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they will ruin your credit

I only went online 1 time to look at my account, unaware that must have signed me up for ebilling. I received a phone call yester from Kohl's saying I was late on my credit card payment. I was complewtely unaware of this, never saw a bill online or in the mail. I'm 46 years old and have never paid a bill late in my life! They told me it was sent to credit agency. Refused to listen to me, and will not do anything. I told them to look it up and they would see I haven't been online on Kohl's since my last paper bill. I always paid my account ahead of time when I was receiving a paper statement. My balance was less than $100. I make over 300, 00 a year - I would have no problems paying my bill if I were to receive one.

  • Ke
    kellythy May 28, 2010

    If you made the purchase, and a bill didnt come, why didnt you think to call and ask for a bill? You are responsible for the purchases you make, bill or not, that is part of the agreement you sign for taking out a line of credit with any credit card company. Any credit card company would tell you that, use common sense. You are 46 years old and still obviously need a lesson on how to handle your credit cards. Good luck to you

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  • It
    itzachance Sep 17, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I only went online 1 time to look at my account, unaware that must have signed me up for ebilling. I received a phone call yester from Kohl's saying I was late on my credit card payment. I was complewtely unaware of this, never saw a bill online or in the mail. I'm 46 years old and have never paid a bill late in my life! They told me it was sent to credit agency. Refused to listen to me, and will not do anything. I told them to look it up and they would see I haven't been online on Kohl's since my last paper bill. I always paid my account ahead of time when I was receiving a paper statement. My balance was less than $100. I make over 300, 00 a year - I would have no problems paying my bill if I were to receive one.

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  • Pl
    Pleaseuseyourbrain Jan 11, 2012

    You should remember your debts.

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  • Al
    allys617 Jan 16, 2012

    Gotta say I agree with Kelly - don't you do a monthly budget or something where you reconcile your receipts? Can't blame the credit card for your failure to realize what you were doing on their website(signing up for e-billing, besides you probably would have had to confirm your email to get that going). You can make a payment any time in any store...

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destroy your kohl's charge card right away if you have one

Destroy your Kohl's charge card right away if you have one. Even though you do AutoPay setup on...

very stressful and unpleasant experience

I was shopping for last minute gifts on Xmas Eve at the Apex store. Very busy, as I expected, so that wasn't a problem. However it seemed the store was severely understaffed. The jewelry dept. was swamped with customers lined up all around the counters waiting for assistance. There was a person who, I guess I would assume, was a store manager or something, who was telling employees to straighten up the work area before helping the next customers...????? Employees were doing their best, but you could feel the tension in the air. It was so stressful and unpleasant that I walked out went to Target, next door, and bought my stuff there.

  • Ic
    iCarly Jul 27, 2010

    The store was terrible for being busy on Christmas Eve?

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  • Ic
    iCarly Jul 27, 2010

    But not so terrible, I guess, since you waited five months to post this?

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return policy

After hearing the liberal return policy of Kohls, heavily advertised on the radio, I returned a blouse, with...

Resolved kohls screwed my credit score.


I missed a payment on KOHLs charge(credit) card, because I have not received any email ( signed for paperless statement….cursing my self for doing that ) about the statement.Also I have not received any call from KOHLs about me missing the payment or any reminder email. Finally after 30days after the duedate they called and told me I was past due. Then I checked the KOHLs site and paid the amount immediately. After an hour an asscoiate called me and said thanks for the prompt payment.

I got a notification two weeks back that I had a severe change on my credit report.When checked to see why the hell is that, to my shock the late pay ment was reported and my score went down by 60 points. KOHLS has not have any auto pay feature and they did not send any email or call me any time when i missed the payment. But they reported to credit agencies that i was 30 days late and my credit score dropped 60 points for that.

When contacted KOHLS on this they say they are sorry that they did not call me in the 30 days but they also said they can not report to credit agencies back about this and I have to live with that.

Do I have to suffer with this credit score drop ..?. I had 3 other credit cards from ( Citi and AMEX ) I never had any missed payment as they have auto pay and I set them up. This is the first time I ever had any missed payment.

How I can explain the situation that there is a problem from Kohl’s side to the credit agencies .
Appreciate any suggestion that helps me.


  • Ra
    Ray Finkle May 08, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Maybe you should put on your big boy pants and realize that you are responsible for your own bills. You know you have payments every month, you shouldn't need to be told to make them. Now you have to deal with the consequences of not being ready to be an adult yet.

