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Circle K reviews & complaints

Circle K complaints 1504

Jan 12, 2022

Circle K - Promotion

I was getting coffee at a Circle K location on January 12 at approximately 8:30 AM (MST). There is a promotion for a 24oz coffee and a Kind Bar for $2. The cashier charge me the full price for both...

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Circle K - My 5 year old daughter peed on herself due to the worker and the bathroom key

I went to the store to let my daughters use the bathroom and get something to drink/snack and the bathroom was locked so I asked the worker to get the bathroom key before he took the customer in from...

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Circle K - I have a fraudulent charge on my account and was told by my bank to contact the merchant to get it resolved

On 12/6/2021 my debit card was charged for $72.01 at circle k. I noticed on 12/10/2021 that my debit card was missing. I did not make that purchase and I want my money refunded immediately. I wa...

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Circle K - Stale donuts & disrespectful treatment by employees

I purchased a half dozen donuts on or about December 29 2021, when I opened them later that day they were stale. I went back to return them, I was told there was nothing she could do for me as she...

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Circle K - Poor customer experience

I visited the longmoor and new street store today around 9pm to find the employee sound asleep behind the counter. I stood at the counter for a few minutes waiting to be served but had to speak loudly after a few minutes to was him up. Poor customer experience. And could be costly as anyone could have walked it with merchandise. This same employee has been highly unprofessional during other visits as well

Desired outcome: Deal with employee


Circle K - Mold

On December 14, 2021 I bought a boom boom chicken sub from the circle k at 5202 W Sligh Ave, Tampa, FL 33634. I took a bite of the sandwich and felt the texture of the sub was off. As I was at my...

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Circle K - Employee

I live in Baton Rouge, La. and purchase fuel, beverages, coffee, etc. at your location at 2340 S. Sherwood Forest location a minimum of twice daily sometimes more for more than 5 years now. There i...

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Circle K - Circle K Reloadable Gift card unusable

I purchased a Circle K Reloadable Gift Card as I was traveling through New Mexico and Arizona. I tried to use it for gas at several Circle K gas stations. The pumps and the clerks would not accept it. We did not get a pin number when we bought it. I can't even get a balance on it, but I'm pretty sure it's $60. I have also stopped at a Circle K near my home and was not able to use the card either. How can I get my money off the card?

Desired outcome: Get my money off the card

Circle K - Sup n save

This is the second time having issues with my sip n save I buy one for me n one for my boyfriend….I just paid for mine n his last Thursday n his didn't work the next day mine didn't work two days after I paid I truly would love to figure this out I don't like donating money when I think it's going toward a sip n save….please someone contact me quickly so we can figure out how to resolve this! Phone number [protected] please n thank you!

Desired outcome: Sip n save to be active after I e already paid for it!

Circle K - Not being treated fairly, never team effort, and scheduling is never consistent

Haven't had a weekend off to be able to spend time with my children I put request in and get denied I'm always scheduled during holidays and events and the times most people would be gathering with...

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Oct 06, 2021

Circle K - Stopped selling caffeine-free Coke

I'm sure there must be a reason, but why did Circle K stop carrying caffeine-free Coke in its fountain drinks? I stopped by every day (sometimes twice) but since I can't have caffeine and there are no other sugar-free drinks now without caffeine, there is no reason to go there.

For those of us who can't have caffeine and want to avoid sugar, Circle K was the Go-To place and I live in a small town so there weren't a lot of options and I SO appreciated this option. The people who work in my local store are awesome and I will miss seeing them every day, but no reason to continue to go there now.

Desired outcome: Put caffeine-free Coke back in your fountain!

Sep 20, 2021

Circle K - Gas

Here in Oracle Arizona where we used to have two circle k's and plenty of gas for everyone including premium mid-range and regular gas... Now they closed one circle k and got rid of premium gas altogether and now there's only Diesel and 87 but that's not the real problem. Every single gas pump has been altered, all of The tamper tags are not attached, the credit card machines take your credit card and your PIN number but don't work and you have to go inside and pay and it's been like this for months and no one is taking care of it. There is no way to know if we are getting robbed or not by scales being off and there is only four pumps and over 5, 000 people so this creates arguments and fights when people need to run inside to pay. The same circle k has many issues and if it wasn't the only game in town I would say knock it over. I feel like I've been robbed every time I walk in the door but it's the only place to get anything in our town.

Sep 14, 2021

Circle K - Didn't receive everything purchased and managers won't contact me after I've tried several times.

On 9-3-2021 I went to the Circle K Store In Valdosta, Ga. I attached the letter I emailed them three different times. I tried calling customer service, but all I do is sit and listen to music. They...

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Circle K - Store 3679

My 16 year old son was in store #3679 on 9/1 at approximately 7:20am to purchase a drink. He was checking out and was having trouble with his card and commented that he put in the correct PIN number and the clerk called him a "smart [censored]". My husband went in to ask the clerk if she called him that and she proceeded to curse at him using the "F-word" repeatedly and used racial slurs against me. Additionally she took off her mask as she approached him putting him at risk and ignoring their own company policy.

I went in the next day to ask for the managers name and number and they said they don't have to give us anything. There was a 800 number posted on the wall which doesn't work. Nothing on their corporate website so we have no recourse. We filed a complaint with the police.
We called the regional director Chris Hughes and cannot get a call back.

Desired outcome: Reprimand for the employee and to know that someone cares

Circle K - Rude services by a employee

I had went to the circle k to purchase a pack of smokes I was at said register I asked the lady working for a pack of smokes I had also asked to make sure that she didn't grab the wrong pack she said...

