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David Jesionowski Vinyl Siding — job incomplete; warranty not honored; abusive language by contractor

I purchased vinyl siding installation from David Jesionowski, 52 Route 125 Kingston, NH, [protected], who advertises his services on Craigslist. He left a barrel of his garbage...

cars for sale

Craigslist allow dealers to post as "owners" in ads that are so obvious and others that just lie. By my own account, looking for a car in the last 3 months, 70+% of all listing "by owner" are dealers, their sales people to take the cars off lots and flippers who purchase vehicles, never take ownership/title (avoiding taxes state and fed + dealer licensing fees, etc) and attempt to pass them of as owned by them, their brother/sister in law, aged/dead parent, some other relative, etc. Many are so brazen and embolden (due to craigslist co-conspiring to collect $5 ad fees) that they take pictures of these cars parked in the dealers lot with the name and phone number clearly in view, . Many have dealer license plates mount to the car in the picture. Here in Illinois it is illegal (unless you are a licensed dealer) to sell or even negotiate to sell (allowing public paid or free ads to be placed) unless the vehicle is titled in your name.
Buyer beware!

felt like a set up

I answered an add to purchase a table and chairs. We set up a "pick up" time on Saturday between 2-3. Drove over an hour to the location and was left hanging outside the location with no answer for 20 minutes. As soon as I pulled away they were calling me to return. Very shady. Felt like a set up to be ripped off. Right before I arrived at the location he had texted me a second number of his wife to call her because his phone wasn't working properly. When I called her she didn't answer. When I pulled away she was texting me that her husband was outside looking for me.

posting to craigslist

My posts in the community section Pro Trump comments, and posting in wanted and housing post sections over the months have often been flagged and removed without question. Or my live Ads would not appear after posting.

I learned that algorithms in the software Craigslist uses can flag users that repeatedly use the same email address over and over again. Also your posts can be live but never show up called ghosted. It's sad and stupid that Craigslist has become such a crooked, anti-human entity since 2009.

Robo calls, now robo flaggers is showing how far and stupid this technology is going. It's absurd. It's anti-God also!

It's time to stop this robo controlled software and Craigslist from controlling legit and honest individuals as well small businesses that get flagged often by such robo-software.

It's socialist robo flaggers!

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buyer's scam

Last October I posted an ad on Craig's List to sell several office chairs. A person named Collins Bote (Tel: [protected]) texted me that he wanted to buy the chairs and sent a cashier's check for $2, 990 out of which $1690 would be dedicated to the "movers." My bank, Wells Fargo, assured me that the check from the buyer cleared so I sent him a cashier's check from a CVS store per his instructions. The next day after I sent the cashier's check, my bank informed me that his check had actually NOT CLEARED. My check to the "movers" was sent to Jessica Ramirez, 7880 Racquet Rd, North Charleston, SC 29418. The address turned out to be bogus and the buyer's text number works but no one is ever "available." I was scammed. I filed a police report but they got nowhere. I'm out over $1724. Since this scam happened on Craig's List, can you track down this person? Important to warn others about this. I have copies of everything including text thread between the buyer and myself. Thank you. Frank Simeone

sold defective 2007 bmw x3

1/21/2020 - Adnan Poljak ( CLIENT # [protected]) advertised the 2007 BMW X3, stated the car was in mint condition, No Service Engine Soon lights, with lots of extras and supposedly a great running car. I test drove the car, came home checked out the VIN and decided to purchase. Once I paid Adnan $4300 and drove away in the car, the gear indication and service engine soon light came on.

I should have realized something was wrong when he showed up late, his ride home was sitting in an inconspicuous location, and he let the car remain running while we completed the cash transaction, and he kept saying this is as-is!!! Once I saw the lights come on I called his number to ask what's wrong with the car and OF course, all my calls are directly forwarded to voicemail. He lied in his ad about the condition of the car.
He also claims he sells lots of cars and fun toys on Craigslist. Buyer Beware!! I'm so sad as the $4300 was to help change the family's life. I'd like to get my money back and give him his poor running shiny car back!

sold defective 2007 bmw x3
sold defective 2007 bmw x3

add for a chiminea fire pit for sale

This add first appeared in early December. Made seven (7) attempts to pick-up the item after it was agreed on, .The seller refuses to disclose where and when the item can be picked up., The add then went of Craig's List. It re appeared late December. The item is listed three times under three different adds each with its own price. Add are as follows [protected] for $78.00, [protected] for $74.00, add three [protected] for $68.00. I contacted the seller and informed him/her i was willing to pay cash as requested, and was told ok. After that it is a series of games. The seller will not reply for several days. When they do its a question like what item are you talking about. I specify the fire pit, Chiminea. or they re-ask my question of when do you want to pick it up. I reply time and place and that I am open. I even provided my telephone number still no response. Is this a scam or just some jerk screwing people around.

