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Internet and cable

I had Internet only at our old address a year ago and due to not being able to get recent news, was not able...

Cable TV

Over the last several months out cable tv will begin to freeze, look digitized, sound stops and program skip...

Wrong apartment being disconnected.

My internet stopped working last week, after 57 minutes on the phone I was told they would have to send a tech out to look at it. After taking time off work to go home to meet the tech I was then told "your service was disconnected" I told him I have a credit on my account, that their would not be any reason to have a disconnect. He then researched the problem and said it was for the apartment next door, the tech last week disconnected the incorrect line. My neighbor did move 2 weeks ago so this makes sense. So I feel like my bill should be pro-rated. This is a human error but this isnt my fault. Therefor I shouldnt be paying the price of no internet for almost a week. Some people use the internet to do work not just watch TV.


I've been with them for 50 years.. I received the altice 3 weeks ago and the internet wont work at all. 2 tech cane out and didn't know what to do... I called again on tuesday for someone to come out so they said someone wll wednesday and I waited all day and no one showed. They are so unprofessional. I ask them to credit my account and they claim they couldn't do that. Now i'm paying a bill with no internet. Suddenlink
An awful company.

400 mbps internet service

I am a work at home essential services provider and the internet connection provided by Suddenlink in Lubbock Texas keeps dropping off while I am servicing clients and also when I am not using a VPN CONNECTION.
Today a technician cleaned the distribution terminal connection, removed an un-needed splinter serving my home and replace the modem that has Ethernet and WiFi connections being utilized. Once again at 2300 hours the Internet connection dropped. WiFi operation was still connected but unable to get the internet through the Suddenlink server. 15 minutes later the connection restored itself with no reboots or action on my part.
This is unreliable service and the internet connection drop outs must stop.
Service address is 5309 87th St Lubbock Texas.

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Charged for modem rental that I own, account online has different due date than paper statement

On March 30, 2020 a suddenlink tech came to my apt to initiate service at my new address. He hooked up my own cable modem and took the suddenlink modem I was renting with him. Your webite and the tech states the technician will return your property for you.
On April 15th I received a paper statement in the mail with a charge for Modem Fee. I called customer service, was unable to get thru. I had an online chat with customer service and was told "I can see you have your own modem but I cannot correct the problem, you will have to call customer service.
The due date on my paper statement is April 25, 2020.
Today, April 24, my online statement states I am past due and I am still being charged a modem rental fee.

Charged for modem rental that I own, account online has different due date than paper statement
Charged for modem rental that I own, account online has different due date than paper statement

Suddenlink Communications

Cable tv

I have had many techs out to attempt to fix my problem with the sound cutting out at times. I was told that I...

Today I get a hit on my credit card for a full month of service

I called to cancel my account because I am stuck out of the US becuase of the Corona Virus. When I called the Suddenlink associate said my account was cancelled (3/30/2020). Today I get a hit on my credit card for a full month of service. I call them again today to find out why my account wasn't cancelled and they say it has been cancelled but that credit card hit is for this last month. Apparently when I called a new service month had started so instead of cancelling like I asked they put a cancel in for the end of the billing cycle. My billing cycle runs from 3/26 - 4/5, I guess I need to call 4 days earlier. Why would they not charge me for my 4 days of none use and close the account and bill me for that (plus all the taxes and such)? Why would they not explain to me that I would be charged for one more full month? Anyway, I was going to re-up with Suddenlink once I am able to get back to the US but they just lost a customer. I don't have many other options where I live but either Frontier or HughsNet will now get my business when I return.

Maybe you could be easier to reach... But noooo... That wouldn't be right would it?

I've had a channel out for 5 days. It's the travel channel...#58. I've already spent several hours trying to get this fixed but guess what... Yeah, you must be used to not getting anything accomplished. Your service is the most pitiful thing i've ever experienced. You see, i'm not from here and I know the difference between a good company and a bungled up, worthless company like suddenline. It's a joke. I'm forced to go with you fools because of where I live. I wouldn't recommend your company to anyone. I checked with my neighbors and this channel is out for them also. My $120 monthly cost just doesn't matter to you. If more people complained maybe you'd care but you take advantage of the fact people don't know the difference. Recently your cable was down for over 12 hrs but did we get a discount? Did we get taken care of properly? Oh, hell no. You should contact comcast. Their service is inpecable. Yeah, I know you're not interested in treating those of us who pay way too much for what we get, like human beings. Suddenlink wins all awards for being a lousy company.

Not able to get answers about billing and services answered.

