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Lowe's / installation services is very unprofessional!

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I purchased 8oo square feet of Pergo flooring and paid to have Lowe's install it. I found out after the fact that Lowe's contracts out the installation services. The "installation team" that came to my house was very unprofessional. They did not show up on the day that they said the would. When they did finally show up they were late. They took 3 days to do a 1 day job and even then it was not complete. I had to install some of the border myself, which I was glad to do just to get these guys out of my home. Now, 2 months later, the flooring is coming up. I have a 1 year warranty on the material and installation. I have been trying to contact the install team for over a month. They have told me twice that they would come fix the flooring but have not shown up. I have contacted Lowe's and was told that I have to resolve this with the install team. I paid Lowe's, not the install team. I cannot get satisfaction from either. I may or may not get this resolved to my satisfaction. However, I will never spend another dime at Lowe's. Lowe's seems to have forgotten that Home Depot is right down the street.

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  • Ma
      5th of Jun, 2007
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    On 4/26 I purchased a patio door and installation paying with Lowes CC and taking advantage of the 0% interest if paid in 1 year. Told door would take 18-20 days to be special ordered.

    On 5/15 I called lowes and they said the door had arrived on 5/10, 5 days prior. No one called me as I was told they would

    My installer called me that evening to set up appointment for 5/21

    On 5/21 installer arrived and began installation. Upon putting in my new door he discovered that it was made 2 inches too narrow from what he had ordered. When it was installed my inside molding would not fit nor would my siding butt up against the outside opening. I was told that they would order another door.

    Around 2pm the installer called me to let me know that the door had been ordered but it would be another 18-20 days. I then called the sales rep and he had nothing to say other than that this happens and it would be 18-20 days. Basically telling me that "It sucks to be you" That was the impression I got. I then called back and asked to speak with the store manager. He was gone for the day. I spoke with an ops manager, he did nothing for me other than have my sales rep call me back and say it would be 18-20 days.

    I called again the morning of the 22nd to speak with the store manager, he was off.

    Also, when I received my Lowes CC statement they were charging me interest on that purchase. I had to call and get that straightened out. On 6/4 the second door was attempted to be installed, only to find out that this door was the same size as the original "wrong" door. I have tried to get in touch with the manager, but he is never available to speak with me, instead he has his assistant call me who all he can do is say sorry.

    I have asked them to remove this purchase from my CC until, if ever, the door is installed correctly. I still have not heard from them. They are ordering still another door that will take another 18-20 days.

  • Jo
      29th of Jun, 2007
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    Just an update on my original post. The installer finally came back and made a half hearted attempt at fixing the flooring. That was another months worth of "I will be there on a certain day" but just not showing up. I finally gave up and just took this as a lesson learned.

    Just last week I was reading the police report in the newspaper and much to my surprise: My Lowe's provided floor installers house got raided by the police. He was found to have large quantities of cocaine and marijuana.

    Thanks Lowe's, for sending a DRUG DEALER to install the floors in my home. I guess Chris Palmero from Bryan, Texas will be doing all his flooring in prison now.

  • Ri
      4th of Jul, 2007
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    On 07-02-07 we had a 30"x80" door installed by the Lowes install team. We choose Lowes because of the clean and professional service we are used to receiving. First the installer shows up wearing a Lowes shirt that was 2 sizes too small complete with his belly hanging out and a very classy pair of shorts hanging too low. After he left we found he had unplugged our freezer (purchased at Lowes wich by the way was defective we lost all our food and never was reimbursed,but they did warranty it) our food had only thawed a little so we were lucky this time. When i got home and saw how much caulk was used around the door and how sloppy it was smeared around i was very upset. Then I saw the huge gob below the sill plate, curious i stepped on it and the plate dropped 3/4" to 1" and more caulk jumped out. The installer told us don't worry the large amounts of caulk would dry clear but its still bright white. The framing was all beat up and had black marks all over it. He left dirty hand prints all over the door I think so I could enjoy cleaning them off before I paint,thank you. We called Lowes immediately and we were told a manager from Lowes and a rep. From the installers would come out to see the door. No one called the next day(tuesday) so i called and still nothing. We called today (Wednesday)to tell Lowes we would like someone to help us in this matter and that the door they installed was not even the correct door that we had ordered, we ordered a smooth finished door not wood grained door. They told us they would have a door salesperson call us,but that Lowes was not responsible for the work but they took the money for the labor. Lowes also told us that they are not responsible for any damage the installers caused to the door. They gave us a flayer that says "We measure our success by your satisfaction", well I'm not satisfied. It also says they want input so they can continue to deliver exceptional service, but they say there not responsible and don't want to do anything at this time to help me so I guess they only want to hear from happy customers.