Bud Benneman [protected]

handyman scammer

This man offers his handyman services to clients like myself. He Requests money in advance to buy materials and he does not return with materials or to work. He also find labor workers and does not PT them for their work. Please do not allow him to continue doing this to honest and hard working people. His name Frank Rodriguez. His phone number [protected]

plumber who said his name is daniel

the complaint is about a guy who made post under name of daniel. his post on craigslist is: "skilled plumber gaurantees you huge savings!!! professional service and repair plumbing. free estimates! 24 hrs (van nuys, sherman oaks, north hollywood)..."

daniel, craigslist post: [protected]

his phone is 714.495.7722; the email address I sent the picture of my sink and faucet: [protected]
the pictures I sent first through the text were "not delivered."

in mine opinion he is a scammer. read below my experience:

over the phone he gave me a price of $50 to replace the sink faucet on my wet bar. he came with a backpack and couple of tools, no car. he said he came with uber because his car was hit while parked (I do not believe it now). he took old faucet and just inserted a new one, without connecting it to the water supply. he said he needed a new valve because the new faucet could not be connected to the old valve due to the different size. he showed me a picture of the valve from home depot on his cell phone, and said the price was $39. he offered to go and buy it, but I said I will do that. he said that he would come back, but I needed to pay him cash $50, and additional $15 after he comes back to finish the job. I paid him $50 cash. an hour later I bought the valve for $20 (not $39) and sent him a picture to confirm it was correct vale. he replied that it was. he then sent me a text that he would install the valve for $25 later the same day. I recognized at this point that I am dealing with a scammer, but I said that I would pay $25. since he did not come by 4:30 pm I called him. he made an excuse and said he would come the next day "sharp 8:30 am." I said ok. the next morning he texted me that he would come at 10 am. around 9:30 am he texted me again that he would not make it, but he can send someone else. I said to sent someone else because I need to use the sink. of course he did not send anyone, and I did not hear from him again.
a family member of mine came over, looked under the sink and said that I just needed an adapter. I returned the valve, and I bought an adapter for around $4, and I connected the faucet's hoses to the water supply easily (the family member explained to me how).

my auto post; cars and trucks for sale

Currently I have a paid post on Craigslist for my auto. The post ID number is [protected], the paid ID posting number is [protected]. This is the second paid posting for my car. Until about two weeks ago I couldn't understand why I hadn't been contacted regarding what I felt was an excellent post (with a price falling in the middle of NADA's avg. and high retail value), an excellent condition, registered, new sticker, new tires, wheels, brakes.. needs nothing - clean MA title car, come and drive it away. My every day car.

Then I received a call from a friend (approx. Two weeks ago) saying my phone number would not show up on the reply button or at the end after my name (no idea if any e-mails were going through). That's when the trouble started. I began e-mailing craigslist.. Their technical dept., their billing, their customer support.. Any e-mail I could find. Have spent all night, every night making every effort to communicate with anyone from the company and to no avail.

Only twice did "a person" respond with ridiculous suggestions (which I tried - over and over), no use. I received maybe dozens of automated lists from them that covered nothing. This is an obvious technical "glitch" which nobody there has any concern about addressing. I'm a car guy, not a computer guy. However, one time you click on and the phone number, etc. Shows up... Five minutes later - nothing will show up. This happens when I check on many, many other cars on their site. Being a mechanic I understand things can be fixed! There is no doubt in my mind that the proper authority would direct a qualified technical person to "flip the switch" or whatever (I believe minor issue) need be done to correct this issue that is affecting everyone using their site. But for some reason there is no person in upper or middle management who is putting their foot down and resolving this problem. Sad.