Someone please respond.I have been trying to get an answer but keep getting disconnected or when I get to talk to someone they pass me along to another dept.They lose the call or don't know the answer. I'll let you know the problems I am having. I cancelled services on March 2nd. I was upset about my bill and didn't get more than a rude response. I got to speak to a retention speaks and she was very helpful. She offered me a lower rate(#123.00) per month for my bundled services. I To ld her i had already switched to Hughes net. She said I wouldn't be happy with them but she would would still help with pricing. We have been loyal customers and paid are bills on time. Her name was Canada and she cancelled us March 2nd.She was right an d didn't like Hughes net. I called back and started up on March 22nd. We still don't have phone services and tech support was here. Have called numerous times and was told it would be ported and be on in 24-48hours .Still no phone since March 22nd. I emailed your Facebook account and was given some hope but was told they couldn't help

The company

It is very transparent that suddenlink has no disaster plan what so ever. I have no been able to work, daughters school, stream... Nothing. We are going into week two. Customer service is an absolute joke. I am so disappointed in the lack of care. After suddenlink postpones my first appointment by five days, I finally got a tech. He couldn't do a thing. Said the issue was, the single node to cover our area was way way way to inefficient to handle a large load, much less pandemic loads. Said, hopefully you will get lucky and the volume will go down long enough for your altice one to connect again. Totally unacceptable. Sorry not sorry. You have 24 hours to rectify this, or this customer is gone. Oh and you will find your garbage out at the street!

The company

Suddenlink Communications

Cable tv

The online guide states that Channel # 143; KTLE7 is broadcasting NCIS Los Angeles; instead it broadcasts Star Trek next generation. The guide that comes up on the TV from the cable box says the exact same!

We switched from Dish to Suddenlink on the understanding that NCIS Los Angeles WOULD be available on their regular channel line up; clearly we were lied to. Suddenlink has refused to address this concern.

poor quality of internet service

I live in southern WV and have been a Suddenlink customer for about 10 years. The internet service has always been sketchy here. By that I mean the signal will drop out at any given time for no apparent reason. At least when I call the U.S. customer service number, which invariably is routed to a call center in India, that is what I'm told, "... that there is no trouble or outages in your area."

Recently, I think about 4 months ago, Suddenlink raised their rates by $13.00 per month, with no improvement in service.

There are very few options other than our current provider. I just wish that the mega-corporation Altice, or Suddenlink cared about their customers, who by the way, pay their bills.

Internet wire cut outside need replacement and no show technician

My internet was accidentally cut by the lawn services. So I called Suddenlink to come and replace the wire...

Billing / customer services / fraud

My name is Ehren Falk. In Oct 2019 I moved from my old address to my current location and changed internet providers. I went to Suddenlink's online site and tried multiple times to say that I was moving and eventually called a representative and informed them that I was moving and would like to cancel my services at the end of Sep 2019. I was told this would be done. Today 4/2/2020I received a call from a collection agency saying that I had over a 300$ debt for not paying for services. When I told them that I had moved they suggested that I call a identity protection agency and gave me a number to call. I called Suddenlink on 4/2/2020 trying to figure out what happened and got a representative who only told me how much I owed. They completely kept ignoring my questions as to how it happened and just kept saying that they had no records of my move and that i needed to pay. They informed me that it was three months of charges, one for October 2019, and two additional months in 2020! The representative ignored all my comments that I had called and used multiple services to cancel this service in Sep 2019 and even said I need to pay after admitting that I possibly contacted them to close the account. The representative failed to acknowledge my mention that I moved and was no longer in the area and could not go to a local site (I now live in a city where suddenlink is not a provider), and kept referring me to one. When asked to speak to a supervisor, they first told me that there was not any available at that time. Then when I asked if one could call me back they refused saying that the supervisor could not provide me with anymore info than they were giving me right now.

The fact that either my identity/ account information was stolen and used to charge services in my name or never closed and unfairly charged by Suddenlink and only thing I got when talking to their representative was "We don't have a record of your request so you have to pay it" is incredibly infuriating. My account, while obviously still active because I'm still being incorrectly billed, mysteriously no longer has an email addressed attached to it so I have gotten no notifications, despite getting constant ones up until end of Aug 2019. I was on autopay, but that to was removed, and somehow I ended up still getting charged. They have no information of my current address, despite me telling them, and going through the postal services and getting it officially changed immediately after the move. I want this bill dropped and an explanation as to how and why my account was not closed when I requested it to be.

