Lowes Extended Warrenty30 days with broken refridgerator

30 days. Less then 1 year old. Purchased 5 year warrenty. Called 1 month ago aa it wasn't cooling. Took 2 weeks to come out. 1 week to show up. 1 day to break again and they admit they ordered wrong part. 2 weeks and still no working refridgerator. Who in Lowe's can go 30 days without a working refrigerator? How much food did I lose. How many meals did I have to buy because I couldn't buy groceries. Not until 30 days passed did any of your representatives tell me they might reimburse me if I rent one. Guess what lowes? I don't want to rent one. I want a working refridgerator to store milk and groceries in for my 3 boys. Do not reply to this complaint with telling me to list my itemized groceries. 30 days. Trust me when I say every media outlet. Every social network. Including BBB will be notified of this horrific customer experience.

Robin Ru

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