I've tried every patient means to contact a person to communicate either on line, the phone or any way possible and they refuse. Being a senior citizen shouldn't matter yet my blood pressure, temperature, etc. Finally reached the point that I told them I give up - they win. When my post expires in a week I will never use their service again and will share this experience at every opportunity — no response.

There is no way to reach the company short of all the e-mail addresses and contact forms I found (and used) and they simply ignore me. I've paid (only a minimum fee) yet am very frustrated and dissapointed that they can operate with no remorse, no concern for their "customers". It appears they are large enough that they can do as they like and we can use their service or not. I mentioned to them that some companies believe bad publicity is better than no publicity at all — wrong. I'm hopeful that possibly this attempt at reaching out results in some type of action and / or behavior change from this dynasty.

Maybe it's that i'm old and my upbringing taught me better ethical discipline, moral values,.. Behavior in general. Altruism.. The unselfish concern for the welfare of others. Love and compassion. We are all human beings. Shame on them and their very poor treatment of the general public. It's beyond my comprehension, and have given up, simply saw this opportunity to vent and felt compelled to write. Not to hurt anyone's feelings, that is not my intention — but certainly to be made known the lack of common courtesy.. My old school values.. The customer is always right, etc... Be a good person. Seems simple to me.

Carl Tripp
54-A Cedar Avenue
Natick, MA 01760

someone deletes all my posts... some before they ever see daylight

I create my posts...and some are not listed in a timely manner. AS in forums. Which I understand. But the ones where I am selling or wanting something...are listed pretty quick.

I then come back in a hour or so...go into my account. I see all my postings have been deleted/flagged... this includes comments in forums & sale/wanted items.

I did change my craigslist to another screen name & changed passwords

sex positions with nude pictures

In several areas in community are sex postings with pictures with emails. A number have complained of this yet prohibited postings keep occurring. More than 1 has to flag these. Perhaps you need to contact authorities for cyber sex crimes since you can't seem to eliminate or keep the community clean.

This occurs continuously in the several areas of Ft Collins Community. Perhaps put a block on for replies as they don't put in a legitimate posting reply.

Perhaps the concerned communities who need to protect their children and families should start notifying authorities on these and that craigslist cannot control what is posted on their website.

  • Ev
    Everywhere Nov 04, 2019

    Craigslist did away with adult personals, so there should not be any sex postings on there. Your request they block gmail accounts is extremely irrational as gmail is the number one provider of free email accounts and to block all gmail users would punish the vast majority of people who are fairly and legitimately using the site. People posting nude stuff will just start using yahoo or hotmail, etc. Regarding your reference to children, it is the parent(s) responsibility to monitor their child's online usage, not Craigslist.

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This guy has posted that he is a loan officer and can get you the money you need. Has you fill out info. Submit $24 through PayPal. He is a scammer. He is using someone else's credentials which he probably stole. To steal your personal information. I have all his information that he used on Craigslist. I have contacted the real Scott Lawson and the police and I have his PayPal information where he goes by Own shop.


used troy bilt lawn mower

I found what thought was a good used riding lawn mower on Craigslist from someone who I believed to be a reputable, honest individual living in Independence, MO. Bob Davis repairs mowers and then turns them around for sale. Mr. Davis and his wife use Craigslist to sell items to generate an income.

I contacted Mr. Davis to see if this Troybuilt mower was still available. He said it was for $425 plus $40 to deliver. Happy to hear it was still available, I asked Mr. Davis to deliver the mower to my home in Leawood, KS.

Trying to make connections with Mr. Davis by phone was a challenge, but we were able to arrange a time for him to deliver the lawn mower. I guess that should have been my sign that I shouldn't deal with him since communication or making connections was such a hassle.

When he and I his wife arrived with the lawn mower, he was able to start it but it died. It was discovered that it needed a small device to shut off the fuel to the engine. That entailed a trip to the local O'Reilly's. When he returned, he put the device on the lawn mower, added some gas and it ran. The blades came on showing I would be able to cut grass. I paid him for the mower and that I thought, was that.

Until I tried using the lawn mower.

I had nothing but trouble with this thing. It wouldn't cut the grass because the belt came off when I tried to cut grass. I decided it needed a new belt, which I purchased. I could not get the new belt on being permanently disabled and I could not find anyone in the area who would come and repair it. I spent about a week trying to get the belt on or find some one to help me.

