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Feburary25, 2009

Attention: Billing Disputes
P.O. Box 6550
Greenwood Village, Colorado 80155
Dear Sir/Madame:
In regard to account # [protected]:
On 07/05/2006 I (E-mailed) (method corrected see correction note below) called customer service and requested this account be disconnected 08/01/2006. I just discovered that it was not disconnected and I have been auto draft paying this bill from my checking account ever since.
I called and had this account terminated 2/24/2008(9) (year corrected see correction note below) so it is no longer an active account.
I desire a refund of all monies paid to this account from 08/01/2006 to the present. Please advise. Thank You
George F. Griepp
George F. Griepp

April 8, 2009

As of this date, I have not received a response from you. Please respond to this second inquiry ASAP. You may contact me at:
Please leave a message on the answering machine if I do not answer.
Thank you

Friday, April 24, 2009

I have been a loyal and happy customer account #[protected], who is now very dissatisfied with your company and feel you have stolen from me. I have discovered numerous posts online alleging the same failure to refund erroneous over billing practices and your violation of the Do Not Call registry.

Please note the bolded corrections in my first letter dated February 25, 2009 above. Today I discovered I had typed an incorrect date in my original letter and have corrected the date with this letter. I was also informed today that I E-mailed requesting the service termination for August 1, 2006. My apologies for any confusion caused by my errors.
I have just completed two hours conversing on the phone with various offices of yours and was informed that the afore mentioned claim, account #[protected] was denied. I was never informed of this disposition, as you were apparently calling an old phone number.

“Ed” (R6211) at [protected] informed me that he would have to “go with” the decision of the representative who denied the claim because:
• Bills have been mailed each month to the account address
• That after my E-mail requesting termination you made a marketing call to the number on the account and that you were told “she would think about it and call you back”
• On November 29, 2008 an inbound call was made to you changing the name from “Faith” to mine.
I am requesting a further review of this claim and requesting a refund of all monies paid since August 1, 2006 because:
• I E-mailed you requesting termination.
• Any response to my E-mail service termination order should have been to me and only me, using the information contained within the E-mail signature.
• This address was no longer a valid service address after August 1, 2006, per my E-mail.
• I vacated the apartment prior to August 1, 2006 and terminated my lease on that date.
• I disconnected and stored the DirecTV receiver prior to August 1, 2006
• I did not call you on November 11, 2008 requesting a name change on account #[protected].

You have committed credit card fraud as you failed to comply with my original E-mail order to disconnect service at the Cabot, Arkansas service location. You continued to charge the credit card without legal authorization and in direct contradiction of my E-mailed order. In addition, your overly aggressive sales efforts to prevent disconnection of this account were in direct contradiction of my expressed E-mailed order, you failed to contact the authorized credit card holder, and you did not receive any authorization from me to continue charges to my credit card for the Cabot, Arkansas location beyond August 1, 2006.

If you fail to readdress this grievance I will terminate my current account ([protected]), post numerous factual complaints online to give you the most widespread, unfavorable publicity possible, and be willing to share my story publically with any communication media. In addition, I will institute legal action to recover all monies charged to the credit card listed on this account since August 1, 2006, due to your credit card fraud.

I furnished you a correct phone number in my second letter, above and again, here is my correct contact information: [protected]. Please reply to this letter or call me at the number listed herein. If I do not receive a response within ten days from today, I will institute legal action.

George F. Griepp
George F. Griepp

Monday, April 27, 2009

Just spoke with Emily (BOIU 1710) from the Office of the President. She stated that they would not refund any of the charges due to:
• “notes on the account”
• My “failure to notice the charges”
After I asked for credit, she offered a credit on my current account of $10/month for 12 months.
I declined the offer and informed her that negative publicity and legal action will be forthcoming.
During today’s call I was told that the notification on 7/11/2006 had been by incoming call and that the representative noted “I would think about it and get back with them”
That is a lie I was already divorced and we were vacating the apartment 8/1/2006. I believe the representative did not want to assume the liability of a disconnected account.
It seems that every time I call I get different versions of what transpired in the past and how I contacted them.
I find it amazing that a company that made such a grievous error would not make a better good faith effort for customer satisfaction and retention.
I would have been willing to remain a customer and receive credit for a significant portion of the fraudulent charges on my monthly bill.


  • Br
    bruce_tx Sep 09, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Fraudulent representations concerning costs of installlation and hidden surprise charges. Filing state law (Texas) class action. Let me know of interest in participation.

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  • DirecTV has repeatedly and incorrectly charged our son's bank account for our monthly service, while at the same time billing us. He was with us when we purchased an HDTV. He made some of the DirecTV/HD arrangements online, and a technician had to come out to the house to complete the installation of HD servcice. Since we were not at home, our son used his own bank card to pay for the charges.
    We have been making regulat monthly payments as per the statements, and can prove this through our bank account. Our son has repeatedly called DirecTV and provided them with the required documentation to get his money refunded. He doesn't live here, and he doesn't have service with DirecTV. Yet, they repeatedly bill him. In the meantime, they have refunded some of his charges to his bank account, and then turned around and re-billed us for the refund; even though we have already paid the bills. This means that they have already double-billed on the same account, refunded the charges made to the wrong bank account, and then charged us again for services which we have already paid for. And now they want US to provide excessive documentation with personal bank account information, to an unamed person at DirecTV, from both bank accounts because they can't figure out what they have done. In my opinion, their billing and accounts receivable departments are in shambles. Is there any type of service available to go after these people? What they are doing can't possibly be legal in any state, is it?

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  • Ma
    Marc Tuton Mar 30, 2010

    In June of last year my partner and I moved into a Condominium Complex. They had a contract with DirecTV, and a basic lineup was included in the HOA dues. We are not allowed to have anything else for tv service other than broadcast, or the satelite service. We selected to upgrade to the Choice plus pakage and get a HDdvr reciever, all in totall we are only supposed to be paying $20 dollars a month. So all was fine until september rolls around and we get a bill with a transfer balance of $980 we call them and give the name and address of our acount and then give the social on the acount. NOTHING ON THE OTHER BILL MATCHES OUR INFO. we started getting calls on the regular about how we owed them this balance. About a month ago my partner has it out with them once again and he gets a representative to basically admit that the only info on the acounts that match is the name. My partner has a very common name. So on further investigation they appologize and they tell us it is taken care of once again. About two weeks ago we got another bill and they sent a box for us to send our dvr box back in. We open the mail today and now the bill is $1, 287 and we call once again to try and get this resolved and after 2 hours on the phone the bill then goes up to 1, 487 dollars!!! Each time my partner calls in to try and get this resolved he spends 1- 2.5 hrs on the phone!(most of it on hold) When he does get someone on the line there is this major attitude on the other end of the phone and they are treating us like criminals!!! If we had a choice we would have cable, but no, we are stuck with DirecTV. Going to bring this up at the next HOA Board meeting... Hopefully we can get a contract with another provider!!!

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  • Wi
    winnfield1923 Jun 22, 2011

    I just posted my complaint against DirecTV for unauthorized charges. Isn't this illegal to take money out of someone's account without their permission just because they have your debit card number - i say we need a class action suit against them - i am totally blown away by their actions.

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  • Dr
    Droberson Aug 07, 2013
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    Verified customer

    Directv added unauthorized programming to my account and now refuses to reimburse me for these costs. I have been given various explanations of why I cannot be refunded the amount. They fraudulently added programming and embedded the billing in my HBO Fee
    This has gone on for years and now that I uncovered the "practice" I am told I have a responsibility to police them. What happened to fair and reasonable billing practices?

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