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Canadian Tire / canadian tire, 700 lawrence ave w, north york, ontario

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October 17 2007,

I had my vehicle fixed at one of the Canadian Tire stores (
and they put on a new gas tank on my car that was just over a year ago, the gas tank has a 3 year warranty but they claim only 100 days on labor.

I took my vehicle into the location nearest to me in North York, Ontario where I live
I went to the Lawrence Square Mall Canadian Tire Location.


M6A 1B6
Phone: [protected]

They said that they were going to charge me $210.00 + GST to get the problem fixed just for the labor. The parts were going to be replaced under warranty. The labour is HIGHER then the part price! This is just stupid that they were going to charge me MORE in labor then what the actual part is worth. The Gas tank price is $182.99

I told him that this was still under warranty. He said that the part was but not the labor. I was speaking with the automotive manager at this location and this went on for a while I spoke with the owner of the store Phil and got absolutely no where with him.

The gas tank itself is only worth $182.99 this store is going to charge me more in labor to fix their defective tank then the actual cost of the part is going to be! This is just a RIP OFF!

What they are doing is charging me the full shop price to install a NEW one. Even though this is repair to fix a defective part that Canadian Tire installed in my car. And yes I had a copy of my warranty and everything with me and showed them that the part was indeed installed by Canadian Tire.

I asked Phil who is the store owner to do this at his cost and not the Mitchell book price because this was to replace a defective product that Canadian Tire put in my vehicle in the first place and that if they put a quality part on my vehicle in the first place that I would not have to be in there that day. Phil the Store Owner refused to do anything for me and was rude and very ignorant with me. And this is a store owner you may expect something like this from an employee but not a store owner!

A store owner should want to keep his customers but obviously not this one. He just wants to gouge his existing customers as much as he possibly can! I tried to reason with him and come to some compromise but he wouldn’t hear it.

The store was going to charge me 2 hours worth of labor just to drop this old tank off and put the new one on.

I asked the store owner Phil if he could charge me what it would cost to have his mechanic do the work knowing that the mechanic was NOT going to get paid that whole $210.00 + GST at best that mechanic would only make $30.00 - $35.00 per hour and since they were fixing a defective part that Canadian Tire installed why should Canadian Tire make money off repairing one of their defective parts.

Canadian Tire is laughing in this matter because they return the part back to the manufacture and get reimbursed for the defective part if I allowed them to change it out plus they are making money off of me for them to replace their garbage part! How does that seem fair to me that I am getting gouged out of all of this, I don’t mind paying the wage for the 2 hours for the mechanic to replace the part but why should the store make
a profit off of a defective part and the store ends up pocketing money out of this deal?

The store should have put parts into the vesicle the first time that were quality parts and they would
not have had to be changed after a year. That gas tank should last a long time a lot longer then
a year!

How does that seem in any way a good way to run a business? When the company first
Puts a part in the vehicle and then when it goes defective charge them the full price a 2nd time to replace THEIR defective part.

If you do the math at 2 hours labor and again the mechanic would only make $30 - $35 per hour.

$35.00 * 2 = $70.00 the rest of that money out of the $210.00 goes right into the store’s bank account, which would be $140.00 that would be going to the store’s bank account.

Why should any Canadian Tire store be allowed to make a profit off of a defective part they should replace the defective part at cost which would be the cost to pay their mechanic to do the work I would have been more then happy of they charged me $70 - $80 in labor to just change out the defective part. But instead they want to over charge me and gouge me in every way they possibly can!

Canadian Tire should want to look after its customers but instead it seems more like they want to rip them off! I know they have lost a customer I won’t deal with Canadian Tire any longer!

If this is a new install of a part sure charge the full so the shop makes some money but when they are going to replace a defective part from a persons vehicle that they installed and they know is not good then they should replace it at their cost! Right now the way Canadian Tire is working is that it is to their advantage for them to install parts that they know will break down outside the labor warranty and then they turn around and charge an absorbent labor cost in order to get the problem fixed. This is nothing more then high way robbery on the part of Canadian Tire and should not be occurring.

Obviously Canadian Tire doesn’t care about its customers and just wants to nickel and dime them as much as they possibly can and over charge them any way they possibly can! Well I am sick of it and I won’t deal with Canadian Tire any longer!