My wife called the Davis's and told Mrs. Davis about the issues with the mower and asked if they would please come and pick it up and refund our money. Mrs. Davis said she was sorry to hear that the mower wasn't working and that they always want to keep their customers happy so they'd come and pick up the mower and refund the money. More than a week went by since that first call, and we never heard from them, so my wife called them again. This next time when my wife called, Mrs. Davis told her that Mr. Davis was lying down in bed; according to Mrs. Davis, 'He was having a bad day because he has some medical issues.' But, she said that she would talk to him about picking up the riding awn mower and get back to us to say when they would be able to get it.

That conversation has been more than two weeks ago. My wife has been trying to contact the Davis's ever since. She either gets their answering machine, or the telephone rings and rings and rings, and by the tenth ring starts beeping. As recently as 10/4/2019, she did get an answer, but as soon as Mr Davis heard my wife, he hung up. When she tried to call back, the phone had a busy signal. He took the phone off of the hook.

All I want is for them to pick up this piece of junk and give me my $425 back since I told them they could keep the delivery charge .

Also, we have learned that my wife needs a biopsy, as she may have breast cancer. It is to be done later on this week. We need this money back because the insurance will not cover the procedure and the money needs to be paid up front.

My only recourse is to register a complaint with Craigslist about these people and to warn others not to do business with them. As I said, I am completely sympathetic to someone being ill. However, not to answer the phone and let someone know what is going on, or when they plan to follow through with what they said they do is not only inconsiderate, it is dishonest as well. They are not running a reputable business, in my opinion.

Do not do business with the Davis's.

If they cannot oblige, then I must make a complaint and warn people who use Craigslist in the KC area not to do business with the Davis's. They clearly are not people who want to keep their customers happy.

process server

REF#[protected] SC- 6/12/18 & 7/31/18- On May 3, 2018, I filed a small claims report for security deposit not returned. I hired Mr. bennett for processing service to serve former landlord court papers. I went to court 6/12/18 and 9/25/18 without the former landlord being served. Mr. Bennett claimed that " He's paid to try to do his job." The only time you're paid to "try to do your job"-is when you're in training. After a # of years you should know how to do your job. Mr. Bennett refused to issue a refund. An officer was finally able to serve the former landlord, we had court on 9/25/18. Any other company.. any services not rendered, you get a refund. An officer should not have had to do Mr. Bennett's job :( - This situation is no different -should get refund for services not rendered!!!

  • Updated by C D · Oct 01, 2019

    still waiting for refund

home rental

A man is posing as a landlord on Craig's List and received $1, 095 from me and my son on 7/19/19 as a deposit on a rental home located at 665 Johns Landing, Lawrenceville, GA. He went under the name of Charles Edward and provided us with the lockbox code to receive the key and self view the home. After viewing, we sent the deposit to him via Zelle to [protected] On 7/22/19, a couple of days after receiving applicant approval, we asked him for the lease agreement. He hesitated, which led us to research. American Homes for Rent [protected] informed us that they are the sole owners of the property with no affiliation to Charles Edward. Further explaining that the home was already rented with a move in date of 8/25/19. I then filed a complaint with American Homes for rent, who stated they would release a fraud alert.

On 7/22, I filed a claim with my bank, Chase. The case was closed on 7/23 with no action, explaining the transaction was authorized. The bank wouldn't or couldn't provide any tracking information. I filed a police report (case #[protected]) that same day.

On 7/23 the phone number [protected] linked to Charles Edward as a contact was disconnected.

On 7/24 I contacted Zelle for assistance tracking my wire transfer. I was told they did not have access to my information since the transaction was within my banking institution.

This person posing as a landlord has several fraudulent listings on Craigslist. The same 665 Landings Way home is listed under other contacts: Mr Jackson Murphy [protected] and Mr. Williams [protected].

Please assist.

Copied below is the Craig's List webpage I responded to, which is still active.

