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Canadian Tire / dishonest and rude

1 Red Deer, Alberta, Canada Review updated:
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The following letter contains events that happened at the Canadian Tire south, located at 2510-50 ave. Red Deer, Alberta.
On April 26, 2008, I brought my PT Cruiser in to this location to take advantage of the “deal” at Canadian Tire where I purchase tires and receive a free wheel alignment. I received the tires. Terry Hogan put them on and also made the deal with me. First, I was lead to believe these tires were priced at 89.00 each- I paid 97.86 each. I also paid for the labor and other things until the bill came to 518.97. I didn’t expect that but I paid it. I was then told that I would have to bring my car back for the wheel alignment. Three days later I’m still trying to get it into the shop (after traveling 2 different days into Red Deer from Bentley, hoping they would fit me in somewhere). I tell “ Dan”(the name he gave me- @ 22 years old, very rude) that I put a lot of miles on my vehicle and would like the “free” wheel alignment done. He finally told me to bring it in at 3 pm. I did so and met “Dan”. He told me my alignment would take 2 hours (Terry told me ½ hour). I told “Dan” that “my” mechanic said it would take only ½ hour. “Dan” was not friendly. Fine- I needed my car done. He told me to pick it up at 5pm. I left him my cell # so “Dan” could reach me if there was any problems, etc. At 4:52 pm. He calls me and says that the Tie rods and the bushings need replacing (843.53$). I was just steps from the door of the store and went in and asked “Dan” how he figured that. “Dan” got feisty again. I ended up leaving without a wheel alignment, very embarrassed because of his tone (a couple of children were standing there) and he also told me I couldn’t have a wheel alignment until I got this work done. My car had just come from the shop and my mechanic told me that all I needed was new tires and an alignment. I had shopped around and found that Canadian Tire seemed to have the best deal and also I thought they would treat me well (there seems to be a problem when a woman goes to certain mechanics). I brought my car to my mechanic, again, he put it up on the hoist, again and said there’s nothing wrong- again. After missing days of work (because my vehicle is my job), no wheel alignment and spending way more money than I could afford---I am now writing to you. I usually don’t complain and I don’t know if you can do anything about this but I thought it was something you would want to know. My husband nor I will not shop there again.

Thank you for your time.

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  • Wo
      21st of Oct, 2008
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    Nothing to do with this article what so ever but thought I'd share two stories of people that are full of crap.

    1)So I'm working at a Canadian tire in Alberta in the auto parts department and to be honest i like the job for what it is as management here is excellent. So im helping a customer with brake parts when another guy just butts in and asks where are the spotlights and which would work best for him. So I tell him he has to wait his turn as it is not fair for the customer I am helping. Anyway he walks away and a few seconds later butts in again and said something like Well for gosh sake you could at least give me an aisle number so fair enough it takes two seconds to say a number as rude as he was being. So off he goes, low and behold he comes back and actually waits in lines for me to finish. I ask him if there is anything more that I can do for him and he says that the spotlights are not down aisle eight like I told him. So I walk over there to show him and point out the entire left side of the aisle is spotlights, and he has the nerve to say "Well these were not here before, I cant believe you would prank me like this". Anyway end of conversation I walk away.

    2)Someone comes to me wanting to special order something, awesome we do that all the time and it is a painless process. So I ask him what he wants and he says he wants a full chevy 350 engine, I look at him as no canadian tire orders engine for over the counter use, hell I dont think any even order engines period. I unfourtanetly have to tell him no, he gets irrate and starts to explain that a "Canadian" Tire in the USA told him that any store could do it no problem. I am stunned as there are no canadian tires in the USA obviously, he later specifies it was in Montana. Anyway after telling him no repeatedly (If we had a supplier and he prepaid it would have been no problem, but there is no crate engines shops in the county) he walk away saying of course they dont honour what they say at another tore that would make sense.

    Both of these people made me laugh as there actions are so stupid.

  • Ga
      15th of Jul, 2009
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    I own a '96 Yukon with 260kkms...all origional equip, Had a situation where the vehicle would not start..Cdn Tire replaced the rotor and dist. cap..I drove 375 kms and the thing quit.. the replaced them again. I have to travel up north into the bush...shoild I be concerned about the quality of Cdn. Tire parts?

  • Mi
      12th of May, 2014
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    On May 05, 2014 at approximately 6 pm I came into the Canadian Tire south located at 2510-50 Ave. Red Deer, get my battery tested for the first time. I pulled up to the garage door and the guy opened the door and i drove my car into the bay and i told the gentleman to leave the car running incase my car did not start again, and he said okay as i made my way into the parts department to pickup a new battery for my car. There was a lady there in the customer service department and i explained to her that i needed a new battery and she took my name and the type of car and what kind of battery i needed etc.. Then i told her the car was inside the Bay and right then she freaked out on me and said why I drove in without checking in first, and i told her im sorry i just pulled up and the guy opened the gate and i pulled in, I was not awaire that was not allowed, She did not take that into consideration, She was not professional she was screaming at the top of her lungs for this mistake i had made even after apologising she did not calm down. Then she went to the shop and told the guy to get my car out of the shop and not to work on it and as i was making my way to my vehicle to sit on the drivers seat i heard her swearing at me, litterly saying the f word 3 times and i said she will not work on my car not even if i drive it outside the shop, They young guy said he will take a look at it outside and the lady from the front desk threatened him that if he touched my car she was going to tell Dan to get him fired and the guy said sorry buddy i cant risk that, Then i told the lady to give it to me in writing that she will refuse to not work on my car at all and thats when she started swearing at me and saying the F word and i said how dare you swear at me and she called the manager which was a young female also. she just told me to leave with the car and to come to the front to buy my battery. I came to the front purchased a battery and the guy said that they will not be able to replace my battery for me because they dont have time. I felt that he was lying to me hands down. Then i asked the lady that was swearing at me for her name and told her i was going to complain about her and she refused to tell me her name and threatened me that she has all my information with her, im not sure what that meant but i just was so mad that i left. I felt humilated and disrespected with the worst service my friend told me to just record her next time and put it on youtube which is a good idea.Im not sure how she can get away with treaing loyal customers like dirt and swearing at them and bossing them around. This is the first time i have ever made a complaint in my life i feel that she should never be allowed to serve a customer. I certainly would not wish that feeling on anyone what she had made me feel like.The whole staff need training in dealing with customers.

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