Kohl's Department Storeswrong size item sent, now out of stock

I love Kohls, just wanted to give a suggestion on some not so good customer service. I ordered a winter coat (available only online), size M and it came in the mail, loved the coat but a little too tight. Went into my local Kohls store (which I love and they employees are awesome) and they said to order another one from their Kiosk (because coat is an online item only). Once it arrived they said to bring both coats in and do a return and exchange so I could get the second coat at the great price I received the first (30% off). Second coat came and Kohls sent me an XL instead of a Large. My PRINTOUT from the Kiosk shows that I correctly ordered a Large (so it was not my mistake). Also online it showed I ordered a large when I tried to return the jacket. Why I am frustrated is that Kohls made a mistake and sent me the wrong size and now the coat is out of stock. I don't know if they were out of stock and just sent another size to me or what. I ordered another coat and I get nothing, not even expeditated shipping. I live in MN so I really need a coat!!! My local store was great but if Kohls online makes a mistake and there is no one to talk to I am afraid it is another time I will have to start ordering from Amazon. I like Kohls but this is crappy service and very frustrating. Hoping this is a trend for this store.

Tammy Norman

Dec 02, 2018

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