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These people below along with so many on google have ruined my ex my first live and my woman life over abuse threatening kill her and her pet and on top of that hacked into my love accounts emails phone the lot loads times so far they are sick people do it for fun only https://plus.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Mountain View, second and third they all sick people

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    This I thought was wrong but may be im wright police are dealing with mr soch and others now

  • Updated by Heartless spirit · May 13, 2017

    Like veth soch from Victoria Australia hes close friends with theses trolls hackers and serious cyber bullies and even worse as photos show if you see or your victim to report it to your local police or action fraud police uk google it on google they will take your information and crime they are doing towards you ...crime no I got for this x2 by uk police ...dont suffer in silence ok tell the police or action fraud police uk just google action fraud police uk...cyber crime is a crime to

  • Updated by Heartless spirit · May 18, 2017

    Police are dealing with crime now ...veth soch left googleplus and hes okay he had his account hacked to veth soch is okay now and like others like him getting hacked by so many across the world police need to stop hackers and etc carrying out cyber crimes

  • Updated by Heartless spirit · May 18, 2017

    Leave veth soch alone people plz hes like me and others been victim of cyber crime ok hackers etc kind people

  • Updated by Heartless spirit · May 19, 2017

    Veth soch is abuser trouble maker and tell me to [censored] hes rejoined gplus veth soch from Victoria Australia tells me [censored] and sends death threats to me to [censored] or hunt me down you [censored] but if you stay away your fine just keep away from him.hes nothing but trouble and human filth of this world...hes former friends with abusers hackers etc on googleplus if he still is is unknown may be he is or may be he isnt just if you have trouble call your loyal police with screenshots as proof ok ...

May 13, 2017

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