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Suddenlink Communications

520 Maryville Centre Dr., Ste. 300
Saint Louis
United States - MO63141-5820

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 877 694 9474(Order New Service) 4 1
+1 877 794 2724(Support) 18 3
+1 800 490 9604 8 0
+1 877 694 9474 4 1

Suddenlink Communications Complaints & Reviews

Suddenlink Communications / customer service

G Simmons on Feb 16, 2018
2/16/2018 (Courtney, Justin? and the chat line) since approximately 10:00-11:00 am)I have been on the phone with the VIPperks for customers. After speaking with several people about my rising monthly bill I was told to call the VIP perks number for customer giveaways. What a joke, the...

Suddenlink Communications / cable internet

Delilah Kellum on Feb 14, 2018
I don't understand how this company beats prob me out of their money my se vices are off a soft connect but your still charging me for services I didn't use and i'm not going to pay for services I didn't use I made payment arrangements on my account services still got interrupted I don't...

Suddenlink Communications / internet

Garcia875 on Feb 10, 2018
In the tri-state area of Bullhead City Laughlin needles do not waste your time with Suddenlink internet service for the lack of a better word sucks within the past 5 days that's a hundred and twenty hours we have only had 7 hours of internet service we called for service man to come in he...

Suddenlink Communications / tv/internet/phone

billyboy1 on Feb 9, 2018
I have been a subscriber to Suddenlink for a number of years. During this time I have had a series of price increases despite the fact that the service has continued to decline. When I call Suddenlink to report the issue the tech service is so poor and un-informed. Suddenlink often...

Suddenlink Communications / falsifying 30 days free

Loretta Manuel on Feb 8, 2018
I did my 30 look as 3 salespeople from Suddenlink encouraged me. During the 30 days, the receiver initialized a minimum of 4-5 times while watching TV and every evening beginning about 7pm, at least 2(sometimes more) channels were blacked out. I returned my equipment and was told I needed...

Suddenlink Communications / leaving equipment in yard for months

Jennifer Thompson on Feb 8, 2018
Received initial services on September 12, 2017. Was told by the tech that hooked everything up that someone would be out within 2 weeks to bury the cable line that ran across my front yard. It is now February 8, 2018, six months later, and the cable still runs across my front yard. I have...

Suddenlink Communications / internet/ customer service

heidi kuruvilla on Feb 2, 2018
I called to ask questions about downgrading my internet on 02/02/2018. I looked online to see if I qualified for any other promotions. While I was looking at the screen It showed me that I could pay 49.99 instead of the 90 I had been paying. I explained that to the Rep I talked to named...

Suddenlink Communications / customer service

rdbrackett185 on Feb 2, 2018
I paid my past due bill just to have, a very rude, representative, Tony, tell me that I didn't pay it and it was in collections. Which was not the case as I gave him my confirmation number proving so via automated service which also told me that my service will be restored in 5 minute...

Suddenlink Communications / suddenlink's billing process

Patricia Norman on Jan 24, 2018
suddenlink's billing process. to avoid interuption, I have been requesting several days extention (at my expense for the past 6 months) I have paid the penalty each time therefore it was No favor on suddenlink's part. I was sold another extention for a fee of 10$ on 12/29/17 to be paid by...

Suddenlink Communications / slow internet speed and getting the runaround with your agents

Chris Ferguson on Jan 24, 2018
I have been told that a service technician was coming as of Saturday 1/20 - but no call and no show. I call back at 5pm and they say 'well the call is still out to the tech and we'll call you soon - but no - so a Saturday wasted. Then I find out they just automatically entered an...

Suddenlink Communications / phone and internet service.

Hal Robinson on Jan 22, 2018
I was without internet and telephone service from Monday January 15, 2018 until late Thursday, January 18 th . Our phone service was down completely and the internet was intermittent (speed going from near zero to 25 megs) We ended up with two techs coming out, changing telephone wiring...

Suddenlink Communications / paying my suddenlink bill over the phone with a customer service agent

dpinkert on Jan 19, 2018
To Whom It May Concern, Today 1/19/18, I tried to pay my bill using your automated system. The automated system would not take my payment. Also, I received my Suddenlink statement in the mail today and it showed I owed $111.65. However, the automated system said I owed $208. So I...

Suddenlink Communications / suddenlink phone and internet cost

Randall Cleveland on Jan 15, 2018
My name is Randall Cleveland The account number is 001-4002007723903 My address is: 110 E Lakeview Rd Apt F8 Stillwater, OK 74075-2834 The e-mail address is rdcleveland2003@yahoo.com I've had telephone and internet service with Suddenlink since August of 2016. The monthly charges for thi...

Suddenlink Communications / my internet service and customer service

S122 on Jan 13, 2018
Without my knowledge or authorization suddenlink increased my bill by $15 just because it was an "annual fee." So because you "feel" like increasing the bill it is okay to charge customers without any authorization what so ever? When I called to discuss my bill I was very rudely told...

Suddenlink Communications / internet billing

Rfronda on Jan 7, 2018
I recently chatted with shelby from suddenlink through facebook messaging. I stated that i own my modem and that i been charged for modem fees through 4 billing cycles. Shelby stated that She had removed the charge and also credited my account 30 dollars. Today i received a bill with a 30...

Suddenlink Communications / general level of customer service experience I had with this company regarding.

jdcs23 on Jan 5, 2018
Check my account as it is well documented. Waiting for supervisor JC to call me back and correct an issue with my bill. Beyond frustrated with my suddenlink customer service experience. Email me - jdcs23@suddenlink.net Again, my issue is well documented and perhaps even a call back to...

Suddenlink Communications / internet billing

Shnagy on Jan 5, 2018
Had an internet outage in my area around Christmas for a few days. No outages were reported on their website so I called to see if they could resolve it and they couldn't. They later called and told me about the outage. No need for a tech to visit. Fine, sounds good. I check my bill today...

Suddenlink Communications / billing

sapitoverde77 on Jan 4, 2018
I called today questioning the increase in my bill and as they explained away the imcrease I come to find out they had never discomnected a phone I ask them to over a year and a half ago then refused to credit me because the agent had put in to disconnect voice mail instead of complete...

Suddenlink Communications / customer service with internet issues

CGawthrop on Jan 2, 2018
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to my family from Suddenlink. My Landline and Internet went out on December 27th and I am not able to get anyone to come until January 4th and I had a house of company not happy about the Internet. I called numerous times to try to get an appointment...

Suddenlink Communications / internet/cable/ customer service

Romerom34 on Dec 29, 2017
We have CONSTANT problems with our service and trying forget a service tech out is absolutely ridiculous. It sometimes takes 2-3 weeks to get a scheduled tech. Even when we have no Internet or cable. Have asked to speak to a field tech supervisor several time, and I am always told we put a...

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