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On multiple occasions a person in the food department was caught not wearing gloves while preparing bakery. All three offenses happened within a year. She didnt wear them moving donuts from one tray to another, didnt wear them while frosting the donuts, along with a 3rd occasion. But he/she still employed at the store in the kitchen.Multiple employees go into the kitchen without a hairnet including leaders while food is being prepared. It is disgusting.

coffee cups

Date, every day since you changed the coffee cups from foam to paper.

The new coffee cups all leak where the overlap seam is on the top of the cup. The lids fit bad and every single cup i have purchased since you have switched over has leaked in my car and on my clothing.

It was the single worse mistake Kwik Trip has made.

Otherwise i absolutely love you stores and it is my primary got to for everything but i will never buy coffee from there again.

Prepaid gas pumps taking money extra

Got gas Sunday night, put my debit card in said payment kwik trip $102 and still took out payment for gas I put In that was $15 no refund on my account and the location I went to...


I stop often and buy pizza. Not enough topping options so I asked once about adding toppings. They did and used the extra toppings charge at the register. Not a problem. Tonight I...

pre cooked heat and eat taco meat

I heated up 4 packages of the taco meat in a crock pot. Everyone who ate it is now throwing up. 3 people total. I have bought this meat several times before with no issues. I kept...

driver of fuel truck t 3959

It is 4:52 in tomah WI and the north station. When driver T 3939 crossed in front of us with out signaling as he turned into the station. Almost causing a crash. Please fix thi...

the disgusting condition of the store. 12/7/19

I stop at this store frequently, on this one day I was particularly madden by the filthy condition of the store. Soup spilled and dried of the counter between the tornadoes and...

your policy on drunk drivers coming in your store. / car washes

I have two complaints first complaint. I work nights traveling back from Wisconsin dells back to Madison sometimes it was late nights and there was nothing left to eat so I stopped at Kuik Trip. I entered the store and asked the staff when the donuts would be out because I knew they brought fresh donuts in the morning hours. So I meandered around the store waiting for the donuts to come out. Because of my meandering around the store the employee thought that I was drunk. She had no probable cause to think that.I suspect your policy of rewarding people for turning in drunk drivers was going to give her a bonus and that's what she was working off of. shortly after getting my donut I want outside to my car and a police officer approached me. I told him the story that I just told above. the officer that time stated that this isn't the first time that this KuikTrip has done something like that and he was going to go in and have a talk with her. still I felt profiled I felt like I didn't want to ever go back to that place because of that reason. There really should be some training to identify people that are drunk if you're truly are trying to stop drunk driving and being a part of the solution this isn't helping. You're creating a long line of snitchesfor the sole purpose of getting money anybody that resembles that they've had a beer they're calling on.

Second complaint
I went fill my car up and bought a car wash. By the time I got to the carwash that day it was full to the brim I didn't feel like waiting so I thought I'd save the ticket and come back later. I went about a month later and the receipt was faded and what the shop owner or manager did was gave me another free car wash. Again the line was extremely long and I put it back in my wallet thinking that I could come back. I wasn't informed that they're only good for a month.
I came back and tried my code and it didn't work I went in to talk to the person on the inside and they said they couldn't do anything about it even though I had the original receipt which you could not read because of the fading and I handwritten the date on there the one I came in the code was written by the customer service rep on the receipt that I had you could tell it was two different writings. Anyways I just wasted money on a car wash I'll never get. the representatives on the inside saying for some reason it's offline and they won't allow me to produce a ticket. I asked him what he meant by being offline he says the car washes are down. Well I told him the car washes are running there's cars going through there right now. He says I don't know what's going on with the system but I cannot assure you a car wash not much I can do except for walk away shaking my head. Truly disappointing ☹️
I hope you change your policy on 30 days on the car wash it really is not enough time specially with when everybody tries to go and wash the car on the same day .
Sincerely Shawn Dugan

unethical behavior (sexual harassment of customers)

559092 Employee has a code for when a person she feels is good looking and enters the store, has announced this over the pa system (example: there is a customer entering that has nice...

customer service

The service at this kwik trip during the day is amazing, they're friendly and as efficient as anywhere during the day. The evening staff is an entirely different story. I...

new coffee cups and lids very dangerous

559092 We stopped for coffee on October 5th on our way out of town. As we were getting our coffee there was a man there telling us about how awful the new cups and lids were. He wa...


