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Craigslist / Sew-in

Hazina Sharif on May 5, 2017
I contacted the lady bri on april 17th for a sew-in hair doo. Her price was 90 at the time and i gave her a $10 tip... The next day i contacted her again cause my hair came down in the back. She by fixed and told me that she know that it will not come down now. On april 30 the sew in wa...

Craigslist / ad for a motorcycle

Toni Diaz Martinez on May 3, 2017
This man keeps harassing me and calling me names all hours of the day and night. Below are the emails. Please make him stop! The following is the conversation in its entirety. I never cussed at him and he is relentless at attacking me. Remember your email shows up on my phone everyday I erase...

Craigslist / vacation rental oceanside

Carol Rivard on Apr 21, 2017
Chris Luxurious bestprivateoceanviewshomeca33@gmail.com This was individual who responded to my recent about renting accommodation for 10 family members Dec 23-30/2017. I received email stating this week was available and the total price was $1, 850. Upon checking other rentals in the area...

Craigslist / room for rent

evelynle13 on Apr 16, 2017
Date of the incident: April 1. 2017 until present. This complaint is against Howard Liu, who runs the Room for Rent business at the address 2369 South Forest St, WA 98144. The business name is Lake Heights LLC 4001. I just moved out of the rental room on Mar 31, 2017 and terminated my...

Craigslist / Room for rent

Helpme1 on Apr 12, 2017
I answered a ad on craigslist for room for rent 100$ month and 15 hours of light yard work with me homeless just getting a parttime job perfect i went to look it was a house on 610 n state street unit 2 agreed due to price until i could manage more well it seems this person has the ad...

Craigslist - Walter Ward / Pop up camper

Tammy Webb Harrison on Apr 12, 2017
This guy sold us a camper. Told us it was in good condition. Told us it was ready to go camping. We paid him $1800.00 got it home and the side came unglued from roof. He obviously glued it so we wouldn't notice and on ride home it came undone. Took it to rv service center and was told...

Craigslist - Elmer Fudd / buying and selling vintage motorcycles from craigslist

Linda Sloan on Apr 10, 2017
Carl Jovanovich Jr has never paid taxes to state or IRS and he lives off of Craigslist and EBay 8034 North Shore Trail He buys Vintage motorcycles and resells at Auction on EBay and has never reported a penny to either the state or IRS. He thinks it's okay for him to do so. He now...

Craigslist / 1203 modoc street, susanville calif.

sunshine5510 on Mar 29, 2017
We contacted a man name ryle davis about the rentel at 1203 modoc street susanville ca. Attention people this is a scam.. This house is not for rent it is for sale. The man will tell you he will meet you at the house to show it, we drove 7 hours to go see a house that was not for rent!!!...

Craigslist / Scams on cars

lobster16 on Mar 21, 2017
paid 2500 hundred dollars with amazon cards never got the car. they are still posting the same car plus 9 more. i have worked on this for 3 days i have 11 e mails and phone# that belongs to the same person. iam getting close to them. its on the page knoxville tn/ cars 4 sale by owner i...

Craigslist / Discrimination

Check my account and see all of my posts which have been deleted for bogus TOS violations. Obviously I am being discriminated against because I am a conservative. There's absolutely nothing in any of my over 50 posts that were deleted that violated the TOS. I intend to hire an attorney and...

Craigslist / Incredibly under priced small tractors

stendahl/slavin on Mar 11, 2017
This information is for one incident but I keep finding this type of listing repeatedly on Craigslist. No information only extremely low prices and only a gmail address. I went on Craig's for Sacramento. I saw an ad for a tractor that looked like a great deal. Only information was an...

Craigslist / Posting on craigslist

mike12345678987654321 on Feb 22, 2017
Craigslist keeps deleting my post and it is npt spam nor nothing bad. I even waited the 48 hours, still keep delting my post or will ghost the ad (says active post but its not really active). In my ad I offer my services and both I and the person responding tk my ad get paid and my first...

Craigslist / Very unprofessional

Claire on Feb 1, 2017
Craigslist is highly unprofessional service, I would not trust it. I tried to find a job on Craigslist but just wasted my precious time. At the beginning when I just found this site and I was surprised to see so many job offers, but unfortunately many of them were fake. I found an...

Craigslist / Cars & trucks for sale by owner

Don Morris on Jan 29, 2017
I buy & sell vehicles occasionaly, but ofcourse i check these ads frequently. The ads are being flooded by scammers that want your email for whatever reason. I am a serious buyer & seller ! I see to often scammers taking pics of others vehicles & listing them for assinine...

Craigslist / This e-mail wow

phillip godfrey on Jan 15, 2017
I didnt post a phone number to have i###ts like you tell me to call you back. Get a f###ing idea. Get af ##ing clie. Your another no show. Go f### off. On Jan 15, 2017 4:39 PM, "o oo" wrote: Im not calling s###. Im busting it ip and burning it. F### it. On Jan 15, 2017 4:38 PM, "o...

Craigslist / Elite estate service

csea on Jan 8, 2017
Hire at your own risk. There is no accounting for items sold. When asked about specific items that turn up missing, they refuse to accept responsibility even for continued security of property they are in charge of. Poor communication response time, personnel are poorly trained, pricing...

Craigslist / The post was for a 2003 ggm yukon

Daniel Alday on Jan 1, 2017
The pictures of SUV look good on the post with all the info in title it said clean. I went to where the seller lived. The SUV look great in and out paint and inside. Check it all out and took on test drive all was good. So I payed for the SUV. I made the mistake of not checking the title...

Craigslist / Joke site

Natalie on Dec 27, 2016
Craigslist was not a bad site in the past, it was easy to find a job or rent an apartment, but now Craigslist is a total joke! It's really hard to tell what is true and fake. Many people post on Craigslist just for fun. Recently I tried to find a job via this website and 90% of job offer...

Craigslist / https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/lbs/5864988036.html

Caroline Higgins on Dec 5, 2016
Here is the link to a very seriously disturbed individual. A supposed "mover" who kept calling to make sure I would use ONLY him. Of course I was committed and ready to go. On the day of my move, he showed up, walked around, said things were too heavy and said, Im not going to do this. He...

Craigslist / Dangerous!!

Joann on Nov 29, 2016
Do not buy anything from www.craigslist.org, there are many fakes on this website! And also I don't recommend selling anything here too, I had a terrible experience as a seller! I was contacted by someone who was interested in buying a phone I was selling but person. We decided to meet at...

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