Canadian Tirediscouraging the return of products!


I shopped at Canadian Tire for the last time this weekend. I went to the Canadian Tire on Cambie in Vancouver to return a tool I'd bought. I brought my receipt, but in order to return it I was asked for photo ID, which I didn't have. Even though I had credit cards with my name on it, the clerk and the store manager refused to allow me to return my merchandise.

I went home and returned with photo ID. Only then was I allowed to return my merchandise. The extra trip and the time spent trying to persuade the clerk and general manager to be reasonable cost me a couple hours of my day.

I will never deal with them again.


  • An
    Anthony B Aug 23, 2007

    So one question... You drove to the store without your drivers license or do cops let you drive with out one because you have a credit card?

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  • Pi
    Pickering Ontario Sep 24, 2007

    Perhaps this person took the bus! Or walked --Why do you assume every one drives

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  • Ky
    Kyle Oct 15, 2007

    Our policies are set out in the store and are accessible to all our customers. If you took the time to read the back of the receipt, you would know this. It does state that Photo I.D may be required. So be smart. Read the documents we provide you with. They aren't just there for fun!

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  • Jo
    jody gardner Nov 01, 2007

    Right there above me the attitude in the response says's it all about Canadian tire, belligerent, rude, cocky and all written with a smart ### attitude. Obviously Kyle works for Canadian Tire let me guess are you seventeen, with spotty skin and the whole world is against me attitude or a manager who hates every minute of his day at work, Because that is what i have put up with every time i have went into Canadian tire and needed help. Or a 16 year old girl who won't say hello or have a nice day just looks right through you for the next teenage boy coming through. Oh yeah Canadian Tire is a horrible experience.

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  • An
    Anthony B Nov 04, 2007

    Wow ageist and ignorant. To bad I'm a teenager who is accredited daily with how great customer service I provide. Also I am held in the highest respect by management. So to the IGNORANT ###S who think that teen agers can't work I have nothing more to say to you.

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  • Ja
    Jack K Nov 16, 2007

    I had the same hassle in St. Catharines' Welland Avenue store.

    After waiting for 25 minutes, along with 5 others, the clerk tells me I need photo I.D. to return my $7 (which i bought at Home Hardware for 40% less) in parts! She tells me it's to prevent fraud. Yeah right! Big epidemic of people fraudulently purchasing their $7 of junk and returning it after a half hour wait for $7!!!

    I give her my phone number and I'm not in their computer system. (So obviously I haven't returned anything to a Crappy Tire before -- so there can't be any fraud!!! and I have the receipt and their fake currency too.)

    On the computer screen I see an option toggled for marketing. I tell her to make sure they don't send me anything. She denies that I'll be marketed to, but I insist that she change to option to "Do not send". She didn't seem happy about that...

    She has to manually enter everything (invoice, part number etc) into the computer which takes another 5 minutes.

    Meanwhile, I've been staring at the "Gold Certified" service excellence plaques on the store walls. What a joke!

    No wonder Walmart is kicking their ###.

    Oh, and btw Cdn Tire... I *won't* be sending in that application for your Mastercard.

    Kiss my business good bye!

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  • Ph
    phil mcmaster Nov 17, 2007

    In order to prevent fraud and to protect the business Canadian Tire requires that for all returns you must provide your phone number, name, and address. This information is only to keep track of your returns and NOT used for any marketing purposes. This information is not sold to third parties and only disclosed where according to law.

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  • Ei
    eileen vencel Jan 05, 2008

    we bought a yardworks lawnmower last spring, this fall the piston blew up and tore the gas tank right off,part of the piston nearly took my dog out from the force when it blew up. we went to can .tire and told them about this , but got no response, then i found out are neighbours also got a yardworks mower, it to lasted less then a year. we are landscapers and will not be recomending yardworks or can.tire anymore.

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  • Ma
    Marvin Lim Feb 18, 2008

    Returning things anywhere thesed days is a hassle and i believe this is one of the main reasons why people get annoyed with retailers.

    However if you ever want to return something without trouble, go to the Canadian Tire location at Leslie and Sheppard. That store takes anything back. Just ask the sales associate for a supervisor or a manager and either they will allow it, or a manager will come and just tell them to process the transaction. It's actually great.

    I was standing in line one time and i must say that some of the items that Canadian Tire took back was mindblowing.
    Example: Used toilet seat.
    At Rona, they do not take back things like that if the pastic has been taken off.
    At Leslie and Sheppard, they completly disregard their return policy. " Original packaging" whatever they'll take back ANYTHING literally.
    I am a regular shopper there and i am gladly aware of the specific managers that allow certain returns. Its amazing how just 2 minutes of arguing will give you what you want.
    Personally, i suggest you try it!

