Suddenlink Communications Complaints & Reviews

Suddenlink Communications / overbilling and continuing to bill past cancellation date of 4/1!!!

Apr 22, 2019

I cancelled service on 4/1/19 which is the same date these crooks took my autopay of $129.59 for an additional month which covered 3/23 - 4/22. Then they continue to bill me and the next bill is for 4/23 - 5/22. They owe me a credit for 4/2 - 4/22 for the overpayment and they need to...

Suddenlink Communications / cable

Apr 20, 2019

Our sound cuts in and out. This is even on our recorded shows so it isn't our tv or sound. It is a Suddenlink problem. After reading in here about all the technicians coming out and not being able to make it work I do not want to go through all that die nothing. It is very frustrating when...

Suddenlink Communications / vod and technical support

Apr 14, 2019

I rented the movie, Breaking Brooklyn, via VOD yesterday. It showed "rented" and "saved". When I played the movie multiple tiems today and yesterday, the movie stopped within the first minute- about 20 times. When I called today, my cable was reset and a new signal was sent via the...

Suddenlink Communications / internet

Apr 8, 2019

The customer service at Suddenlink is horrible and the internet is not dependable. They apparently have our account flagged cause customer service is rude, and uncooperative. I cannot always understand people with an accent on the phone and I asked to be transferred to someone who spoke...

Suddenlink Communications / fraudulent billing

Apr 8, 2019

Received current bill showing a late charge for 03/19/2019. At the top of the same statement shows previous statement paid on 03/11/2019. After 57 minutes on the phone it was determined the extra fee was an error and I would be contacted when the adjustment is made. I also asked why my...

Suddenlink Communications / customer service

Apr 2, 2019

I have requested a cancellation for my service in end of November due to moving out of rocky mount. I have return my internet box and also pay for the last billing cycle for that month. I was bill for the month of December and which customer support told me that they had fixed the problem...

Suddenlink Communications / internet, landline,

Mar 30, 2019

I came to office and spoke w jason whitehead yesterday regarding my difficulty in getting internet fixed.  guy came out, told me same thing last 2 had., a problem w tap, said someone wld make appt next week (this makes 4 wks now) to repair it.  same story, still same problem, only thing i...

Suddenlink / tv internet

Mar 27, 2019

Suddenlink wants $300 for a cable card that was lost in the mail. I just called them and offered to buy them a brand new one or give them $5 so they can buy a new one. Rep refused and said I owed $300. I recorded the call in case it hits my credit report. I also rented this cable card from...

Suddenlink Communications / billing customer service

Mar 21, 2019

It is all about the money. No empathy or concern about a long time customer... Period. I just enrolled in online billing because they were starting to charge a dollar for paper bills. So I enrolled in online bills. A month later I was informed via email I was late on my payment. That's a...

Suddenlink Communications / customer service and billing

Mar 18, 2019

I pay my bill at the beginning of every month before I use the services for the month. I ordered online to have cable added on because of the incentive of a bluebird card upon activation of the services. I never received the card and it's been 3 months. I called 3 times and they...

Suddenlink Communications / multiple price increases

Mar 18, 2019

Since January of 2016 my Suddenlink bill for Double Play services consisting of Internet and Home Phone has increased multiple times from $68.42 to $99.25. This amounts to a 45% increase over this 3 year period or 15% per year. This increase is far above the inflation rate over this same...

Suddenlink Communications / internet

Mar 18, 2019

I have been a suddenlink customer since oct 2016, every time it rains my internet service deteriorates to the point it is unusable. it usually returns about an hour after the rain stops. I have called many times but by the time someone comes out there isn't a problem. just thi...

Suddenlink Communications / internet

Mar 16, 2019

I bought my own modem and tried to get it set up on 3/10/2019, Suddenlink told me that product was detected, so I scheduled a service call for 3/16/2019. They called me and cancelled, said they had no one to come out this weekend and for me to reschedule, I have went without internet...