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  • Am
    am95033 Jun 14, 2010

    You are not alone with your missing statements. I've finally cancelled my Kohl's card due to lack of billing statement and my late fees are costing me more than my purchases. My credit score has not yet been affected as Kohl's has not yet posted a negative factor to my account. I think they like my late payments. The only times I have had to justify any negative impacts to my credit scores are during re-financing and the lenders have been favorable to accepting my explanations. I have heard that you can negotiate your score with the credit reporting agencies to flag discrepancies, but have not had personal experience in doing so.

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customers harassment

I have been working at Kohl's for three week's now, and the employee's are pressured to get a certain amount of New credit card applicant. All the Kohl's store's have a competition on Which store gets the most New Kohls credit application's each hour. SO the Managers Hound the employee's to harass the customers with a list of come back's if the customer declines wanting to apply for a card. I DO Not like Harassing customers to satisfy my BOSS!!

  • Ai
    Aidan May 17, 2010

    Shame on you. You knew Kohl's expectations when you joined up. If you don't like it, get a job somewhere else. Your job is whatever your managers tell you you're to do.

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  • Ra
    ralfyglez Jul 10, 2010

    and the whole competition with other stores simple ensures that all associate in the store are working as a team and trying to have some "fun". everyone like competition sometimes is gets you motivated, and when you ask a customer to apply for a card you will mostlikely treat that customer much better than you treat other simply because you want them to do something for you. and notice i said "for you" i am sure that with the economy how it is now you enjoy looking at your weekly pay stub and seeing a good amount of money. I doubt they didnt inform you of this but just so you know you get either $0.50, $1.00, or $1.50 for every application you submit approved or not doesnt matter. so stop whinning and do whats best for you.

    1 Votes
  • Li
    lisa97849 Oct 08, 2010

    i have been working at kohls for over a year. I never ask anyone if they want to open a charge card. sure, my bosses want me to, but i think customers should pay for things however they want.

    as for aidan up there, you're an idiot. kohl's doesn't explain their expectations before hiring. if they did that, they would have no employees.

    -1 Votes
  • Ai
    Aidan Oct 12, 2010

    Um, no, lisa97849, my expectations were clearly explained to me before I was hired on. The same is true with everyone that I work with. So, just because you don't like what your job expects of you, doesn't mean you should run around insulting other people.

    If you want less hours because you can't do what your employer asks of you, more power to you. Don't ask them to open the charge card. Don't explain what they'd save. It's not like it might benefit the customer or anything.

    1 Votes
  • Th
    TheKyle Dec 13, 2010

    We also make a good deal of money off of the cards - $0.50 - $2.00, depending on the time of year. One cashier at my store has over 1800 so far this year, since January, meaning she's made at LEAST an extra $900 this year.

    There's good incentive for us to solicit them, and as a customer you honestly can save a whole, WHOLE lot if you know how not to overspend.

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Resolved unauthorized charge

I was charged an ACCOUNT EASE PREMIUM of $ 0.24 on my April, 2010 bill. My actual charge for the month was $15.12. The New Balance was $15.36.
After calling to inquire about the nature of the Account Ease Premum charge and plugging the last 4 digits of my social security number I was connected to a customer service rep who again asked me to verify the last 4 digits of my social security number in order to answer a generic question not related to the financial details of my account "What is an Account Ease Premium?" He refused to talk to me further because I did not verify the account. I asked for a manager and the rep put me on hold and then told me he could not speak with me and answer the generic question before verifying the account. As I was on hold, I did Google "Account Ease Premium" and found that many consumers are being charged this without consent.
I then reluctantly verified my account in order to remove the Account Ease Premium charge and close my account, as I am no longer comfortable with the business ethics of Kohl's.

  • Ra
    ralfyglez Jul 10, 2010

    When you applied for the card you were instructed to enter certain information into the pin pad. I believe is like the 5th or 6th question on the pin pad and it shows a whole paragraph explaining that and if you want it you need to put your initials in a little space there and then click accept, now if you dont read what you initial then this whole thing is your faut so dont blame kohls for it. be more careful next time. and by the way all credit cards offer things like this to protect your credit in case a day comes when you cant make your monthly payment.