  • Mi
      23rd of Oct, 2007
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    John and Mark, that sounds like terrible service to me! Theres something alot of people don't realize about contracting through Lowe's (or any mass retailer). The contractors who do their install work are not employees of the company, but rather they are affiliates. The contractors arrive at your house, detail the job, and send an estimate back to Lowe's, which Lowe's then inflates. You then pay Lowe's the balance, they pay the contractor his estimate upon completion of the job, and whatever their markup is pure profit to the store. When a mistake is made, they withhold paying the contractor until the mistake is fixed. Its really no skin off Lowe's back because they already have your money. What I try to get across to would be buyers is that Lowe's as a company thrives on volume. The prices are low because they don't make a large profit on any given customer, but because they sell to such an enormous customer base, they compensate. So when they lose a customer, they don't even feel it. Small mom and pop businesses are the opposite. They survive by having a strong reputation, and that reputation is built on taking great care of a much more limited customer base. To them, an individual customer is MUCH more precious, and while the prices are a bit higher, the service is far superior because if they lose their reputation, they lose their business.

  • Bi
      22nd of May, 2008
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    let me tell you something "LOWES SUCK"

  • Ga
      7th of Jun, 2008
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    over 5, 000.00 spent at lowes. Orland Park, Illinois, gas line bent by delivery man. Install not complete everything
    sitting in my living room.Mike and Chris at store including one manager I talked with are brain dead. Now what? Would like to talk to their boss. Going back to HD.

  • Le
      31st of Aug, 2008
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    We were thee number one installation company for lowes store here in chicago. with 9 stores at the time 31 installers, and a vary organized office. let me tell you lowes has little or nothing to to with your job other than ordering the materials, and they can never seem to get that right we tried to work with them for 9 years, but as lowes grew (too fast ) they didn't want one company having too much control over their business, so they worked us out of the equaltion, and went with multible smaller contractors, unskilled, unprofessional, and this is why these large box stores do so poorly with their customer service. when we had it, we had inspectors out there checking every jobsite, meeting every homeowner, and if there was a problem with the product, witch there always was, we went to the store for the homeowner and made sure the store got it wright. as for the one comment, you are absolutly correct. the installer never sees a dime of his money until 2-3 weeks after the job has been completed. sometimes i have see jobs screwd up for over a year, with us going out there as many as 12 times. and lowes also is suppose to pay the contractor 45 per trip for going out. by the time we got paid we never saw a trio charge, payment and sometimes we never were paid at all. when we left lowes we were stiffed over 50, 000 in monies owed. our lawyer said we didn't stand a chance against lowes. so while i understand the homeowners fustration, the installer is the one that looses here, cause lowes gets pais up front, the customer will eventually get their products, but the contractor is left doing all the leg work, and tha one that has to fight to collect money for work they have done, and been paid a long time before to the store. do the math...

    there are over 1000 lowes stores the average time on a millwork oeder from purchasing your mesurement to the actual install is going to be 5-6 week. the average cost 500.00 you pay that up front. if every store sell just one 500 project per day that is 3, 500, 000 per week nationally. now lowes collects interest on that money for 5-6 weeks, they don't pay the supplier for that material for 60-90-days. so multiply that by 4 weeks that is 14, 000, 000 now they will get 10 percent interest on that cause they will have that months install money locked in for two months, prior to paying anyone that is 28, 000, 000 plus ten percent interest, 2, 800, 000 that is the free money the bank is going to give them for screwing up your projects. the longer they hold it the more free money they get. this is my complaint.

    oh and i have three filing cabinets, over 9 years to back up everything i have stated.

