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Netflix / netflix charge on my credit card

Diane Wirth on Feb 24, 2017
I have never used Netflix...cannot even get into it ...I was charged $10.09 for the month of January & February 2017 ...and for what...This is just impossible and where did you get my credit card account number...is this just another scam...most likely...I will call my credit card server...

Netflix / Your show, dear white people

Joanie Kajder-Keegan on Feb 10, 2017
I think it's horrible that with everything going on that you would run a show like this. As if our country isn't divided enough? This is very controversial and if you think other wise you are part of the problem. It's because of media and shows like this causing division. My family have...

Netflix / Racist propaganda garbage {dear white people)

Gregory Norton on Feb 10, 2017
I just saw the trailer for "Dear White People" and immediately canceled my account. I find it really sad that Netflix has bought into this "It's not racist if you hate white people" narrative. ####ing disgraceful. I'll be having my family and friends cancel their...

Netflix / Dear white people

Kent Miller on Feb 9, 2017
Why would you think that it is a sound business move to dip your toes into such a racially charged, political nightmare, by allowing the show "Dear White People" to become a part of your GREAT COMPany? Jack Moore is a self proclaimed racist, as is evident by his "#### white people"...

Netflix / Dear white people

Kurt Myers on Feb 9, 2017
Why are you creating racist propaganda? If you titled a show "Dear Black/Brown/Yellow People" I'd be just as outraged. My children might see this garbage, and I'd have to spend a long time teaching them about the horrors of ignorance in our society, where elitist corporations attempt to...

Netflix / Netflix announces racist series based off of discredited mtv documentary

John Renald Haufmann on Feb 8, 2017
"Dear White People", a show based off of the MTV documentary of the same name, has been announced by Netflix. The documentary it's based off of unethically cherry picks data from a study to further the agenda being driven, while simultaneously ignoring data that doesn't fit the narrative...

Netflix / Chelsea handler the bigot

Sstevve on Jan 26, 2017
My best friend has an accent. He is a intelligent, smart person who speaks 4 languages fluently. I think it would be funny if Chelsea Handler makes fun of my friend for no reason. Oh Wait, Chelsea thinks it is okay to mock and humiliate Melanie Trump's accent even though she is educated...

Netflix / A netflix original movie

Mark122222222222 on Jan 25, 2017
Title: black mirror Season 1, episode 1 This is the most disgusting show i've ever seen. I don't know why I watched it past the first 5 min. I wanted to see just how far they would take the absurdity of the story. A guy is forced into having sex with a pig—and a billion people watch it on tv...

Netflix / Lacking real customer service

joe we speak the truth on Jan 25, 2017
Recently i just wrote about the poor and what i beleive to be intentional delay of turn around times of Netflix rentals, well they are still at it. if you read my complaint of a few days ago nothing has changed, even after talking with them and a supervisor, they had their movies back but...

Netflix / Racism in your broadcasting

Robert Johnson on Jan 24, 2017
Why do you have a host on one of your shows who hates immigrants? My wife is from Mexico and does not speak very good english and I do not appreciate your host making fun of people who "don't speak properly". Chelsea Handler is a hateful Xenophobe who is intolerant of new immigrants and I...

Netflix / Movie turnaround times and shipping and nearest netflix facility

joe we speak the truth on Jan 23, 2017
Netflix has a system in place that identifies your movie return while it is in the postal system mail stream as well as the when you actually received your movies as well as when they actually put them into the mail to you. In the recent past besides letting you know they knew they were in...

Netflix / Worst chefs in america removed from netflix

Stacey Clemens on Jan 15, 2017
The TV show, Worst Chef in America, was removed from Netflix in 2017. My family really enjoyed this show! We were about to watch the 2nd season finale, but it was gone. Please bring back Worst Chefs in America! I believe live TV is on season 9, so there are many seasons of this great show...

Netflix / Password reset

Jennifer Laurence on Jan 4, 2017
After over 3.5 hours that started at 3:11pm and ended at 11:57pm creation of new email address with different providers and speaking to 4 - 1st line customer support folks and 3 different floor supervisors who all were unable to call be back in case of "mysterious" disconnections, and the...

Netflix / Removed show

Land1798 on Jan 1, 2017
I adored Netflix, an absolute mega-fan. However, taking away my favorite shows really put a sour note on the start on my 2017. I tried shrugging it off, but without those shows, I really have no reason to continue with Netflix. I really would like to maintain my subscription with Netflix...

Netflix / Your edited version of my little pony, the episode, "where the apple lies". It's off putting and ruins the story continuity!

Lori Simms on Dec 22, 2016
In the overall ongoing story of the series, it's a major plot point that the Applke Family produces apple cider, not juice. Your edit changing it to juice is absolutely ridiculous and uneeded! Not all cider is alcoholic, and that's honestly rather a weak point at best if it was your reason...

Netflix / Netflix removed all christian, and updated flash and cosby episodes.

tonymaurice33 on Nov 30, 2016
Hello I have been a Netflix customer for many years and have enjoyed the many programs on Netflix but recently I have notice that you have been remove different TV show like the updated Flash episodes, and The Cosby show, but the thing that really upset me is the fact that you have removed...

Netflix / Free trial

Wakefieldghost on Nov 19, 2016
I signed for the free trial only to discover that Firefox's claim to support it was not working. I use Ubuntu and not interested in any Silverlight BS. Finally found the fixes to make it go. Nothing that support would have a clue about since they can't even type in correct sentences. An...

Netflix / Online video streaming

rainbow6 on Oct 27, 2016
For the past month my Netflix at home video streaming has been worse than ever (the past 2 years it's had real bad buffering issues). I barely even plays after 10min of getting a show to turn on, then in the middle of the show, it'll just stop and go back to the menu and it takes ten more...

Netflix / Cuts out/no good movie selections

socalbearman on Oct 26, 2016
For the last 2 months Netflix cuts out every time after 2 minutes of running. My internet service is fine on the computer and the BlueRay. It is only Netflix that won't work. The movie selection and other titles are bad. Anything great you search for is non existent. I never quite get why...

Netflix / Multiple payments

Jasper Hutton on Sep 13, 2016
I called Netflix on the 17th August to say they had debited my account twice once on the 8th again on the 17th. I provided them with a screenshot of my August statement, that wasn't enough I then called my Bank to get the two authorisation codes that wasn't enough for them. They are requesting a...

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Consumer Confidence Falls In August
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