    0 Votes
  • Ti
    tim1968 Apr 05, 2017

    Kohl's has also charged my checking for my moms account, I made a payment for her a couple of years ago over the phone and i was told they would not keep my information, but last week they took 76.00 out of my checking and again this week they took another 185.00 out. her payment isn't due until the 19th of the month and her payment is 76.00 min. payment. When we call Kohl's we get the run around and no answers. I did not give them permission to make any withdrawals from my account.

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Resolved unfair labor practices

This store is crap. Mainly because there is not enough labor budget. The store is always a mess. The manager...

Resolved unfair late fees

I received my Kohls bill in the mail on 2-10-10 with a due date of 2-11-10. I paid the bill on 2-11-10 online. The payment didn't post until 2-12-10 resulting in a $30 late fee. I called customer service and they only removed 1/2 of the late fee.

This is not fair, 1st of all a customer should have some time to pay a bill. Also the bill was paid on the day it was due, so really it wasn't late. Maybe thats why I didn't use that card for years and years until a cashier got me started saying I would save 20% off. True they did give me 20% off, but they got that back in late fees.

Cash or debit is the way to go.

Resolved online payment

I have shopped at kohl's for years. Some good experiences, some not so great. What put an end my shopping at Kohl's was when I set up an onine account to pay my bill. I entered in all of my banking information, made my payment and got my confirmation number. Everything was all good, I thought. Then, a month later when I received my next online statement, it said there was a $25.00 returned check charge! (I had almost $20, 000.00 in my checking account at the time the made my payment.) When I contacted Kohl's to find out what happened, they told me that my bank acccount "could not be found". Apparently, there was one digit missing from my account number when I entered it. (Why did it give me a confirmation #???) I still don't believe this was the case, but the worse part of it all is that when I was finally able to reach a person, they were extremely rude and refused to help me in any way. I was completely shocked. I went ahead and paid my bill of $50.28, half of which was a "Returned check charge". I will never shop there again.

  • Ra
    ralfyglez Jul 10, 2010

    look stacey if your so responsible why did you enter the wrong numbers. Im not sure if you have ever noticed but different people have different account number lenghts, simply put the banks with time have been adquiring more customers and have had to increase the lenght of the acc# so everyone gets a different number and as for the rtrn fee you were charged im sure that if i bought something from you and failed to pay correctly you'd add to my charges. Kohls is not a bank or one of the six US money Mints (where they make the money), they have bills to pay too.

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Resolved nasty cashier

Im a regular costumer at Kohls.I love to shop there especially if they have clearance sale.Most of my stuff i...

Resolved poop on the floor

I took my kids to the Kohl's in Canton, GA. It is pretty new and I was hoping the place would be clean. Boy, I was wrong. We walked to the toys department and we saw POOP on the floor. It was covered with napkin and from far I thought it was cofee. As we walked closer, the smell was gross. Apparently a boy pooped on the floor and the parent covered it with napkins. So bottom line is that the store was nice but don't expect any civilized people shop there!!!

  • Pe
    peterpiperpeepee Mar 01, 2010

    It was not my child...it was yours, peepee face poophead

    -1 Votes
  • Ov
    Overworked Apr 06, 2010

    And then you went to the fitting room right and tried on 25 pieces of XL clothing and left them all over the floor because you didn't like how they looks on your "I'm fat cause i'm horomonal" body right.

    0 Votes
  • Ic
    iCarly Apr 24, 2010

    So a customer made a mess, and you write the store up on a Complaint site?

    2 Votes
  • Ai
    Aidan May 17, 2010

    Guys? Nowhere in there did she say that it was the store's fault. She even said the store was nice. She was saying that people in general are rude and disgusting.

    0 Votes
  • Dd
    ddizz66 May 17, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Due to non compliance of the hazardous waste act of 1992, this Kohls store #9443 will be shut down for an immediate investigation. It seems that due to the need to have the grand opening happen on time, there was a slight over sight. THE construction Company that goes by the title..Marius &Bros LLC. as well as Mario BrothersLLC. were in somewhat of a time crunch. One of there day laborers reportedly placed the neon RESTROOM sign on the dressing room entrance door. However, from what we gather the little fella tried his best to reach the door, but a few rattled down his leg, and much to his dismay his grandpa just threw some napkins on it and went on his merry way back to the lingeri section to gawk at the old ladies that just got off the scat bus. I hear they will be closed until proper changes can be made.