Suddenlink Communications / telephone/internet/cable

Mar 12, 2019

MARC have been working with Kristin Muehlbrad, MDU Regional Account Executive for Midland TX., since before Christmas to no avail. MARC support people with developmental disabilities and we have 16 group homes and 4 business locations. I am so frustrated with Suddenlink's customer service...

Suddenlink Communications / peripheral devices

Mar 4, 2019

We've recently had suddenlink put in, and have a main dvr tivo box and 4 minis, as well as suddenlink's internet service. On the peripheral devices, we constantly receive lost connection notices. We cannot watch live tv, stream on demand, or even watch recorded shows. After a 15-minute...

Suddenlink Communications / phone service

Mar 1, 2019

In October, my modem died and I had to have a new modem; whch I'm being charged for now when I wasn't before. I had to install the new modem for internet myself due to not being able to make a service call because I actually work and cannot wait around my house for 4-5 hours for someone to...

Suddenlink Communications / internet

Feb 24, 2019

Service has been down for 3 days. Person I spoke with in Texas said she was reading her screen..."the problem is in Flagstaff and there is no estimate of time for repair". My neighbor says his Suddenlink guy said it was at our houses only and he could send a tech at a cost of $100...

Suddenlink Communications / internet

Feb 23, 2019

I have suddenlinks internet service as I do streaming insted of cable, I live in Laughlin NV but suddenlink will only provide me a IP address in Bullhead AZ, so no madder what streaming service I have I can only receive Phoenix channels insted of Las Vegas. Not a happy camper!!! Contacted the...

Suddenlink Communications / internet

Feb 20, 2019

I canceled my service after hardly ever having internet... I was on the phone for 45 minutes trying to cancel my service with the rep trying everything he could to get me to stay...Credits, lower bill, everything! Finally I said I'm not playing around cancel this. I went to return my modem...

Suddenlink Communications / programming and customer service

Feb 20, 2019

I reside and have Suddenlink Cable, Phone, and Internet package. I had a tech out on 02/11/19 to install my second tv. We were told by the tech that came out that the original tv 1 box had Beckley, West Virginia channels and guide and the 2nd box would have Princeton, West Virginia...

Suddenlink Communications / internet and cable customer service

Feb 6, 2019

Have tried for a week to get a hold of technical support and left to hold for 45 minutes and hung up on. Once got through and gave them my phone number just for them to hang up on me. Had been without one of my boxes working in my house for a week. This is not the first time for this to...

Suddenlink Communications / billing

Feb 6, 2019

Suddenlink has great internet speed. But they suck at honesty and customer service. I was having trouble with my wifi and needed a new modem so I decided to buy my own instead of paying a rental fee, which adds up to way more than what the modem is worth. So I check my bill to see what...

Suddenlink Communications / cable/internet

Feb 5, 2019

I switched from Direct T.V. to Suddenlink because I was promised that I could #1 change my due date and #2 would have my early contract termination fee's from ATT paid by suddenlink. It has been three months and nothing has been done. I have called the past three months and have gone...

Suddenlink Communications / raising rates without a better service

Jan 31, 2019

I've contacted Suddenlink about my bill creeping up on a regular basis. I've been a loyal customer for some years now; however, better rates are given to new customers only. Existing customers get the pleasure of having to police their billing statement as rates increase and random fee...

Suddenlink Communications / customer service

Jan 24, 2019

On January 24 2019 I tried to call into suddenlink to see if we will ever get upgraded to their advertised internet speeds. We are still on the 30 MB download service which is the speed the original owners that sold out to suddenlink had. Several time we have been promised upgrades to at...

Suddenlink Communications / tv service

Jan 24, 2019

I have been with suddenlink for many years. I guess because they were the most affordable. Well you get what you pay for or should I say you don't get. They have gone up on my bill numerous times. The last time they went up 12.5%. I don't mind paying if I could watch all the time. Thi...