Others can be found be searching the address. You may also want to look into the alliance contacts.

flagging #[protected]

This complaint is against Craigslist. Craigslist continually removes my postings without any reason. Craigslist will not respond to my many request's for their reason for doing...

rental property scam for rental posted on zillow by real owner/prop mgmt co.

reply email from rental scammer aka: reynold jcent cinder [protected] a n. carolina area code I did speak to him and he could hardly speak english - he spoke vietanesme/asian decent - this same listing was posted on zillow by access prop mgmt lake elsinore ca by the owner for $1445 month - address and photo matched the listing on zillow - I notified the prop mgmt also and will file ftc complaint also this is bogus - he got my address - phone nbr - I questioned it early on - too good to be true I havent much experience using craiglists and I dont think I will for now on I hope you are doing something about this other people - elderly especially who are more unsuspecting get taken advantage of all the time I finally found this webpage and hope its legitimate so I would like a reply acknowledging that you rec'vd my information I may call the lake elsinore p.d. the prop mgmt didnt seem to think it was important enough to alert the owners if it was my home I would want to know - these scumbags could also target people especially if they're pumping for personal information. its the time that I took to check out the prospect that upsets me the most - luckily I thought to check zillow

mon 6/24 10:11 am

fw: re: very interested in your rental
from: anonymous

mon, jun 24, 2019 at 10:11 am

application form. docx (19.2 kb) (made up application with questions)

i'm glad to receive your mail regarding your interest in my property. I just relocate due to the nature of my job and I will be away for a long period of time. I want a clean responsible tenant who is going to take good care of my home as am away, it is a well secured 2 bedrooms 2 baths in a secured neighborhood with utilities which is included in the rent and well trained pet are allowed, there is a monthly utility fee that includes all utilities + directv + internet/wifi.
the reason why our house is up for rent is because I got transferred out of states and will be away with my family for at list 4 to 5 years because of the love I have for them. I will start by telling you more about my family and i.
I have a daughter named eliza (19yrs) who attends the state university of new york as a medical student, she has a lot going for her and she is also down to earth in all she does to keep us happy and when she is back home on vacation, she also assist her mom in the house work when am at work. I work as a robotic programmer & welder/fitter and got married to a lovely wife who is a member of joyce meyer ministries.

for $950 all of your costs are covered to secure the move in. get back to me if you are interested so I can give you instruction on how to proceed with the rental application I have attached.
property details
2 bed 2 bath
rent: $950 (monthly) all utilities are included in the monthly rent.
deposit fee: $950
total move in :$1, 900
application fee: free
date available: asap
address:417 n main st, lake elsinore, ca 92530

(I kept asking when we could meet up and he would avoid the quesiton saying just to text - email him) my freind is the one who told me about this listing and drives through the area all the time and said she could meet with him in my place also we both kinda knew early on it was a scam finding it posted on zillow was the proof still makes me mad that scumbags do this to people alot of them are overseas hoping to take advantage of unsuspecting so called "rich" (really?) americans.
I will like you to know that I won't be available to show you the interior of the property that is why I attached pictures for you to have an idea on how the interior looks like. you can also drive by to view the exterior if necessary and kindly go ahead and fill the application if still interested

warm regards
reynold jcent cinder

generic rental form - copy/pasted from his reply email above -

rental application form
(private and confidential)

first name/ middle name/surname:
phone mobile:
how many proposed occupants:
present address:
zip code:
how old are you:
monthly income:
attach valid id card require:
do you smoke?
do you drink?
do you have a pet?
do you have a car?
preferred move in date?
intended length of lease?
red flags :
how many month rent are you willing to pay upfront?
when can you pay for your deposit and rent to secure or move in?
how soon do you want to receive the keys and document?

luckily he didnt get my personal i.d. I am still upset he was able to get my name and address and phone nbr - I will file complaint with ftc

picture of occupant?
do you work late night?
reference contact name and address?

I would like you to tell me your renting experience and how you can take very good care of the property. i'll be looking forward to hear from you with all this details so that I can have it in my file in-case of issuing the receipt for you and contacting you. god bless you more as you do this

awaiting your prompt response,

best regards
reynold jcent cinder

For sale by owner Cars and Trucks

Honestly...Craigslist is going to die due to them charging now...Opposite results guys! you're making people leave not increasing your revenue.
I accept it for what it is...You're sealing your own fate Craig Newmark! withing 10 years everyone will have forgotten your name and your business.
Thanks a ton you bunch of brainless beancounters. The algorithm is wrong!


