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compressed air

I pulled into this location with to pump air into my rear tire which is really low. I live in Connecticut and...

gas station payment/ wrong amount


Please check my payment I made at gas station on the following location:

LUKOIL Puurs (Breendonk)
Koning Leopoldlaan 13, 2870 Puurs, Belgium

for my car plate no:
7AE2983 - Czech Republic

On 21/07/2019 at 19:50 pm

Amount : 535 Emirate dirham = 127€
I filled my car around 30 ltr gasoline

The machine dedicated big amount as the ltr price is around 1.5€

My debit card no. End with 8255

Please refund the extra amount to my account and contact me on my email
Mobile [protected]
My Name is Manhal salama

gas station payment/ wrong amount

accuracy of pumps

Yesterday 5/26/19 i was at the Luk Oil at 1445 Old York Road Abington PA 19001 when pump #9 malfunctioned. I chose regular unleaded and pushed the button, I didn't see a light nor a confirmation that it was going to pump that type of gas however since I did press that button I assumed it would. Instead when I got my receipt it gave me premium. I got 14 gallons which should have been 2.95 gallon instead I was charged 3.49 which was about $8 I was overcharged. I come there every week and get the same gas and when I tried to explain to the attendant he just pointed to the receipt and would not listen to me. Very disappointed at the customer service there and will most likely go to the Sunoco across the street. It only takes one bad experience like that to lose a customer of many years. I think there needs be some type of customer service training. He was basically like a robot. I would also like a refund

accuracy of pumps

unethical behaviour

This gas station doesn't even deserve one star...I stopped there to by low leaded gas using my credit card...

gas station attendant

I stopped for gas at the Pennsauken Lukoil station on Haddonfield Rd. and the pump wouldn't stay on. The...

cashier rude

This past monday the 7th I stopped to put gas in my car the agent that was working if I'm not mistaken her...

Deceptive pricing

Lukoil in Exton, PA posts the price of cash and credit for regular gas but doesn't light the part of the sign...


I asked the attendant for $15, next thing I look over and it's at $36! I quickly wave the attendant over...

Overcharge at Pump

The other day, I went to Lukoil, as usual. The attendants are familiar with me, as I go there frequently (it...

Deceptive Pricing

I just spent $75 to refuel the 16.5 gallon tank of my mid-size sedan at the Lukoil in Pennington, NJ. My...

not notifying will not accept lukoil

would accept lukoil credit card issued by station owner the lukoil corp without any notices or posters

rip off

These guys are cheating the public and the governement by selling car washes and not actually giving the car...

overcharging at pump

Today I purchased gas for $20 at a Lukoil gas station with my AmExpress card. Lukoil charged me over $100!!!...

bad fuel

On Tuesday, April 14, 2009, the Lukoil service station on Stelton RD in South Plainfield, NJ pumped 5 gallon...

sexual harrasment

I was at the pump and the man came to my window I told him 18 dollars of regular. As I was sitting at the...