    Another incident that you might want to look out for is the line ups at Leslie and Sheppard. Especially at the returns desk. They say easy returns, which is true, but standing in line is a mission.
    I was returning some items and there was only 1 representative at the desk. I stood in line for 45 minutes and along with me were a couple other customers who were getting aggrivated. We asked the lady to ask for some help however she told us that she was the only one the manager schedualed at the counter. Many of us became irritated even though it was not the ladies fault, however we asked to speak to a manager who then told us that in these exact words,

    " We would rather use the extra person at the cash registers. We appreciate the money coming into the store, not going out"

    Just plain stupid to have one representative at the returns desk on a saturday afternoon.

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  • Ca
    Cat Rodrigues Mar 06, 2008

    Hello, I just want to say that i work at the Canadian Tire at Leslie and Sheppard.

    I"ll have to agree and disagree to some of the points brought up. Yes some of the stuff that goes on at Canadian Tire is utterly ridiculous, and as its employee, who know what goes on in the background, i should know this.

    Yes they do take back everything you want to return at our store. Whiny customers get everything they want. They're like big babies. Heck, we even take back murder evidence, if the rumours are true. Isnt it wonderful? i mean, our store is only loosing tons of money by allowing totally unresaleble (if that is even a word) products to go back on to the floor, to be pushed around by floor staff who already have enough to do. Dont you think that if we were less lax with our return policy, maybe, just maybe, the store would be making enough money to schedule in ONE MORE CASHIER IN ORDER TO HAVE MORE PEOPLE AT RETURNS, IN ORDER TO SHORTEN LINE UPS?

    No, because like most customers at our store, you dont think.
    As for the person who posted the complaint above, your a ###. Read ur receit. read the signs around the store. and if you dont, dont ### about it. If we're asking you for photo id, there is a reason. Oh, and you're worried about them missusing ur information? Know that that is against the law, so if they do misuse it, you can sue them for lots and lots of money, which i wouldnt mind you doing actually, it would serve them right. Retailers maybe be stupid sometimes, but they're not stupid enough to mess with laws that can cost them hundreds of thousands dollars and create bad publicity, trust me.
    As for the complaint about how our products suck and die on you?
    well, there are few products in our store i would truly recommend. however, find me a store who doesnt sell crap that will break on you in less than a year, or even worse, shortly after a year is over right when ur warranty ends. The problem is not the retailer. the problem comes from manufactures. They design products that will last you a very short time on purpose so ur out buying more stuff later on. I hate it just as much as anyone else, but if you do find a store that sells products that are high quality that will last you a long time, please please let the rest of us know!

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  • Wi
    william plohman Mar 07, 2008

    i have a problem with the quality of paper used in your cash registers--- i have made a number of purchases , large item with warrenties, put when i checked my receipts for the information they were either blank or information could not be seen. it appears as though you are using disappearing ink or a poor quality of paper. could you advise me what i should do to identify the items i purchased as i certainly don't want to get into a conflict with a store clerk who would only be trying to do their job.

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  • Da
    David Beck Mar 09, 2008

    Seems reasonable to ask for a photo ID if you are returning something bought by credit card. It's simply done to prevent fraud. Why make a big deal out of it?

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  • Ma
    Max Mar 14, 2008

    Interesting posts - I always like to read what others have to say.

    About cheap merchandise that always breaks - whose fault is this - try the customer...

    A customer sees clothes drying racks on sale. They're a very cheap plastic coated wire contraption with wings that open up to give you lots of space to hang clothes to dry. The customer looks at the rack and asks if we have anything better.

    "Certainly, come this way and I'll show you where there are other drying racks."

    I lead the customer to where other drying racks are located, show them the better quality racks that are much sturdier, have mesh nets to dry sweaters flat and would be much more reliable than the gull-wing dryer on sale. They see the price and remark, "Oh that's too expensive - I'll just buy the one on sale." That's when I lost respect for that customer.

    Manufacturers make cheap products at the lowest price because that's what the customer wants - never mind that by buying the cheapest product they'll have to replace it several times and spend as much or more than they would have by purchasing the better quality alternative in the first place. Or perhaps they'll just return it :)

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  • As
    Ashley Apr 14, 2008