Roomster is posting fake rooms at fake prices on Craigslist then sending reply that if serious download the app. The prices are never below $600 and almost all are apts at 3 x...

rental home

Answer ad for home on fielding street man 7391 then sked for deposit and then never showed up asked for deposit and was supposed to be on his way to open home got 900 dollars then...

prepaid for service, didn't receive

I contracted with a poster (post id: [protected]) to do general repairs to front porch. I gave him $500.00 prepayment for labor and $400.00 for materials. He promised me a schedule of the next Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday with additional days as needed. The Saturday was May 18, 2019. He was supposed to start at 8 am so I met him at a McDonald's near the job (job was for a disabled widow who's son worked part time for a computer company of mine) and gave him the money, in good faith that he would do all he promised. He went to the house to work at 9 AM and disappeared by 1 pm. He came back after 3:30 pm and worked to 7 pm. On Sunday morning he was a no show. He finally showed up about 5 pm and left shortly after that. He broke corners on the stair stringers which is unprofessional and believe it or not, on that Sunday a bill collector called the lady whose house was being worked on about Kelly's past due bills! How the collector got her number is unknown. On Tuesday, May 21st, he showed up at the job after 12 noon. He did a terrible job of repairing posts on the porch. They overhung the decking by 2 inches. And he wanted to put up stair railings with 6 inches between vertical struts when Georgia (and US building code requires a maximum of 4 inches so children's heads can't be trapped between them). He went to buy materials a 2 pm and did not return the rest of the day. He did not show up on May 22nd and when I contacted him, he sent me a text saying he might be back Friday but not sure because he has other jobs to do. The lady who own's the house tried to contact him and it went to voice mail. She was trapped inside her house because the only stairs she could use was the front and Kelly had them torn apart. I sent him a text saying it's unprofessional to start a job, walk away from it to do other jobs and not commit to when it will be finished. My background is a Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering and a career with the Bell System starting as a foreman and retiring as a Vice President of Service. Kelly responded with a text saying "guess I'll see you in court" and I never heard from him again. At most, he put in about 15 hours of work and the boards he "purchased" appeared to be used lumber, certainly not worth $400.00. He took $900.00 for, at most, 2 days of terrible work that I had to hire another contractor to tear out and replace so the lady could leave her house. He certainly does not have the experience he claims to have and by allowing him to post on Craigslist, you are being disingenuous to the people who use Craigslist!
As an FYI, I am an IBEW union electrician and a union member master plumber so I know quite a bit about home repairs. My son is also the general manager of the remodeling division of a local roofing company and laughed at the work performed. Unfortunately his crews are completely booked up thru the end of August which is a sign of quality workmanship.

prepaid for service, didn't receive
prepaid for service, didn't receive
prepaid for service, didn't receive
prepaid for service, didn't receive
prepaid for service, didn't receive
prepaid for service, didn't receive
prepaid for service, didn't receive

unethical behavior-refusal to do job

2 Guys and a Van
Called The Guys With the Van @ 916.926.3370
Their address only shows: PO Box 25568

I scheduled a move from storage to my home for Tuesday morning 5/28 at 9:00 am. He called at 9:45 and said the traffic was bad. I waited another half hour and he arrived. He looked at my storage unit which looked exactly like I told him on the phone (he even increased the fee another $50 because he said it sounded like there was a lot of boxes in the 5x10 storage). I agreed to pay the extra money. He said he could not do the job and said I should call someone else.

Problem: I took the day off from work, I waited over an hour for him to show up and tell me he would not do the job.

Solution: I do not want him to advertise on craigslist anymore. He is a scammer and a fraud. I want to know what can I do to warn people about his ad?

"community" - activities, general

I read certain CL posting categories daily - what I have noticed is that there is more and more postings for sex, sex-related issues, and today (also previously nude pictures) there are full body nude pictures. Seems like these addresses are becoming more and more like a "dating" or "sex wanted" site - What is up with that - children have access to these postings too - why can't there be some monitoring done for this discusting behavior - Have morals become a thing of the past taken over by do whatever you want-

kenneth (ken) knight of kenosha, wi handyman stole $1500

Ken or Kenneth Knight of Kenosha, WI, and currently having a Elgin, Il phone number [protected], stole $1500 from me. He responded to a Craigslist ad, and inspected an apartment...

took $1500 for supplies, never came back

After a few phone conversations, Ken Knight (of Kenosha, WI & Elgin, Il) visited an apartment to be renovated. After a detailed discussion of what handyman jobs were required, he...

jeff o’neill rydell movers

51825 I hired this company to help me move and Jeff arrived but not what I expected. He used a taxi to get here and was using a walker to help him get around and a pee bag attached to...

scam rv sales on your fresno site

This RV is listed more than once on the Fresno site along with a

Here is the email sent by the seller.

