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Sep 06, 2019

Meineke Car Care Centers — brakes

I took my car into them and they did my brakes and said I had a lifetime warranty and they are no longer in...

Aug 15, 2019

Meineke Car Care Centers — ac check

I took my car in to check my Ac. They told me I needed a tension belt. So they ordered the part when I came...

Jul 19, 2019

Meineke Car Care Centers — overcharged me for brake service

Had a Groupon that I purchased for $149. to have my complete brakes done and walked out of there paying $323...

Nov 28, 2018

Meineke Car Care Centers — tires purchased this month (november 2018)!!

I am a former employee of Meineke #300 in Fayetteville, NC. I purchased a complete set of Nexen N5000 Plu...

Nov 27, 2018

Meineke Car Care Centers — refund

2/2018 my SUV was taken in for routine oil change wobbly tire, they added a timing chain as recommended...

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Meineke Car Care Centerscharging for two?? why?

I had my son's car towed to Meineke. Was told by them the charge would be $45. After we got there and trying to figure out things. They went over the bill. They had put the charge in the bill for the tow company. bad idea. We were told by Meineke it would be $90. I said No. $45 is what was told to me. Then I was told that, "That's what the tow driver said it would be". Well we didnt get it fixed there and the same tow company was called. He apologized, I told him what happened. H said places like this add to the tow charge often. Why? how can that be legal when that is a service rendered from some other company.? You don't tow!!! Never again will I go back. We paid $52 because they charged us taxes??? how... you didnt tow it! I'd like my $7.00 back!

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    Sep 16, 2018

    Meineke — oil change

    I called 8/14/18 about a oil change before leaving town explained didn't get off work til 5 pm no problem...

    Meineke Car Care Centersoil change coupons

    Got flyer for 19.95 oil change. Also joined Meineke club and got 10.00 off code. Made appointment for oil change. After checking in owner hands me estimate to sign fot over 40.00. My math is good and this definitely didn't add up. Was told price on flyer was with discount. Nothing on flyer stating that. Plus add made up fees no other company does for basic oil change. Went back to jiffy lube for regular price

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      Sep 06, 2018

      Meineke Car Care Centers — car repairs

      Hello. I'm Megan Bruederle and over the last 3/4 months meineke on Preston has gotten A LOT of money from me...

      Meineke Car Care Centersincomplete/unfinished work on vehicle

      On 8/03/18 I went to the Wood River, Il. store and had a tire patched/plugged. while doing the work requested, they broke the Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor but replaced it at no cost. The desk employee told me they could not reset the Sensor because the sensor tool was not available at their store at that time. I was told that I would be called later that day when the tool was available. I was never called back that day (or any time since). I stopped at that store several times since 8/03/18 to get the sensor no avail. I was given the same excuse each time. In reality, the job was not completed as requested...and I have been treated indifferently within this situation. Today (8/28/18), I went to the local Chevy dealership to have the sensor reset properly...which took my personal time off from my employment due to time constraints with the dealership. I lost 2 hrs pay and suffered a mark against my attendance to remedy the problem that Meineke should have taken care of immediately. Very bad business sense if you ask me. These issues need to not ever happen in the future. Thank you...

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        • Updated by jdwagsjesus · Aug 28, 2018

          I hope that any Meineke store would treat their customers in a super positive fashion instead of just a shot of money in their coffers. we are their way of life...

        Meineke Car Care Centersbattery service for which I paid and received nothing

        On May 12th, I had an oil change done on my 2005 Pontiac Vibe, at the Roseville, CA Meineke location. While I was there, the guy in the office told me I needed to have my battery serviced. I agreed to, and paid for the service.
        On August 5th my driver's side headlight went out. I have to take the battery out when I change that headlight. Today (8/11), I opened the hood, and immediately saw that not only did the Meineke not perform battery service, they left my battery cables loose, which could have stranded me on the road, and the tie-down was flopping-around. It could have easily shorted against the positive battery terminal and blown up my battery! The bolt which holds the battery down was gone.
        I will never return to this Meineke location, because they can't be trusted to do the work they are paid to do. I want a refund of the $20.00 I paid to have the battery serviced, and an apology from the owner of the shop.
        Meineke just lost 2 customer. I won't trust either of our cars to Meineke again!

