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i went to the cam girl room of 'xhardcock2playx' and started up a conservation with her. After a while she suggested we go private. We battered back and forth and I suggested a price of 100 tokens and she said ok. When I went to click on the private show button it said the cost was 18 tokens a minute. Being I had never been in a private show before I asked her about this. After some discussion about this I said we could go private but before we did I asked her if I could leave at anytime and she said yes. I clicked on the private button and went private with her. After about 8 minutes of her not doing much and not showing much I decided to leave private. When I tried to leave a message popped up and stated that there was a 30 minute time limit. I told her I tried to leave and was not able to. She assured me I could. After trying several time I was not able to leave. So I was forced to sit there and watch as my tokens disappeared and a watch a show that was terrible. All of a sudden the screen closed and the message that the performer is away came up. A few minutes later she was back up and running and she informed me that the electricity went out at her end. She said she could finish the show and I said that I was no longer interested.

I asked her if she could refund the tokens. She said she could refund 180 tokens. I asked her if she could do better than that. I stated to her if she could refund the tokens I would not file a formal complain. I asked her for the number of tokens back from the private show and we could cough it up to a bad experience for the both of up. I flipped screens to see how many tokens I had when we started the private show. When I flipped back to her screen, it was blank and a message came up that I was Banned. This took place on1/8/2024 the private show started at 3:25PM CST

My login name to Chaturbate is 'huckfinn72'

Claimed loss: 408 tokens

Desired outcome: The return of 408 tokens

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Simon R
, US
Mar 23, 2024 12:56 pm EDT
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Sadly, CB doesn't stop the performers from tricking you. Like in your case, or they will fake a show or act, or do nothing until paid extra.