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Netflix / euro to dollar conversion and eu content

Nelson Miguel on Oct 17, 2017
Where in the hell is 10.99 dollars the same as 10.99 euros??? And why the hell do i pay more in dollars and have WAY less content than the US? Licenses? Fine but then cut the price down! The nerve in saying that "oh we're going to increase prices because we're adding content"... So, again, why the hell do i have less content than the US and pay MORE?

Netflix / movie choices

Christopher Finn on Oct 17, 2017
I have been a Netflix member for years but it's really starting to get old. I feel like I'm walking into a second hand movie store because most of the movies available are years and years old! I'm starting to find it much more convenient to pay a little more for other streaming services or...

Netflix / blatant disrespect to catholic faith

ilovesmileyfaces on Oct 15, 2017
The picture used to promote Christina P's show shocked and disgusted me. It is clearly made to look like the iconic picture of the Blessed Mother with the child Jesus. The show's description, title, etc has nothing to do with the framing of the picture. You just chose to use a very well...

Netflix / blasphemy

fedupcatholic on Oct 13, 2017
Today I opened up my Netflix page and found an image that totally disgusted me. You & "Christina P" are displaying what you feel is a comic rendition of The blessed Mother of God" holding the child Jesus. How dare you. In this day & age when everyone is offended by any little thing, thi...

Netflix / taking off a movie

Lulu Callahnag on Oct 13, 2017
My whole class loves the movie Titanic LEGIT everyone! And we are devastated that they are taking off Titanic it is all over our FAVOURITE movie and a lot of people I know are very UPSET!!! SO DO NOT TAKE TITANIC OFF OF NETFLIX OR I WILL DISCONNECT FROM NETFLIX! Like seriously? do you have...

Netflix / ms. heather reed

heatherreed on Oct 13, 2017
10/13/17 My complaint is that you need up date your T.V. Shows and your Movies Netflix need a face lift it need be up date to 2017 this is the new millennium. I no you proved services to your customers but I speak for lot of customers put on a lot of new T.V shows as well lot new movies. IF...

Netflix / big mouth

Upset Survivor on Oct 12, 2017
As a survivor of child pornography and child trafficking I was severely triggered and in panic at the ad for big mouth. I immediately canceled my subscription and explained to all my friends on facebook why I did so. I can only hope people will wake up to realize it's not that sexual...

Netflix / filthy big mouth show

Annel Rodriguez on Oct 11, 2017
Netflix once again has confirm why we no longer have their service. They are nothing but a platform to promote hatred towards the Catholic faith and now go as low as to promote sexual perversion and immorality by targeting our most innocent and vulnerable, our kids. If you're an american...

Netflix / take your choice

3rdmilcassandra on Oct 11, 2017
Delighted that netflix has dropped 1-5 star ratings. However, I regret and resent dropping renter reviews. I found these way more helpful, not to mention interesting, than reviews at amazon or other vendors. How about bring back viewer reviews?? While i'm complaining, why on earth do I have...

Netflix / big mouth

Morlando9 on Oct 11, 2017
Netflix has been putting on more and more disgusting, filthy programming. The original series from Netflix seem to be the worst. :( Big mouth is... heartbreakingly immoral and aimed at our most innocent. Shame on them. There have been many studies now that link this visual and audio content...

Netflix / big mouth

DavidLetters on Oct 11, 2017
As a young man in college, I find the content of your show 'Big Mouth' an absolute disgrace for children to watch. How about it, Reed Hastings? Did you ever think when you started the company that someday your company would spread filthy content into the minds of young children? You're a...

Netflix / cancel my subscription because of big mouth & others

St. Denis on Oct 11, 2017
10/11/2017 To: Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer Jonathan Friedland, Chief Communications Officer Reed Hastings, Founder and CEO Netflix Customer Care Service Netflix, Inc. 100 Winchester Cir Los Gatos, California United States - 95032-1815 The show Big Mouth is nothing more than the...

Netflix / big mouth and your other blasphemous attacks on catholicism

Metyuui on Oct 11, 2017
I'm no longer your customer. I don't know what's going on with you but it's a lie to say you're providing what viewers want. You got rid of all the older decent family lineup of programs I used to enjoy and transformed into sociopath-hustlerdlix. Don't expect me to come back till you have...

Netflix / show - big mouth

Celina Garcia on Oct 9, 2017
I'm so upset about this filthy (as indicated by the co-creator himself) show that is aimed at minors. What possible value or benefit or good does this show bring. If no value, benefit or good is expected then what is expected? Harm, junk, trash? I understand shock bring media coverage and...

Netflix / big mouth

Matthew Pl on Oct 9, 2017
This show is not entertainment! It attempts to put humor into the most prosaic and impure acts of sexuality and encourages the lust of puberty-age children. This is not suitable for any audience let alone our dear children; furthermore, it encourages adult viewers to have sexual fantasie...

Netflix / pay tv

dt17 on Oct 2, 2017
in December 2016 I notified Netflix to cancel my pay tv subscription at an old address of 6 Mark Court Noble Park Victoria 3174. To my surprise Netflix has debited my account on the 26/07/2017 after the cancellation notified A sum of $56.01 from my credit card account 5163 190008543432 in the...

Netflix / one tree hill.

lonk on Oct 2, 2017
One Tree Hill is my favorite show. The only reason I use Netflix. I love One Tree Hill it is the best show ever. I cried like a baby the last episode and screamed for the joy the day you guys put it on Netflix. I have watched that show from beginning to end a bunch of times and I wa...

Netflix / one tree hill

Jackie Ebarb on Oct 1, 2017
Hello, my name is Jackie. Wait, you don't deserve a hello or even a nice approach. You my friend-I mean trader deserve no good approach. I am highly disappointed in your recent decisions on behalf of taking off One Tree Hill! I am currently changing to Hulu until you bring it back. I...

Netflix / removal of shows

Mario/Gretchen on Oct 1, 2017
I dont understand why you wouldnt warn customers about the removal of shows. I have been watching prison break over the 2 months and had only a few shows left and it is now gone.I have been paying for this service for so long and I am very frustrated. Why cant you give a warning when i put...

Netflix / everyday for the past week it hasn't played

Gottiboy82 on Sep 29, 2017
We're having trouble playing this title right now. Please try again later or select a different title. It says this for everything I try and play! I've had nexflix forever seriously forever like 9yrs and saw this from time to time but never this much and for everything I try and play! And...

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