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520 Maryville Centre Dr., Ste. 300
Saint Louis
United States - MO63141-5820

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 877 694 9474(Order New Service) 3 1
+1 877 794 2724(Support) 13 1
+1 800 490 9604 5 0
+1 877 694 9474 3 1

Suddenlink Communications Complaints & Reviews

Suddenlink Communications / unwarranted service technician fee

Courtney Neal on Oct 19, 2017
We had Suddenlink come out and set up our home July 18, 2017. We were moving in and the movers hadn't delivered our belongings yet - such as a phone. The technician said we could just plug in a phone once we unboxed and it would be good to go. We did this and there was no dial tone. We...

Suddenlink Communications / employees

Miketrucksthebest on Oct 17, 2017
One of your employees has been harassing me for about 2 years now and i believe that he is using sudden link equipment to spy on me. He love at 3615 heard in kingman az 86409 the cops won't do anything about this. He hangs out with a bunch of people who he give free internet with and...

Suddenlink / billing

msbern on Oct 3, 2017
Every month for the last year; I've had to call and find out why I haven't received a bill. I've been reassured month after month that the issue is resolved. NOPE - next month same problem & I call to pay over the phone but no bill. I would like to see what I'm getting charged for. I...

Suddenlink Communications / tech support/csr/ phone service

Customer E. J. on Oct 1, 2017
I am writing in regards to a complaint I have with the company and service I have recently received. I recently switched to bundle my television, internet, and phone. I previously had phone service with another company for over 10 years and decided to switch with you all. I am not pleased...

Suddenlink Communications / customer service problems

Camilla Bobbitt on Sep 28, 2017
I got Suddenlink in 2016 with no problem. I moved to a different address and my bill went up. The service was disconnected. I had a past due balance of $211 and change. I applied for new service on 9/28/17. Did a live chat with Freedom M. because I had to pay the previous balance. After...

Suddenlink Communications / internet

I have been a loyal customer for 2 years. My bill every month is $45. We'll this month my bill was $450! That's right $450! The woman I spoke to on the phone was very rude and basically said there is nothing she can do even though there were multiple discrepancies. They are money hungry...

Suddenlink Communications / tv and internet installation

ferrellm on Sep 26, 2017
I have been trying to get tv and internet installed for almost 2 months. The tech came out and said I needed to have new lines run and that would take 5 to 7 days. It took 10 days then I called for the installation and the lady on the phone said he would be there on Tuesday Sept 19 between...

Suddenlink Communications / expecting tech

DissatisfiedCustoner on Sep 23, 2017
On 9/22/17 I upgraded my Suddenlink Communications services to include cable tv. Once service was requested I had a tech come to install it within 24-48 hours. Immediately upon the tech leaving I realized I was only able to access 3 channels. I called tech support and after...

Suddenlink Communications / expecting a tech

Natasha Eaton on Sep 22, 2017
On September 21, 2017 between 4-6 I was suppose to expect a technician to come out to my home. I called twice and was given two other different time frames. I also left a number to be put in to be contact when the person is on his/her way. I never received a phone call or neither did a...

Suddenlink Communications / technical support rep

Waylon lowry on Sep 21, 2017
On 9/21/17, at approximately.12:45pm, I contacted technical support to see why my cable was not working. I spoke with a Balencia, who first just asked what I needed, told her again my cable was not working as she responded asking me if I wanted her to send out a tech. I said no, and told...

Suddenlink Communications / cable

paul crump on Sep 21, 2017
suddenlink changed the numbers on their cable channels. Why, I don't really know. However now I have a TV that's cable ready and it won't work. Called local store, however my call went to Texas. Advised me that a work Order would be wrote up. This was last week, and today I called and wa...

Suddenlink Communications / "high speed" internet

Pabonluis21 on Sep 20, 2017
Two weeks ago, I had a technician come out to investigate slow speeds. He did absolutely nothing and stated he would create a work order because the signal coming off the street was too strong. He never did so here I am two weeks later, still paying for 400MBPS and receiving 30-170MBPS...

Suddenlink Communications / my bill and internet

Katheline on Sep 19, 2017
In July I had changed my Bank and CC. I called a Suddenlink agent and was told that my new debit information is now updated and I am still on the auto-debit program with Suddenlink. It turns out that the agent failed to tell me that it takes 2 billing cycles to get updated. So my next bill...

Suddenlink Communications / cable/tivo service and extremely difficult customer service

Charles James on Sep 12, 2017
Our TiVo stopped connecting to download channel information, which meant shows and software updates could not be installed. You cannot contact your local Suddenlink office at all, it rolls you into their 1-888 voicemail menu which gives you a complete run-a-round, constantly sending you...

Suddenlink Communications / internet service

Antonio Whiteside on Sep 12, 2017
My name Antonio Whiteside and i just got a lawyer today suing suddenlink for over billing anyway i only had service for only 5 months and i done made 4 payments and plus for bout half them months i didn't have any services cause the services was mess up anyway i have proof so am suing...

Suddenlink Communications / Billing me after services have been terminated

T?? on Sep 7, 2017
Turned off services and turned in equipment to office July 29, 2017. Not even in Abilene anymore and still being charged for no reason. When calling Suddenlink and talking with representative Christopher still can't explain why I am still receiving a bill with extra charges attached. Last...

Suddenlink Communications / monthly interruption of services

jgibson2017 on Sep 4, 2017
We are experiencing a MONTHLY interruption of cable services from suddenlink requiring a visit from a tech. While offering repeated apologies and billing adjustments, nothing is being done about the disruption caused in my family as well a the monthly time off from work needed to return...

Suddenlink Communications / internet service goes down all the time, television has sporadic problems

Reva Blasio-Clay on Sep 4, 2017
I have been with Suddenlink for tv and internet for over a year now. The internet has gone down constantly since the first day of service. Televison sound drops out multiple times daily, and the picture has a tiling problem intermittently. The biggest problem is the internet. My daughter...

Suddenlink Communications / Cable/internet

hwattenb on Aug 31, 2017
I have been with this company for 6 months. I was told this was the only provider in my area and I had to use them. I have had nothing but a terrible experience with them. First when I signed up with them the package online said it was $107.99 per month with no contract. Now they are...

Suddenlink Communications / suddenlink has promised they would transfer my home phone number from the house we sold to our new apartment in the same city.

Don Molder on Aug 17, 2017
We sold our house at 3401 Derby Drive in Jonesboro, AR 72404 two weeks ago and was told by Suddenlink they would transfer our home number, 870 932 0838 to our new apartment, which also has Suddenlink, in Jonesboro, AR. An appointment was made for Monday for 14th of August between 8 and 10...

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