Suddenlink Communications / customer service, cable tv and internet

Jan 21, 2019

I have called multiple times only to be disconnected and on 2 occasions held on for over (yes that is right) an hour each time. They have sent people out on 4 occasions only to tell me that they need to put a "ticket" in...Nothing has been resolved... No one seems to care about our issue...

Suddenlink Communications / installation appointment

Jan 18, 2019

We had an appointment set up for January 18 between 2 PM and 4 PM. At 4:45 I received a phone call for the technician stating there were issues with that A 1 installation in our area. I called Suddenlink and was told that our technician was running late and would be here between 6 PM and 7...

Suddenlink Communications / internet

Jan 14, 2019

January 14, 2019 Customer Service: On October 12, 2018 our internet went out. A service person came and we were charged $60. The internet had come back on before the service person got to my house but he continued to fiddle with cords and outside boxes. It didn't change anything. Since that...

Suddenlink Communications / suddenlink altice one $59.99 tv, internet and phone

Jan 14, 2019

To whom it may concern. Recently my wife and I have been fallen a victim of a so called "bait and trap" advertising by Suddenlink. We received a mail advertising from Suddenlink in a mid-november last year. The advertisement promised a TV, Internet and Phone bundle for...

Suddenlink Communications / internet / phone / cable

Jan 13, 2019

Since Hurricane Florence came through our area in October, our services have been out at least a couple days a week! I have called in multiple times and even had appointments set up to which no one ever showed. I am extremely tired of getting charged $230+ per month when my services are...

Suddenlink Communications / cable/internet

Jan 11, 2019

I've had Sudden Link for years and all of the sudden they can't find my account when I call, and they have to pull me up or explain how they're going to create an account for me the past few times I've called. It took a week to get a technician out here to diagnose a problem outside with...

Suddenlink Communications / slow internet & tv picture is of poor quality

Jan 5, 2019

I would say the problems began around the end of November, TV picture has horizontal lines going through the picture some channels you can't watch it is so bad while others say service interruption. a service tech came out December 22 2018 I had to wait a week for that appointment, he...

Suddenlink Communications / terrible "vip" customer service

Jan 3, 2019

11/19/18 bill client # 001-8626380255701 I had to change credit card information in November because the City of Tyler had a security breach. I put the new card information on my Suddenlink account for automated payments sometime mid-November. I noticed on 12/8 that the bill had not been...

Suddenlink Communications / tv lineup blues channel changed to stingray

Jan 2, 2019

The Blues music channel changed to Sting Ray with the new year. The old channel provided pictures of the musicians, personal history notes and the year of the recording, a very historical perspective and very informational. The new channel provides none of this and even shows the artist'...

Suddenlink Communications / phone and internet installation

Jan 2, 2019

We built a new home in Forest Highlands, Flagstaff AZ and Suddenlink was our only option for phone and internet. We have had very poor response getting the service installed and working. Too long of a story to go into here, but the technician left the wires hanging exposed at the entry to...

Suddenlink Communications / service

Jan 2, 2019

Disgusting customer service. After discovering issues with my service I attempted to contact the company by phone, as instructed. I went through 3 representatives. One was okay but no help at all. One answered with music blaring in the background. I could only understand every other word...

Suddenlink Communications / internet service

Dec 27, 2018

We have has 3 different service techs out to install internet over a two week period and still have yet to get internet. I wish the only choice on internet in Georgetown, TX was not Suddenlink. Receiving no service whatsoever. Passing the buck. I work at home and need the service. PLease...

Suddenlink Communications / cable and internet

Dec 26, 2018

So sence i signed up with them i had outages about twice amonth i delt with it for 2 months so i called in and had some one sent out to fix it they fixed it then a week later it went out again so i called to cancel the cable and keep the internet i was told they would credit my account 50$...

Suddenlink Communications / internet/tv service

Dec 24, 2018

I am so sick of S/L and Their ignorant customer service phone Reps. Every couple of months I have to call because my service goes down and I always get some ignorant rep who speaks ebonics or a slang English I can barely understand!!! Th e last call was a few days ago, My tv and Internet...