Hi, this is Diana with the 2006 American Tradition Coach 42R for sale. The RV drives excellent and is without any mechanical issues. The engine is powerful and runs smooth and quiet. I have all the book, manuals, tech sheets and info for this coach as well as a clear clean title in hand. I have also kept a log book of every trip, maintenance. The coach has only 105, 619 miles. It is immaculate condition and well maintained. Onan 10000 Generator with 218 hours. CAT C9 400HP. Here you have the VIN # 4VZBT1J936C054336.
The price is $29, 700. This belonged to my husband and after he passed away I decided to sell it. I moved to my daughter because I had throat surgery and I will remain here for a few months at least. I'm located in Sioux City, IA. I have signed a contract with eBay to take care of the selling on my behalf. The RV is already at the shipping company here in Sioux City ready for the shipping.
The deal includes free delivery and it will arrive at your address in 5-7 days, depending on the exact location. You will have 5 days to try out prior to making any purchase and if by any reason you find something you don't like about it you can send it back at my expense. If you are interested in knowing more info about how it works, I can ask eBay to send you an email with more information on how to purchase it. eBay will contact you shortly after they have the details with all the confirmation that you need to complete this deal. If you would like to receive the email from eBay with all the transaction information please reply with your full name, shipping address and phone # and they will contact you right away.

Thank you and God bless!

Also listed and way under real value and possibly another scam by same people

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Craigslist Myrtle Beachtitle of ad: earn up to $18/hr be your own boss doordash (myrtle beach)

They post over and over again... Sometimes 10 a day?
Please ask them to only post once a day. When searching for jobs having to scroll through their barrage of ads is disheartening. They look desperate and sad. They are abusing their privilege of posting on craigslist and should be told to stop.
Craigslist is a great service and this company takes advantage.

s&b roofing

51825 On 02/06/219 S&B Roofing Co. worked on my balcony floor over my garage. They did a very sloppy job. I hired them to water proof the floor on my balcony, did not cover all the area...


I have for the first time ever listed a couple of items on Craigslist. I have had two responses to one item The first response was met with profanity and undeserved responses, the second which I suspect are from the same person using different name. It to was a lead on asking for more photos etc. I sent photos and as a result been accused of trying to bait and switch . That is the purpose of sending additional photos to make sure the person is happy before proceeding. I have since been contacted by a guy the second one to respond a supposed John Bare, his email address is [protected] He was asked to not contact me anymore and responded with sending more emails calling me a "Dumb Mother[censored]er" is this the kind of behavior you allow on your service. I have now removed my items from the website and will never list anything again
"Jimmy Blevins The guitar in your ad is a Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Special

The guitar you're ACTUALLY selling is a piece of [censored] Affinity that's worth about $100

You have got to be the dumbest mother[censored]er I have ever met in m"

unethical behavior, attempted extortion, blackmail and harassment

On Thursday December 13th. I answered an ad on craigslist Seattle that read On the spot Loan that was posted on December 11th . The ad has phone number and contact name [protected] contact name says Chris Carter. He replied to my request for a loan. We agreed verbally on the terms and he asked for ID, references, proof of employment. He also asked for my banking info. I provided all except the banking info. Once he received this via email and text, His tune changed. He said I had to get a pre paid card to secure the loan. We went back and forth via text on how to do this and he grew impatient and accused me of lying. He then threatened to call my references and tell them that I was a child rapist. He did so and then he called my mother and demanded money to get me out of jail for child rape. He also sent via text a Facebook page with my name and number on it saying I was a child rapist. The page belonged to Jon Jorge . I found out through research that the person on that page lives in Bronx New York and this person has texted me from 2 other numbers including another New York number [protected]. The number where he sent the Facebook page with the name Jon Jorge is a New Mexico number of [protected]. There is a number that appears to be a land line [protected] he claims he can't answer that number. I have all the texts that will show evidence of extortion including the Facebook page traced to Jonathan Jorge. He asked me to go to western union and make payment to Chris Carter of Philadelphia. I continued to ask him why he would do that and he stated that he will do more if I don't get him the money. He sent an image of my drivers license to my references again stating that I was a rapist . HE also warned that he is calling my employer to get me fired for child pornography as well as having me on twitter and you tube account. I contacted my references and told them to block him. He sent text saying he knows I blocked him and ignoring him will make my mother sorry. I did not hear from him today as I have blocked all phone numbers. The ad is still running on Craigslist Seattle dated from December 11th titled " on the spot loans" also I saw the ad running in New York (Manhattan)