559092 You people charge me an extra dollar every time I use my card at the counter. It goes back on in 24+ hours after you've earned interest on the millions, perhaps tens of million...

cheese burger

Stopped by kwik trip on cardinal lane in Howard wisconsin. Found multiple hairs in my burger. Unfortunately I had All ready bit into it. I work in the food industry myself and...

new coffee lids

You guys have new coffee cups and lids. The cups seem nice and more environmentally friendly than the styrofoam cups but these new lids are horrible! Half the time they dont stay on correctly and if I go over any bumps on my way to work coffee always leaks everywhere because it doesn't seal like old lids. Love your coffee but getting to the point that it's not worth dealing with these cups every morning. Hope you guys make some much need improvements with these lids. Thanks

new coffee lids

  • Di
    DietCokeofEvil Nov 02, 2019

    I don't think the new cups retain heat as well. I got my cappuccino at 7:10 and at 8 it is already cold. Since I often pick up my drink before my 20 minute drive to work, it's used to be still too hot to drink when I got in- so it travelled well. Now, with the new cups, I may as well not bother. It's cold before I can even enjoy it. I know I can get a travel mug, which I may do now that the cups no longer retain heat.

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  • Kw
    KwikTrip Former Customer Nov 03, 2019

    The new lids/cups are HORRIBLE. The lid popped off from the pressure of lifting it, and spilled hot tea all over my wife's hand. I am surprised there is not a lawsuit yet. When telling a Kwik Trip employee, she just replied "Yea, everyone is complaining about these"

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  • Wo
    WowFonduLac Dec 18, 2019

    Can anybody else who had problems with the cups or the lids post it. Todays date 12/18/2019

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hair in food

I bought a muffin at Kwik Trip #398 (on Brackett Ave in Eau Claire) this morning (Sept 25, 2019) and after leaving found that it had multiple long hairs in it. There need to be...

breakfast quick serve

I have had at least 4 incidents from Portage to Deforest and today in Sun Prairie that there was not a good option for a breakfast sandwich. This is disappointing as I have found going to KT in the am a great option. One day I made two attempts one in Deforest and then again in Sun Prairie to get a breakfast sandwich but both places did not have it available. I think that this type of service makes people want to stop or not. JR


2 employees from the night shift. One person taner was being threatening a disabled adult. and another person is a female, slammed a door at my client, They need to get people...

service and hot food options

I visited the Marshall WI Kwik Trip during the lunch hour and noticed the lack of service. I picked out the cheese sticks and I get cheese sauce to go with them, but the cheese...

food safety concern

While on my way to work at 5:40am on 8/19/19, I stopped at the Lewiston, Mn location for a cup of coffee and some breakfast. I noticed a large amount of flies around the coffee. I...

plastic bags

I tend to go to kwick Trip often. Climate change and my environment is an issue that I really care about. I'm disappointed in our leaders for not creating better change, so I feel it is up to businesses themselves. I tend to see alot of kwicktrip's plastic bags around outside. I know that not everyone else is educated enough on this topic so not everyone knows or cares. So they litter or bags get swept up by wind. I think it would be really wonderful to see my local kwicktrips switching to biodegradable bags and taking the environment into consideration. Don't be part of the problem, find a good solution.


Issues with Kellogg mn Kwik trip on two occasions recently. My son who is disabled lost a $10 bill there. We renters the store within 5 minutes and there are no customers there...

sexual harassment/managers blowing down customers

Employee dressed in spenders and has full beard, mustache, for the 2nf time come in my direct (almost touching) while I was getting a smoothie on Thursday about 8 pm hour. Prior...

facility related

559092 When I opened the door to exit the store, a chain that was hanging down struck me in the left eye. I believe the chain was hung to keep the door swinging open if the wind catche...

credit card

Talked to multiple people got different responses, none were the same. Had to call multiple times. Called back, still received a rude operator. Answered none of my questions and I...


Store 134 Register #1 Ticket 3506383 Date: 8/1/2019 Time: 2:20:10 pm I had an issue with a young man who was extremely rude and cause me to be irritated. I requested a manger...

nicotine /e cigs

I went into kwik trip and asked them a specific questions about thier ecig pens and got 2 of them. Got home and opened one and it's the wrong thing. They have a policy of you...

poor customer service

7/18/19 stopped in to get a breakfast burger, non were out in the "hot" section so I went to the side of the counter were I saw a girl named Paige that was standing at the...

cashier was nasty and racist

went in your store june 13, on vacation casher was so rule i fell threat no black people work in your store i went to 3 no black people workin 3 of your store, and get treated in...

return policy

Marshfield, WI between my husband and myself we used to spend $300 a month if not more in products. On 6/8/2019 my husband went in to buy Grizzly pouches and he didn't notice until 6/9/2019 they gave him Grizzly long cut. He returned to store on 6/9/2019 and they refused to exchange for correct product that they provided to him wrong the day before. Needless to say Kwik Trip in Marshfield, WI just lost a very good customer. Ticket #1870065 Register 5 Store #142.

employee's response to my request

July 5, 2019 the one day only sale, buy 2 turnovers and get 10 cents fuel discount. Store at intersection of Oxford and Madison, eau Claire, Wisconsin 4:15 p.m. There were no...