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Resolved horrible online billing/payment

I just now canceled my account among many other unhappy customers i've been finding online,

- I plugged in my routing number and acct number perfectly and said the payment went through.
- a few weeks later i get a bill saying i still owed that amount plus a returned check fee!!!
- when i called about their mistake, the person in the customer service was USELESS and said that my acct #was right and they refuse to pay the returned check fee from the bank.

  • Fe
    Fedupwith kohls Mar 01, 2010

    I agree with you. I have overdraft protection so never bounce a check of any kind. I paid online in Kohl's site. It went through. Later I was told that the bank rejected the check and was of course charged for the "bounced check" I did everything right, I have over draft protection, yet they would not listen that they did something. Then they would not let me pay anymore online. I called twice and they said they would change that. They did not, and then I was told that I could not pay by phone either. That I would have to go to the store to pay. I do all my bill paying online for I have a stroke victim husband. I told them to cancel my account. Amazingly they can do that online for me. I have been a good customer for five years.

    Yes they are overpriced. That is why they have the "sales " all the time. I will go to Target now for the things that I need.

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  • Re
    Responsible payer, Stacey Mar 20, 2010

    I had the same thing happen to me!!! I always pay my credit card bills in full, timely, every month. They hit me with a "Returned check fee", when I had almost $20, 000.00 in my bank account. The customer service reps said there was nothing they could do. I spoke with three different representatives and they all told me the same thing! I'm with you. Target's things are of better quality in my opinion anyway. I will never shop Kohl's again...EVER!!!

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  • Ja
    Jay7891 May 15, 2010

    I have had the same thing happen to me. I pay all of my bills online and have never had a problem fat-fingering my account number - 4 times (once as an initial entry and a second time to confirm). Kohl's answer was to take the payment in to the store?! No! No wonder I never had an account with them until 2 mos ago. They just lost another customer.

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  • Da
    Dandelion Jun 24, 2010

    I had the same thing happen in February. I canceled my card and have not been back to the store.

    0 Votes

Resolved the worst place I worked in

I used to work for Store number 533, The Nashua NH location. I'd have to say that this store was the WORST, I mean the worst place I worked. The Managers were so rude to the employees. The head Manager Michael gave little to no hours, he got very defensive when you brought an employee concern to him. The receptionist ALWAYS mis-calculated hours, so your hours were way less then they were suppose to be. The Assistant Manager Melissa constantly was spreading other employees personal business as well as Tamara, and April. They are all very stuck up, and catty people and I have to say NEVER work at this location. Its nothing but a headache!!! I was moving and they wouldn't transfer me at all without reasoning?! I was a great employee. I dealt with the economic and personal issues that every person in America faces dailiy. So Im left jobless no money to help raise my daughter because they wouldn't transfer me. So I plead anyone that thinks Kohls is a great Career choice its not. If you want to cry, be stressed constantly and have your personal business spread through out a store ( Which managers are suppose to keep to themselves) And be downed all the time by Catty Managers be my guest then this is the Career for you.

  • Pr
    projectsoulcatcher Jun 06, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    most stores arent like that. i worked at the 592 store in Corona, CA. and the managers werent all catty. they were really nice. if one store is mean that doesnt mean ALL the stores are.

    0 Votes
  • Ov
    Overworked Jan 04, 2011

    I dealt with the economic and personal issues that every person in America faces dailiy