  • An
      18th of May, 2009
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    Lowe's - Scam
    Lowe's Milwaukee Installation
    United States

    Don’t trust the commercial hype about how good their installs are. The installers look NOTHING like the one’s on TV. Sure price was great but then the install took place. Granted the buying process went ok, even though we waited for over a half hour for someone to enter our order at the store. No one knew how to enter a carpet install, seriously.

    Basement Carpet Install:

    To start, my wife took the day off for the installation. They told us the installer would be there between 8 and 9am. Then a call came that they were running behind. Next I get a call from my wife at 1pm they finally showed up. It turns out the carpet has a bad run, they can either keep laying it or pull off the job. I told them to go ahead and put it down, I would look at it later that night, needless to say it looked horrific. So we schedule new carpet install for a couple weeks later, with my wife being extremely upset because the carpet was supposed to be in before our wedding-gift opening, that didn’t happen.

    2nd Try! The installers arrived early in the morning, in a beat up van with the carpet sticking out the back and grubby looking guys (I didn’t want to leave the house open, but didn’t have a choice). They pulled off the job early morning to finish another job in Kenosha then came back around 4pm, right during dinner! Wrapping up just before 7pm. Great Job….yeah right.

    Word to the wise: Don’t sacrifice quality installation for a lower price. Never will we have a Big Box company do our installations.

  • So
      1st of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    It's even worse than that Leo :) They are pushing their credit line like there's no tomorrow. If you buy anything on a card of any kind including gift cards, credit/debit, even checks, ALL of that "money" is listed as the day's transactions. Even if all the checks bounce and half the debit cards end up not clearing afterward, the store "reflects" a net earning of whatever was transacted that day. It's not even real money yet! And when the bank calls to tell them about all the kick-backs guess what suffers? Payroll!

  • Ch
      19th of Sep, 2012
    -1 Votes

    For starters as pergo is an easy and fast floor to install everything depends on how much prep is involved.. lowes and scheduling of the installer could have bumped your org install day.. I am speaking from an installer stand point of lowes. we have ### installers from other companies and customers that don't follow install directions and blame us when their floor fails due to not putting transitions in 3 ft door ways due to them not looking right. That's customers responsibility not the installers. I'm sorry for ur ### experience with the guy that shops at baby gap, but not all of us are. We were in the top ten in the nation for hard surface flooring so I know what I'm talking about... If u want day labor sure go to hd but I don't want illegals in my house.. I'm sure ur a customer that complained that your house got dusty and that they played their radio. Get the stick out of ur ### and put urself in their shoes... Good day sir

  • On
      27th of Jan, 2013
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    For all you consumers out there looking for PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION SERVICES BE VERY CAREFUL OF LOWES!! The installers are subpar, will lie and cheat. I went through a window install with them and it was a horror show. I had them come out and measure, order the product and install. The windows were NOT the correct size, the were modified on site, and when I questioned the installer he advised that these things can happen but he'll make sure everything is good. NOT the case. I bought the Pella 850 windows and there are exacting specs to install them to which were not followed. This led to an investigation with Lowes where the so called Market Director came out to assess and deemed the windows were fine and installed properly. REALLY? The jamb extensions were not the right size. Some windows had an additional 1/2 extension put of the face AND nearly 3 inches of shim plate put in just to get the window in. THIS IS NOT WHAT I ORDERED! So far Lowes has been difficult to dealt with. Im working with the so called executive support (really tier 3 support) to see if we can get this resolved. Im NOT confident this will happen though we will see. SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE save your time and hard earned money and shop else ware. Is home depot any better? No... NOT in my opinion. Many of the installers that work for those companies are simply there because no one else will hire them. In the case of Pella I would recommend get a quote from Lowes THEN going to the Pella store to have them quote those same windows. They will meet the pricing of Lowes but you need to have the paperwork. Installs by the Pella store are not cheap but it seems they will stand by their work. Trust me... I ran Pella guy through the ringer and I felt pretty good about the process. In closing if there is anyone involved in a class action suit against Lowes please post the representing attorneys so that I may reach out to them. They need to be held accountable for their actions once and for all!