Cable service, internet service, and phone service

Started noticing that I was being charged excessively when my bill went from $83.01- $87.57 for the billing period of 10/02/19-11/01-19. However as my promotional period had ended, I thought nothing of it and as I had my account set up for auto pay, believed this would be the amount set for future bills. I could not have been more wrong! The following month my statement for11/02/19- 12/01/19 was for$177.14 showing a past due amount of $88.57. After checking my bank statements, I called Suddenlink and was told it was their error, and as I was on auto pay, not to worry. The next month, 12/02/19- 01/01/20 $103.57! Called they said I had an overage in June and they could give me unlimited internet and it would start that day and my next statement, with taxes and fees would be $98.57. I jumped on this thinking my problems were resolved! Next billing period, 01/02/20-/02/01/20 charges $103.51 called was told this was for overages before I got unlimited internet, and next month should show no overages and my statement would reflect our agreement of $98.57! So I wait then my statement for billing period 02/02/20-/03/01/20 was $133.55 called them again, and again I get the runaround!!! The last statement was in the amount of $233.89 for the pay period of 03/02/20- 04/01/20. Now every time I spoke with a Suddenlink rep. I was placed on hold numerous times for up to 20+ min. Every month I would take a day to deal with them! They always told me the issue was fixed and I shouldn't have anymore problems! They even credited my account by a few dollars at times. With the corona virus threat it has been even more difficult to get in touch with Suddenlink. I changed my service provider 04/01/20, and was told by Suddenlink that my new provider had not ported my phone number and they could not terminate my service until the new provider had done so!! My new provider told me they had ported my old number and there was no problem! Suddenlink denies there claim and said this can take up to two weeks and I will be charged until this is done! I have turned all of my equipment back into their company and have a receipt showing that it has been turned in. I am beyond angry with them! Any suggestions from someone that has been through this it's most welcome!

Awful company should be abolished

There service was so and out all the time. You have to cancel 30 days before, or you are charged 1 month extra. We called for several days and waited on hold for 1 hour each time (we have jobs to do and sitting on hold or hours is unacceptable). After we were connected they transferred and dropped calls. The customer service employees told us different answers to our questions about billing. They have no consistency and do not want to help customers. I would never recommend this company to my worst enemy. Even the "manager" of customers service Kendall [protected] ex414089) held no accountability for the fact that everyone we spoke to had different answers to our questions. They have no interest in being there for their customers and having fair billing. We had employees give us fake names and employee numbers that Kendall could not verify and said were not real. This company needs to get rid of these poor managers and "customer service representatives".


Charged us for DVR when it took them MONTHS to fix our improperly installed one. The DVR didn't work at all, we couldn't even access the guide but we were charged for those months as if it was working fine and despite us having proof in the form of many service calls (none of which were even remotely helpful, one canceled and we were charged for his cancelation), they continued to charge us as if it was working fine.

Today, we're in a global pandemic. Many people are without work, and most utility providers are offering extensions. Not Suddenlink, the capitalist pigs. Miss out on squeezing a little bit of money out of people who are struggling? Never, not a chance. The company is run by a bunch of evil, soulless [censored] who only care about their bottom line. It's INCREDIBLE that they're legally allowed to still exist.

I'd rather stick a toothpick in my toenail and repeatedly kick a brick wall than continue to use this scam of a company but where I live I don't have any choice. If I had a choice to use Charter I'd dump this company like a sack of dead rats on an ex's doorstep.

Kindly get bent. You're a perfect example of why people hate big business.

Atrocious customer service, and Internet failing to work.

Absolutely horrendous customer service. When the internet service works, it's pretty good, but it very often goes down or becomes spotty for no reason. Today while working from home, due to the global impacts of the coronavirus, our internet was too slow for us to conduct our usual work. My husband called Suddenlink, and they rebooted our internet without first asking us or informing that they would do so. This caused our internet to completely go down, rather than just being slow. We also tried explaining that we have been using a Netgear modem for a few months now, and Netgear informed us that our ISP must push out the firmware update to our modem. One Suddenlink representative said that Suddenlink has NO way of updating another company's hardware. Yet, another representative said that they can only help by sending a tech out to update the firmware. Now, 4 hours and 3 phone calls later, we STILL have absolutely no resolution or meaningful response from Suddenlink. All we received was their "support" staff giving us the run-around and wasting our time, all whilst we were unable to work for the day.

Horrible customer service!

Every time I call, I get transferred over and over. I have tried for 3 weeks now to get WiFi to my shop that is about 200 feet away and I've had nothing but the run around. Each person I talk to does not understand what I'm asking, therefore I get transferred or better yet I have the customer service representative argue with me about what I'm asking and why it's taking so long. I called on the 16th because that's when they were suppose to show and the only nice gentleman that I talked to told me he was so sorry I had to wait til the next day to say they never showed. I called that next day and the lady was so rude and told me it would be two days from then. I called three days later and was on hold for two hours to be told they would be there the next day to finish and her manager would call me. I call two hours later and the customer service representative was so rude and told me they would be out 2 to 3 days from then to finish! I want to know what is going on? Who are these people trained by, because they are horrible with customer service! I'm so frustrated that I will be looking for a different company to get my services from. Something needs to be done about this and there should be better training and way better csr reps! Ridiculous

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