I tried to work with the owner of the store and come to some compromise on this but he refused to budge in any way. It had to look really bad with the two of us standing not that far from the front doors of the store with the two of us arguing out in front about this matter. That is something that the store would NOT want and just gives them bad publicity. Cripes I have spent more money in that store in the automotive garage and in the store itself that they have probably just lost money on this deal because they lost a regular customer due to the actions of this owner.

And when that didn’t work he tried another tactic he said that oh the car is “unsafe” and that he wasn’t going to release the car to me. He then suggested that oh we have a sealant that we can put on it and that he was going to charge me $30.00 for that otherwise he wasn’t going to release the vehicle from the garage.

And this was coming from the store owner! Who isn’t even a mechanic, he is the owner of the store and doesn’t even do that well but now he seems to think that he is a mechanic as well. He was simply doing this to spite me since I was giving him a difficult time that day about how things were being handled. Eventually he did release the car to me and I left that location and hopefully to never return there again!

Obviously I am not the only one that seems to have a lot of complaints about how Canadian Tire is treating people and scamming them and providing 2nd rate merchandise. It appears that Canadian tire has quite a long history of complaints against them too.

Here are other complaints related to this SAME store that I went to at
700 Lawrence Ave West in North York, Ontario, Canada

Installing wrong parts / over charging.
/URL removed/

According to the BBB at the time of writing this complaint this store has an unsatisfactory record infact the BBB

The BBB sent a complaint to this store and they never even bothered to respond to the complaint. Now that’s some really bad customer service on the part of the store.
Les Wall was the service manager in the automotive garage at this location and I am aware of him.

Over charging for work / parts yet another complaint about the Canadian Tire Store at
700 Lawrence Ave W.

Canadian tire has a habit of brushing off complaints that get made by their former customers.

Appears that Canadian Tire really needs to improve its customer service, at all of its stores not just this one if you look at /link removed/ there are loads of complaints about Canadian Tire centers from all across Canada!

I can tell you from my personal experience that how Canadian Tire treats its customers is horrible!

From the research that I have been doing appears that this store at 700 Lawrence Ave W is owned by a company by the name of “J.Paul Cairns Enterprises”

Bottom line is Canadian Tire just SUCKS and I won't deal with them any longer!

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  • Sh
      27th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    I just had an episode with CTC. I asked for their seasonal package that was advertised at $39.95 but wanted synthetic oil installed instead of the conventional oil it showed in the ad. When I received the invoice the total was $63.99 This was not including tax on either price. I talked to the service manager about this and he said because of the fact that I had synthetic oil installed instead of conventional oil the price was different. I had told him that I would pay the extra for the synthetic oil when I first ordered the package and nothing was said then. I can't see why it cost me an extra $30.00 to do the same exact labor except for the synthetic oil which does not cost $30.00 more than the conventional oil that was included in the package. By the way, this is after they took a $10.00 coupon off the price they had sent me to have me come back to have the vehicle serviced.Without the coupon it would have been $40.00 more. Needless to say this will be the last time any vehicle of ours will ever set a tire in their service bay.

  • An
      17th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    This is just stupid, you believe in ripping technicians off by making them work for free? "the gas tank has a 3 year warranty but they claim only 100 days on labor." You just said it all. THE PART WAS REPLACED UNDER THE WARRANTY IT HAD, LABOR IS 100 DAYS ONLY, WE DON'T CLAIM IT TO BE IT ACTUALLY IS.

  • Da
      9th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    Sorry, but why is it Canadian Tire's fault that the part was defective? It is the manufacturer of the product who is to blame, if anyone. Why should Canadian Tire do free labour for you outside of the 100 day warranty that they offer? Canadian Tire sells the products.. they do not make them. That's why products have warranties. CT probably has an agreement with manufacturers so they are reimbursed for the labour if there should be a problem. If they gave you free labour they would lose money. If they did this for everyone they would have gone out of business years ago or had to raise their prices so everyone would have to pay because of the greed and selfishness of others.

    Sometimes I read complaints about people waiting a long time for the manager, or the manager doesn't cater to their whims, but when you read behind the lines of these stories it's easy to see that they have a lot to deal with on a daily basis. People like this person complaining above are the reason one has to wait for the manager, when simple common sense should have been used by the customer.

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