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We went to lowes to get a generator due to ice storm we were about to have the next day, They had 18 generators waiting on a truck to be unloaded. As far As I know their was one other guy waiting as well. They refused to unload the truck. They said it could be 30 min or an hour. We even said we would be glad to help get it off the truck. They
still refused. Needless to say we were left in the cold. I thought this way of doing business was in poor taste. I buy a lot from them. But i will not buy anything else.

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      28th of Jan, 2009

    I was a management trainee in this Lowes location with a stellar performance record. A lower-level employee tried to kiss me at one point in a secluded area of the store. I reeled back in disgust and left the area. On my next scheduled work day, the employee's supervisor approached me and apologized on behalf of her employee and asked if I would NOT report this incident to human resources. I agreed. Two hours later, the employee and her supervisor reported ME as the aggressor and filed a complaint.

    I was questioned by the Area HR supervisor and terminated several days later. I petitioned the Regional HR supervisor for a review of my case and asked REPEATEDLY for the opportunity to take a lie-detector test to confirm my version of these events. I was notified several days later that my termination would stand.

    With no witnesses to this event and completely opposing stories, I suspect Lowes chose to terminate the gender which had the greatest STATISTICAL probability of having committed the harassment. Meanwhile, a career is snuffed out, a reputation is irrevocably damaged, and the perpetrator of the harassment suffers no consequences.

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      3rd of Aug, 2009

    My mom passed at the end of 2006. I had my credit checked the summer of 2007 and found a Lowes bill I new nothing about and could not afford to pay. I contacted the store and found out my mom had me on the account but because I never had a Lowes card I did not know. All customer service did was send me a Lowes card I could not afford to use because it already had a debt. By the time I could afford to pay it the company had added three hundred and something dollars in penalties and turned me over to collections. I tried to work out a deal to pay them their original balance and send them the death certificate of my mom and told them they could research and see I never had a Lowes card and this was not my debt but I was willing to pay them their original balance. Their collection department the store uses gave me a settlement amount and told me that would be the end of this unfortunate situation and the card would be closed out. Guess what!!! After paying, they did not close the card and sent be a statement for the remaining balance thats nothing but penalties and late charges for a bill that was not mine in the first place. They are nothing but liers to a person that could have been a good customer to them, but since I have a Home Depot card and a Sears card, I will never have anything to do with Lowes again!!!

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      25th of Oct, 2010

    I work for Lowes and I am sorry that what happened to you but the reasons behind their responses were really simple...
    1.) We can only unload our trucks at certain times a day (if its our RDC truck its usually done in the evening towards closing time.)
    2.) The length of wait is truthful, its a 53 foot trailer, it takes sometimes a few hours to unload.
    3.) Our policy and Insurance reasons is why you could not go back and help unloading.

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