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Kwik Trip reviews & complaints

Kwik Trip complaints 127


Kwik Trip - Air pump

There was no out of order sign on the free air pump for autos. The customer service phone-in had bad customer service. Kwik Trip is a corporate jerk circle reach around. There is no compensation for...

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Kwik Trip - Customer Service

I was at the gas station for a half hour trying to get gas. I pre paid with cash and paid with credit card. I finally was able to get gas after going into the store 3 times and paying twice. I had to have my bank cancel the charge and I also had to pay with cash, in top of that the prepay went over my 4.00. I was 27 mins late to work. It was not necessary and could have been handled if a manager would have helped. I didn't want a free pop ( like they offered) I just needed to get gas and go to work.

Kwik Trip - Glass in Take Home Meal

Love Kwik Trip as a customer and as a co worker. I enjoy my time working at KT and love to try out new food products when we get them. I bought myself a meatloaf take home meal for dinner because they are sent from a heavenly place and taste amazing. The take home meal was delicious until the very last bit of meat, there was a piece of glass. At first, I thought it may be a little bit of hard cartilage, but unfortunately it was a fairly big piece of glass (Pics below). Thankfully I didn't continue chewing and cut my mouth.

Desired outcome: Compensation is what you see fit for someone almost choking on glass


Kwik Trip - Masks not enforced

Nearly every time I walk into a Kwik Trip, there is at least 1 customer not wearing a mask. The sign on the door says Masks Required. Why have the sign when you don't enforce it? The employees are pretty good about wearing them, but the fact that no one says anything to a mask hole who walks in without a mask is reason enough to stop supporting this business.

Desired outcome: Enforce mask policy for customers

If you are so scared of people who aren't wearing g a mask or vaccinated, then stay home.

Kwik Trip - charge

I went to Kwik Trip Mt Horeb on 7/4 (sorry so late but I was throwing out receipts and double checking). my sister and I went to the same store at the same time and we both bought a whole chicken which came with a free package of 12 rolls. They only had 1 chicken so my sister got that one and got her buns which the price for the buns came off her receipt. Being they didn't have anymore left at the time and it was going to be quite awhile for the fresh ones to be ready they said take a cold one out of the cooler so I did. they rang it up differently but did not give my my buns for free. can you refund me for the buns please. I have a pic but it's not letter me load it.

Sep 16, 2021

Kwik Trip - Smoothie Machine

Stopped in the Kwik trip on Hwy 55 this morning (7:00 am) to get a smoothie to go. Both Smoothie machine were down and the employee said they needed to be cleaned. My complaint is why are you machines down for cleaning during the rush time? Don't you think it would be more effective to either clean them during the night or afternoon. How many other customers did you loose this morning?

May 19, 2021

Kwik Trip - The temp. of beer in Chilton Wis. beer sucks

I buy beer everyday from Kwik Trip. I more often than not have gotten warm beer out of the cooler. I have mentioned this more than a few times to the cashier. Even the manager. I can feel the 6 packs on the top shelf are very cold! Why cant the 12 and 18 packs be cold as well. Do they reload the coolers from the front door instead of through the cooler? By now they should know ABOUT the busy times people get off work. Maybe someone should restock more often... OR At least have it in the cooler before putting it in the row to be sold...

Desired outcome: Have a temperature gun on hand so when there is warm beer. I can prove it to them.

Kwik Trip - Ruining my peace and quality of life.

This convenience store at 3528 East Washington Ave. Madison, WI. Was built 660 feet from my front porch and the noise that's generated is a nuisance and I would like it to stop, the fence that wa...

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Kwik Trip - Double-charged for flowers

I bought a half dozen roses on May 8th from Kwik Trip at 4828 Mormon Coulee Road, ticket # 587869, and I was charged for two bouquets. I discovered the overcharge when I got home and looked at the...

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Kwik Trip - Brenda cashier

She yells at me tells about my EBT card in front of customers even when my baby is with refuses to let me use my card cause it don't swipe. This is the 4th time I've dealt with her. Every single time...

