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Saint Louis
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Suddenlink Communications Complaints & Reviews

Suddenlink Communications / How frustrating it is to try to upgrade service

pgb0517 on May 15, 2017
I am beyond words to describe how insulting and frustrating it was for me to try to simply upgrade my service. After a useless Suddenlink online chat session, where I was referred to billing, I got a guy in billing who didn't seem to know what to do. I found another number to call for...

Suddenlink Communications / Bad service

Bblldd on May 5, 2017
First off the technician couldn't answer any of our questions and he was on his phone most of the time. We called to connect our personal modem so that we could have 2 in our house and we were told that it couldn't be done, but when we had called tech support the day before we were told...

Suddenlink Communications / Suddenlink driver in Texas

Clay Pelton on May 4, 2017
I'm driving behind a Suddenlink work truck around 7:20 am on 5/4/17. I was behind the truck from Conroe, TX-Willis, TX and the driver out of no where slams in his breaks and swerved in the right hand lane to let me pass him and then he rolls his window down, flips me the bird, throws hi...

Suddenlink Communications / Customer service representative

uknowwho0911 on Apr 20, 2017
I called to make a payment and I was told I was charged a ten dollar fee because I was 3 days late past my due payment which personally was a bit odd to me because I assumed there would at least be a 3 days grace period. None the less, I didn't complain and offered to pay. I was told there...

Suddenlink Communications / Taking advantage of my elderly parents

AnnBailey on Apr 19, 2017
My parents are both in their 80's. All they want is cable to watch TV and a home phone. For 7 months they have been paying for Triple Play, which includes SL200 with HD receiver, STARZ, internet access, broadband internet and home phone unlimited. They never requested, nor did they receive...

Suddenlink Communications / monthly "paper convenience fee"

Tom Finney on Apr 12, 2017
Almost a year ago now, in May of 2016, Suddenlink instituted their new "policy" of charging hundreds of thousands of their customers $1 per month for a "Paper Convenience Fee." They are charging us $1 per month to MAIL US OUR BILL. Their justification is that they want everyone to...

Suddenlink Communications / Fraudulent charges

dfknaus on Apr 7, 2017
Letter to Suddenlink on 3/8: I was informed on 3/8/2017 that I was being charged for a HDDVR settop box. The reason was explained to me was because the “green tape” had been removed from the rear of the settop box which indicated the box had been tampered. In our discussions, I explained...

Suddenlink Communications / Unethical behaviour, no service

Mr. McClanahan on Mar 13, 2017
Today March 13, 2017 I received a text message from my wife in reference to Suddenlink pulling into our driveway at 17286 C R 1100 in Flint, Texas. My wife confronted the driver and asked him why it was OK to run lines through our property and we can't get Suddenlink after years of asking...

Suddenlink Communications / Returning equipment and final bill

Bev Flynn on Mar 11, 2017
On Feb 3, 2015 I called to disconnect service. On Feb 6 a bill was generated charging me for the equipment I had not had a chance to return yet. On Feb 10 I returned the equipment and asked if I would get a final bill showing the reversal of all the equipment turned in so I would know how...

Suddenlink Communications / Payment not processed due to incorrect account entry. Late fee applied.

SadSuddenlinkCustomer on Mar 6, 2017
Accidentally typed in wrong account number using automated bill pay. Payment didn't process. First time customer, so this was first payment. SuddenLink charged me a 25 dollar late fee even though I setup auto pay with a phone agent and all my payments processed correctly. They will not...

Suddenlink Communications / Internet

Sam1313 on Feb 22, 2017
I don't appreciate the internet being cut of the day for for us due. I have a stay job Si that I can pay the bills. Yes I need the internet to make money. My wife pays it when it is due, and yet I an now stuck with no internet to work, you are costing me money and in fact costing me to be...

Suddenlink / Cable/internet/phone

TL4 on Feb 15, 2017
I called and got suddenlink at our home. We were told there will be no charges for hookup since we had it in our home a few short months ago. When the tech came out, prior to doing anything, he said he was charging suddenlink $125 for installation and we will pay it or we won't get...

Suddenlink Communications / Disconnection/billing/returning equipment

Shayne Cisneros on Jan 27, 2017
I moved from college station dec 15th, 2016 back to San Antonio for college. And I forgot to disconnect. I have evidence showing that I moved. That's when I started getting calls saying I owed money. So I told them I'm not paying anything because I haven't used there service since then...

Suddenlink Communications / $10 dollar late charge

lisalutz on Jan 23, 2017
I am a long term loyal customer, recently charged a $10 dollar late fee. Yes, my bill was a little late, but I explained to them that I tried to pay it before leaving town for the holidays and could not get on the website. I am just deeply frustrated by a steep $10 dollar late fee. The...

Suddenlink Communications / Charging for service you don't use after requesting disconnection

Loucks2 on Jan 13, 2017
I signed up for cable on 11/12/16. I called on the phone and requested connection on that date. I was never read anything regarding policies of billing, disconnection, or anything. I called to have the service disconnected on 11/27/16, as I was unhappy with the channels I did not receive...

Suddenlink Communications / Internet and phone

Rexbook on Jan 12, 2017
Two separate problems with Suddenlink. For over a year I have had internet connection issues. Spent many wasted hours on the phone. Finally they sent a tech out. I was told if it was their equipment there would be no charge, o/w it's $50/hr. Tech came out, wiggled wires for 5 minutes and...

Suddenlink Communications / Internet

Neerja Ahmed on Jan 10, 2017
I had a charge on my dec bill for tech coming to fix my speed issue which was never mentioned to me and there was no tech who came in nov to my house so I disputed those charges and filed a compliant I received credit for those charges but I had late charge for my jan bill, I paid my usual...

Suddenlink Communications / Will not let us out of a business contract when they do not provide service at new address

Sonya Moon on Dec 30, 2016
We connected suddenlink service with our business november 2015. They owner of the building that we rent, sold the building and we had to move. I called suddenlink to transfer the service on december 20, 2016 and "veronica" sent me a form to fill out and I emailed the form back to her...

Suddenlink Communications / Service charge for my elderly mother.

Jladams1103 on Nov 24, 2016
I have a double whammy with suddenlink. First of, its these new boxes. A piece of junk. I hooked them up and called customer service to help me because our tv would not get one of the three channels that my mother watch. She is on fixed income but yet her only entertainment is television...

Suddenlink Communications / Vip package / expensive bill / your equipment not enough for my package.

shadowmolder on Nov 23, 2016
I have been a customer for about 6 yrs. I continue haveing issues anytime I bundle the packages. These issues happened in 2014. I canceled my services and moved. Then at the beginning of the year I paid off my balance and got new service. The bills have been an issue every month. I have to...

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