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Circle K - Watermelon candy

So I bought s as drink and cigarettes like I always do about every other day and while standing in line to checkout I noticed watermelon candy. They are the two for $3 bags so I grab a bag and noticed ad I pushed on the bag it shrank slightly so I grabbed another one but it felt a little better so I bought them .at home later that day I went to eat some and they where rock hard so I close up the bag and two days later when I went to buy more cigarettes I brought them with me. I asked the cashier if I could trade the candy to a fresher bag and they asked me for a receipt well when I bought them they asked me if I wanted a receipt and because shop lifters find receipt shop lift the stuff and return it I said no well if I can't get a exchange of a product I purchased then it would sad if I always asked for a receipt from now on and drop it on the ground on my way out the door but that would be sad if we could not just respect each other. So now I have to talk to the manager in the morning over a $2 bag of candy what a waist of my time!

Desired outcome: Give cashier the ability to exchange your brand of candy if it’s not fresh

Circle K - Buying lottery tickets

Went into the Circle K at the corner of Olive and 47th Ave. Glendale, AZ. about noon today August 21st, 2021. A rather large young man with big bulging ear rings waited on me. I ask for lottery...

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Aug 18, 2021

Circle K - Went to buy 3 lottery tickets az the pick

After purchased gas I ask the male attendant to give me 3 tickets of az the pick. He gave me one ticket for 3 dollars and when I ask his mistake he lied and said that I requested one ticket but if I win it will be multiply the chance. I said that I want 3 tickets because is more chances than one. He got mad, he looked to me very angry, his face turned red and throw me out of the store when I ask to speak with manager pf the store. I'm a 68 years old nurse hispanic female. I usually buy gas and the pick. This attendant I remember gave $1 short of change in another occasion but I didn't say nothing, from that time I decided to fight back. The complain is about how rude this person could turn on customers. It is not my fault that he gets confused or trying to get smart in his work.

Desired outcome: To be fired. Customers not need to be treated so rudely and to be robbed due to "mistakes" in given change,

Circle K - They steal money from customers

Up until today I bought all of my gasoline, cigarettes, energy drink, and routinely bought many other things multiple times daily. Running my own company and fueling up our vehicles constantly provided you alot of revenue and it also provided you additional revenue because my workers would often do their own purchases in your stores when I sent them for gasoline there also. Effective immediately I have changed our policy, and will be sending out notification to all of my drivers that they are forbidden to purchase fuel for my vehicles at your locations going forward.

Reason being I'm fed up with your stations (particularly the one at 70th and Scottsdale Road in Scottsdale Arizona) claiming they do not have any change to provide customers. A woman two in front of me was just shorted 94 cents in change on a $1.06 purchase. You effectively doubled her price. You then proceeded to short me 40 cents on what would have been an $18.60 purchase. Newsflash you are the one in business selling products to consumers... It's your responsiblity the ensure you have change to provide them every bit as much as it is mine to provide my customers with change. No other store out here has this problem.

Your solution to the changes shortage is literally rob your customers.

I'll tell you what is REALLY going on here. Your employees at this location are shorting every customer who pays cash because that average let's say 48 cents per transaction they are keeping from every single customer makes their drawer "heavy" and so the end of the shift when they are $200 over where it should be they put it in their pocket.

I would bet anything that particular cashiers register doesn't come out to be one red cent over where it should be at the end of her shift.

This has been ongoing for well over a year now and you still haven't figured out how to have change? Come on. Nobody else seems Ill prepared like you are. You have no system to protect the money your cashiers and you are frankly stealing from your customers, no system in place to ensure every penny customers are shorted goes to a worth charity like others did. Nope instead you have incentivized your employees to steal from them instead.

As such I promise you have lost a customer for life, and i guarantee you that for every person who takes the time to call or email about this to also let you know they will no longer provide you their business, there are 30 more that simply never come back without saying so much as a word.

I will go out of my way if I need to in order to find any other station that is not owned by you.

You have had 15 months to figure it out. Every other company has, and still here we are with you thinking the customer should just let you keep their change. The Circle K Tax so to speak, rather than eat the loss yourself or provide them a voucher for the amount you are unable to provide them in coins. 90 cents a day, 6 days a week that's $4.50 times 8 trucks I have going... That comes out to $36.00 every week potentially.

Not anymore.

You are thieves and take zero responsibility for your inability to provide your customers their change when other companies have had this stuff figured out for the last 9 months otherwise.

If you are really so inept at the level of upper management I'll make it simple. Don't accept cash at all or round the purchase down In the consumers favor. No excuse for someone to pay double the price of an item like happened to the lady a couple spots before me. I'm tempted to go in there pay for something with 10 dollars in dimes and the have some of my workers go In and buy items with cash and catch your employees downright lying about not having change to provide in order for their register to keep getting "heavier".

You have built of culture of dishonesty, and have no corporate accountability.

Ex Customer,


Desired outcome: Bankruptcy

Circle K - Jarell employee

The night shift worker refused my currency . A little over ten dollars in change . He said " I ain't doing over ten na " I said it's not even much over ten and I'll count it for you . He said " that don't make a [censored] to me shawty. . . SO I LEFT . went right down the road to another circle k in Eastman in oak street. And the beautiful young lady Tarlan had no problem accepting my money for what it was . I've worked there and I did not think rudeness was tolerated. And that man was just hateful and far worst customer service I've received from circle k ever.

Desired outcome: Fired

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