaints about Lowes', I wish I read them before I purchased my vanity.
    Not only are the customers unhappy, so are the employees.
    But rest assured, I will get satisfation, one way or another. I will make it my mission in life to get the vanity that I ordered THREE months ago.
    If you're having the trouble with Lowe's customer service that I am, contact their Executive Management at their corporate office at 704-758-1000. Yes it's long distance from California but maybe you'll get the satisfation I am still waiting for.

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  • Br
      Jun 24, 2012

    As of 06/23/2012, my husband and I was regular customers. Garry and Melissa changed that. After about 35 minutes or more standing in Flooring, for assistance from passerbys, I walked over to lightening, waited until Garry finished with his phone conversation, I asked for assistance, then he stated rudely I have a customer, that I need to go assist in another department, I said, I understand, but I am standing in front of you now, after 4 page for Melissa, and after 35 minutes of more without assistance. He starts to a get indignent, Melissa walks up, wants to argue that she only step away for a second, and no one paged her. She had been paged 4 times, I heard the Pages, and if you wanted to get technical cameras would show, my husband standing there asking everyone that walked by for assistance, and that she had not been in that department. I will do my future home projectss with Home Depot.

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  • Do
      May 06, 2017

    We purchased a Generac generator on March 2oth of this year and have had nothing but trouble with trying to get it installed. The Co. that is
    supposedly going to install can't even call us and let us know what the problem is. I called the store ( #2948) and talked with Ashley in installation, and she called Watts Elec. She then called me back and said that we will get a phone call from the gas man to set up a date. This was done twice by myself, and she called twice to ask if they had called me back twice to see if they had called. The answer was no we heard nothing.
    If this is how things work, I will your store come back and pick it up and return my $9000.00. I'll just go to another home center and purchase it from them. I just can't see paying for something to sit in our yard so we can just look at.
    On Monday, May 8TH, I will be going the that store and give them 24 hours to do something or refund me and I'll go where I don't like to go and purchase it there. Home Depot.
    My name is Lucien Boissonneault and I can be contacted by phone 9843-821-1937 or by e-mail.( [protected]@SC.RR.COM )

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