Craigslist Complaints & Reviews

Craigslist / used troy bilt lawn mower

Oct 06, 2019

I found what thought was a good used riding lawn mower on Craigslist from someone who I believed to be a reputable, honest individual living in Independence, MO. Bob Davis repairs mowers and then turns them around for sale. Mr. Davis and his wife use Craigslist to sell items to generate an...

Craigslist / process server

Oct 01, 2019

REF#[protected] SC- 6/12/18 & 7/31/18- On May 3, 2018, I filed a small claims report for security deposit not returned. I hired Mr. bennett for processing service to serve former landlord court papers. I went to court 6/12/18 and 9/25/18 without the former landlord being served. Mr. Bennett...

Craigslist / home rental

Jul 24, 2019

A man is posing as a landlord on Craig's List and received $1, 095 from me and my son on 7/19/19 as a deposit on a rental home located at 665 Johns Landing, Lawrenceville, GA. He went under the name of Charles Edward and provided us with the lockbox code to receive the key and self view...

Craigslist / flagging #[protected]

Jul 18, 2019

This complaint is against Craigslist. Craigslist continually removes my postings without any reason. Craigslist will not respond to my many request's for their reason for doing so. I have sent many emails to them on various "removals" of my listings. Not one response... My postings are...

Craigslist / rental property scam for rental posted on zillow by real owner/prop mgmt co.

Jul 10, 2019

reply email from rental scammer aka: reynold jcent cinder [protected] a n. carolina area code I did speak to him and he could hardly speak english - he spoke vietanesme/asian decent - this same listing was posted on zillow by access prop mgmt lake elsinore ca by the owner for $1445 month -...

Craigslist / For sale by owner Cars and Trucks

Jul 02, 2019

Honestly...Craigslist is going to die due to them charging now...Opposite results guys! you're making people leave not increasing your revenue. I accept it for what it is...You're sealing your own fate Craig Newmark! withing 10 years everyone will have forgotten your name and your business. Thank...

Craigslist / rentals

Jun 16, 2019

Roomster is posting fake rooms at fake prices on Craigslist then sending reply that if serious download the app. The prices are never below $600 and almost all are apts at 3 x what the enticed ad posted on Craigslist. People. Who are urgently needing housing can end up homeless with wasted...

Craigslist / rental home

Jun 15, 2019

Answer ad for home on fielding street man 7391 then sked for deposit and then never showed up asked for deposit and was supposed to be on his way to open home got 900 dollars then disconnected his phone the phone number is [protected] my name is tanya reasonover I have been in contact with...

Craigslist / prepaid for service, didn't receive

Jun 07, 2019

CraigslistI contracted with a poster (post id: [protected]) to do general repairs to front porch. I gave him $500.00 prepayment for labor and $400.00 for materials. He promised me a schedule of the next Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday with additional days as needed. The Saturday was May 18, 2019. He wa...

Craigslist / unethical behavior-refusal to do job

May 29, 2019

2 Guys and a Van Called The Guys With the Van @ 916.926.3370 Their address only shows: PO Box 25568 I scheduled a move from storage to my home for Tuesday morning 5/28 at 9:00 am. He called at 9:45 and said the traffic was bad. I waited another half hour and he arrived. He looked at my...

Craigslist / "community" - activities, general

May 25, 2019

I read certain CL posting categories daily - what I have noticed is that there is more and more postings for sex, sex-related issues, and today (also previously nude pictures) there are full body nude pictures. Seems like these addresses are becoming more and more like a "dating" or "sex...

Craigslist / kenneth (ken) knight of kenosha, wi handyman stole $1500

May 04, 2019

Ken or Kenneth Knight of Kenosha, WI, and currently having a Elgin, Il phone number [protected], stole $1500 from me. He responded to a Craigslist ad, and inspected an apartment of mine that needed some minor restoration. He took $1500 cash for materials, and then never came back to finish...

Craigslist / took $1500 for supplies, never came back

May 03, 2019

After a few phone conversations, Ken Knight (of Kenosha, WI & Elgin, Il) visited an apartment to be renovated. After a detailed discussion of what handyman jobs were required, he was given $1500 (in cash) to purchase supplies. He took my key, and never came back. We had communications for...