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    brinks Dec 20, 2018

    Yes, Craigslist Customer Service really sucks. They don't care who post and what they post. All there is on here is a bunch of scammers. It is real bad. Don't ask for any help from Craigslist you won't get it. And all the lender's ad's are scammers. I know I have been scammed a bunch. They're all a bunch of fakes. They ask for a fee and you send the fee and they shut you out. So just be careful if you ever use anyone on here. I have not seen one lender yet that wasn't a scammer.

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craigslist repeatedly removing my posts

craigslist has removed so many of my ads posted under Tucson, AZ antiques that I have given up counting, ( FOR NO OBVIOUS REASON ). I have gone to the help dept to no avail. At this point I am REALLY, REALLY pissed, I get no help, I tried calling the help phone numbers only to get a damned recording telling me to go back to the help section on craigslist site. I would like to know WHO at craigslist is removing my posts & why I am being singled out. John Binggely ( PISSED )

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    My ad for antique trastero has been removed immediately by craigslist 6 more times in December. Absolutely NO help or response from the help section, that's a JOKE, so is their phone numbers.

posting a listing for "car" to swindle money from people

Craigslist, please look into this as my son almost fell victim. There was a posting for a car sale by a so called Patricia Palmer that was requesting funds to be transfer to an Ebay escrow account then the car would be dropped off to buyer. She asked for all personal information and said an eBay customer service rep would then call to get credit card information over the phone. When I called eBay about the legitimacy of this claim she informed me that, unfortunately, I was not the first to call about this scam for others have fallen prey.
I was cognizance that this may be a scam but my son was not and this is what worries me. My son mentioned that there are other Craigslist listings selling preowned cars with the similar storylines and requesting funds to be transfer to eBay.

It's so frustrating!

Here's the listing:

Thank you!
Paula G.

posting a listing for "car" to swindle money from people

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    There are so many people selling "PREOWNED" cars on Craigslist and requesting funds to be transferred to an "eBay escrow account." My son is in the market for a car and ALL 6 Craigslist adds he called on and/or emailed offered the same fraudulent scheme.


house for rent scam

51825 Christ homes is claiming to be injured in a accident in mentor ohio recently and is claiming to be selling his home at 9260 Jordan Dr. He said he has a spinal injury and is living...

pets for sale

I'm VERY CONCERNED about all the post to sell puppies!!! I feel MANY of them are scams!!! There are DOZENS of them posting under an area (state/city) only to find they are 100's of miles away PLUS many of them use the same story about a very cheap rehoming fee or not one at all claiming the puppies belong to a close family member that bread them but recently passed away either from cancer or by auto accident...this is ridiculous!!! The catch is they want you to pay a delivery fee up front. 90% of these post have contact emails starting with very weird letters (not spelling anything) and end with is there not anyway things like this be monitored before they are posted. I have recently heard many people advising not to shop on craigslist because of all the scams.

flagging abuse

51825 [protected] = This is my second time posting these tables and the second time its been flagged. Their is nothing prohibited in my ad. Who is doing the flagging and why? How can I...

2 people on there who went and made legal threats

Yes I had an ad on craigslist for Looking to do odd job part time a couple of men responded to my and my ad the person they was looking for to work for there company in home...

fraudulent rental

We have a house for sale on Craigslist, it is not for rent. Someone(SCAMMER) took the info and posted it as a rental. We've had a few potential renters come by who reported thi...

donot trust this fake person, claim car dent repair

We got the details from craigslist:, one of my friends called them, they reached night time...