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Circle K Convenience Stores & Couche-Tard.

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Region covers: AZ, NV

United States - 85072

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Circle K Complaints & Reviews

Circle K / Service at gas station

Deloris Forshee on Feb 22, 2017
Stopped for gas at the new Circle K on Lebanon Ave used to be Quick Trip gas was 2.19 unlead. Wow haven't seen that in awhile. Got the nozzle put in the car pushed the 87 button at 2.19 when it was done got receipt got in the car looked at receipt Omg. Well it says premium at 2.79 say...

Circle K / Cash back

Sarah Mills Strickland on Feb 20, 2017
402 kings hwy Mattieles claville cashier 2/18/17 5:00 pm I purchased two drinks and a juice and requested cash back. The juice was suppose to be on sale per price tag and she wouldn't match. Also I requested $70 cash and after it was successfully processed, she informed me she could only...

Circle K / Barbara stephens store #2705393

rainie on Feb 19, 2017
I had a horrible experience with circle k store #2705393, the way my card was prosessed, and te way the barbara stephens (The manager) responded to the situation. I was charged twice for a transaction and asked for thier assistance clearing it up. Not only did she refuse to help by clarifying that...

Circle K / Albris drinker

Temperqwer on Feb 19, 2017
Is it normal for all your employee's to go to work high on weed? I'm just wondering. Also drive while High on weed? I mean, come on. I love Circle K but this is going a bit to far. This guy is at work high all the time. Multiple people have walked in and seen it. Don't you guys random drug...

Circle K / Customer service

Kathleen Espinoza on Feb 18, 2017
I went to circle k on hardy/university in Tempe and the same gurl was working that gave me an attitude before I thought maybe today would be different but I was soo wrong she gave me an attitude again wasn't nice when I came to the counter didn't ask me if I wanted my receipt just gave it...

Circle K / Coupon received in mail

tom chidester on Feb 17, 2017
I received a coupon from circle k 1 dollar off any size coffee. I bought the large coffee for 1.79. when I payed for it, I stated to the clerk, that the 1 dollar coupon wasn't taken off. They said he was not for the regular coffee, which I replied it doesn't say that on the coupon. I...

Circle K / Gas with our debit card

Kenmick on Feb 17, 2017
My husband and i stopped at circle k in steubenville ohio on feb 12 2017. We got gas with our debit card we was charged 102. 00 plus the 28.00 of gas we put in the car. We have called the store several times and corp office but we keep getting the run around. The supervisor at the store...

Circle K / Mold on food

Camille High on Feb 16, 2017
Good Morning My name is Camille High and yesterday morning I went to the Circle K on Norman Dr. in College Park, GA to get something to eat. I bought a breakfast burrito and warmed it up at work. I took like 3-4 bites out of it while it was still wrapped up. When I opened it all the way I...

Circle K / Poor customer service

MMM11 on Feb 14, 2017
I drove tonight 02/14@ 8pm to Circle K to purchase fuel. Circle k 8959 Address: 1515 S Semoran Blvd, Winter Park, FL 32792 Phone:(407) 681-4181 After pumping my gas at the pump -I was unable to receive the receipt at the pump (out of paper)I went inside to retrieve my receipt and the...

Circle K / Managers very unprofessional

Dont go here on Feb 12, 2017
This store is HORABLE!!! The assistant store manager Melissa does not work, she hangs outside in the parking lot with her friends and her boyfriend. If a customer has a complaint about her she runs to her friends outside and has them take pictures and yell things at you. Example. Yesterday I...

Circle K / Customer service

Kathleen Espinoza on Feb 12, 2017
My sister and i went into the circle k on hardy/university and the cashier was soo rude to us and as soon as we left she went outside to smoke a cigarette . Also they were out of something and my sis asked if they had anymore the cashier didn't even want to go look for her which I know...

Circle K / Service

Rdlc on Feb 10, 2017
Employees have customers and boyfriends behind the counter messing with the food. We refuse to eat anything from there because it's not sanitary. Employees appear to be on drugs. They consistently forget to set the gas pumps, give back the wrong change, discuss personal information In...

Circle K / Customer service

None915 on Feb 8, 2017
On Wednesday 2/8/17 at about 4:05PM. I entered a the Circle K store while my mother waited in the car. I approached the pay counter asked the clerk(Eric -customer care assistant) for a quick pick powerball he asked if I wanted power play I said no. Then he asked for my I.D I told him I'm...

Circle K / Service jordana

Tammy Simmons on Feb 7, 2017
On Sunday afternoon(2/5/17) approximately 5 PM your sales associate Jordana tried to refuse to sell me a full box of black and mild regular plastic tip cigars. These were the singles sold for $.79 each. when I asked the clerk that was helping me Matthew she abruptly got in the middle of...

Circle K / Gas service at e waterloo rd, akron, oh

arkco8 on Feb 7, 2017
I walked in and prepaid for $25.00 with my bank card on 2/5/2017. The attendant charge my card for the amount I asked for and gave me a receipt. I mistakenly thought that I would receive the member price for my gas by using the rewards card. I was informed that that was for the rewards pay...

Circle K / Me and my friends were racially discriminated against

Jordan.haile on Feb 6, 2017
After our superbowl party we went to circle K and the clerk only allowed 2 of us to enter at a time, we understood and complied since it was about 8 teenagers walking into a store with him alone. The part that hurt us and made us feel alienated was that he did not enforce that rule with a...

Circle K / Cashier at rocky face georgia store

ff234jg on Feb 5, 2017
The cashier is rude and lets people hang around the store. As well as let's people set in the parking lot on there beer. They have paid for. We Like the store but we are now starting too feel unsafe there with the people hang around like it's a hang out spot. The cashier sets outside with...

Circle K / Soda and slushee machine

Kara Newbern on Feb 5, 2017
We are great customers of the Circle K on 23336 N. Lake Pleasant Parkway in Peoria AZ. We buy gas weekly and we enjoy a great slushee and delicious Polar Pop at least twice a week! It has come to our attention that you have taken out the root beer on both sides and has been replaced with...

Circle K / Non compliance

Crystal Marie on Feb 4, 2017
We came to circle k in greene me at 1150 to get Children's Tylenol for my daughter and when I called the store I was told it was still shut down for another 20 minutes there were multiple people in the store at that time and from what I understand the reason it is shut down is because...

Circle K / Manager/employee

Kristi1 on Feb 3, 2017
I was in the store on 2/2 at approx. 700am. The store is located in Northwood Ohio on woodville road. I go to this store almost daily to get coffee, gas, snacks etc. Almost every time I go in something is not stocked. For example, the hazelnut coffee is all out or the creamer dispenser i...

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