Craigslist / jeff o’neill rydell movers

May 03, 2019

CraigslistI hired this company to help me move and Jeff arrived but not what I expected. He used a taxi to get here and was using a walker to help him get around and a pee bag attached to it which was apparently his catheter. I asked how he was gona help me move and he said not his problem. On top...

Craigslist / scam rv sales on your fresno site

Apr 07, 2019 This RV is listed more than once on the Fresno site along with a Here is the email sent by the seller. Hi, this is Diana with the 2006 American Tradition Coach 42R for sale. The RV drive...

Craigslist Myrtle Beach / title of ad: earn up to $18/hr be your own boss doordash (myrtle beach)

Mar 14, 2019

They post over and over again... Sometimes 10 a day? Please ask them to only post once a day. When searching for jobs having to scroll through their barrage of ads is disheartening. They look desperate and sad. They are abusing their privilege of posting on craigslist and should be told to...

Craigslist / s&b roofing

Feb 07, 2019

CraigslistOn 02/06/219 S&B Roofing Co. worked on my balcony floor over my garage. They did a very sloppy job. I hired them to water proof the floor on my balcony, did not cover all the area properly and water can still leak through into my garage. I recommend that people stay away from them. I...

Craigslist / member

Dec 28, 2018

I have for the first time ever listed a couple of items on Craigslist. I have had two responses to one item The first response was met with profanity and undeserved responses, the second which I suspect are from the same person using different name. It to was a lead on asking for more...

Craigslist / unethical behavior, attempted extortion, blackmail and harassment

Dec 18, 2018

On Thursday December 13th. I answered an ad on craigslist Seattle that read On the spot Loan that was posted on December 11th . The ad has phone number and contact name [protected] contact name says Chris Carter. He replied to my request for a loan. We agreed verbally on the terms and he...

Craigslist / craigslist repeatedly removing my posts

Dec 03, 2018

craigslist has removed so many of my ads posted under Tucson, AZ antiques that I have given up counting, ( FOR NO OBVIOUS REASON ). I have gone to the help dept to no avail. At this point I am REALLY, REALLY pissed, I get no help, I tried calling the help phone numbers only to get a damned...

Craigslist / posting a listing for "car" to swindle money from people

Nov 27, 2018

CraigslistCraigslist, please look into this as my son almost fell victim. There was a posting for a car sale by a so called Patricia Palmer that was requesting funds to be transfer to an Ebay escrow account then the car would be dropped off to buyer. She asked for all personal information and said...

Craigslist / house for rent scam

Nov 26, 2018

CraigslistChrist homes is claiming to be injured in a accident in mentor ohio recently and is claiming to be selling his home at 9260 Jordan Dr. He said he has a spinal injury and is living with his family and goes by the Name: George Rawlins. Address: 350 Margrave Dr, Harriman, TN 37748. He said the...

Craigslist / pets for sale

Nov 20, 2018

I'm VERY CONCERNED about all the post to sell puppies!!! I feel MANY of them are scams!!! There are DOZENS of them posting under an area (state/city) only to find they are 100's of miles away PLUS many of them use the same story about a very cheap rehoming fee or not one at all claiming...

Craigslist / flagging abuse

Oct 19, 2018

Craigslist[protected] = This is my second time posting these tables and the second time its been flagged. Their is nothing prohibited in my ad. Who is doing the flagging and why? How can I stopped my ad being flagged? This posting has been flagged for removal. [?] BEAUTIFUL ART DECO STYLE LARGE...

Craigslist / 2 people on there who went and made legal threats

Oct 15, 2018

Yes I had an ad on craigslist for Looking to do odd job part time a couple of men responded to my and my ad the person they was looking for to work for there company in home health care services and there trying to get me for keeping a check and it was never even cashed the Indiana...

Craigslist / fraudulent rental

Oct 05, 2018

We have a house for sale on Craigslist, it is not for rent. Someone(SCAMMER) took the info and posted it as a rental. We've had a few potential renters come by who reported this to us. The scammer is trying to get money from potential renters. I have a copy of the email that he sent to...