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Kwik Trip - wrangler cigars as well as your policy for dealing with complaints

Iv been smoking wrangler cigars since 2010 and didnt have any issues until mid summer 2020. i dont know if they got a new machine or what but it packed the cigars so tight that you could not get air flow through them. i thought it would get better so i kept getting them(its Feb, 19th, 2021 now) and they did not. i tried to loosen them up but that would rip the paper most of the time, and the times it didnt it made it burs so unevenly that the bottom could be burnt half way down while the top is hardly singed. i have tried to contact the company and they refuse to even respond and kwik trips solution when i contacted them was to try and throw money at me and say "its probably a one off" even though its been going on since mid summer 2020 and i told them that. why just give the money back when its going to get wasted because they refuse to acknowledge the problem so it would just keep happening. i would just switch and be done with it but im not able to afford anything more expensive that would last check to check and the only other brand i know they have for sure is extremely harsh on the throat. this leaves me feeling like kwik trip dont care as long as they get there money and that is just plain bad business to alienate your costumer base like that.

Desired outcome: For kwik trip to change there policies and to train there problems department to actually track down and attempt to solve the issue instead of just shoving it off and trying to throw money at the person.

Jul 29, 2021

i think this is an issue you need to bring up with Wranglers. kwik trip is not packing those cigars they have absolutely no part in the make of them so, it’s not kwik trips fault.


Kwik Trip - The diesel pumps and area

Your store diesel are at exit 97 fond du lac os disgusting and is a big safety/fire risk waiting to happen, I am a trucker and often refuel at this location and have had enough of this, the pumps (all) are filthy from top to bottom, the pump handles all leak sou you always get fuel on your hands and floor, they also never print receipts, the ground is soiled with diesel, food coffee and who know what else. The pumps and ground do not get cleaned or serviced. Every time I get into my truck, my truck is contaminated with diesel and s#%t from under my boots. This place is a fire hazard and safety hazard as the floors are soiled with diesel and stuff making is very slippery. I bet if a fire safety marshal was to inspect this place they would close it down! I request you go there and see for yourself and do something about it!

Desired outcome: Clean pumps, service them, stop pump handles leaking, clean floor and pumps regularly


Deasel? What is dease?
OH! You meant "diesel!"
This is extremely difficult to read through or even take seriously due to the terrible spelling and grammar. In the future, I'd collect your thoughts and edit your submissions if you want to be taken seriously.


Kwik Trip - Icy parking lot

Went to Kwik Trip in Rockford Mn and and slid into posts by front door and bent front bumper and other misc items
Manager was good about it and wrote a accident report.
Had to call corporate office after waiting 4 days
Talked to Renee in Risk Management and she said there was icy conditions but because nobody else had a problem that day they would not cover cost of damage

Kwik Trip - Customer service

I was at the location in Worthington, MN this evening and when I entered the store I saw an employee without a shield or mask on. The name on her badge was Ruth. I don't appreciate going into a...

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Kwik Trip - Employee running cash register without a mask

I have been to this store on many occasions to find the same employee not wearing a mask while waiting on customers at the cash register. Signs clearly state masks must be worn. I was told she cannot...

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Kwik Trip - Customer service

Racist behavior from the Kwik Trip cashiers towards minorities at your Store# 175 located in Appleton Wisconsin. If you are a minority trying to pay for an item or for gas, they quickly close their...

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Sep 17, 2020

Kwik Trip - Will provide service to customers without face masks on.

I was at the Kwiktrip store located at 1355 85th Ave, Blaine, MN this Tuesday (09.15.2020) and in the brief period of time I was in the store at least 3 people entered without face masks on. When I challenged one of them I was told "Kwiktrip doesn't care if I don't wear a mask". When I talked to the manager I was informed that company policy is to not deny service to those who do not wear a mask. I called corporate immediately after leaving the store and explained my concern. I was promised that someone from management would get back to me - has NOT happened.

Somehow the word needs to get out regarding Kwiktrip's true position regarding wearing of masks! There is a poster on the entry doors and inside the store but obviously their true position is becoming known and that's dangerous. If you wish further details please don't hesitate to call me at: 612.812.1130. Thank you, Joe Voels

Jul 28, 2020

Kwik Trip - Customer service store

Good Afternoon, I visited my local store as I always do. I'm crippled and I bought a view thing's plus got fifty dollars worth the gas. I wanted a piece of pizza and they only had pepperoni and I...

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Jul 22, 2020

Kwik Trip - Luis Hernández

He was very rude and kept complaining about the items I was getting and when I would try to make small talk he just kept making rude comments about my children I had enough of that so I asked what...

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Kwik Trip - Corporate

I was a coworker at store 280 good attendances went way and beyond my duties good employee.kimberly from corp came in had a few words exchange about a couple of liters of pop that was in the middle...

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