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Do not get your kitchen cabinets here! Lowes is horrible for installing kitchen cabinets! When my husband and I first sat down with the customer rep to re-design our kitchen he was extremly friendly and made us feel very comfortable. He gave us loads of advice on what we would need in our kitchen and how to save money.

After hearing horror stories about kitchen reons we decided to go with lowes for the main fact that if something should go wrong we believed they would stand by their customer. After all their whole campaign is about customer service! Yet once the rep commenced to re-design our kitchen on his computer and told us there was no need to actually see the kitchen I got a bit nervous. I should have known right there that it is hard to re-design a kitchen when you have never stepped foot into it! At the end of the order we spent $13, 000 for kitchen installation.

The turnout was horrible! The main focal point - the cabinets over my stove were completely crooked and there was a big gap between the cupboard and the fan! We also were not able to open the shutter over our window that was over our sink b/c they mis-measured and the frame around the window came to low. So the shutter hit the wooden frame when I tried to open it! And the lazy susan the rep convinced us to buy was too big for the space so it hit my stove when I tried to open it!

When we pointed out these disasters to the installation guys they completely agreed with us, that the kitchen was designed poorly and they tried to fix the mistakes. But I ended up with a lazy susan drawer that hit my stove, my shutter that would not open and a huge gap in the cupboards above my stove that had to be filled with extra wood pieces.

They advised us to call the manager of installations and complain about the designer. When we called the rep to complain he got very nervous he even came to our house to see the problem and told us he would get the installation guys to come back and fix it. The problems could not be fixed unless I reinstalled the entire kitchen which I was not willing to do b/c then I would have to get my granite re-done (A cost lowes would not cover).

When I tried to call the manager to complain I was put off constantly. I fought with them for weeks about this. They kept saying there was nothing they could do. The manager bob was very rude... He completely acted like I didn't matter. The fact that we spent $13, 000 was irrelevant to him.. It was like I was complaining about a lightbulb. I had to continously go in in person to speak to him because after a while he stopped taking my phone calls. I felt like I had to stalk him to get him to admit lowes screwed up our kitchen and I was entitled to some compensation.

After weeks of complaining and arguing he was willing to give me a $50 gift card and %40 off one item that had to do with my kitchen (Excluding any big items). And to boot I couldn't even get the 40% of a package of potlights because they were to expensive! I was fuming! After all the money we spent, all the mistakes we got $50! Great way to value your customers!

This company is horrible! They boast about thier customer service but they don't care. That rep and his buddy who tried to cover up our mess ended up getting fired after another rep told us they had messed up kitchens before. But of course bob the manager would never admit to that.

If you need a kitchen done do not go to lowes. My 4yr old could have designed me a better kitchen with a computer and a mouse! Customer service is horrible! I had a 3month old at home and a toddler and finally gave up on trying to get any money back from lowes. I just didn't have the time.

But I am warning anyone who is thinking about getting anything installed or designed from lowes to stay away! Go to a professional... Because this company is anything but professional!

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  • De
      Dec 01, 2015

    I wish I had read this before my order they are refusing to deliver cabinets into my home, which passed up my delivery date and at this time I have nothing! called lowes corporate... their response is we're sorry there is nothing we can do, really? stay away from lowes!

