Googlelocked account on my phone

S Nov 27, 2017

I have service through T-Mobile and had to update my software today on the phone (Samsung galaxy J7) After that I got a message that the phone was corrupted and had to be wiped of all data. After that I had to restart using my Google account, which of course I did not remember the password, so reset it on my pc. Then my phone says I am locked out for 24 hours because I changed the password. This is [censor]. I verified who I was on your site SEVERAL TIMES. I was on the phone with T-Mobile 3 times today, Samsung and Google, who said they could do nothing. Your customer service is terrible and needless to say I will let every human being I know about this. How am I supposed to conduct business without my phone? How am I supposed to know where my kid is at without my phone. All your company cares about is getting money. Pathetic, all of you.

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