On July 4th 2019 529 p.m. customer paid by credit card $17 on pump number three. Although T pump was paid for inside, the pump ran past the set amount my $3.21. Before customer could go in and pay 4 for the overcharge it was assumed that he was going to run away from the pump. Therefore, his credit card was charged $3.21 before he can go back inside. Although the credit card can be refunded right away, is supposedly 2 have the amount refunded within 24 hours. This action happened at the QuikTrip located in Delafield Wisconsin 26 94 Sun Valley Drive at 5/3 018. Store number 972, July 4th 2019, 529 05 p.m. register ticket number 55589 0, prepay fuel pump number three $17 although pump number one was confused 4 pump number three in the amount of $17. Card number ending in 313 4. Terminal number r a 1 0 9 4 0 0 0 9 7 2 2 0 6 approval number 152904. More thoughts should be headed towards action instead of assumptions. Email, [protected]



My son and a friend stopped to use bathroom. Went in with an empty backpack. While waiting for his friend he placed his sweat shirt into backpack. So they noticed it wasn't empty...


Caledonia Minnesota Kwik Trip-The store's assistant manager Linda E. is beyond rude to vendors, guests, and her own coworkers! I have seen Linda scream at the kitchen staff to 'work faster' when there is a rush instead of help them. I have seen her speak very disrespectfully to guests. She was always rude to me and my family. We do not go in there anymore, we go elsewhere to receive friendlier service.

customer service

On the evening of June 12h, 2019 at 7:57pm, my daughter had gone to Kwik Trip located by sanborn Ave in our home town of Ashland Wi. Her ticket # is 1109148, After pumping her gas she went into the store with a check from me (MOM) and wrote out her total of $20. The clerks Nikki and KC (casey??) began to be extremely rude to her causing her to cry. She called me in a break down crying so hard I couldn't understand her. She told me what happened. I asked to talk to either of the girls but they refused to talk to me. I then requested that I use my debit card to pay for the gas. All I heard in the background was "That cant be done either". How did they expect her to pay for this gas and why couldn't I pay with my card for her gas. I was going to send the sheriffs department to the store as I was out of town on business.
I would certainly hope that you get these girls training to work with the public. For them to humiliate my daughter is beyond unacceptable!!! They were very rude and unprofessional to say the least. I should not have been hearing hollering and my daughter crying.!!!
My family does daily business at Kwik Trip and if this isn't resolved we WILL go elsewhere.
Fortunately her fiancé had his debit card and was able to pay the bill. I had them go back to get me a receipt so I could file a complaint. When he went back in for it, they were trying to offer him something for free.

customer service


Store#456 has 2 carwash stations and one is not functioning. Visit date is 6/8/19 and currently sitting in a line of 7+ cars. Its almost summer why are both not functioning? I would understand if it were peak salt season. Also many garbage bags are flying around getting stuck under cars and in wheels of cars waiting to use the carwash. Highly dissatisfied with this location.

customer interaction with worker

The car in front of us in the car wash had issues and someone came out to reset after we called because the car was stuck and after the car left it didn't allow us to use the...

recycling facilities


I am a frequent customer of Kwik Trip, and I just want to start by saying I am a huge fan of your stores! I am writing because I was told recently by one of your employees that the store at 530 West Ave N does not recycle. Is this true? I always thought of Kwik Trip as a sustainable, environmentally friendly organization, and this upset me to hear that one or possibly of your stores do not recycle. Please respond at your earliest convenience, and I look forward to hearing from you!

store manager

Every time I go in and the store manager is there she's yelling at the cashiers she doesn't do it in a private place she does it out in front of everyone she's had employee...

car wash

A week ago Friday I got stuck in their carwash. Back door opened, and front one closed. I called to get help and the manager took his time coming out while I was getting yelled at...


Too much favoritism happening. Some workers get by with do nothing and not getting their required work load done: leaving it for others to do and if it's not done, Dave takes it...