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CB Automotive Fueling and Charging Circle K Manager of Circle K in Zebulon GA
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Circle K review: Manager of Circle K in Zebulon GA

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I want to talk to the corporate about the manager at the circle k in zebulon ga she is selling drugs out of that store and I want to know who I speak with before the law rams in and messing up the store over yalls manager cause I'm calling the drug task force in on the matter because the manager Jennifer Henry is selling to kids out of yalls store so unless yall want your store messed up and shut down I'd suggest drug test not only her but all the employees she's hired are dope heads also cause they all run together look at her record this isn't her first time with dealings with drugs but something should be done about this not only is she making your store look bad but saying it's OK to do that at a work place like that and selling to younger kids one kid whined up in the hospital o d ING hopefully he will tell the task force her name and where he got it from cause this is ridiculous this should not be allowed either shut her down or ill make sure we go far enough over the heads needed to be over and shut the store down now enough is enough if something is not done about this I promise I will call channel 2 channel 5 and channel 11 in on the matter and let them know yall are allowing a ex drug user dealer run your store and now Is back to her old ways not only using them but selling them too and out of yalls store and to children but the task force will be ram sacking your store if something isn't done with the manager Jennifer at the zebulon store in ga

Desired outcome: Drug test your manager and watch the cameras better yet she should lose her job before the task force is sent in the store

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