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  • 61
      Jun 03, 2016

    I went to lowe's kitchen designer in broken arrow, ok. he assured me he was well versed in designing kitchens. I gave him a detailed drawing including every kind of measurement. turns out that the cabinet installer who came to measure my kitchen informed me that the upper cabinets were too tall for my kitchen. he called the designer and informed him. I had already paid for the cabinets so I had to be refunded the total purchase price and redo the charge for the shorter cabinets and the other cabinets. also the designer would not let me pay for the countertops and installation charge at the time I paid for the cabinets so I was charged state tax (which it turns out I was exempt from). when lowe's tried to refund me the tax they could not make their computer system do it so after waiting in the store for over two hours they figured out how to do it. I also advised the designer several times that I wanted roll-out shelves on all the base cabinets except for the one with a trash can and one with vertical dividers. before ordering the cabinets he assured me that this was taken care of. it was not and one cabinet had regular shelves. I was forced to order roll-outs later and they cost more since my initial cabinet order had a sale price. after initially paying for the cabinets he forgot to set up a date for the installer to visit my home and measure the kitchen. after I got home I remembered it and called him and he made an appointment with the installer. the designer also informed me that I was on my own to purchase my appliances and sink and any other things to go in my new kitchen. as a result I was told that I would have to pay for two plumbers; one to install the new sink and another to install the dishwasher. weeks after that I have just found out that this was incorrect. the head of the installation dept told one of the plumbing companies that I was given incorrect info and this was not lowe's policy. I had previously questioned the installation dept, the plumbing dept and the designer as to why two plumbers had to be involved and was told each time that it was the way lowe's worked when purchasing a dishwasher and a sink at the same time. just today I was called by another designer in the same dept. who had ordered an extra cabinet door, to inform me that it had arrived. several weeks ago I had my original designer order those two roll-out shelves he forgot originally. when I got to lowe's today to pick up my cabinet door they brought out the roll-out shelves also. my designer apparently forgot to call to let me know that they had arrived. I don't know how long ago they arrived at lowe's. he gave me no info when he brought out the boxes. he stated he didn't know anything about the shelves or when they came from the factory. I could go on and on about the very stressful kitchen remodel I have endured. my designer has been of no assistance. I have made numerous calls to the countertop people, the plumbers, the appliance people, the installation dept, etc. I have had to take care of almost everything myself. there has been no coordination from my designer and not much from the installation dept either. for example, I noticed that the electric wiring for the dishwasher (which had been moved 15" further away from the sink then the old one) might be too short to connect the new appliance. I called installation to get advice from them. they told me they couldn't help me and I needed to just wait until the plumber arrived with the new appliance to install it. my question to them was weren't they supposed to coordinate my installation and answer, or find answers, to my questions and concerns. I was told that, yes, they did to that, in order to make my installation go smoothly. huh?? I ended up calling the plumbing dept to get an answer. I could keep going, but I will probably run out of room here so I will end by saying - I have never had a more stressful remodel then the last 8 weeks! I will never, never let lowe's do anything for me again. never!! my countertop and sink, dishwasher and disposal are supposed to be installed next week. my whole experience has been ruined and I can't wait for this to be over!!

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  • 61
      Jun 08, 2016

    Hello, again. here is a follow up to my very recent entry, above, concerning dealing with lowe's. today my countertop (ordered through lowes) was scheduled to be delivered and installed. tomorrow, my dishwasher, sink and disposal. well, the big truck arrived on time and the delivery man brought in the smaller of the 3 parts to my countertop. after much searching in the truck he informed me that the two largest pieces of the countertop were not in the truck. upon questioning him further I found out that he had driven over 200 miles from the business that fabricated the top to get to my home, so he could not return to that business and get the missing tops. right after that the installer arrived. he had been informed of the snafu and informed me that it would a week before he could return and install the rest of the countertops. at that point I was past being angry. I just chuckled and ok'ed the change. what's another week without a kitchen sink anyway? then I had to call the lowes installation dept. and cancel the plumber for thursday and try to reschedule him for next thursday. one last thing - after explaining to the woman in installation what had happened and that the tops were supposed to be rescheduled for delivery and installation next wednesday she said to me "do you realize that your countertops are to be installed next wednesday?" I just said "yes" and let the rest go!!

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  • Ch
      Jul 19, 2016

    I wish I had read all of these before I shelled out 18, 000.00 for a new kitchen that I am still waiting on. I was told one day tear down, 1 day install. no one has come out since [protected] when he put in most of the lower cabinets & now they want to install the granite & nothing is ready. I call, send messages to no avail. I am in oklahoma city... I think we all need to ban together & get a lawyer for a class action lawsuit so lowes will quit scamming people. they did not refund me the $75.00 fee & charged me for labor to install concrete board, at &148.00, even thought I am not getting concrete board.

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  •   May 14, 2017

    @charlene wolfe I am in let's get class action lawsuit I am thinking of going to the president trump on lowes I am about to have a break down from my kitchen remodel 28, 000 and my kitchen is 1/2 inch off all the way around so look out my kitchen window left cabinet 1/2 inch longer than right side plus the back splash the same way! been dealing with them since nov 2016 nothing still done right! I cashed my pension because all they wanted was more money and more money then not show up! my name is carla jenkins in clovis ca and I am ready to take action now before I loose my mind!!!

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  • Di
      Oct 10, 2016

    Do not use lowes for kitchen remodeling! they are the go-between with the customer and granite fabricator and are horrible with communication and with dealing with problems. I have had to check and double check every detail as they have made many mistakes with my order and are unable to fix any of the problems once I discover them. I have found that the only way to get anything done is to call the fabricator myself every week and now I have to deal with them again to get them to come fix the horrible installation job they did on my bar top. lowes made one attempt to help with the fix and then told me they couldn't reach the fabricator! I have been dealing with the lowes in boone, nc for many months and I and still not done with my counter tops or my new range, since it was not in stock the day of delivery! however if I hadn't taken as the project manager there is no telling when anything would get done as lowes continues to drop the ball. lowes has been a huge problem for me.

