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Direct TV / poor customer service / cancellation fee

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Do not do business with direct tv !!!

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Complaint description - posted 4/9/2009 11:28:18 am

My wife and I have disputed a claim in the amount of $311.35 from day one and explained to directv that they did not provide the level of customer service that they had promised. On four (4) separate occasion during sept. Of 2007, we asked directv to move a satellite dish off our deck to a more suitable location (Service started in late aug. , 2007). Each time over a period of four weeks, directv informed us that a service technician would be at our house to move the dish but a technician never showed up and no one from directv called us to reschedule.In fact, on the fourth call, we explained our frustration to their csr and warned her that if no one showed up on the day they scheduled, we would cancel service. She assured us that a technician would definitely be out to our house on 9/24/2007 to move the dish. Again, no technician and no phone call to let us know (Or even to reschedule, which would have been fine had someone from directv called us). So, we cancelled service after one month. When we received a notice of the cancellation fee, a letter was sent to explain why we were not going to pay it. They acknowledged our complaint, but said that we signed an agreement and were bound by it. We said that we would not pay a dime at which point they contacted three different collection agencies over the period of 18 months in an attempt to collect a debt which they knew we would not pay. One reported this dispute to a credit bureau.

Complaint summary
Failed to send technician to move dish after four calls and appointments were made. Service canceled and dispute cancellation fee.

Resolution sought
We demand that directv inform the credit bureaus that this debt is being disputed and to remove any adverse report from our credit history. We also demand that they either settle this matter in court or dismiss it. Further attempts to collect by retaining assistance from other collection agencies will be construed as harassment.

Company's initial response - posted 04/22/2009
We regret to hear of any misunderstanding or inconvenience. We apologize; we do not have record of four missed appointments. Our records indicate you placed an order for directv on august 3, 2007, and activated on august 19. On the day of installation, you requested another receiver which was installed and activated. On august 20, you contacted our customer service to request the satellite dish, which was installed on your deck, be moved. We offered to schedule the dish relocation for you at a cost of $49; however, the offer was declined. On september 14, you contacted our customer service, were provided a $100 programming credit to retain your business and we scheduled the relocation of the satellite dish for september 17. Our local office attempted to contact you by phone regarding your appointment but your phone number would not accept incoming calls. On september 18, you contacted our customer service to request disconnection of your account. At the time you placed your directv order, we advised you there would be a programming agreement associated with the equipment you were acquiring. We also communicated the agreement in the order confirmation letter and in the directv equipment lease addendum (Mailed to the address on file and at We significantly discount the price of equipment and installations.In exchange, we ask our customers to keep their programming for a specified amount of time. Customers who acquire advanced receivers (Dvr, hd, hd dvr) accept a 24-month programming agreement. You disconnected prior to completing your programming agreement. As a result, a valid early cancellation fee applied. As you requested, we have notified the collection agency to cease collection activity on this account. However, directv retains the right to pursue collection of this debt. The balance of $311.35 is valid and due. Thank you for the opportunity to address your directv concerns. Sincerely, directv office of the president.

Initial response summary
As you requested, we have notified the collection agency to cease collection activity on this account.

Consumer’s rebuttal – posted 04/24/2009
Re: "we offered to schedule the dish relocation for you at a cost of $49; however, the offer was declined?" are you kidding me? We would have gladly paid it had it been offered and had a technician actually come out to move it, but it wasn't offered nor was there any mention of it on the 3 other calls we made. Why would direct-tv tell us that they would be out to move it on 4 separate occasions and then leave us in the dark? On the 4th call, we told your csr that if it wasn't moved, we would cancel, and when no one showed up or called, we canceled (A $100 cr. Was of little interest to us at that point). Re: "our local office attempted to contact you by phone regarding your appointment but your phone number would not accept incoming calls". Come on now! Admit that no one attempted to contact us to reschedule, which is what we were upset about. Had they done so, we wouldn't be having these disussions. What now angers us the most is the fact that two - not one, but two - collection agencies, nationwide and allied interstate, have posted adverse history. Don't you think one report was enough? We will contact the iowa state attorney general to see what recourse we have.

Company’s final response – posted 04/27/2009

Although we understand, you were frustrated while waiting for the dish to be moved, nothing in our records indicate that the location of the dish caused a problem with your services. The original install was approved by the person at home during the installation. We have verified the relocation work order was processed and the $100 credit was provided to your account. We have also verified the notes on the relocation work order indicate the local office attempted to contact you to reschedule the appointment, but they were unable to reach you. We have reviewed your account and unfortunately, we are unable to waive your early cancellation fee. As noted in the directv customer agreement “we may assign your account or this agreement and all rights and/or obligations hereunder to any third party without notice for any purpose, including, without limitation, collection of unpaid amounts…” to avoid further collection actions please remit the final balance due, in the amount of $311.35, to the following address: directv, po box 78626, phoenix, az [protected]. Respectfully, directv office of the president.

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      7th of May, 2009
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    they do have a point there sir, someone was home for the install that agreed to where the dish was first placed, if you had a certin place that you wanted to have the dish, why didn't you yourself make sure that it was put there??? Or is it that you were home and the installer told you there would be custom charges or something??? Sounds like the company was not in the wrong there, except perhaps the missed appointments, which by the way companies such as directv subcontract install companies out.
    Sounds like the BBB is going to back them up on this one to and that is someoene who is out for the customers, of course if the customers are in the right. You pretty much just made yourself look like a petty loser.

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