Lowe's / credit card

Saint George, UT, United States

I had my Lowe's credit card payments set-up to be paid online through autopay. Apparently, the autopay stopped taking money out of my account in September 2015 unbeknownst to me. My credit card was cancelled by Lowe's for delinquent payments. The problem is, they never told me that I had missed a payment and did not warn me that they were going to cancel my card. In December I logged in to find out how much credit I had because I was going to make some home improvements and I found that my account had been closed! I immediately paid the past due amount and started autopay again. I contacted customer service and got some offshore person who was not helpful and would not, or could not, understand what I was talking about and would not start measures to reinstate my account. I don't feel like this was my fault - I DIDN'T make any changes to autopay, but it stopped taking payments out and then Lowe's did NOT contact me to tell me that my account was delinquent. Hello Home Depot. Your my new and exclusive home improvement store.

Dec 27, 2015

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