    You mean those same people that could get to work? LOL

    0 Votes

Resolved ripoff and horrendous customer service

I was paying for merchandise with debit card at jewelry/makeup counter. I do not use this card as a credit, ever. I slid the card into machine and before I even saw the options for debit/credit, the clerk handed me a receipt. I asked her how that happened as I didn't even press a button. Any button. It never even went to a credit/debit screen! She told me it's considered a debit if the card has "debit" on it and not to worry, if I had I return, I'd get cash back. I later purchased more items and the front register did the same exact thing so I figured they were telling the truth and this is the way they do the debit transactions now. Um...NO. I could not get cash back two days later when I returned an item. I asked for a manager (no name tag) and she told me the money would be immediately returned to the card.She said "I use my debit in here all the time, and the money goes right back on the card when I return anything." I believed her because Macy's does this. The only difference is they REALLY do it, Kohl's does not. After 3 days of not seeing my money, I called customer service who without asking even my name, told me to call the bank. I had already told the customer service clerk I called my bank twice. She said, well, I have to keep calling them. I got very firm with her and asked her why she never even asked for my name or any info to look into the matter of my money.I asked for a supervisor and got put on hold for a long time. This happened FOUR times, each time I was told that Susan, the supervisor said to FAX the receipt to them. In other words, no one was going to help me and that was that. The clerk, Jen, simply talked over me until I said our conversation was through, I was filing complaints with her name on them if she didn't get a supervisor in the next few seconds. Another person got on named, Gail, and she was not only nasty, she didn't want to hear my questions and as I was explaining what I needed, she continued repeating over and over louder than I was speaking, "But, how can I help you..but how can I help you..." I told her she could help my by answering my questions.She refused to give me anyone's employee number or last name so I could identify them in the complaints I now had to file. She stated each one of them were the only ones "there" with those first names. I had asked both customer service"people" for the name of their ceo and administrative address, neither one of them knew! Gail, the exremely nasty one told me to go online and look for it! She told me she couldn't help me, there was NOTHING she could do. I said there's always something that can be done if one wants to truly help and do a good job. She then offered me coupons but not my refund!!! I now have to file complaints with BBB and C.A. for this refund. I'm disgusted and want everyone to know what a lousy place Kohl's is.

  • Fe
    Fedupwith kohls Mar 01, 2010

    I bought a coat for my granddaughter that was on a special sale for that day. It rang up eight dollars over what it should have been. I told the cashier and she called back to someone with the phone. Then she said "This is the price". I bought the coat because of my granddaughter. I went back and looked at the sign but it did not matter. The sign said something different than what I had paid but no one cared. I lost eight dollars because of it. I did not want to disappoint my granddaughter.

    Also on other occasions I noticed that they go around an hour before the sale ends on the power hour sales to remove the sale signs. They are gone an hour before the sale ends.

    0 Votes
  • Di
    dirtycuban1211 Mar 03, 2010

    Here we go...

    1. Guarentee that you made a credit purchase. I guarentee it. Check your reciept, and near the bottom, if it says anything along the lines of Visa Credit, MC Credit, AMEX Credit, or DSCVR Credit, then it was a credit transaction. If you didn't press a credit option, that means that it automatically went to a credit option. Which means you signed for it as a credit, which means you legally aggreed to the terms that they put in front of you.

    2. There's only so much that can be done over the phone. If you continually call and harass (yeah, i said it, harass) the employees, how helpful do you really expect them to be? If you have a problem, go to the store and speak to someone face to face to resolve it. This is the best way to get it fixed.

    3. The money should get back to you almost immediately. If it doesn't, then that is the banks fault. Talk to them, find out if they hold returns through the card before giving you the money. We don't have a button that says "Immediately give back customer's money". We simply do the steps to return it to the account, the bank being the one that gets the wired cash return.

    4. We're not Gods. I'm not God. Anyone working in any dept. store is not God. There are limits to what we can do. When someone says "There's Nothing I Can Do, " it really means "There's Nothing I Can Do". Not nothing the store or company can do. I can't do things that my manager can. My manager can't do things that the district manager can. Chain of comand, learn it well.

    5. To the person that bought the coat for their granddaughter - if the sign says one thing, and you paid another, then you can get a price adjustment. You have to have the right sign, of course. But if you think you do, then walk with an associate to the sign, show them the item, and watch as they either say "I'll fix this" or "No, that's the wrong sign". Also, yes, we have to change the signs before the sale ends. Because if we didn't, then we would have incorrect signs up, which would be a greater hassle.

    6. One last thing. If you are really that upset over 8 dollars, i'll give it to you. Out of my pocket. In cash. Just so you will shut up. It's 8 dollars. That is an hour at minimum wage. That is absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of life.

    Your Friendly Neighborhood Kohl's Employee (FNKE) :)

    3 Votes
  • Kr
    kristina06 Mar 11, 2010

    Kohl's really does have horrible customer service. Sure if you manipulate the power hour savings with the coupon and Kohl's cash you might save a little bit of money but the markup on merchandise is already so high that when you take 60% off it really just brings it down to Wal-Mart prices. To the person that said handle it at store level, I try to do that but nothing ever happens thats why I call corporate. I would love to resolve an issue at a low level. The reason we harras is because you hide behind the phone, even hang up sometimes. There are nice managers but there are also managers who have issues personally and it spills out into their customer service. Kohl's does not follow their own policies. They change the rules as they go along. You work for Kohl's and want to help me resolve an issue? Please do. I need a good employee to midigate because I have a current issue with Kohls. You want to prove Kohl's cares? email me at [email protected] and help me then. I'll write all about it if you can help.