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          Meineke Car Care Centersprepaid oil changes

          Dear Meineke,

          This my third attempt to connect - two by the 800 number, where my complaint was "expedited" three weeks ago, and once a week before that when I was told I would hear back in 2 - 3 business days. Crickets only.

          My complaint is simple. It is not a crisis. It is, however, bad for your brand, and bad for customers.

          I bought a slate of 5 premiums oil changes, prepaid, and after having only one fulfilled, the location I bought it from closed. I had purchased these previously, without hassle, and this time, no other franchise owner would honor the deal, as the money evidently goes only to the local franchisee.

          The store in question was located on Del Monte Avenue is Seaside, California.

          Is it possible for me to have my money refunded? That is my simple request. Had the owned told me I needed to redeem the oil changes within 30 days of purchasing the package, I would never have bought them. Seems inappropriate at best, and clearly not good for your corporate brand that these tactics take place.

          I look forward to a response.

          Thank you.

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            Meineke Car Care Centersauto maintenance

            I bought my 2006 GMC ENVOY DENALI IN 2013, and for some reason I believed that if I took my vehicle to the same Shop that they would always take care of my car and consider me a good customer, boy was I wrong. It is now 2018, always had oil change on time, 4 new tires, 2 sets of air shocks, water pump and oil sending unit all at mieneke. Well one day I took it to mieneke told them I noticed oil on garage floor, they checked told me, who ever changed my oil just forgot to clean up the oil pan underneath. Little while later engine light is on, go to Ray Skilman GMC and they tell me have Oil leaking from several places, it would be about $3, 000.00 and they could not tell if I might need a new engine until they pull it out. Well needless to say I no longer have my car I took care of ! Thought I was doing right by taking it to the same Shop. Car care, I don't think so! They took care of my bank account.

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              Meineke Car Care CenterOil change rebate

              I was supposed to get a $10.00 rebate on my oil change. I sent them the form and the receipt. A few months later I hadn't gotten it so I called them. They said they will resend it. I double checked to make sure that they had the right name and address. A month goes by, still no rebate. I call again and they said they will resend it. Never came so I called again. They said they will resend it. I called a total of 10 times and each time they said they will resend it. A year later I still never got the rebate. They are full of crap saying they resent it, if they did I would have gotten it just like I do all my other mail. It is a total scam.

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                MeinekeBad service

                June 6 I took my car there because it was shaking when I applied the brakes. They said front was fine, replaced back pads / rotors. It was still shaking. June 28 I took it back, they again said front pad / rotors fine, redid the back. Still shaking. I don't trust them so I took it to another mechanic who said it was the front rotors that were bad. I've been driving 6 weeks on bad rotors because Meineke said they were fine...

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                  Meineke Car Care Centers — They haven't added fluid

                  I drove my car to Meineke Car Care Center. The rep said that they could stop the oil leak and promised to add...

                  Meineke Car Centre — The agent refused to repair the air conditioner and warranty was useless

                  Our old air conditioner blew out hot air and we decided to change it. We bought new one from Meineke Car...

                  Econo lube N Tune Meineke # 4065 — Cheating a customer

                  At July 27/2015 while I was driving my car near to my home I found the sign for the Econo Lube N Tune Meineke...

                  Meineke Car Care Center — poor professionalism

                  on April 2, 2015 I brought my 1999 Subura outback to the car care center and was met with unprofessionalism...

                  Laura Meineke DBA Panache Poms — Refusal to honor contract

                  In May of this year, Laura Meineke designed a contract that stated that I was to pay $800.00 for a Pomeranian...