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Canadian Tire Spruce GroveWish we would have never bought anything from this store

We bought a brand new lawnmower May 8th. We used it one time to mower our lawned and the second time we used it I pulled the pull cord to start it and it snapped right off. I took it to Spruce Grove Candian Tire where we bought it. We thought that they would just give us a new one to replace this mower we have only used once. No they said they would fix it and it would be ready in 2 weeks. We phone 2 weeks later to find out that it hadn't even been sent out for repairs yet! They then tell us that it will be another 2 weeks. We phone again because no body has called us back yet after 2 weeks and it's still not back yet from repairs. Another week and a half has gone by and we still don't have it back yet! Very disappointed in the service at this store and wish we would have never bought anything from this store. We have went without a mower over a month already. Not impressed!

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    • Mi
      Mikey#1 Mar 25, 2016
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      One thing I found out a few years ago is that the Spruce Grove Canadian Tire is the worst of them all. I had dealings with other CanTire's in Edmonton and all of them made jokes about the Spruce Grove branch. BEWARE buying any electrical item or an item that comes with a warranty. A few years ago someone at CanTire corporate ( probably an accountant) in trying to reduce costs, decided that they did not want their branches wasting time(money) on returns as they had to handle them, store them, ship them, receive them and contact the customer that they had arrived. Can you see how much money this was costing them every year. What to do??? Well they decided that after the sale all the merchandise that was not one of their own brands should be sent back to the manufacturer by the consumer, at the consumers cost. I bought a counter top water cooler/heater from Spruce Grove CanTire. Took it out to the lake. Followed the directions and got the hot water to come out fine but no cold water. I took it right back to Spruce Grove CanTire and they told me that I had to send it back to the manufacturer in Quebec at my expense for freight there and back. I said no and asked for the manager. After a loud fight and me threatening to cut up my CanTire card right there he agreed to return my money. This one of the reasons everyone refers to them as crappy tire.

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    Canadian Tirepoor service & customer relations!

    We recently contacted Canadian Tire as there were problems with changing gears. We called the towing company who started the car without issue and moved it into position to be towed to Canadian Tire. Upon arriving at the shop, we signed the car in. The next day, the assistant manager "G" contacted us advised the problem was the master cylinder and parts+labor would cost $862; 6 hours labor and the part would be sold at cost. We gave the go-ahead to have the work done.

    Next day, we picked up the car. The quoted price had changed, it was now $883 even though only 4.7 hours was done (which they deemed 4.5 hours) and the part was slightly higher than the original cost. We questioned this invoice and they explained the discrepancy was due to part cost. Rather than argue, we paid the invoice and went out to get the car and go home. When we got to the car, it wouldn't start. The battery was completely dead. Fortunately, we had brought a second vehicle and was able to boost the car after going back into the shop and advising them that the battery was dead. We went home.

    The next morning, when we attempted to start the car, it wouldn't start. We contacted Canadian Tire who asked us to bring the car in. So we brought the car in and left it with them. They later contacted us and advised that they had done an AVR test on the battery and that the battery was no longer good and would need to be replaced. Since the car had "been in 3 times already" they were going to be gracious enough to write-off the AVR test and installation of a new battery, provided we purchased a new battery.

    We, of course, were upset about this and told them that they would replace the battery at their cost due to that the battery was working just fine prior. They gave us the runaround and argued with "G" and then later that evening with "James". Both of them told us they were on "our side" but that there was no way they could have damaged the battery. We were not taking their excuses and arranged a meeting with "Scott" (Manager) the next morning to discuss this matter. The call ended amicably. We went to meet with him and told him we were willing to pay for half a battery but that the AVR, installation and half the cost of the battery was their responsibility.

    The next morning, we went down and had a meeting (behind the counter) with "Scott" who would not budge on anything and straight-out told us that we had to purchase a new battery and that he would waive the AVR test but not installation. We refused and argued with him stating that the responsibility was his as the battery worked fine when we brought them the car. He simply told us that he would "kick the car out" and we agreed. They drove the car out into the lot with the key in the ignition still running, door unlocked and window wide open and just walked away from it before we got to the car, fortunately, nobody else got to the car before we could.

    We were able to recharge the battery after having a third-party mechanic take a look at it and now the battery works fine, the car starts and the battery retains a charge, not necessitating the need to spend $109.00 on a new Canadian Tire battery as the shop manager was stating. However, for a short time, the brake light would not go out. It eventually did.

    On the way home today (four days after the original service), we noticed once again, there are shifting problems with the car. However we do not wish to take it back to Canadian Tire due to the obvious disregard for customer service and dutiful diligence on their part. It's hard to trust in a company that misleads.

    We received a call this evening from Canadian Tire, an automated message stating that they had worked on our vehicle recently and wanted to hear from us. The message advised us to contact the Manager who, ironically, refused to take any responsibility for the work done and them know what we thought of their service.

    We've heard stories about the quality of work and customer service at Canadian Tire, but never thought it would be this bad. We will never go back there again. We have in fact, decided to take the car to another shop to ensure mechanical integrity.

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      • Ia
        Ian Millard Mar 05, 2008
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        I took my vehicle to Canadian Tire ONCE for service, only to have the estimated price mysteriously increase by almost %80. I asked to have all the old parts returned, and this request was noted on the work order before the service began. The parts managed to disappear before I arrived to pick up the vehicle, so my willingness to cooperate also disappeared. The situation got noisy and ugly, but I won.

        Canadian Tire has reached new highs in LOW customer service. And it's not just in the Auto Service Department.

        Every area of every CanTire I've visited has poorly stocked shelves, messy aisles, improperly (or unlabeled) merchandise, and items in the wrong bins.

        Perhaps if they stopped hiring teenagers at minimum wage, and actually TRAINED their staff, most of these problems could be rectified.

        And I'm getting really tired of dealing with (otherwise unemployable) females that are too busy yapping with each other to help the customers.

        CanTire head office isn't the least bit interested in dealing with the situation. As long as they keep making money nothing will ever change.

        I strongly advice everyone to avoid the auto service department, and be sure to complain long and loud about every shortcoming.

        Ian Millard

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      • Mf
        MF Jun 04, 2008
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        Canadian tire managers over ride each other's decisions, especially whenever it comes into batteries issues.

        In my case, on manager at the Kanata, On, location told me, find your receipt and we will fully refund you of the 2nd defective battery that I purchased just days before I discovered that the battery does not hold a charge.
        when I found the receipt, Adam a store manager at the kanata location told me, bring me the Wal-Mart receipt to proof for my boss that you have another battery.
        then ALLAN another manager said no, just exchange and there is no refund.
        Allan told Adam on the phone"I TOLD YOU, YOU CAN NOT DO THIS!!! I AM YOUR BOSS, AND I HAVE THE FINAL WORD!!"

        I exchanged the battery, but you guys out there, be careful when you deal with Canadian tire, Kanata store, do not deal with a manager called ALLAN.

        ALLAN the manager at the Canadian tire store location is very rood, un-sensitive with dealing with clients.

        Thank you,

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      • Ck
        CKP2016 Nov 09, 2016
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        I am just starting a complaint process however if anyone would like to have a class action lawsuit brought to this business for causing damage to vehicles and not doing the work ordered etc. the lawyers only charge when its done and all legal fees are at the expense of the business = contact me via email [protected]@gmail.com - Its time we stand up to this service department at Canadian tire

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