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Craigslist / property listed for rent

J.d. Smith on Oct 15, 2017
ID# 6344075402 3701 Rangeline Rd., West Milton, OH 45383 We are the owners of this property. Someone has hijacked the info, claiming to have this for rent. It is a deleted property FOR SALE, listed by Robert Smith, but we are receiving calls for a rental at $850/month. THIS IS INDEED A...

Craigslist / casual encounters

airguns on Sep 29, 2017
Sept.26, 2017 I put an ad for M/w in the casual encounters list. after placing the ad, within 1 minute of having placed the ad, I had over 60 responses !! In heard of, period !! fact, that every single email address that I attempted to respond to was a fake ! True ! In fact, it was common...

Craigslist / contact craigslist for help

Bill Medsker on Sep 28, 2017
There is no way to contact Craiglist for help. I tried to Create an Account, Reset my Password and Publish an Ad. These are the messages I receive. I never receive an email with a link??? Thanks for signing up for a craigslist account! A link to activate your account has been emailed to...

Craigslist / misrepresented, improper sexual advances & assault

Roy Smith Jr on Sep 27, 2017
Craigslist Recent post id: 6320104974 Dates: Sept 1, 2017 - present This ad totally misrepresented what is available. The Landlord is looking for a sexual partner. So if you don't fit the bill: expect to be out before the month. Nothing about about our verbal contract has held. He would not...

Craigslist / big guns moving

Samja on Sep 25, 2017
Big Guns Moving has an ad on Craigslist with their services and hourly prices. We inquired and met John with a $150 deposit. He was to send us a receipt via email which he never did and then did not show up on the day of the move. We are now out $150 and this guy is still advertising on...

Craigslist / ask craigslist to remove a scammer from their site.

ja.ko on Sep 13, 2017
Asked Craigslist to remove a scammer from their site. Trying to warn others to avoid fraud from this provider of firewood, before dumping he ask for payment and after dropping it, it turned out to be chunks of swamp wood. Of course, Craigslist does not do anything about it!!! Please beware of...

Craigslist / product wasn't delivered but money was taken

marvan jerry on Aug 29, 2017
Add posted by Luise Stiglitz from Chilliwack BC and operated by Jason Mc Lellan with several business related # 1-16047916544 (not answer any more)#2 16047911796 #3 16047913542 #4 16045563038 With probably address 10171 Kent Rd.Chilliwack bc I have a bank draft with name and 400 $ transfer...

Craigslist / plumbing

Pam Evans on Aug 29, 2017
country sewer @ drain was hired by craigslist. they came in did half the work and because I asked about the permit and inspection, they left. I have not seen them since. Had to hire another company to come in and finish. If someone is trying to hire them, I would advise not to. They left me...

Craigslist / 6263391376

Edickson on Aug 26, 2017
This was for a 2005 Airstream Safari LS Being sold by Cindy Perkins in Butte Montana. Using EBay to collect funds. Paid the amount stated in ad, was then asked for 2000 more to cover transportation insurance, fully refunded on delivery. Did more research before sending more money. It's a...

Craigslist / antifa and other groups paying for crowds and posting on craigslist

suzuki611 on Aug 25, 2017
I have been seeing an awful lot of these all over the internet. Groups or someone paying people to attend crowds and get paid for to do it. Don't you think that this needs to be stopped? Doesn't anyone on all the craiglists sights check these out to be stopped before trying to post thi...

Craigslist / unethical behavior

Kristin H. on Aug 24, 2017
post id 6273558672 This is a post for a rental home. I went to see the place on Wednesday, August 23, 2017 @ 12pm. They told me to pay an application fee of $40 per person. Then I was told to call today, Thursday, at 3pm to see if I was approved. First, she said she could not find my...

Craigslist / 2001 ford ranger

sammiev on Aug 23, 2017
Scam. "Ford Ranger XLT Very hard to find rust free body Lower miles 111, xxx V-6 3.0 5 Speed 4wd Automatic Ac heat works great ABS, crank windows, bed liner sliding back glass. Brand new JVC Cd player and 4 new speakers." Poster/contact: "Alice Tompson" 3hwwz-6218318055@sale.craigslist.org https://newhaven.craigslist.org/cto/d/ford-ranger-xlt-lower-miles/6218318055.html

Craigslist / fraudulent ad on your site

touchdowntrc on Aug 22, 2017
There is currently an ad on your site posted by a Chantellegabby@outlook.com advertising MY home as available for rent. This is not for rent and it is not owned by this Chantelle. I would like it removed IMMEDIATELY. It lists a website of www.cogwa.org and the header on the ad i...

Craigslist / gas dryer

dawn pfaff on Aug 21, 2017
On August 19th purchased a Gas dryer from Michelle that she stated to be in excellent condition on the ad. We increased the price to cover her to deliver it to the home and when the tenants used it the first time it took double the length of time to dry a load of clothes and when they went...

Craigslist / cat diapers (don't laugh)

Diana Ashley on Aug 14, 2017
The product is not so much the problem as are the issues dealing with the seller, Rebecca Bressman. She initially stated she was mailing the items on or around 7/31, but after excuses that I don't know are true, I finally received them today (8/14), though I had said I needed them ASAP...

Craigslist / forklift

WBerrios on Aug 10, 2017
Mathew Mitchel advertise forklift in Houston TX, we bought one from him, he sold a forklift that is damaged which is ok if he didn't know but his mechanic told he new and he sold the froklift like that knowing and putting a risk my guys life. This is what I got from them Mathew Mitchell...

Craigslist / atv

Michigan321 on Aug 5, 2017
Perfect Condition ATV was brought on Craigslist and the buyer came from another City and State to Michigan paid for it drove it away Happy. Several hours later he demanded his money back. Seller returned the money. Seller discovered the buyer stole parts off the ATV. The Person who defrauded the Seller is destined to Hell. You sold yourself to the DEVIL.

Craigslist / craigslist app

Tinroof on Jul 30, 2017
The X rated photos in my face when I'm scrolling through a list. What kind of advertising do you do? I thought you were merely from a newspaper. But scrolling through the job section and the gig section has gotten totally disgusting. Enough with advertising college girl porn now your...

Craigslist / fraud

babaona on Jul 23, 2017
I got involved in fraud when trying to buy a car on Craig's List. Lost 3000 dollars, as the seller said she was selling her vehicle through Amazon and I was asked to pay with Amazon gift cards. I loaded 3000 dollars on Amazon gift cards and emailed the codes to Amazon, which turned out to...

Craigslist / 2010 nissan maxima

Brian Kennedy on Jul 9, 2017
Seller, Jessica Meyer, told me that I would be purchasing the vehicle through an EBay Buyer Protection plan using One Vanilla Visa Gift cards with 4 500$ payments to total out to 2, 000. Vehicle Description: 2010 Nissan Maxima S with an Gasoline engine, automatic transmission and only 74, 588...

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