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Valero reviews & complaints

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Jan 18, 2022

Valero - unprofessional politicization

I went to get gas at the Valero station in Calico Rock, Arkansas. Someone has decorated the pumps with very durable stickers that derogatory and political in nature. I was under the impression that businesses were public spaces. The operators should know better than to leave these silly things up. I'll make every effort to fuel up somewhere else until they are removed. I'm disappointed.

Desired outcome: Just have someone take them off. Businesses should know better.

Valero - Jo

The black girl on first shif on Goodyear blvd was disrespectful to me and another man she is so rude to her customers one girl on first shift put a sign on the door saiding she be back in 5 minutes she saw me at the door well thought the bathroom with her cellphone stay in there 25 minut had a lots of customers drive off I know she was face timeing because I seen when she came out she was still talking to the person I seen the person on the phone she didn't even said she was sorry for being late to open the door


Valero - Employee disrespect the elder customer. Feel the reflexing occurrring due to my race.

The station on fruit ridge in Sac, CA. Your employee, a young man, is very rude, treating, nasty. Never encountered a dilemma until the last 8 weeks at this station. I will be taking legal action...

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Nov 24, 2021

Valero - Experience and overall customer service

Lonoke Arkansas Valero extremely rude and unpleasant employee. Lady with brown hair and glasses that worked Wednesday November 24th at 9am absolutely ZERO people skills. If you have that bad of an attitude you definitely don't need to be dealing with people. Come multiple times a week but definitely won't be doing that anymore. Everyone besides this one employee seems to be absolutely pleasant. Completely ridiculous!

Valero - Service

Says accepts Apple Pay. Forgot my wallet and they do not allow Apple Pay. I live right down the street and he said he would let me go get my wallet. Man named Henry locks the door right in my face. So rude about it too, fire this man or close it down never in my life have I met someone so I thoughtful and rude. All I wanted was gas and a monster for my 4am drive. Never going to another Valero in my life

Desired outcome: Close it down


Valero - Management and other employees

Manager is rude and a [censored]. Employees that work there with the exception of 2 are the same. 95 percent of us are truck drivers that use this store. Rude sour faces are not what we are looking for when...

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Oct 08, 2021

Valero - Customer Service- very very poor

Valero in Miami Street Brooksville KY 41004. There's a new woman cashier. I regularly go there so I know she's new. She was vacuuming and she already looked grumpy as I walked in. I smiled at her because i'm buying something and she murmured - i never get things done!( interrupting her vacuuming)… When I asked her for an item and gave me the wrong one, i pointed out the one i needed and I said in a nice way- "the other one please", then she raised her voice so loudly and corrected me about the name and what should it be called.

If you hire a rude person like that, nobody will come back unless people don't care how they've been treated.

What kind customer service is that?

Desired outcome: Remove from service


Valero - Overcharging on products that are specifically priced

This Valero store in Sherman, Texas is run by people who think it's ok to charge whatever they want.
My husband went this evening and purchased a pack of Carnival cigarettes $5.15 including tax and 2 powerades marked for 2 for $2.50. The total came to a whopping $10.33!? Then refused to give him a receipt!
This has been going on for a very long time. One day they charge you a $2 for withdrawing cash. The very next day they charge $4.
The thing is, the person behind the counter is arrogant and very rude. My husband is a happy go lucky guy and has actually helped them out on occasion by stocking their fridges and cleaning up the nasty, slimy fountain drink machines.
They are stealing from people and as far as I know this owner evidently thinks it's okay. Something seriously needs to be done because incidents like these really put Valero Corp in a bad light. It appears as if Valero condones these practices.
Think about it...$ can you possibly come to a total of $10.33? How are people allowed to purchase a franchise without basic math skills?

Desired outcome: Audit this store

Valero - Service

Fri evening the 13th of Aug 2021. The 2 "gentleman" working there have music playing as loud as possible with repeating lyrics of [censored], where, ho, [censored], murder, dick etc. Confronted them explaining...

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Aug 10, 2021

Valero - Customer service and bathroom availability

The woman who works here is rude and refuses to let customers use the bathrooms. I have stopped at this location numerous times during long car rides with very similar results. I believe she close...

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Valero - Rude manager

my mom.went in Valero Thursday to play numbers so she asked the girl to lunch her in a number the manger comes out the office hollering at mom talking about I don't want you in this store nomore and saying other stuff so my mom let her have it this lady need a to be fired so my mom called the man who owned the store he hung the phone open on mom so then she calls corporate nobody has called her back yet that woman shouldn't be getting no attitude or getting out of character if that's the case she don't need to be manger

Desired outcome: she needs to be fired

Valero - The service from employees

My name is Randy fraley I live in Brooksville Kentucky I go to your Valero store up here all the time and still here recently I've been having a lot of trouble out of your employees and they are...

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Valero - Gas.

I went and pumped gas at the Valero in bellmead Texas on 02.26.21 and had to get my car towed to my dealership. They checked my vehicle and found that the gas i had in my tank was mixed with water and i need to call Valero and let them know what was going on. I called Valero and they were very rude and basically told me that it's not their fault and nobody else has called and told them anything of the sort. Now it's a waiting game at my car dealership to see how much i am gonna have to pay i order to get my car fixed since that isn't covered by the warranty.


Valero - Gasoline

Filled up a full tank of regular grade gasoline on Sunday 11/22 at the Circle K location #27421 at 841 Bitters Rd. San Antonio, TX. Used card number ending in 2818 for charge of $34.63. For the rest...

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Valero - Unauthorized debit card hold in the amount of $50

Date of incident: 10/22/2020 Stopped at Valero Gas Station in Flemington, NJ today on my way to work. Total gas purchase was $31.10. When I got to work I received an email from my bank stating I had...

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Valero - Cashier

A few days ago, I walked into the cashier calling a customer a [censored]ing [censored] nazi, yelling [censored] you at her your [censored]ing stupid and the insults went on. He was an absolute disgrace. I will never shop...

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Valero - vaping device

my mother went in to purchase the alto vaping device since they were 99 cents...i told the lady she needed the ones in the black box...she gave my mother the ace device which are in a grey box and my mother also purchased the pods for the alto device...the manager told me she actually asked me if i was sure about the device that was being purchased. i told her that she did not ask me since i was not the paying for the device. I then asked why would my mother purchase the wrong device. She then said she knows nothing about those things. So i asked her then why would she ask if my mother was sure she was purchasing the right device if she knew nothing about this. Very rude as i was walking out, said you have a nice day with a big grin on her face. I have never had anyone at your stores do something like that. And for a 99 cent product. she said does not do returns on tobacco products.

Aug 09, 2019

Valero - misleading signed on the gas price

8/9/19: at 6.45 am The gas price board is listed as pay cash: "$3.41" and credit card: "$3.51" I gave the attendant $40 to get the discount price. But when I went to put my gas the wash price of...

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Valero - attendant on service 3/28/2019 8.38 pm; customer service of pump attendant (only one there)

Hello, I have experienced very bad and very rude customer service from the attendant at the pump. After pulling in at the pump, I had forgotten to roll down my window, so he literally yelled at me (I...

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Jan 06, 2019

Valero - general dirty store poor maintenance. no coffee

Arriving at store address 4801 several pumps were out of service. Windshield washer tank was empty or stank. Date 1/6/19 on IH 35 50 miles outside Dallas. Bathroom was nasty had to visit another...

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