Kohl's Department Storesadjustment and/or refund denied, terrible customer service.

Hello, My name is Cheslyn Harrop, and I have a complaint I need to make and I would like this complaint to make its way to corporate or whoever is responsible for returns/adjustments and I would also like this to reach the General Manager of the location on Bald Hill Road in Warwick, Rhode Island. I dealt with some VERY rude customer service associates today who denied me a refund when I purchased my item six days ago and I'm within the window to return. I first wanted a price adjustment because the item is cheaper today (and being a manager for a retail corporation myself, I know that this is allowable) and they denied me that (Joyce and Marie) at the location on Bald Hill Road in Warwick RI. When I asked to return and repurchase they denied me that too. I have every single right to return my item. No explanation given, just a straight up no and they couldn't get me any details as to why and they never offered to have me speak with a manager. With it being Black Friday and I went it about 15 minutes after they opened and I was exhausted, I wasn't going to call for a manager at that time, but I have written this complaint on every single medium that I can, facebook, messenger, your feedback site, corporate, everything. Worst customer service I have EVER received. Very unhappy with Khols. This needs to be adjusted for me, no matter how many managers I need to speak to. I purchased the instant pot 10 in 1 on 11/17/18 for 209.99, 162.63 was the final price after taxes and coupons were applied. The sale price for today is 99.99, and the sale only goes until 1PM. As I said, being a manager for Staples, I am aware of what the registers can and cannot do, and I'm aware of what the customer has the right to, and what a customer first atmosphere looks like. This was an unfriendly, and rude interaction. It seemed as though they didn't want to be working and didn't care to speak with me at all in regards to the situation. I made sure they knew I was taking down their names and that I would be speaking to all the managers that I can. This is a substantial discount for today, I only purchased this item 6 days ago. There is no reason why I could not return it and repurchase it at the lower price. I would have been willing to get in a long line and wait to do that but they denied me before I could even really finish my sentence. I need to be contacted by a manager immediately and I will keep reaching out and speaking to whoever I need to to get this matter fixed and addressed. My phone number is [protected]. Thank you.

-- My desired resolution is my adjustment and for the general manager of this location to know how I was treated and the women who handled the situation, Marie and Joyce.

Kohl's Department Stores

Nov 23, 2018

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