    Oh My God! Shoppers at Canadian Tire are sometiems so stupid sometimes to put it bluntly. There are people trying to do fradulent returns. I have CAUGHT some of them. So I don't care if you swear to me you aren't or if you have credit cards with your name on them, you could have stolen those for all we know too, or if you bring in a piece of paper with 20 signatures from people swearing that you really who you say you are! It's for your own saftey. I agree with one of the previous posts, the Police would not accept that for identification and we will not either. And as for misusing your information, I know I don't work in customer service to get everyone's phone numbers and charge stuff to their credit cards. I do not want to ask for your phone number because you'll think I'm hitting on you which could not be further from the truth. So get over it. We forget the phone numbers as soon as we type them into the computer and are happy to see you walk out the door. As for those teenagers who "can't do anything" maybe it's because ofyour attitude that no one helped you. Those incompetent teenagers, as you said, have the choice to decide how far we go with helping you. We can return everything in reality, even though we're not supposed to, but it's up to you by how you treat us if we help you to the fullest of our ability. If you're rude, don't expect us to not be rude right back to you. It's human nature. If you were being kicked, would you not kick back? So think about that next time you're there. Oh, and by the way, employees laugh at you when you leave if you act like that. Dont' think it doesn't happen, because it does everyday for the most insane customers who they they're always right.

    In response to Jody Gardner, were you not once a 16 year old teenage girl? Or are you now a bitter old woman who is envious of the youthful? Give them a break! and try to remember what you were like when you were 16. Those kids are just trying to have fun at work and make a little extra cash. Geeze. Give it a rest!

    In response to Marvin Lim... Think about what you wrote last. If you owned a business would you rather have your empolyees taking money into the store rather than giving it back? The point of a business is to make money, not give it back. Geeze, I would love to see how you would run a business! That's why there is usually only one person in customer service at any given time.


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  • Bo
    Bob May 10, 2008

    I have made my last trip to Canadian Tire too. A few weeks ago I purchased several items from a local CT. I made it as far as the parking lot when I realized that one of the items was packaged incorrectly -- the contents of the box were not what they should have been. So I went to the return desk. The woman working the desk was the same cashier who had sold me the product not five minutes earlier, and she remembered me. I had the original receipt, the original CT money, even the original bag (not to mention the debit card I had just used to buy the item), but they insisted they needed photo ID to do a return. Nobody, including the idiot "manager" who was called, knew why they collect the information, what they do with it, or how long they keep it. Ultimately I was able to return the item without showing my driver's licence.

    Yesterday, however, I had purchased an item from a different location and went back to exchange it for a higher priced item. Once again, I was at the same store where I purchased the item, I had the original receipt, original CT money, the debit card used to purchase it, even the original bag, but they insisted on ID. Following a huge fight they ultimately refused to do the exchange without photo ID. Not wanting to give them any more of my money than I already had, I relented and provided ID, but I won't be back.

    And all this for an item costing less than $10.

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  • As
    Ashley May 22, 2008

    They ask for Photo ID to help prevent fradulent returns. DUH!

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  • St
    stephenw Aug 15, 2008

    It clearly states at the back and sometimes the front of the receipt that Photo ID is required.

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  • J
    J Nov 06, 2008

    I think this person is extremely ignorant and does not respect the simple rules a company sets in place for their customers to follow. I work at a Canadian Tire, and the ### I see people start is horrible. It may be because of the "customer thinks they're always right" mentality or maybe just pure stupidity on their part to start a scene. I pity you sir for even taking the to display your stupid comments to the rest of the world. It shows how much of an idiot you are.

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  • Sy
    syllamo Apr 27, 2009

    It is amazing that this CT attack on privacy is simply accepted as fighting 'fraud'. Believe what you want about the credit card returns, but when dealing in cash, I have a right to privacy.

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  • Cu
    Customernotalwaysright Aug 03, 2009

    This is so typical of some people. I bet you get upset when asked for your ID when you don't sign the back of your credit card.

    There are rules for a reason. Follow them. Please.

    Yes, the workers do need to speak to you in a respectful manner...but when they tell you the rules and you swear and fight with them, that is not going to get you anywhere. They have families and school (and so on) to pay for and they will not bend the rules for you and get fired. If you have a real issue contact Corporate because they are the ones who can overall make a REAL difference. Everyone else is just following rules.

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  • Jo
    joan236 Nov 17, 2009

    What an absolutely ridiculous policy. They require photo id for any return or exchange. Even in the same store, with the original receipt, debit card and CT money. Even five minutes later. They claim they keep your personal information on file for 2 YEARS. I have had enough of being treated like a thief by businesses that are trying make money off me. I won't be going back to Canadian Tire.

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  • Am
    amikings Feb 16, 2010

    why would you return something for 7 dollars is it really worth it?

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  • Ji
    Jim67 Mar 19, 2012

    So how do you even read the receipt when all the ink disappears off of it? What kind of person just throws away seven dollars? Return it and give the money to the Children`s Wish Foundation. The sixteen year old at the parts counter is my problem. I would like to talk to someone with experience and knowledge which would be fine if there was someone like that there also. However there never seems to be, just more young inexperienced kids.

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