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Craigslist / Posting on craigslist

mike12345678987654321 on Feb 22, 2017
Craigslist keeps deleting my post and it is npt spam nor nothing bad. I even waited the 48 hours, still keep delting my post or will ghost the ad (says active post but its not really active). In my ad I offer my services and both I and the person responding tk my ad get paid and my first...

Craigslist / Very unprofessional

Claire on Feb 1, 2017
Craigslist is highly unprofessional service, I would not trust it. I tried to find a job on Craigslist but just wasted my precious time. At the beginning when I just found this site and I was surprised to see so many job offers, but unfortunately many of them were fake. I found an...

Craigslist / Cars & trucks for sale by owner

Don Morris on Jan 29, 2017
I buy & sell vehicles occasionaly, but ofcourse i check these ads frequently. The ads are being flooded by scammers that want your email for whatever reason. I am a serious buyer & seller ! I see to often scammers taking pics of others vehicles & listing them for assinine...

Craigslist / This e-mail wow

phillip godfrey on Jan 15, 2017
I didnt post a phone number to have i###ts like you tell me to call you back. Get a f###ing idea. Get af ##ing clie. Your another no show. Go f### off. On Jan 15, 2017 4:39 PM, "o oo" wrote: Im not calling s###. Im busting it ip and burning it. F### it. On Jan 15, 2017 4:38 PM, "o...

Craigslist / Elite estate service

csea on Jan 8, 2017
Hire at your own risk. There is no accounting for items sold. When asked about specific items that turn up missing, they refuse to accept responsibility even for continued security of property they are in charge of. Poor communication response time, personnel are poorly trained, pricing...

Craigslist / The post was for a 2003 ggm yukon

Daniel Alday on Jan 1, 2017
The pictures of SUV look good on the post with all the info in title it said clean. I went to where the seller lived. The SUV look great in and out paint and inside. Check it all out and took on test drive all was good. So I payed for the SUV. I made the mistake of not checking the title...

Craigslist / Joke site

Natalie on Dec 27, 2016
Craigslist was not a bad site in the past, it was easy to find a job or rent an apartment, but now Craigslist is a total joke! It's really hard to tell what is true and fake. Many people post on Craigslist just for fun. Recently I tried to find a job via this website and 90% of job offer...

Craigslist / https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/lbs/5864988036.html

Caroline Higgins on Dec 5, 2016
Here is the link to a very seriously disturbed individual. A supposed "mover" who kept calling to make sure I would use ONLY him. Of course I was committed and ready to go. On the day of my move, he showed up, walked around, said things were too heavy and said, Im not going to do this. He...

Craigslist / Dangerous!!

Joann on Nov 29, 2016
Do not buy anything from www.craigslist.org, there are many fakes on this website! And also I don't recommend selling anything here too, I had a terrible experience as a seller! I was contacted by someone who was interested in buying a phone I was selling but person. We decided to meet at...

Craigslist / How can craigslist get away with selling illegal products on their website?

Sharron Anderson Kelowna on Nov 13, 2016
kelowna > personals > casual encounters post account 1 hidden reply x prohibited[?] Posted 3 days ago print ◀ prev ▲ next ▶ favorite this post Looking for quality herb 420 - mw4m (Kelowna) hide this posting Hello Kelowna were sick of the overpriced same ol same ol weed your town...

Craigslist / bnn89-5862406541@hous.craigslist.org

Tameika Freemon on Nov 7, 2016
This was for a house for rent. This person on the email asking for a Drivers license, check stubs and annual salary before you even view the house. Scam !!! When I asked to view the house, they asked me to sent your DL, I send license and I would get the lockbox code. But then per email...

Craigslist / Making a post

2611CB on Sep 1, 2016
I'm a business woman. That's all my post consist of or roommate situation. Craigslist should be under investigation. They allow sexual assult, under age sex, private part pictures, people wanting to exchange sex for housing, but banning my posts about needing a "Math Tutor". They need to...

Craigslist / Simon Rincon "handyman"

Missy72 on Mar 21, 2016
I was scammed by a guy named Simon Rincon. He posts work on Craigslist about insulation, duct cleaning, finish carpentry, painting, and general labor. I paid him $1100 up front in cash to do some drywall, painting and carpentry. He did about 25% of the work, terribly I might add. He caused...

Craigslist / Using my address for everything listed in my area

mike piesker on Jan 23, 2016
craigslist uses my address for everything listed in the Jefferson, Oregon. the map that goes along with the listing list my location and address. i'm tried of getting all these trashy people coming to my door looking for items they have seen on craigslist. please correct this problem, let...

Craigslist / Housing Service

Reviewer25987 on Nov 24, 2015
A few years ago I had no problem finding safe housing on Craigslist. In fact, I successfully found two apartments in the past. Now, just a mere few years later, the site has become flooded with scam after scam. Everything ranging from people trying to have you send money without seeing the...

Craigslist / Flaggers flagging incidents people on here please help them

Reviewer86930 on Oct 20, 2015
There is a person that is flagging people in cedar rapids iowa area on there pets and cars and houses that thinks they own ya site. There is a lot of people that comes to your site looking for a puppy or dog to join there forever home and this person ain't letting theses people find a...

Craigslist, Inc. / Blocking Policy

ButtermilkHill on Sep 24, 2015
With the best intentions I tried to advertise a wheelchair free for anyone who might need it. I made the mistake of mentioning GMail in the post and they blocked the ad. I am sick and tired of their campaign against G Mail !!! I have to do a work around to even reply to an ad that I am interested. I HATE THAT.

Craigslist / flagging system is corrupt

bethannay007 on Apr 10, 2015
I've been advertising on craigslist for 5 years. We have a vacation home we rent from time to time and we follow all the rules of craigslist, even though there are multiple ads in the vacation section from rental companies and real estate companies. We've never really had any...

Craigslist / Discrimination against BBW in Personals

Discriminated BBW on Feb 12, 2015
CRAIGSLIST (DAYTONA) DISCRIMINATES AGAINST BBW POSTING ON PERSONALS I'm a BBW trying to post on CL for a guy who wouldn't mind dating someone like myself: All my posts were flagged for removal within minutes of posting. All I did was post honestly about myself and the type of guy I was looking for.

Craigslist User / Profane language in e-mail from craigslist user

Donnie Meade on Jan 13, 2015
On Jan 13th I posted on craigslist truck for sale, I received an E-Mail today 13th from craigslist user stateing that I was F------ing ###ed for thinking my truck was worth $7500, replied I would pray for them because they needed help. would like to forward this E-Mail to someone from...

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