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Netflix / okja movie

KYgirl007 on Jul 21, 2017
I'm not complaining about the movie actually it was ok. I'm pissed off because you put trailers out that make it look like an enjoyable family movie that you could watch with kids and by the time you figure out that it's not you already have a child crying because the animal is getting...

Netflix.com / F is for family

Gillette Pat on Jul 21, 2017
I am disgusted and alarmed that a well- known company has decided to allow a blantant disregard of the scared and and religious icons of the CHRISTIAN religion in the series "F is for Family" To allow our Jesus, Mary, and all of our Biblical persons to be the butt of jokes to the...

Netflix / the netflix series "f is for family"

Patrick Malley on Jul 19, 2017
I’ve been informed that the Netflix series "F is for Family" uses Jesus, Mary and many Catholic devotions as props in their sick scenarios. Further, that sex, profanity, drugs and blasphemy are the major themes of this animated program in a poor attempt to portray average 1970's family life. I...

Netflix / f is for family

jadegreen on Jul 19, 2017
The new show, "F is for Family, " is absolutely deplorable. What base, disgusting pandering to the lowest, animal inclinations of humanity. To top it off, the show includes scenarios that are deeply offensive to any Christian, and Catholics in particular. If the show isn't removed and...

Netflix / freezing stream

Trisha Mendez on Jul 19, 2017
What happened? I can't watch a single show now without it freezing or locking up. Was fine until a month ago (June 2017). No issues with other streams on same tv. I have had to switch 6o other apps. I hate to say I will drop service and cancel account if it's not resolved. BTW not internet...

Netflix / f is for family

C. Mittermeier on Jul 15, 2017
I have only recently become aware of this show, and I find it's portrayal of Christian imagery horrible. I ask you remove the show. My faith tells me to pray for those who persecute us, and so you will be in my prayers. Your portrayal is hurtful to any who had to deal with those in the...

Netflix / f is for family

Spolis on Jul 15, 2017
I am deeply disturbed that you find it ok to so discriminate against Catholics. How is this not considered hate? There would be a huge outcry of antisemitism or islamiphopia if this were pertaining to those religions and rightfully so. Please in the name of spreading love not hate as is so...

Netflix / unable to connect

Ash12345zz on Jul 14, 2017
I'm attempting to access Netflix via my tv which is bush.. Bush has a Netflix app available which I have been using everyday for over a month an never had an issue.. now when I attempt to access it I'm getting an error message to advise it is unable to connect.. I contacted your contact...

Netflix / f is for family

Elizabeth Ann 200 on Jul 14, 2017
As a Catholic who loves her faith, I strongly protest the program f is for Family which Netflix is disseminating. It discriminates against and mocks the faith of millions of Catholics around the world. We are deeply offended by it, and will not stand idly by while this is presented on the...

Netflix / offensive show/ hate speech

calaf5 on Jul 14, 2017
The Netflix show "F is for Family" is more than offensive to Christians, its sick and disgusting. Its hate speech. It needs to go. Here is just one description from the show. One of the main characters prays to a crucifix and chants “vagi_a, vagi_a, vagi_a”, the same character later...

Netflix / f is for family

LauraJW on Jul 14, 2017
I am a longtime Netflix customer, and a Catholic. Your new series, F is for Family is deeply offensive to me. Many of the themes represent a bigoted, raunchy view of a faith that I (and 1.2 other Catholics worldwide) hold dear. Please consider removing this show, and giving thought to how...

Netflix / f is for family

CharlesFindley on Jul 13, 2017
Even if this didn't offend my beliefs as a Catholic, such tasteless depictions have no place on the net except hate forums. Just because you don't respect my faith's ideas of blasphemy doesn't make them any less hate. My family has been pushing me to get Netflix and wanted one reason not...

Netflix / the netflix tv series “f is for family”

VeryConcerned 1 on Jul 13, 2017
As a Catholic I am deeply offended by an attack against my religion in the name of entertainment. The Netflix series “F is for Family” is a disgusting ‘comedy’ which uses Jesus, Mary and many Catholic devotions as props in their sick scenarios. Netflix has gone too far with this one...

Netflix / blasphemy and gross attacks against our lord jesus christ and his most holy mother

asdfjkl;7 on Jul 13, 2017
The new series "F is for family" is an attack on every innocent aspect of our humanity, namely any belief in God and oneness with Him in the Body of Christ. It isn't an unbiased view point of someone who has no faith. It is made by those who do believe in God and who hate Him. This evil act...

Netflix / unethical behavior

Ana Abbamonte on Jul 13, 2017
Please remove and apologize immediately for providing the show "F is for Family" for your viewers. This is the most grotesque violation of God, Our Blessed Mother, and Christians everywhere that I have ever seen in "entertainment". As Christians are being slaughtered throughout the world...

Netflix / "f is family"

Djibouti on Jul 13, 2017
In a world where there is supposedly more tolerance, inclusion, sesnitivity to others and an intolerance of hatred, I am surprised and disappointed that shows such as F is Family exists. Certainly you can create a more entertaining show based on true creativitive and intellectual writing...

Netflix / f is for family

CFT83 on Jul 13, 2017
This series sounds disgusting. I find it incredible and worrying that our society thinks it is acceptable to mock and blaspheme Christianity, and in this case Catholicism specifically. This would not be tolerated against any other religion and rightly so. Please remove this series from...

Netflix / f is for family series

Melissa?? on Jul 13, 2017
Dear Mr. Sarandos and the entire Content Staff: Please immediately cancel and issue an apology for your offensive anti-Catholic series F is for Family. Among the offensive material is: a homosexual child-molesting priest who “counsels” several married couples, one of the main character...

Netflix / f is for family

FTE on Jul 13, 2017
I came across this horrendous show from the pulse about Catholicism being used as a disgusting comedy facet in it. Deciding to check into it more, I actually watched the Official Trailer on youTube. What a filthy disgusting show. I didn't see anything in the Trailer about Catholicism, but...

Netflix / f is for family

Dan Landini on Jul 13, 2017
My wife and I have been loyal members of the Netflix family. What I read about "f is for family" is very disturbing to us. Why do you only attack Catholics, is it because we wouldn't get together and do something? Well if this show is not cancelled and an apology given, I think we will...

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