    -1 Votes
  • Di
    dirtycuban1211 Mar 29, 2010

    I have nother post, entitled "Tell Me What's Wrong...". Post the issue there, and i'll tak a look at it. Or post it here, so that if you have a problem similar to someone else's, it will save them the hassle of complaining.

    0 Votes
  • Fa
    FalseAdvertisement Jul 07, 2010


    I bought a Hamilton Beach electric can opener from Kohl's for a friend where the top piece comes off and you can wash it and it was a

    heavy stainless steel piece, I went back to Kohl's to buy another one and I was a little skeptical when I was looking at the floor

    model and the partial boxed one (partial, meaning the way it was packaged part of the product is exposed so you can actualy

    see the contents) so when I got it home I found that the stainless steel piece was made of cheap silver plastic i went to return it

    and only recieved 19.61 back because some kind of ridiculous fees they applied. I just tossed my new credit card I got from

    KOHL's. Now I don't trust Kohl's or Hamilton Beach Products. They definitly over price things and try to make you look like

    you got a mark down. And on top of that Target was selling the same thing for 20.00.

    0 Votes
  • Fa
    FalseAdvertisement Jul 07, 2010

    The Kohl's one was 24.99.

    0 Votes
  • Ai
    Aidan Jul 25, 2010


    They did not charge you any fees. What happened was this. You said you got a new credit card from Kohl's. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that you applied for that card at the time of purchase, or activated your new card at the time of purchase, and received a 15% off discount on your transaction. When you returned the item, the receipt showed that you'd received a 15% off discount, and that 15% was applied to the item. So when they gave you your money back, they gave you back what you paid for the item after the discount and tax. You've lost out on nothing. Yeah, the product was crappy, and I'm sorry you didn't like what you bought, but please, don't give up on us so quickly. We'd love nothing more than to have you shopping with us.

    Did the associate who processed your return treat you rudely? Did people coerce you into buying the item? Every store has an item or two that just aren't as good as they should be. But that in no way means that everything we sell is crappy...why not come back in and look around. Don't make a judgment out of anger...you could miss out on a lot.

    And martinis: Quit being such a douche. I'm sorry you're not making enough money to make you happy...that doesn't mean you should be getting on a public forum and badmouthing your job. You better hope I never find out your name, because I will report you to Kohl's so [censor]ing fast your head will be spinning.

    2 Votes
  • Ai
    Aidan Aug 02, 2010

    There's a HUGE difference between saying you don't like your job and running around the internet telling Kohl's customers off on behalf of the company. You're acting as a representative of the company, when you claim where you work. And you're giving out a bad image. The company could press charges for something like that. It's damaging to their image, and could potentially cost them a lot of money.

    And no, actually. Everyone I work with likes me. Cause no one I work with has given me cause to report them.

    1 Votes
  • Sp
    spazzomatic Mar 22, 2011

    EW EW EWEW, Everyone needs to relax and listen to me...
    I work at Kohl's. Our whole policy is to make sure you leave and COME BACK AGAIN. I dunno what store you work for, and I'm beginning to see, from reading these postings, that each store is run completely differently. My store, for example, has managers who tell us not to bother them for adjusting prices, because our motto is "Yes We Can, " this empowers associates to adjust prices disputed by you, the customer. We will adjust a price for you, even offer you a final discount for your inconvenience, but understand that you get more flies with honey than with vinegar. If you're a [censor] and yell in my face with your breath hot with hostility and lack of flossing, then we won't help you and will take joy in giving you the run around. I mean, this happens, o- maybe 5% of the time, do we get people who harass us over the phone and demand our government issued names because their blender was too expensive. Talk, just TALK TO ANYONE WHO WILL LISTEN. This means, do not shout and get MAD because life is too short to give yourself a heart attack over the juicer you're buying to lower your blood pressure. Just use your words, please, we're all humans with emotions and families to support. Have compassion, people aRE willing to help you...
    Oh, and we HAVE to take down the 'power hour' signs around 1pm, or the tardy people will want a discount you woke up EXTRA ;) early for!!! I will say that weekend sales should NOT have time periods, I find customers hate to be restricted by dates and hour-related sales... THATS the thing people should be getting mad about. Not that communication skills have dipped since people learned you can scream loudest online, where no one can see you ; D

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