Lowescustomer service protection plan # : 0110929913069161625001

Bosch Dishwasher model# SHX3AR72UC
Protection Plan # : 0110929913069161625001

Lowes appalling warranty services.
Lowes doesn’t properly insure that their repair vendors are vetted for proper repair knowledge, an inexperienced appliance repair company was sent on Dec 23, 2015 that misdiagnosed the problem with our dish washer and ordered the wrong part. It took them one month to order the part and return, and after installing the part the dishwasher starting leaking later that evening.
Lowes then sent another company on Jan 29, 2016 that correctly diagnosed the problem, but found the tank unit cracked and subsequently unrepairable.
We then had to wait until Feb 19, 2016 for the warranty division to send out a debit card for the amount of the replacement, we were not given the option of a cash settlement, and were locked into purchasing from Lowes once more.
Finally a replacement dish washer was delivered on Feb 26, 2016. Two months after the initial repair.
We are very unhappy towards Lowes customer service; they were completely void of any concern or apathy towards us during this two month service nightmare.
No one should have to wait two months to have an appliance repaired or replaced under warranty.
And no one should have to pay another $140.00 to have the replacement installed. After enduring such horrendous treatment.
Our obligation now is to warn others of the appalling treatment we had with Lowes, and spare other consumers of the same abuse.
Rest assured; we will never be a Lowes customer again. And regret the many thousands of dollars spent with them over the years.

Mar 13, 2016

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