  • Jw
      4th of Jul, 2015
    0 Votes

    I am also interested in the class action lawsuit. My mother had Lowe's do over $4, 000 worth of work to her house and they were awful. They were supposed to install flooring in the kitchen and utility room. They left and didn't replace all the baseboard, didn't rehang all the doors, didn't install the flooring under the washer and dryer - just enough so the washer and dryer would be level. I suppose they thought that an 81-year old woman would not notice. We complained and they came back and fixed it, but not perfect. There is a soft spot where they were supposed to have repaired the sub-floor. They said that was as good as it was going to get.
    There was a second job where they were supposed to restretch carpeting and regrout tile flooring. They sent over the same two guys who screwed up the first job. My mother was in shock. And you guessed it - that job is screwed up as well.
    I know there are laws to protect senior citizens, but I don't know if any of them apply here.

  • Va
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    Lowe's - Terrible service
    United States

    We ordered carpet on 5/30/2008, and more than one month later it is still not completed. They first got the measurement wrong, then their so-called 'rush', 'expedited' re-order takes longer than the initial order. Strange, isn't it? Unless I understand the words wrong, shouldn't a 'rush', 'expedited' order take shorter time than the normal order?

    No one bothered to returned our calls even we left messages. When carpet didn't arrive on time, no one called us to explain why. The manager only contacted us twice, right after we contacted Lowe's customer care at North Wilkesboro, NC, saying he got the confirmation that the order will be 'expedited'. But contacting Lowe's customer care doesn't seem to help, either, as we still don't know when the carpet can be completed as of today (July 7th). The initial order took 2 weeks; and the 'expedited' re-order has taken 3 weeks already and still counting.

    Very frustrated and very helpless. We already paid the installation and carpet, and it seems the only thing we can do is just wait. Hope no one else will suffer this terrible service with this Lowe's store.

  • St
      3rd of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes

    I had a bad experience at Lowes yesterday. I went to a Lowes in Greenville north Carolina and being a home repair specialist I had a specific need for a plumbing part. Teh sales specilast Keith was condescending, abrupt and arrogant

    He not only offended me he ruined my day. I had purchased a used Kohler faucet that I was installing in a home and I needed the plastic nut for the sprayer to make a long story short He was not interested in solving my problem he acted like I was invading his territory. All I needed was a 50 cent plastic part( or I could have used a small ring type nut if they would have taken the time) to make a remodel job perfect instead I ended up with a $3.00 generic sprayer adapter

    I immediately went to the department manager and he listened then gave me a blank stare I said "lets go to your manager" he said he is standing right over there...I walked over to a gentelman that was on a cell phone or company phone he looked at me and said "what do you need" I was livid!

    I explained to him about the situation and he said he would talk to the associate

    These issues have to reflect directly on the local management.

    I told the managers that I will do everything possible to avoid doing business with them. Yhis will cause me a lot of inconvenience but principal is important...IF YOU ACCEPT MEDIOCRITY THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU WILL GET

  • Si
      10th of Aug, 2016
    -1 Votes

    Aug 10 2016
    Signed contract for windows install 6/30; measurements taken Aug 18; to this day NO order has been placed!!
    The Schoolcraft fellow who made contract and supposed to place order has dissappeared ! No one at Lowes
    is saying a word!

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