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  • Br
      Oct 16, 2016
    Best Best Advice

    We have the same problem, lowes person messed up the measuring first so cabinets won't all fit, so they leave and forget to order the replacements for a week, then the installer doesn't show up to finish the job so I have to fight and I mean fight with lowes to get another installer. when they some they realize all of the other work is bad so most cabinets had to be reinstalled. so then the countertop can finally be measured for I paid for it two months prior, and then come to put in the quartz. when they are done I cannot believe how bad the install is, some becuase of the first installer not putting in the cabinets level, and some from the countertop people. $3500 for the countertop and it is now also messed up. so now I have to have the counter removed, fix the lower cabinets and then have it reinstalled, so there goes my kitchen sink again. the only reason I have had a dishwasher for the part two and 1/2 months is my husband installed it himself. the level of incompetence is unreal, and to top it all I don't even know who to call to tell they have to fix yet another mistake as I never had a contact person the entire time. I called corporate office and was told they cannot do anything until the project is complete, very clever on their part as it will never be complete at this rate. I just went to lowes to find someone to tell, saw some people at the kitchen area talking about a new kitchen and I was so close to telling them to run away, thankfully I have my own appliances through all of this disaster. oh and my husband said stop the credit card payment, guess what it was a lowes card! I am seriously considering a law suit against them at this point, its been over 2 1/2 months and still no kitchen.

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  • Ro
      Mar 22, 2017

    I contracted with lowes on may 15, 2016 to install heated floors and porcelain tile, rewire the kitchen, and install a window. my house was torn up for 7 months.. they were installing the floor heat system for the second time in minnesota! this was after they after they installed the first system in july and discovered it didn't work when testing it in september. gutted the kitchen for a second time. absolutely nothing was done right through the entire project. I spent $35, 000.00 to have a kitchen that looks beat up and run down. the usual remodeling blame game between lowes and their contractor. nobody accepted responsibility for anything that went wrong. lowes corporate response was to deal with the local store that I contracted with initially. the local stores response was always the same, we'll take care of it. never happened without heated discussions and threats, and then was done begrudgingly and half assed. the sign over the home installation department should read "abandon all hope ye who enter here". I realize home remodeling can be stressful and full of surprises but seven months of living hell and a disaster for a finished product should not be part of the equation. when I signed on the dotted line with lowes I didn't realize I signed up for major disappointment.

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  • Fo
      Apr 30, 2018

    I wish we had seen this review and other like it before we bought from lowe's... our experience so far has been nothing short of horrible. we ordered and paid in full for custom kitchen cabinets from lowe's 180 days ago. they still aren't done. installers have ruined cabinets that needed re-ordered, broken an appliance in the process and left our house a disaster. from the lowe's side, they drop the ball at every opportunity and will sell you on a process that you won't get.

    See more photos and read my lowe's kitchen cabinet review:

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  • Be
      May 30, 2018

    Horrible! coming from a company as big as lowe’s who would thought that you had to check the reviews? seeing this is adding more stressed to my life. 1) they told me it will take 10 days to get your order, 2) then while signing the purchase order 3-4 weeks from purchase, 3) 3-4 weeks means 5-6 weeks, 4) they make sure you can’t return, change, or cancel your order, 5) they dont care about their customers!
    dissatisfied, angry, pissed, waists of time, etc.
    In the future, my friends, family, and myself will never buy anything from lowes.

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  • Fo
      Aug 22, 2018

    Just and update:

    We ordered and paid in full for custom kitchen cabinets from Lowe's 294 days (OVER 9 MONTHS!!!) ago and so far, it has cost us more than $10, 000 beyond what we agreed to pay. There has been so many problems it's not even funny. The craftsmanship has been horrid, 4 of the cabinets needed replaced due to the installers. They've also managed to break 2 brand new appliances, run over my mailbox and STOLE STUFF FROM MY TOOLBOX (Yes, I have video footage).

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  • Fo
      Aug 22, 2018

    Edit to above: Only 3 of the cabinets had to be replaced due to the installers.

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  • Gd
      Sep 28, 2018

    DO NOT BUY COUNTERTOPS FROM LOWES! I purchased solid surface counters from Lowes and it's been a nightmare. The countertops were a disaster. Poorly fabricated and sized. I was promised no seams and no overhang by the fridge. The color should be consistent as well. The Lowes escalation team has been completely uncooperative and a bully. They only want to protect the fabricator and don't seem interested in keeping a customer. I paid for new counters and I not have franken-counters. You will be sorry if you choose Lowes.

