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Netflix / "continue playing"

awfulservice on Mar 18, 2018
Submit another complaint about the constant overly frequent, usually randomly timed "continue playing?" obscure interruption. Why the [censor] are people paying for a steaming service that is just going to auto pause on them every 10 minutes? Hulu does do that [censor], never. Going to...

Netflix / service

Bob H2359 on Mar 17, 2018
After viewing a couple of shows consecutively Netflix won't load the selected show and displays an error code, "call customer service and mention this code". Techs walk me through everything I've said I've already tried to resolve the issue. Results are the same. Can't use the service. To...

Netflix / several

Amber Clark on Mar 14, 2018
After the price of Netflix increased we have had the following issues 1. DVD's have a much longer turn around time then they used too (AND we are paying more). Why? This does not make sense. 2. DVD's are not of the same quality. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't work at all, and...

Netflix / Upcoming Obama Series

Laura2323 on Mar 14, 2018
I do not want Netflix to provide a platform for the former president's destroy America platform. I will cancel my account if Netflix does not cancel Obama projects. (Btw this complaint form has been sent back to me several times because of missing information, and I think it need...

Netflix / programs

Joshjzam on Mar 12, 2018
Dear Netflix, my husband and I are very upset about the removal of all of the awesome shows you are taking away and have taken away. Since the removal of Family Guy, American Dad, Cleveland Show, Futurama and the future removal of Archer we are going to switch to Hulu if they aren't put...

Netflix / programming

Ruth Anderson on Mar 12, 2018
I am very offended that you would give the Criminal Obamas a platform to spread more of their lies. Obama is a TREASONOUS Ex-President. Conservatives are already calling for a boycott of Netflix and the sponsors. Please tell me that this isn't true!! You will lose the majority of America...

Netflix / obama propaganda

KRF99 on Mar 11, 2018
I'm disgusted and alarmed that you are allowing Obama to use Netflix as a platform to release biased material to your audience. This is unacceptable and will cancel my subscription if this moves forward. I know of hundreds if not thousands of other subscribers that will cancel their...

Netflix / political

Cheryl Nagle Lukens on Mar 11, 2018
I will cancel my service with Netflix immediately if you give the Obamas a forum to continue with their anti-American agenda. Don't tell me that is not their purpose. The Obamas and the Obama administration have degraded my country for their own political agenda. I am not the only American...

Netflix / food network channel shows

Toby Proctor on Mar 10, 2018
You have taken all of the food network shows off Netflix and those are pretty much why I pay to have Netflix. So the fact that I go to watch cutthroat kitchen and all my other favorites and they are gone really really upset me. The food network shows are my all time favorite. Please bring...

Netflix / the obama platform

Pissed customer9/11 on Mar 10, 2018
I have been a long time subscriber to netflix. Over the last couple years I have noticed the programming on netflix has become very left leaning. I have also noticed the divisiveness of the programming as well as programming with very racial tones towards whites and christians! This must...

Netflix / possible series program run by the obamas

LuanneW64 on Mar 10, 2018
If the rumors are true and Netflix is going to be giving the Obamas their own show, our family will cancel our subscription. Their show will be global. They have their own agenda. They don't give 2 craps about the American people. Obama will go down as the worst president in the history of...

Netflix / obama

Sharon O'Neill on Mar 10, 2018
I will cancel my subscription if you give that anti-American socialist constitution destroying troll a platform on your service. It is disgusting the lengths to which the liberals go to silence conservative free speech. You fawn all over these hate spewing liberals and silence the voice...

Netflix / obama on netflix

Julie Meyer on Mar 10, 2018
Obama is more decisive then any previous President- there may be those that still respect him and his wife but I despise him with a passion so much that I voted against Mrs Clinton because of his continued assault on myself and my family- Hearing him speak or seeing his face is repulsive...

Netflix / netflix giving obama another forum for his propaganda

icelady on Mar 10, 2018
Obama is the President that brought back propaganda to be used on U.S. citizens! How dare you help him spread his filthy propaganda! Shame on you! Politicians commit crimes and go without being prosecuted! I am against being subjected to another form of indoctrination! Bad enough everyone...

Netflix / liberal agenda

Pam Bennett on Mar 10, 2018
In general I'm disgusted with the liberal agenda and Netflix giving them a platform to jam their agenda down our thoughts without equal representation for Christian values. I can't turn on the TV, the news, the radio without hearing and seeing things that are anti Christian and immoral...

Netflix / obama netflix show

Tamera Cupit on Mar 10, 2018
I do not agree with giving criminals platforms to keep spreading the lies and propaganda that have been spread by an ex president that sold our country to Terriost. I will imediatly cancel my membership as well as many like minded people. It's time the establishment knows we the American...

Netflix / proposed series with obamas

dianimal on Mar 10, 2018
America has had more than enough of hussein obama!!! He's the subject of doj and ig investigations and is a known traitor to our country. Haven't you people read the recent reports!!? Why did obama allow his secretary of state, hillary clinton, to sell off 20% of our uranium to...

Netflix / talking to barack obama, who is currently under investigation

Christy Matson on Mar 10, 2018
I don't think it is proper to be giving someone like Traitor Obama, who is under investigation by Federal Government, a platform in which he will use to spew his hate and Communism. If this happens, you WILL lose a lot of customers. He does not love this Country and he has done everything...

Netflix / obama

Mahihkan on Mar 10, 2018
I imagine that Netflix has paid for the privilege to run this propaganda on their network. I don't imagine any amount of complaining will change their minds, however I am sure this will not be a contract that pays out for Netflix. Avoid scammy [censor] artists, and stick to quality 'entertainment'. Politics and entertainment should not collide. Thank you.

Netflix / content of shows

Santina Pi on Mar 10, 2018
Your content of shows seems to have a biased theme promoting liberalists views .. Anti White Agenda Your Chris Rock show calling for More White Children Deaths and More White Mothers Crying .. I find horrific.. that you allow shows with this material on your program You are raising your...


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