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Suddenlink Communications Complaints & Reviews

Suddenlink Communications / customer service, cable tv and internet

John Scott Jr on Jan 21, 2019

I have called multiple times only to be disconnected and on 2 occasions held on for over (yes that is right) an hour each time. They have sent people out on 4 occasions only to tell me that they need to put a "ticket" in...Nothing has been resolved... No one seems to care about our issue...

Suddenlink Communications / installation appointment

Rebekah Soboski on Jan 18, 2019

We had an appointment set up for January 18 between 2 PM and 4 PM. At 4:45 I received a phone call for the technician stating there were issues with that A 1 installation in our area. I called Suddenlink and was told that our technician was running late and would be here between 6 PM and 7...

Suddenlink Communications / internet

Cheryl Becker on Jan 14, 2019

January 14, 2019 Customer Service: On October 12, 2018 our internet went out. A service person came and we were charged $60. The internet had come back on before the service person got to my house but he continued to fiddle with cords and outside boxes. It didn't change anything. Since that...

Suddenlink Communications / suddenlink altice one $59.99 tv, internet and phone

Alex Mirsky on Jan 14, 2019

To whom it may concern. Recently my wife and I have been fallen a victim of a so called "bait and trap" advertising by Suddenlink. We received a mail advertising from Suddenlink in a mid-november last year. The advertisement promised a TV, Internet and Phone bundle for...

Suddenlink Communications / internet / phone / cable

christyherring on Jan 13, 2019

Since Hurricane Florence came through our area in October, our services have been out at least a couple days a week! I have called in multiple times and even had appointments set up to which no one ever showed. I am extremely tired of getting charged $230+ per month when my services are...

Suddenlink Communications / cable/internet

James Fetterhoff on Jan 11, 2019

I've had Sudden Link for years and all of the sudden they can't find my account when I call, and they have to pull me up or explain how they're going to create an account for me the past few times I've called. It took a week to get a technician out here to diagnose a problem outside with...

Suddenlink Communications / slow internet & tv picture is of poor quality

Dkjxn on Jan 5, 2019

I would say the problems began around the end of November, TV picture has horizontal lines going through the picture some channels you can't watch it is so bad while others say service interruption. a service tech came out December 22 2018 I had to wait a week for that appointment, he...

Suddenlink Communications / terrible "vip" customer service

SZQeve on Jan 3, 2019

11/19/18 bill client # 001-8626380255701 I had to change credit card information in November because the City of Tyler had a security breach. I put the new card information on my Suddenlink account for automated payments sometime mid-November. I noticed on 12/8 that the bill had not been...

Suddenlink Communications / tv lineup blues channel changed to stingray

Robert Pflegl on Jan 2, 2019

The Blues music channel changed to Sting Ray with the new year. The old channel provided pictures of the musicians, personal history notes and the year of the recording, a very historical perspective and very informational. The new channel provides none of this and even shows the artist'...

Suddenlink Communications / phone and internet installation

cabin smith on Jan 2, 2019

We built a new home in Forest Highlands, Flagstaff AZ and Suddenlink was our only option for phone and internet. We have had very poor response getting the service installed and working. Too long of a story to go into here, but the technician left the wires hanging exposed at the entry to...

Suddenlink Communications / service

Magauhn on Jan 2, 2019

Disgusting customer service. After discovering issues with my service I attempted to contact the company by phone, as instructed. I went through 3 representatives. One was okay but no help at all. One answered with music blaring in the background. I could only understand every other word...

Suddenlink Communications / internet service

Elna J Cason on Dec 27, 2018

We have has 3 different service techs out to install internet over a two week period and still have yet to get internet. I wish the only choice on internet in Georgetown, TX was not Suddenlink. Receiving no service whatsoever. Passing the buck. I work at home and need the service. PLease...

Suddenlink Communications / cable and internet

Tomaszuinga1 on Dec 26, 2018

So sence i signed up with them i had outages about twice amonth i delt with it for 2 months so i called in and had some one sent out to fix it they fixed it then a week later it went out again so i called to cancel the cable and keep the internet i was told they would credit my account 50$...

Suddenlink Communications / internet/tv service

RORYLAW on Dec 24, 2018

I am so sick of S/L and Their ignorant customer service phone Reps. Every couple of months I have to call because my service goes down and I always get some ignorant rep who speaks ebonics or a slang English I can barely understand!!! Th e last call was a few days ago, My tv and Internet...

Suddenlink Communications / billing for services not received

robertfran on Dec 21, 2018

On December 20, 2018, I cancelled my Suddenlink service and turned in all the equipment to the local office. The billing cycle is from Dec 17th to Jan 17th and I was charged for a month of service in which I only used 3 days. I contacted suddenlink Customer service and was told that I had...

Suddenlink Communications / service call

Miguel Nava on Dec 15, 2018

I called because my modem was not agent told me there was a 60$ charge if a tech came out. But if it had to do with the wiring they wouldn't charge me anything. So he comes out and checks and his wiring is not working the power cord, not damaged or anything so he puts in a new...

Suddenlink Communications / cable, internet

Debbie Hyde on Dec 13, 2018

November 12, 2018 On October 13 my internet service was not working, I called to report and was scheduled an appointment. Today on November 12, 2018 I am still without internet service. I have had 3 visits from techs and 2 appointments that were made and the tech never showed up. Today I am...

Suddenlink Communications / internet service

Theresa Gray on Dec 12, 2018

The Suddenlink tech could not find a solution to our problem (our service kept dropping) and set up a tech to go out free of charge to try and find the issue. The first service call set for 11/7 that we took off work to be available for the tech never showed. The service call wa...

Suddenlink Communications / fraudulent charge on my bill

Judy Pettit on Dec 5, 2018

I had an appointment due to poor internet service. The service was going in and out. When the technician called me, I advised the issued seemed to be resolved. The customer service rep reset the modem and the problem appeared to go away. I advised the technician he could still come out...

Suddenlink Communications / cable charge for 60.00 on my account for tampering

crosmee1 on Dec 4, 2018

I received my Suddenlink bill which shows a charge of 60.00 dollars for service call and I am paying safeguard fee monthly. I called Suddenlink billing and was not treated kindly and I was accused of tampering which makes this a valid charge by the service tech. I have not tampered with...