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  • Do
      Jan 16, 2019

    i had my kitchen done in august 2013 the counter tops are coming up now i have to put scotch tape on them i dont know what to do i cant shell out anymore money for another kitchen i called lowes they said they couldnt help and right on there paper work its says we have 60 years of doing kitchens i want in on the class action if you do one thanks

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  • Go
      Jan 27, 2019

    Lowes Kitchen Remodel From Hell!
    Lowes kitchen remodel drags on for 7 months and is still not complete. We signed the contract for cabinets to be installed in July 2018. Our kitchen was not completed until January 2019!
    From the beginning the project has been a nightmare! From incorrectly measured cabinets, damaged cabinets, and project managers who didn’t call back or do any of the things promised at the time of the contract signing such as inspecting packages for damages.
    My husband did all the work for this project with the exception of installing the cabinets. The installation work was so bad that at the end the countertop crew was not able to complete a measurement because the cabinets were uneven and unleveled.
    Other problems we encountered included:
    2. John Robins had to come back five times to correct problems associated with the install. (See Pictures Below)
    3. John Robins left the site messy and with cupboards that didn’t open. (See Pictures Below)
    4. To date we have unleveled upper cabinets and a improperly installed Lazy Suzanne Door that Lowes is not making any efforts to rectify. So much for a new kitchen! (See Pictures Below) We have to settle for unleveled cupboards and cabinet doors. This is just wrong……..
    No project should last 7 months and cause your home to be disrupted for the summer, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year. I would not recommend Lowes to anyone for a kitchen remodel. We did not realize how low Lowes could go!
    Sad & So Disappointed!!!

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  • Ha
      Jun 07, 2019

    @Godson udekute I so feel your only took 5 months for me once they started the 4-8 week promise.

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  • Me
      Mar 16, 2019

    Stay away from Lowe's kitchen remodeling program. We had a $35, 000 kitchen remodel done. We had to pay it in full before they would start which was our first mistake. Numerous problems occurred with the installation of the cabinets, plumbing and appliances. Lowe's seemed as if we were complaining after I would advise them about these things. Cabinets were damaged, plumbing not up to code and damaged appliances. Every time I told them about these issues, they seemed to be less concerned with helping us. Our big issue was with the $2500 glue down vinyl plank floor. (see photos) It was installed incorrectly and the contractor came out numerous times to correct the problem, only to make it worse each time. I requested the full return of my money for the cost of the floor because I will now have to have it done over by a different contractor. After numerous months of discussing this with their production office, they informed me they would return $700. If I did not take this settlement, they would then refund nothing. I reluctantly excepted because legal costs would have been much more. I advise to use a local contractor with good recommendations instead of Lowe's who do not give a 100% customer satisfaction as they state in their advertisement.

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  • Ha
      Jun 07, 2019

    I first went to Lowes July 29, 2019, for a kitchen remodel and was told it was a 4-8week job. It turned out to be a very unsatisfactory job that has taken 5 months. I was told I had to pay for the job up front...that was the only way they do business...when you are foolish enough to do that you lose all control. I was lied to, oversold, overcharged, and basically cheated by the contractor who was in my home exactly twice during that time...maybe 4 hours. The start date was December 5 with completion by February 1, 2019. It did start December 5...2 men worked 2 days that week! Long story short the journey has been disastrous...I could tell stories that would horrify you but
    the job just ended April 15 and is a very poor job at best. There was no professionalism, adherence to dates/schedules, attention to detail or quality, or follow thru from the store or corporate LOWES. I had to hire two more workers for the last two months to finish what LOWES and their contractor failed to do. Very costly mistake.
    I would gladly join a class action lawsuit if anyone interested. It has been very stressful to do a simple kitchen re-do

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  • Jo
      Sep 13, 2019

    More passive and gullible consumers that have been brainwashed into thinking all they have to do is just plunk down their money and like magic everything will work out great. Wake up from that delusion and face the facts. These corporate behemoths care little about delivering anything of substance, just a painted on smile and cha-ching of swiping your plastic. BTW take some personal responsibility, maybe decide what's really important in this world, contribute your own efforts, time and planning and don't be so glossy and superficial that all you care about are meaningless 'product features'. If you didn't plunk down your money so easily for every color of toaster and blender and instead focused on a few solid, well made, lasting and USEFUL items that aren't just trashed after 3 years, this whole world would be the better for it.
    PS - I lived in the same house for 29 years, it had the same tile and hardwood floors, the same basic coil electric stove with 2-3 minor repairs, only replaced the basic topload washer once... you get the idea. I took the initiative to do household repairs. I didn't EVER just 'buy it'. Don't be so quick to rant and complain about horrible service and products. Nobody can so easily exploit you, without your complicit passivity.

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  • Jo
      Sep 22, 2019

    @Jonathan Fields Clearly, you have no real joy in your life to comment on something that doesn’t concern you. You should GFY!

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  • Je
      Sep 27, 2019

    Lowes built me the kitchen from hell and I am seeking legal advise. The cabinets are warped, the tile work is uneven and grout is done by an elementary student. Corners are falling apart. The carpenter they gave me hardly ever showed up had his 20 year old employees do the shoddy work. I complained to BBB and some work got done but the cabinets are falling off. The wall cabinbets are coming off the wall and my kitchen sink has cracks where they screwed in the wrong place backed it out and left it that way. The cut they made looks like it was done with a serrated knife. Too many pictures to post. Does anyone have a good lawyer?

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