Craigslist / donot trust this fake person, claim car dent repair

Sep 16, 2018

We got the details from craigslist:, one of my friends called them, they reached night time, they were so hurried and claim that will do all dent repair, but they took nighttime benefit and started...

Craigslist / harassment

Aug 16, 2018

CraigslistMusical instruments maine, LISBON FALLS or LISBON FALLS GUY with a picture of a tire has been harassing and intimidating respectful craigslist patrons for Well over a year now. Aswell as multiple others posting pics saying - I NO.. I'LL JUST KEEP POSTING THESE N SEE WHO I PER OFF.. SOMEONE NEEDS...

6653659253 posting on craigslist / rental property does not exist.

Aug 15, 2018

I responded to a winter rental in Punta Gorda Fla. It is listed as 2bd-2ba condo Punta Gorda condo w/community pool, hot tub, & fantastic views for $2, 200 a month. I was re serving it for Jan-March 2019. after I decided to rent the unit and as per the instructions from the owner I signed...

Craigslist / vehicle purchase scam

Aug 13, 2018

Two years ago we attempted to purchase a VW Camper for $6, 300. The seller stated that he was in the Military and the vehicle in storage. he would shipped the vehicle one monies were received from a wire transfer. Vehicle never shipped. We realize we weren't going t get our money back, but...

Craigslist / trying to get a return call or email

Jul 30, 2018

Hi, I have written several emails and am trying to find out where to call to speak to someone IN Craiglist that can help us with discussing a new way to list vehicles for sale. It may be me but after emailing several different ways the last few months and no one responding i thought i would...

Craigslist / service provider

Jul 21, 2018

I'm upset at a certain individual who has posted their ad and failed to do their job correctly! I've messaged this individual countless times and they are acting childish and will not fix the mistake made! I paid money to get a job done correctly, not a job done with lackluster. This i...

Craigslist / 1991 chevy pickup

Jul 20, 2018

I piad for a 1991 chevy pickup that i didnot ever get it was on craigslist on the winston salem autos but when i checked the phone number it was in richmond va 804223/5172 how is this so wrong i was scamed out of 1800 dollars this company needs to shut down this website to many people are...

Craigslist / building contractor

Jul 17, 2018

Hello I hired a contractor who advertised through Craigslist one of his links is i paid him 14, 400 half down on may 12th 2018 to build me a barn in Blue Ridge Texas today is July 17th all I have is metal frame...

Craigslist / landscaping service

Jul 10, 2018

CraigslistI want to file a complaint against this contractor. I hired him to remove shrubbery from the front and back of my house. We went over what was to be done. My complaints are that despite going over the items in the rear. He did not remove stuff he had cut down. I have thick branches that he...

Craigslist / horses - rehoming - adoption fee

Jun 30, 2018

I responded to ad #[protected], regarding a person with disabilities that had 5 horses that needed to be rehomed/adopted since she could no longer care for them. I spoke with Beverly over the phone and she told me the adoption fee would be $500.00 for each horse. My husband and I felt it...

Craigslist / pool teardown

Jun 28, 2018

This is an ad on Craig's List Minneapolis. His ad states that he would be willing to do a tear down for $150. I keep calling him, texting him, sending him pics as he asks, and he just keeps giving me the runaround. There is nothing I would like more than for this man to come out and do...

Craigslist / mustang (car) for sale

Jun 20, 2018

There is an ad by my neighbor who runs an unlicensed car dealership. When he photographed the car, it has my house and address in the pictures! I am not safe with this information on the web. I want this ad removed asap. The owner/dealer is ryan tate, 1015 starshine court, carson city, nv...

Craigslist / $900 malibu car ad

Jun 18, 2018

someone is selling a used Malibu for $900 dollars and they have put my phone number on it. I want the add removed ASAP. The number on the add is [protected]. Is this something that can be done. Please let me know as this is very upsetting and this is a work number which I wish not to receive...

Craigslist / my postings for a labradoodle with rehoming fee being flagged.

Jun 16, 2018

I'm truly tired of Craigslist promoting free puppy giveaways and the rescues but condemning those of us who have a healthy puppy with some decent bloodlines when we want to rehome or sell them. Who gives them the right to select what price a person can request for rehoming? I put hundred...